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Beautiful nude dancer.

I don’t seem to have much to say tonight here on Aussielicious I’m afraid. So I’m presenting this short video from Bertil Nilsson called Another Me. It’s a brief piece of dance on a windswept beach, performed by a gorgeous young dancer called Miguel Esteves. The beach is in Portugal according to the vimeo information. Watching someone in complete control of their body is always fantastic and if they happen to be beautiful and nude then it can only add to the experience right?

Another Me from Bertil Nilsson on Vimeo.

That’s all we need to see.

There was much written about Lindsay Lohan’s most recent movie role in The Canyons. It was supposed to be her big comeback in the low budget but edgy film. Sadly more of the press was about her complete unprofessional behaviour on set. One of the people that came out of the film with a good reputation was straight porn actor James Deen. It’s not hard to find very horny footage of James in action all over the internet using his massive beautiful cock to pound away at female co-stars.

For me though one of the sexiest sights is a nude man just walking around. Maybe it’s because we’ve all become so desensitised to porn and hardcore action all over the net and we never see guys in the locker room or elsewhere just being comfortable nude, but to me that comfort is very sexy. I’d seen a photo from this clip online but now I’ve seen the footage and it is exactly what I mean. Sure, the three characters are walking nude up the stairs to meet up with Lindsay who is waiting prudishly in the dark on the bed for a foursome to happen. I’m grateful though that we didn’t have to see her walking around nude. She makes my skin crawl. Sadly you don’t really see the other guy in the clip.

James Deen Full Frontal in The Canyons (2013) by Kaspervon

Thank goodness for Kenny!

In a time where Big Brother is becoming increasingly irrelevant and the contestants on the show are completely self-obsessed bigots chasing their 15MB of fame, it’s refreshing when someone does something remotely interesting. Of course on the gay blogs of late, Kenny Brain has been serving up the goofy hotness. For one challenge Kenny poured oil all over himself in some tighty whities in the back yard and gyrated around showing off his mighty package. Now we are getting to see what was wrapped up in that package.

Kenny is a gay man and like a lot of gay men, and straight, he’s taken nude selfies and now they’ve hit the internet. Amen. There are rumours that the small tattoo above Kenny’s groin means “Big” and while I’m in no position to confirm the accuracy of the symbol, we can all now confirm that Kenny is indeed pretty big. Thank goodness for Kenny for coming along and brightening up the Big Brother house.

We are approaching that time of year when we here in Australia will be subjected to another series of Big Brother with dwindling ratings, nothing interesting happening and no adults only up late show giving us a perve at the goods in the shower. Oh well.

PS. Don’t forget to click the image to see it full size. You’ll appreciate it.

I’m back!

Sorry for the delay in posting but I left straight from work on Thursday evening to go away for Easter with my family and another family as usual. After a really busy week at work last week and sitting in a horrendous traffic jam on the way up north it was great to unwind and have lots of laughs with my family and family friends for four nights. These people have known me since I was born and the kids I’ve known since they were born so there is no pretence with them. It’s all very comfortable.

For my niece and nephew’s birthday’s I’ve decided that they have enough toys and “things” to last a life time so I’m taking them for experiences where it’s just them and me. For this year’s birthday I promised my nephew a surfing lesson for both of us. I surfed years ago as a teenager but as you can imagine, I was very rusty. The conditions weren’t great but as it was my nephew’s first ever time we were just in the whitewater anyway. I was worried he might not enjoy it if he couldn’t stand up but he had a fantastic time and we both stood up and rode the waves. He even managed to stand on his first go.

Now you can lick Tom of Finland

Europe just keeps on proving they are more liberal than the rest of us. This time Finland are the ones stepping up to the plate announcing that Tom of Finland will be honoured with his artwork adorning three new postage stamps. Tom was born in Finland in 1920 and died in 1991 after shaping the way that we look at men and providing us with stylised hyper masculine versions of virility that are still held up as the ideal today.

The images that are going to be on the stamps are far from his most raunchy but they are hot, with one portraying a man looking between the sculpted thighs of another nude man. It’s not unusual for a country to celebrate it’s famous and influential figures on postage stamps but rarely so blatantly gay and sexual. Love it.

Go where the GUYSers are

After staying in a small gay owned and run B&B in Hawaii last year that catered to the clothing optional market, it’s become my favourite way to travel.  You get to really chat to the other guests and your hosts. The owners are much more likely to give you all the local knowledge of whatever area you are in than a concierge at a big hotel and you get a comfortable home environment to stay in.

