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Photography wish list – Colton Haynes

There are several celebrities on my photography wish list and most of them I have pretty much no chance of ever photographing. Nor do I have any idea of what I would do if I got the opportunity but I’d certainly give it a shot.

Colton Haynes is a star of Arrow. He’s done a lot of modeling and even has a bit of a gay scandal past in that his PR team have been doing their best for years to cover up a spread he did in teen gay magazine XY years ago kissing another guy. Whether he is actually gay or not is of no relevance. The man is so beautiful in a masculine but also very pretty way that I would LOVE to shoot him and see what images we could come up with.

Colton himself shared the shot on the far right on his tumblr the other day. He doesn’t know who put the image together but congratulated them on their flawless editing and he’s right. It’s a stunning photoshop job and looks beautiful. I’d seen it several times but hadn’t ever recognised him as the model in the shot.

Colton, if you are out there check out my photography and get in touch!

Wasn’t expecting that.

You know how you’ll hear that a friend finds a certain celebrity attractive and you wonder why? Ben Affleck is like that for me. Matt Damon, his good mate and co-star is way more my type. To me Ben always seemed just a bit beige. I could never figure out why people thought he was interesting. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but meh, he does nothing for me.

That has changed slightly in the last week now that screen shots from Gone Girl have hit the internet. Good old Ben went slightly full frontal in the film very briefly and in shady darkness. Thankfully someone has gone to the trouble of taking screen captures and brightening them up. Sure, it’s not clear and front on but you can pretty easily see that Ben is doing quite nicely for himself in the cock department. Now we know why his wife Jennifer Garner said “you’re welcome” on the Ellen Degeneres show. Yes indeed. Thank you Jennifer if you told him to go frontal. We appreciate it.

Don’t mess with the classics

Years and years ago a song came along that I must have listened to hundreds of times and hundreds of times since that era. Chris Isaak is a fantastic performer live and the song Wicked Game will always be a classic to me. It’s a song that defies trends and fads and it just doesn’t seem to age. Maybe because it wasn’t of any particularly trendy genre when it was released.

A friend of mine is a very passionate U2 fan and anyone that covers a U2 song better do a bloody good job of it or you will experience her venom. I feel a bit the same about Wicked Game. It was released 25 years ago in 1989 and it is still as beautiful now as it was then. So WHY do people feel the need to mess with a classic? Parra for Cuva are a band or an artist who have decided to mess with Wicked Game and mess with it badly. The single, featuring the vocals of Anna Naklab is a dull but radio friendly interpretation that adds a drum beat to the song and makes it sound as if Lana Del Ray went to Hawaii and got stoned for about a month and decided to do a cover.

Chris Isaak’s video for the song was even a classic directed by the late great Herb Ritts and co-starring Helena Christensen in an luscious sensual feast for the eyes. The new video looks like a Hallmark advertisement with music that doesn’t match. I’m clearly turning into a cranky old man but you can judge for yourselves below.

Something a bit lighter

After hearing news all day about the Sydney Siege by an apparent terrorist holding hostages in a Sydney CBD Cafe, I think we need something a bit lighter.

A couple of months ago I tried to embed this video on the blog but it had embedding disabled. It seems that that has changed after Kirill posted it on Active Naturists. It’s just a short video of a hot guy (from what I can see) surfing nude at Black’s Beach in San Diego. As we know I really want to go surfing nude at some stage and have done for years. I’m hoping this is the summer.

I’ll ride with you.

Sydney has had terrorism rear it’s ugly face today and along with the apparently lone wolf terrorist holding hostages in the CBD, there have been the unsurprising calls to end multiculturalism in Australia and calls to deport Muslims. Thankfully the most radical anti-Muslim sentiments I saw on twitter today in response to my tweets about the situation were from outside Australia. One “gentleman” had a twitter page filled with paranoia and anti-muslim rantings, calls for Obama to be impeached and a lot of scary stuff.

I had concerns that the racist white community here in Australia would be vocal and harass the Muslim community and apparently I wasn’t the only one. A twitter hashtag of #Illridewithyou has taken hold and is trending across the whole country showing Australians have a lot more empathy than I was expecting to see. The premise is that Muslims can organise to catch public transport to work as usual and be accompanied by a Caucasian or non-Muslim Aussie. There is a little cynicism about the trend but I think it’s fantastic even if it just keeps people a little more calm.

The siege in the CBD is now in it’s 12th hour and the lights in the cafe are now all out with an unknown number of hostages still inside. The police are taking this nice and slowly trying to end it with the best possible result.

Fairy Godfather

Yesterday I went to a friend’s engagement party/pre-wedding celebration. I went with a very close friend and her husband who are both really fun and very sweet people. They recently had a baby who is absolutely adorable. As with all new first-time parents they are focused on making sure Li’l Man has his feeds and naps at the right times and trying to stop him from having over-tired melt-downs. I was in the back seat of their car with Li’l Man and he was looking at me trying to work out who I am. At three months old clearly he’s not going to remember someone he’s only seen a handful of times but as we drove over there he was hanging on to my finger and fell asleep.

