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A bit of New Zealand goodness.

New Zealand cops a fair bit of joking from Australians for being the “poor cousin” neighbour but they’ve given us many good things over the years. Some are still being disputed such as the Pavlova and personally while Russell Crowe is claimed as Australian I’d be happy to give him back. One thing they have given the world is Manu Bennett. He’s mostly known for his full frontal bad-guy-made-good role of Crixus in Spartacus (above). He’s also been in the Hobbit trilogy and CW’s The Arrow.

Manu’s Maori heritage has given him that amazing dark complexion and soulful eyes and it may well have helped his warrior like portrayal of Crixus. I don’t know that it has anything to do with his nude-friendliness. The Maori warriors are often seen with their butts out in traditional costume, even when making traditional greetings of royalty but there isn’t a lot of frontal imagery going on.

A week or so ago, a mate and I were at the Asian baths having a soak and three Maori guys came in with their cool kiwi accents and tribal tattoos but instead of getting nude like everyone else, they wore the flimsy silky shorts in the spa and steam room etc. Now these guys were obsessively talking about Rugby, like most kiwis and I gathered that they played on the same team. I would have assumed the team showers nude in communal showers like most footy clubs. Who knows. It was a surprising and out of context modesty given the environment. One of them was absolutely stunning and had a body that should have been uncovered.

Mojo update: Still Missing.

My plans to rediscover my mojo are just not quite working out. My flatmate has been out of town all week and there were a couple of nights I was trying to find someone to drop by for a bit of a fool around but as is usual with Grindr etc, the guys you want aren’t interested or aren’t around and the ones that want you aren’t the ones you want. Today a guy was supposed to come over for a shag but I texted him a couple of hours beforehand to confirm and he replied that he’d changed his mind.

The rational part of me says he just wasn’t after a casual shag, or something else came up. My neurotic insecure side says that he realised that I wasn’t sexy enough or something. I was really hoping that by having sex with someone I had a good feeling about rather than a complete stranger hookup I’d be able to relax more and enjoy it and therefore not be as nervous about sex and hooking up in general. The longer I go without, the more insecure about it I get.

Not a very happy camper this afternoon.

The Warwick Rowers are back!

In what is becoming a bigger online media event than the Dieux Du Stade calendar, the Warwick Rowers have just launched their 2015 Calendar campain and crowdfunding program with a heap of different rewards for different levels of donation. Once again the boys are lead by the stunning Lawrence and the boys all seem to be going frontal yet again. How they convince them to do that I don’t know but I’m certainly not complaining. It’s absolutely amazing and fantastic that a bunch of young men are so willing tog et their gear off and raise money to fight homophobia and intolerance in sport and in general.

This 2015 calendar is the second year in a row the guys are raising money for Sport Allies who are aligned with the Warwick Rowers philosophy of promoting acceptance and reducing homophobia and transphobia while using sport as their platform for inclusion. Each year the photos get more polished and more beautiful while still capturing the youthful exuberance and probably nervousness of running around nude with the entire team.

Warwick Rowers 2015 Crowdfunder from Sport Media Productions on Vimeo.

Would it work?

A lot of friends have started asking about when my next exhibition is going to be. To be honest I have no idea. The last exhibition “Freedom” didn’t sell very well and putting on an exhibition is a costly exercise. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have AussieBum sponsor both Shrouded and Freedom exhibitions which helped enormously with covering costs but an exhibition is an expensive endeavour to put on. The total cost of putting on that last one was about $4,000 including printing, framing, gallery hire and the costs associated with having an opening night.

One way I had thought of doing it was to start a kickstarter or similar crowd sourced project with varying levels of support garnering different benefits. This time around I’m toying with the idea of having one large image (60cm x 90cm) and 2 or 3 smaller images (20cm x 30cm) from each of the shoots and each image would be available in a limited number in either size. If someone paid $500 (for example) they would receive a large signed, limited print of their choice from the exhibition or if they paid $100 they would get a signed, limted print at the smaller size of their choice.

The draw back would be that the people donating the money, or effectively buying a print, wouldn’t receive their piece until some time after donating. I’m just not sure I can afford to outlay all the money to hold an exhibition again and not cover my expenses.

So many hits!