For anyone heading to Rotorua in New Zealand you might want to have a look at Guysers Gaystay. It’s a small B&B close to all the action in Rotorua, an area famous for it’s thermal mud pools, geysers and all that amazing Lord of the Rings style natural wonder to see. It’s clothing optional and the owners tell me that a lot of people take them up on the freedom to be nude and enjoy the pool and spa. Guysers has two rooms available for guests so you’ll never be crowded out of the spa.

It’s also close to all the luxury spas that abound in the area taking advantage of all the natural thermal water and mud. The owners will be happy to give you directions to more out of the way spots like Kerosene Creek where you can find a quiet spot to strip off and soak in the warm water au naturel.

Nice nude work Munich!

The German city of Munich has legalised public nudity. After nude sunbathing laws expired in Bavaria last year Munich decided to create six urban naked zones where anyone can strip off. The article I was sent says that public nudity has been legalised but I can’t tell if it’s just in these new areas or everywhere. The areas aren’t screened off or hidden away. In typical German fashion they are just designated areas in city parkland.

Berlin’s Tiergarten was half frozen over when I visited in December 2002 and any weather where the lakes freeze enough to walk and skate on means there wasn’t any naked people but in summer there would have been. Europe as we know has a reputation for being quite comfortable with nudity but Germans lead the charge with their reputation. I love their direct approach to the body and nudity. It is exactly what it is. A body. Big deal.

Congratulations Munich. If any readers are based in Munich, I look forward to hearing your reports on the new nude areas in the city!

Better known Brentons – Brenton Lawrence

In this second instalment of Better known Brentons I introduce you to Brenton Lawrence. This big beefy pile of goodness is only 29 years old and plays Rugby League for the Manly Sea Eagles in the northern suburbs of Sydney. He’s 184cm tall so not as tall as you might expect from a League player but there’s plenty of beef on his frame.

In a move that only makes him more adorable, Brenton is doing a lot of work with Autism Spectrum Australia. If you follow him on twitter you’ll know it’s a cause he is enthusiastic to support. He’s also not afraid of getting about in a small pair of bright speedos. Love it. Those photos seem to pop up on his instagram feed. Rugby League isn’t known in the U.S. from what I understand but it’s tough game and if Brenton here tackled you, you’d certainly know it.

Different flavours.

Growing up, I would say that the vast majority of the ice cream that I was served was Vanilla. I was all for experimenting with different flavours but let’s face it, in a Napolitana tub of ice cream the strawberry was usually left behind and a lot of the time you go back to what you know. My sexual tastes are a bit vanilla as well but different flavours are what really satisfy you in those moments that you need something different.

Last week a reader and I were having an email discussion about sexual tastes and he brought up the fact that most of the guys on this blog are fairly typical white guys. Quite possibly. That’s what I grew up around so my sexual awakening was surrounded by swimmers and surfers in a largely white part of the world. It’s also what is predominant on tumblr where I find a lot of my imagery these days. Just like ice cream, my tastes in men have evolved over the years and I’m quite partial to trying new flavours. Chocolate ice cream is now firmly near the top of my list whereas caramel hasn’t really been explored as much. I’m quite partial to a nice scoop of mocha too from time to time.

Jose Miguel Garces is a particular scoop of ice cream that I could savour for hours. I have no idea what nationality Jose is but with his looks and his name the closest I’ll guess is somewhere of Latin origin. LOOK at that gorgeous skin, the bedroom eyes and the lips that I want to savour my vanilla goodness.

Rub me the right way.

I just came across this video about male genital massage which I’m sure is supposed to be sensual and educational. It has some elements of both but for me was mostly comedy. For starters, in this kind of video why do the people doing the voice over always insist on trying to do sexy talk? It doesn’t work. Sure, you don’t want the whole thing to be clinical and dull but speaking like a phone sex worker just doesn’t seem to work either.

The techniques they show look like they’d actually be a lot of fun to try with someone and maybe I’ll try and find someone to give them a go with but I don’t know that I’ll play this video to them as it might just kill the mood. Sensual mutual touch can be an incredibly erotic experience and it’s something I really enjoy but I’ve never quite felt the need to bang a drum and pound my fists into a massage table at the end of it all. Watch the video here.

Mini Beau #1 is coming!

Luke Austin, the very talented Aussie photographer is now based in L.A. with his new husband. He’s photographing the hordes of beautiful men over in La la land and putting together his Beau Book. The Beau Book is an extension of his photography blog The Shady Beau. Luke takes beautiful men and photographs them in a way that captures not only their sexiness and beauty but their vulnerability too.

While he’s in the process of putting together his book he’s also releasing five themed Mini Beau Books. The first will be 50 pages of nude men reading books in Luke’s bed. It’s going to be a little book and Luke is running a Kickstarter program to fund the release of the mini books. At $20 each for 50 pages of hotness I think it’s a pretty good deal. I think they’ll make a really nice little collection when all five are done.

