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Counting down

Work has been so very busy the last few weeks which in some respects has been great. It also means I’m really really looking forward to my holiday. In 60 days time I’ll be flying out of Australia for a three and a half week holiday where I won’t be wearing much at all. Sydney’s weather has turned colder as Autumn finally comes to town which makes the prospect of a European summer even more appealing.

Being single I get to choose exactly where I go on holidays when I book them. I love being able to do that but at times it would be really nice to be able to share these big trips with someone special. Thankfully in all three of my destinations I will be catching up with people I know. A mate from here and his partner will be on the boat with me through Croatia and in Sitges I’ll be seeing friends I haven’t seen in a very long time who I miss a great deal. It will be interesting to see them after so long. I wonder if they’ll hit the nude beach with me?

There is so much of Europe to see. I think my next few big holidays, over however long that is, will be back to that part of the world.

Shooting Marty

A couple of weeks ago I worked with Marty again. Marty was one of the guys in my Tribe series painted in white clay who I photographed with Greg, also recently featured on the blog. Marty is a very talented swimmer who has just landed a swimwear sponsorship with XWear. So we decided to do a shoot so he had some images to send to the owner of the brand who seems to be happy with how Marty looks in his gear. Marty is a cheeky young guy with, as you can see, a great body and a very perky bum. Thankfully he’s more than willing to show it off from time to time.

We did the shoot on a cliff where I’ve done a couple of other shoots over the past couple of years and the morning we did the shoot, it had been raining so the cloud cover diffused the morning light beautifully. For the time being I’m limited to outdoor or natural light shoots as I no longer have a studio to work in but that’s fine. I’m having fun pushing myself to take good photos with little or no control.

Well that was quick

Just a few weeks ago over Easter I was lying on the beach with my family in beautiful sunshine. It seems that mother nature has decided that Sydney and the rest of New South Wales have had enough warmth and that the colder months are here and here with a vengeance. Parts of the state have been declared a natural disaster area and Sydney’s beaches have been blown or washed away. Streets are flooded and the carnage to the umbrella community has been devastating.

It’s in weather like this that I look north towards the sturdy Scandinavian countries and other countries that have the pleasure of communal, social saunas, banyas etc. What I would give to enjoy some heat, nakedness and socialising with lovely people right now isn’t exactly limited. Sadly there is very little opportunity for this kind of relaxation here. In years gone by there was the fantastic Ginseng Baths in Kings Cross, Sydney but they have been closed for a few years now. The alternative, Babylon, is ok occasionally but not as relaxed or as nice.

My gym has a steam room and a dry sauna but they are co-ed/mixed so no nudity allowed even though I’ve never really seen any women in there. With all the wild weather Sydney has been having my gym this morning didn’t even really have hot water in the showers and the steam room wasn’t working. So not fair.

No luck this time

I submitted the photos of Greg to DNA on the weekend and sadly they didn’t feel that he was the right fit for the magazine. It’s a shame as I thought we had a real shot. Greg is gorgeous. I feel bad because I feel like I got Greg’s hopes up and have let him down. He was aware that there were no guarantees when we did the shoot.

It’s got me thinking, after my post the other night about doing more retouching than I normally do because it was a shot at a commercial publication, just how beautiful does someone have to be? They certainly didn’t say Greg wasn’t hot enough. He just didn’t have the right look for them. So now my hunt continues for someone to shoot and hopefully land the cover. The editor of DNA did say that my photography was good. The he was happy with composition and lighting etc and I just need to get the right model that suits them.

If anyone out there is in or near Sydney or is planning on visiting then get in touch. If anyone knows any stunning guys that would be up for it, send them my way. I’m off to trawl my friends list on facebook, and their friends lists.

Is it really necessary?

A while ago I mentioned that I had done a photo shoot with a guy I know in an attempt to get him on the cover of DNA. This guy is gorgeous and I’ve just been doing the editing and retouching on the shots to submit to the magazine. A lot of retouching is just minor adjustments to issues with the photography like lighting, contrast etc but when you are submitting to a magazine there is a whole other world of retouching that happens. Generally with my photography I don’t like to do a lot of photography. People look the way they look and the slight flaws make people human. Obviously I shoot beautiful guys so it’s easy but this morning I’ve found myself removing scars and moles, shading in abs and doing a lot more vanity retouching than I usually would.