Fourteen months ago I uploaded a video trailer for my photography book Aussielicious Men to vimeo. I can’t believe that it’s had over 94,000 hits! That’s so awesome. It still averages over 100 hits per day. The book hasn’t sold many copies at all on blurb but that’s ok. It was a book that I felt that I needed to put together for myself as much as anything. It was never a money making venture that’s for sure. If I’d been planning on getting rich from it I’d be sorely disappointed by now. I wonder if we can get it up to 100,000 views? Feel free to share it.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Sportilicious – I present Jaeger O’Meara

It’s a strange day when Buzzfeed has become my source for perve material but that is exactly what happened this afternoon. Strangely enough it coincided precisely with the moment I felt quite old. This guy is Jaeger O’Meara who plays Australian Rules Football, by far the most athletic of football codes played here, for the Gold Coast Suns. He was named the NAB AFL Rising Star for 2013 after last year’s season and I think it may have been for his cheekbones alone, possibly aided by his jawline.

Jaeger is a young guy, he turned 20 earlier this year. His birthday is in February according to Wikipedia. I could also tell he was young by his gorgeous skin, ridiculous body and his name. Only guys with fairly young parents have names like Jaeger. Seriously though, how does a 20 year old have guns like his? AFL players run on average 14km (9 miles) per match and while I don’t understand the rules of the game the players make it very appealing to the eye.

More nude Olympians

Every year ESPN releases a Body Issue full of nude athletes and this year is no exception. Any time you get a talented photographer taking photos of celebrities you are usually set for an interesting result. When those celebrities are nude athletes in prime physical condition then the results will be something that should be on a gallery wall. Michael Phelps joins the ranks this year and boy does he have a tanline. Also featured is Aussie sailor Jimmy Spithill on the far left. I can’t find who the photographer was on this edition. I assumed at first that it was Annie Leibovitz but watching a couple of the behind the scenes videos on the ESPN site, it’s a guy that I don’t know.

I don’t know who a lot of the athletes are but Giancarlo Stanton, who apparently plays baseball for the Miami Marlins looks so sculpted on the cover. I swear, you can’t go wrong with adding water to a beautiful body. Shiny goodness. The basketball player in the middle looks fantastic. Firstly he’s a beautiful guy with an absolutely rocking body but his image is saturated in beautiful delicious colours and lighting that is perfection.

Rediscovering my mojo

I recently gave my number to a guy at the gym after he was checking me out as I walked nude to the showers in the locker room. It took weeks for him to message but he did eventually. Alas today I found out the reason why he took so long. He has a long term boyfriend so there won’t be anything happening with him. It’s made me reassess what I’m after and at the moment I think I need to avoid thinking about finding a date or a husband.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that my lack of confidence has been getting worse over the last couple of years and as a result I pretty much never have sex. As of today I’m on a mission to rediscover my mojo. I’m on a mission to have sex and hopefully much more regularly. Today I reconnected with a guy I met years ago and who lives nearby. We don’t know each other well but we both find each other attractive and I casually mentioned hooking up today in a chat on Facebook and he was up for it. If that doesn’t happen by the end of this weekend I’m taking myself to a sex on premises venue and trying my luck there.

If sex happens more regularly then surely that will help resolve some of the over the top need to find a boyfriend. Even if it doesn’t, sex is good for mental health and physical touch is something I love and crave so some plain old skin on skin won’t hurt.

When Olympians get nude.

Two Spanish Olympic sailors have made good on their promise to go for a naked sail. They made the promise to go for the nude sail if their Facebook page got 1,500 likes. Seems to me that they aimed a bit low and maybe they just like getting nude. Who isn’t going to click “like” just to see if they’d actually go through with it? Onan Barreiros and Juan Curbel looked great out there on the water in their birthday suits and I’m sure they had a bit of a laugh doing it. The guys have great big smiles and to me, they look like fun, especially if they are prone to getting nude.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #31

In this modern age of dating, one often turns to the use of apps like Grindr to seek fulfillment either romantically or physically. If one wants to get the attention of a potential suitor it’s thought that the best approach is with a friendly greeting or a compliment. That is the wrong way to go. It seems a popular new trend is taking the app-dating world by storm and it is a much more logical approach. Rather than be polite or complimentary, one will garner much more attention with a well placed insult or even a hint of insanity.

A gentleman recently caught my eye with this approach on my recent road trip. He firstly proved that he had carefully read my profile by mixing an insult with vague overtones of dangerous violence when he started with “You sound as deranged as me, not a bad way to be…” Well it’s very kind of him to notice. I thought I’d hidden my deranged tendencies under a thick layer of normality but I’m ever so glad he saw through that. Then he followed up that gem with a commentary on how cold the temperature was which might sound a bit ordinary, even pedestrian but he redeemed himself by thoroughly unnerving me with his illustration of the point. How did he do this? He sent several photos of a Ken Doll wearing a skirt and pointed out that Ken was only missing his man-parts because of the temperature.