Why show off?

Over the years of writing this blog I’ve realised that there are a lot of exhibitionists out there. From way back in the early days when I ran the public nudity challenge and had a lot more submissions than I ever expected, to more recently hearing from friends that love to be the centre of attention and the only one nude in a room. For me, my nudity is usually not an exhibitionist thing. It has been but not often.

One friend and fellow blogger I know puts on shows on Cam4 that are pretty hardcore. I’ve never seen one but they sound very hot. Other exhibitionists aren’t as blatantly sexual about it, loving being nude where they shouldn’t be like strolling through the city to be seen. Another friend here in Sydney likes the challenge of sneaking through parts of the city in the middle of the night nude, seeing how far he can go. The thrill for him isn’t being seen but the danger of being seen. His streaking is a very sexual experience and a real turn on.

I’ve dabbled in exhibitionism, going for a bit of a nude walk here and there late at night and a streak with my friend. I get too scared of being caught but there is a thrill in being nude in a calculated-risk kind of way. It’s a very fine line in that public nudity realm between a bit of cheeky nudity and being incredibly offensive if the wrong person is subjected to it, which is why I get nervous.

Human sexuality, fetishes and the whole spectrum of what people are into fascinates me, whether I’m into it or not. For those of you who like to show off, why? What is it that does it for you?

How do you define your sexuality?

A friend of mine today admitted that he’d been pretty naive and cynical in the past about bisexuals. Not that he didn’t believe they existed but that a true bisexual is a very rare thing. Almost like a unicorn.  His theory was that a lot of the women who say they are bisexual are trying to be cool or turn on a man and that men that say they are bisexual are really gay but not ready to say it yet, if ever. That theory on bisexual men is a very common one and one that frustrates me. He posted his thoughts, wanting genuine feedback, on facebook today and a couple of responses were interesting. One theory was that gay people were so threatened by bisexuals because they were afraid that if they admit a little wiggle room on their sexuality then why go through all the drama and stress of coming out?

My theory is that we see a lot more women being open to sexual freedom because straight men find women fooling around a turn on, as long as they get to join in, and women aren’t as threatened by other people’s sexuality so it’s not as taboo. Straight men see gay men or men who are happy to experiment with their sexuality as a bit of a threat to their own masculinity so react badly and condemn it. This is in very general terms and I think fluid sexuality is becoming much more acceptable as younger generations let go of the taboos and inhibitions of previous generations.

So I’m doing a poll. Which of the following options describes your sexuality the best? Please share this post and poll on facebook or social media. The more people that answer the poll the more accurate the representation will be.

What is your sexuality?

  • 100% Gay (65%, 405 Votes)
  • Somewhere between bi and gay (21%, 130 Votes)
  • Pretty evenly attracted to both (6%, 39 Votes)
  • Somewhere between straight and bi (5%, 31 Votes)
  • 100% Straight (3%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 621

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Now that’s television!

In another awesome example of how Europe does nudity better than most places, there is a show on television in the Netherlands called Adam seeks Eve. I can’t seem to find out much about it but from the photos it looks like Survivor meets the Bachelor. For some reason the male contestants are all nude and hanging out together. Do I have a problem with this? Certainly not. I know America has produced “Naked and Afraid” but they blur out anything remotely near the genitals or butt crack, as they do on Survivor which I find a bit absurd. This show clearly has it all swinging in the breeze. Love it. If anyone knows where to find a video from the show I’d love to see it. Thanks to OMG Blog for this!

Auditioning buddies.

Chatting to a friend who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark tonight he was telling me about a fuck buddy that he and his boyfriend have. It’s a good friend of theirs that regularly stays over and has wild sex but there are also times when he just comes over to snuggle up nude in bed with them and watch movies and no sex happens. Just how do you audition a fuck buddy and/or cuddle buddy? I could do with one of either or someone that does both.

A fuck buddy that I can take the time to get to know what works for them and them for me would be so good for me right now. I very rarely have sex because most casual sex leaves me a bit cold and I’d rather have a regular than a parade of mediocrity one after the other but I realise sometimes it takes kissing a few frogs to find the one Prince.

A cuddle buddy is a bit trickier. Having someone to come over to hang out and curl up on the lounge together for a dvd would be wonderful. Cuddling is one of the things I miss the most about having a boyfriend. A friend told me once that I give a really good hug and I’d like to expand that to a long cuddle session, possibly sleep over spooning. It seems only logical that if I’m comfortable spooning in bed with someone then the forking has probably already happened and if it doesn’t it will pretty shortly after.

So… how do I find this cuddle buddy / fuck buddy?