It’s moments like those that I get very clucky. I am totally fine with the fact that I don’t have kids and won’t have kids. Not having a partner and not being in a financial position to raise children it’s just not something that is going to happen but having Li’l Man fall asleep gripping my finger just made me all sappy inside. I was exactly the same when my niece and nephew were babies and I’m always happy to hold someone’s baby and help try and get them to sleep if the situation arises.

It’s one of those situations where I wonder what kind of father I would have made. Would I do a good job? Hopefully yes, I think I would. It’s a bit like when I go to a friend’s wedding as a seemingly chronically single man. Will I ever get the opportunity to be someone’s partner/husband? Would I be good at it and treat them well and make them happy?

The time when Li’l Man won’t want to hold his Fairy Godfather B’s hand will come all too soon. My niece is more than happy to have cuddles but my nearly 12 year old nephew isn’t quite as convinced and that’s just normal so for I’ll take baby hugs and cuddles from my niece when they are on offer and soak it all up.

They’re back for round three!

Remember that fantastic bunch of women who did an enthusiastic job of reading actuall messages that people had been sent on Grindr or Scruff etc? Well they are back for the third installment of the series which is absolutely hilarious. Taking the more absurd messages from the apps completely out of context and having them read out by a bunch of women who don’t even know what half of the things they are saying mean, is just awesome. It does highlight just hot bizarre communication on those apps really can be.

People genuinely expect guys to make all the effort of preparing for sex then go to a strangers house and do some freaky stuff when they can’t even be bothered preparing a full sentence? Once guy sent me a message a while ago saying “t or b?” I’m assuming he was asking if I was a top or a bottom but as I said to him, if he’s that lazy in the seduction he’ll be a dud shag in bed. He claimed he was amazing, of course but I was willing to let that chance pass me by.

Just today a guy asked if I wanted “to bj with me now?” Now if someone sends the offer of a mutual trade of blow jobs you’d expect the photo to be sent to be of a relevant body part right? Nope. Just his profile shot which was of his feet in the sand at the beach. Guess what? No.

Giving it a try

Some people are quite surprised at how much I have organised for my European trip next year already but I’m the kind of person that if it’s not organised, I stress. I fly in to London on one morning and leave early the next so I don’t have a lot of time there which is fine as I don’t know many people in London any more so my time there is my own. A reader of this blog has told me about the New Docklands Steam Baths which strike me as being anything but new. Rather they seem very old school. The kind of place that is far from fancy but relaxed and filled with locals.

The reviews I’ve read online have described it as being filled with rough around the edges guys all giving each other traditional treatments, ie hitting each other with branches or scrubbing each other. As we all know communal nudity isn’t something that bothers me. In fact it’s something that really appeals to me, especially this very traditional non sexual old school nudity.

Has anyone that reads Aussielicious been to the New Docklands Steam Baths? Please let me know what you think!

This video isn’t the actual Steam Baths that are in London but a traditional Banya that my nudist mate Kirill has enjoyed and shared the video. Thankfully there won’t be any frozen lakes for anyone to make me jump into.

Banya with an ice hole at the Moscow River from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

A quick escape

My office closes down for two weeks over Christmas and New Year and I really want to get out to River Island for a quick nude camping escape but my usual camping buddy is going to be overseas. All my other likely candidates will be stuck at work and can’t get away so it looks like it will be a solitary escape for me for a couple of days of quiet solitude. That’s ok. While some company would be lovely I can certainly appreciate two nights of peace and quiet in the bush.

It will be a good opportunity to read and just enjoy the peace and quiet, maybe take some photos and maybe even have a go at some meditation. The air is so fresh and it’s so peaceful out there that it certainly can’t be bad for me. I might see if I can keep hunting for a potential camping buddy. Someone to chat to naked under the stars would be nice.

I think it’s working…

Last week I posted about a new fitness monitoring and kilojule counting app that I have been using. It’s been surprisingly easy to adjust to and for the improvement in eating habits I’m sleeping better and waking up feeling ready for the day. There are less tired phases through the day which I guess follow a sugar spike after eating something terrible.

I weighed myself this morning at the gym and in the 9 days since I started I think I’ve lost a bit over a kilogram (2.2lb). I say I ‘think’ I have because the first weigh in and the one this morning were done at different times of the day etc. I’m going to weigh myself weekly at the gym at the same time of morning so the circumstances are as close to the same as possible.