While I know I am helping to perpetuate the problem by doing this, I am also struggling with it. It’s no wonder that teenage boys are obsessively going to the gym, using steroids in larger number than ever before and ending up with a completely warped body image. Social media and the mainstream media have built up a perception of what it takes to be “beautiful.” If I’d had my way while retouching these shots I would have left the scars and the moles. The scars tell a story of a medical history that very few people know about and moles are just a part of life.

Let’s see what DNA says. Fingers crossed.

The images above are all shots I’ve taken of beautiful guys and done almost no retouching on apart from colour/lighting etc.

Show us your Mangina!

There are a few tumblr blogs that I follow that are full of straight boys getting nude and rowdy. One thing that just about every man has done at some point in his life that is now being captured for posterity on Instagram is the Mangina. It’s uncomfortable and totally ridiculous but still funny. Men seem to love getting nude and doing stupid things and that should be applauded. These guys all some how still look vaguely hot while doing it. Of course it helps that they all have really nice bodies. I want to see the two in the middle without their tuck. What inspired them to do this? Were they just wandering around the apartment nude?

I’ve made sales!

In a fantastic first week of the Tribe images being out in the world officially, I’ve already made a few sales. Seven prints have been ordered from here in Sydney, from California, the UK and up north in Queensland. After the fairly lacklustre response to my Freedom exhibition in terms of sales, it’s been great to have such a positive start to TRIBE. With no overheads for the exhibition because it was online, I am not struggling to break even.

The most popular image so far in the series has been “Joshua 1″ which is the central image above. I’ve sold one large and two smaller prints of that already. “Joe 1″ on the right above has been popular too with an order for a large print and an order for a small. It’s always interesting to see which of the images people respond to. I love it.

I hope he wins

This story came to my attention yesterday and I actually got a bit emotional about it. Trans rights and even just trans awareness is a frontier that has been increasing in publicity lately. Awesome trans folk like Laverne Cox being on the cover of TIME magazine is a huge step forward, but the media circus around Bruce Jenner’s possible, as-yet-unconfirmed transition to female proves that we still have an enormously long way to go before the war is won.

One of the pioneers doing amazing things for the cause is Aydian Dowling. Aydian is currently in the lead in the public voting in Men’s Health Magazine’s search for a cover model. While Dowling is currently the frontrunner in the voting, winning the public vote doesn’t mean he’ll end up on the cover. There are other criteria such as professional success, fitness and community giving. Aydian looks amazing and he works hard on his body and he’s helping others too by training other trans people in Oregon.

A masculine ground zero like Men’s Health would do so much for the trans community by having a gorgeous, muscled, hot trans man on the cover. It’s astonishing that he’s leading the vote. Not because he doesn’t look the part but because of people’s discrimination. Or maybe trans supporters are being damned enthusiastic in voting.

Who are the top bottoms?

Broadway Bares is one of those events that is sitting on my bucket list and will probably (sadly) be there for a fair while yet. The lavish campy burlesque show raises millions of dollars for AIDS research and does it with plenty of flesh. So it’s no surprise that their promotion uses the same tactic. This video has been doing the rounds for the last couple of days so I thought I’d share it.

What can I do?

It seems like it’s becoming a “thing” to take a nude photo when you are traveling somewhere cool. Even though Instagram technically doesn’t allow nudes, there are plenty on there and #nakedadventures¬† #thebottomlesstour and #naking are some fun tags to look for. With a European trip coming up full of naked time (hopefully) I’m trying to think of what my signature pose might be. These photos all popped up on my radar a few years ago and they were all tagged “libertie”. I’m not entirely sure why but they are all seeming to embrace the environment before them which I will certainly do.

Some people take a little toy on their travels and take photos of that everywhere. Others do a little dance or a cliched peace sign. I wonder what mine will be?

Barney’s and Bruce

Bruce Weber is an icon in the photography world and one of my favourite photographers of all time. He’s the man responsible for bringing so much flesh to the Abercrombie and Fitch quarterly “catalogues”. He’s done a bit of film making as well and his collaboration with Barney’s features his signature bonkers style of incredibly beautiful people wearing odd combinations of clothes and props, like a child dressing up in mum’s good clothes and mixing it with things from dad’s garage, with your butt hanging out. It’s not a bad thing. Sexy and whimsical is a good combination in my book.