I’m sure if I were brave or foolish enough to go on a date with this gentleman it would never be dull and I’d be entertained for hours either trying to escape the attic prison he locked me in or playing find Ken’s man-parts while laughing in a deranged manner.


Congratulations Peter!

After the initial round of voting and now a tie-breaker round of voting we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Peter who sent in this adorable photo of himself smooching his boyfriend on for the Portrait photography challenge. Peter will receive a print of Allan’s winning movement challenge photo from the last challenge as his prize. There were some stunning shots in this challenge so thank you to everyone who took part. Give me a couple of months to come up with another theme and we’ll have another challenge.

When marketing goes wrong.

After running a blog for nearly nine years with a certain level of success in terms of readership, people approach Aussielicious from time to time to establish a sponsorship or marketing collaboration. I get it. If you are searching for the right thing Aussielicious comes up in google searches quite readily because of the number of hits it gets and because it starts with A but I really think some people need to do a bit more reading of the site before they ask if I’m interested in a deal.

Overnight an email came in from the “blogger outreach program coordinator” of East Dane, a men’s fashion site. One of her opening lines in the email was “We consider Aussielicious a fashion authority…” Seriously? If the lady of the ridiculously long job title had actually read Aussielicious instead of probably googling “gay blog” she might have noticed that it’s not often that people are actually wearing any fashion on the pages of Aussielicious.

Even if someone’s site is really cool, if their approach is completely misguided I’m probably not going to take them seriously. So I’m sorry lady of the very long job title, it’s a no from me today.

Australia’s X-Factor 2014 guys.

Last night on tv they had a marathon repeat of the new series so far of Australia’s X-Factor. The auditions have just started and a few guys really stood out for me. A favourite was the return of Tee who auditioned and got a fair way through the process last year. He was struggling with confidence as his mother wasn’t speaking with him because of his sexuality. Things have clearly improved on both fronts and he absolutely BELTS out Somebody to love by Queen. His voice is great and the smile and personality is killer.

Next up is Dean. Dean scares me a little bit. There’s no denying that he’s very talented and has the charismatic rock star thing going on. He has a bit of a dangerous eccentricity vibe going on for me though. One of the judges likens him to Michael Hutchence. He apparently left home at 15 to earn the right to be a man by the age of 18. WTF? He strikes me as one of those people that enjoys being moody and confronting. Great performer though.

Next up is the adorable Jaymie. He’s only young but his version of Wonderwall is fantastic. As much as everyone tries to say that image isn’t important and it should all be about talent, that’s bullshit as we all know. It doesn’t hurt that Jaymie is cute and has beautiful eyes to go with his talent. Can we also talk about his beautiful brother who is backstage with the family? I haven’t really gotten into this season of the Voice despite Kylie being on the panel. X-Factor just seems to be more interesting for me.

Sci-Fi gets a gay representation!

Today thanks to Towleroad I came across a trailer for a new sci-fi film called “Credence”. It’s not complete yet and they are running an Indigogo program to raise money to fund it. They’ve already reached their modest £6,000 target but I donated anyway because the story and the trailer look so good. The film is challenging the way LGBT people are represented in Sci-fi films with two fathers having to make the horrendous decision to send their daughter to safety on another planet when earth is being destroyed. If you watch the powerful trailer, that will all make sense. I can’t wait to see it. For my £25 donation I will get a copy of the soundtrack and a digital download of the film when it’s released!

Gymspiration – Khan Porter

A couple of years ago there was a young guy doing some modelling around Sydney. He was young, fit and good looking. That’s him on the far left. He was probably about 20 or 21. That young man has since found Crossfit. When I posted about my curiosity for Crossfit a little while ago he was the guy on the right with no pants on. His name is Khan Porter and he’s just become a professional Crossfit Athlete and I believe he may well be Australia’s first professional Crossfit Athlete. That’s right. Getting and staying really fit is his job now. Oh and competing.

The photo on the left is Khan no more than 4 years ago. The rest are Khan now. When I say I’m using him as gymspiration there is some realism at play here. I will never have that body and I don’t really want to devote the amount of time it takes to become a professional athlete but if you follow Khan’s instagram (@iamkhanporter) you’ll see he genuinely loves it and does it for the fun, fitness and camaraderie. Khan and his mates are also prone to doing their training in speedos from time to time or dancing around nude behind a mate doing deadlifts just for laughs.

So while I will never look like Khan I can use his attitude and transformation as inspiration… and just a little bit of fantasy.