The photo on the left was taken of me in January 2010 so coming up to five years ago and that is the level of definition I want to get back to. The photo on the right is a selfie I took on the beautiful black sand nude beach in Hawaii in September last year. It’s very flattering as some of the others I just hate. Since then even more weight has crept on with my terrible eating habits over the past year. It’s funny when you realise just what atrocious foods you are eating way too often which is what happens when you have to search for them on an app and it tells you just how bad they are. My portion sizes have also gone down a bit. There was no need for me to be eating as much as I was.

Now I just need to shake up my gym routine, workout harder, longer and smarter and fingers crossed I’ll be hot for Croatia!

A bit of both

Being a single man most of my travels have been done solo. I travelled through Europe by myself when I was living in London and went to Burning Man, Vegas and NYC alone a few years ago. I’ve been thinking about whether or not I like that or not as I make plans for my trip next year.

My last international trip last year was a great combination of travelling alone and travelling with friends. The few days in San Francisco were fantastic to have mates there to explore bars and restaurants etc with. After Burning Man I was more than happy to travel to Hawaii alone and lie on beaches, drive around relaxing and just have some quiet alone time.

There is a chance that a guy I know and his partner may join me on the sailing trip in Croatia which will be good. Would I want the boat to be full of guys I know? Probably not. While it would make it a lot of fun and very relaxed, one of the joys of international travel is meeting and chatting to lots of new people. My time in Sitges will be with some good friends that I haven’t seen in years and will really enjoy catching up with.

Maybe it’s the Libran in me wanting everything balanced but some time with friends and some time travelling alone suits me fine.

And that’s another one.

Yesterday I did a google search on gay massage in Sydney. I have had many massages over the years but haven’t found the right masseur for me. I want a gay masseur because I feel that way there won’t be any awkwardness about massaging right up the hamstrings etc. One of the links I followed took me to a male to male adult massage site where I discovered a friend offering his services. Now I know this person has done porn in the past and isn’t shy and also isn’t working full time so it’s no real surprised that he’s essentially escorting. Sure, the site didn’t specifically mention sex but the wording and the price was pretty indicative that he wasn’t just offering a massage. As far as I’m aware he’s not even trained in massage.

Over the past few years I’ve found out that a lot of guys I know have escorted or are escorting and I have no problem with it. I certainly couldn’t do it but it’s not for any moral reasons. I barely have sex as it is, so how can I charge for it when I can barely give it away for free?

A mutual friend of the escorting guy and I tends to have very black and white views on the world and saw it as a demeaning option for someone who has so much going for them otherwise. To be honest I think he just enjoys the attention. He’s a very good looking guy and as I suggested, has probably been almost conditioned to get his validation and ego stroking from people wanting him sexually.

It’s funny that even as society gets more and more open about sexuality and our desires and needs, that people still can’t wrap their head around someone working in the oldest profession in the world.

Are we there yet?

Now that it is December and the best of the year lists are starting to appear I have to say, my energy levels are running low. This year hasn’t been a bad year as such but it has worn me out a bit. The lazy junior at work has been gone for a few months and I’ve taken on all his workload and managing the freelancers when we’ve needed them to take up some of the overflow.

As my energy levels run low, my caffeine intake increases. As my patience decreases, my frustration grows. Thankfully there are only 10 working days left in this year for me as we close on Friday 19th. It should be a relatively stress free two weeks until we close up but there is still a fair bit to achieve before I can run screaming out the door ripping my clothes off as I head toward the beach.

As I’ve said before, turning 41 in October feels like I’ve turned a bit of a corner. Moving out of a living arrangement that wasn’t making me happy has really helped, as has the new location. Already in a week of monitoring what I’m eating, I feel better and have more energy. I’m sleeping better as well. It would be nice to have someone to snuggle up to but let’s be honest, I’m not really used to that anyway.

Today I started my Christmas shopping and have three out of six sorted. I’m about to hunt online for my sister’s present and see what I can find then she and I just need to sort out our parents gifts. Not long to go now til the new year.

Gratuitous video perve

It’s always nice to see the fashion world using nude men in some way. I have no idea how this video was related to fashion but it says fashion in the title. In any case this video showcases Mohamad, a beautifully built athletic nude guy. Why not?

Mohamad – a Dexterity Fashion Film from Dexterity Studio on Vimeo.

Time to make it happen

With my much anticipated and largely nude holiday coming up in less than 7 months I figure it’s time to stop whinging about not being happy with my body and do something about it. I told a PT friend of mine that I want to be hot if I’m going to sail nude around Croatia. There is an added incentive in seeing friends that I haven’t seen in what will be 9 years. Of course I want to look good.

So my PT friend has given me an app that tracks my food and what kilojules I consume every day. It’s astonishing how bad my food intake was! I will never look the way I did in my 20’s and that’s fine, I just want to tone it all up and feel better. Just the act of putting everything I eat into this app “Myfitnesspal” is giving me a real shakeup in my diet. Let’s hope I can stick to it.

Once the holiday season is done I’m going to start another fitness challenge here on the blog so we can all motivate each other.