"It's a Man's World" for BARNEYS NY – 2015 from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

Tribe is live!

This morning, after a restless night dreaming that I’d missed the start of the exhibition and nerves keeping me awake, I spent a really fun two hours sending the Tribe images out into the world via twitter.

A friend insisted that to have a proper exhibition launch I needed champagne. So he and his boyfriend had a champagne breakfast twitter exhibition party for me. There were four of us sitting around laughing and chatting as I uploaded the images one by one to twitter. They would retweet or favourite the images and comment on them. A couple of them needed a quick lesson in how to use twitter but it was a really lovely way to do it. If it hadn’t been for them I’d have been sitting at my computer at 7am this morning alone tweeting with much less merriment.

It was a really interesting way to launch a photographic series and I had some fantastic support from people in Brazil, Germany and France as well as lots of friends here giving me some twitter love.

My website is now updated with the images on there. I’m looking into the best options for an online store addition to my website but for now any purchase requests will have to be via email. The images are available in two sizes. The larger size is 30cm x 45cm (11.8″ x 17.7″) and each image is limited to 5 prints, all signed and hand numbered printed on beautiful Canson 310gsm Baryta Photographique Paper for $300. For the first time I’m also offering a smaller size of 21cm x 30cm (8.3″ x 11.8″) with each image limited to 10 prints, signed and numbered on the same Canson paper for $95.¬† The smaller option offers people to purchase all three images of a model.

For those of you that joined in the twitter conversation this morning, thank you very much for your support. It’s greatly appreciated. If you haven’t seen all the images yet, visit

Advertising done European style

Here we are again. Europe is getting all naked in it’s advertising and giving us beautiful views of a beautiful man in a beautiful house selling us something that will apparently make you feel beautiful? This is the message that I’m getting from an advertisement that I can’t understand. I’m assuming that it’s convincing women that the product is so good and feels great so their man will want to steal it. Who knows? Who really cares? The guy is smoking hot and naked. What’s not to like?

Aldo Vandini – Meine Schönzeit – Nackter Mann from BloodActvertising on Vimeo.

The April fitness update

This month’s updates have been harder to get a hold of from the challengers. I’m still waiting on Sean’s but thought I’d post the rest. It seems like we are all struggling a bit. Now that the year is settling into a rhythm and work is getting busier the initial enthusiasm has waned. I know myself work has exploded in the past two weeks and I’ve struggled to eat well and work out properly. My weight has dropped a tiny bit and I’m not feeling too bad. That’s my cheeky douchebag locker room photos on the right in the towel.

Sam on the left has said his weight has stayed the same but his body scan said that he’s lost fat and gained muscle. Sam also tells me he’s feeling better in the workout classes and in life in general which is kinda the whole point isn’t it? Well done Sam.

Dermott feels like he’s going backwards but is still working out hard and trying to stay focused. He has the benefit of a nude circuit class once a week. I’d be a regular.

Barak has sent in his photos but hasn’t given me an update yet on how he’s feeling about his progress. Hopefully he’s feeling good.

A ways to go

A mate of mine and I were talking about porn and sexual exploits as we are prone to do and he said he’d been watching some interracial porn. It really struck me that in 2015 we still use the term interracial in regards to couples, sex, porn etc. and it makes me really sad. We are seeing a lot of racially motivated news stories of violence and protests around the world and it’s a bit scary that in this day and age race is still an issue. I have mostly caucasian friends but I was brought up believing, and I’d like to think practicing, that no one is lesser than anyone else.

This post is going to stick to the topic of interracial sex/porn for the main reason that it’s a nicer topic than violence and war. I’m also not informed enough to understand the politics and motivation for the violence. Sex is an act between two people that find each other attractive and I assume that the porn stars who are making “interracial” porn are into each other. Thankfully we are seeing the interracial label being used less and less and it’s essentially just hot guys fucking the hell out of each other but the fact that it’s still used at all is still a problem.

There is an old expression floating around and I don’t know where it came from or who said it and it was originally about war and racial tensions but it was something along the lines of “Instead of focusing on what makes us different, why not focus on what makes us the same?” That is so very true and especially suitable when you are trying to get your rocks off with some gorgeous guy. The colour of his skin doesn’t matter. Is he making you feel good? Are you making him feel good? Excellent. Have at it boys.