This is what it’s about

This article popped up on my Facebook today as I sit in my gorgeous little studio accommodation in Mykonos two-thirds of the way through my adventure.

I hadn’t seen his original video but this one made me smile. A lot. Cynics out there will say he’s done it for youtube fame but I don’t think so. This to me, just seems like something someone would do to have fun and make other people feel good.

Firstly the guy has come up with quite a convoluted dance routine and done it in a heap of different places. Secondly he’s had to convince a hell of a lot of people to join him in his fun little idea. This is what travel is all about. They do say that travel is the antidote to prejudice and ignorance. Maybe a lot more people should travel a lot more.

Have yourselves a few minutes of smiles and enjoy this video.

It’s true!

I’m now in the third and final phase of my holiday. Greece. Late yesterday afternoon, after two delayed flights I landed in Mykonos. Within two hours I was eating a delicious meal overlooking the old port and enjoying a beer.

Today I caught the bus to Elia beach which is one of the few remaining beaches with a nude section. In years gone by Super Paradise beach used to be completely nude and now it’s completely not and filled with bars and party people.

After a few hours in the sun I might have got a bit too much sun but I feel reenergised and so relaxed. It’s true, I now firmly believe that I’m solar powered.

Tomorrow, after buying a different and possibly stronger sunscreen after today’s effort, I’ll be renting a scooter and driving to another beach on the other side of the island that I’ve been reliably told by two sources, has a nude section as well.

Now, it’s time to go and have some dinner and drinks.

Can you imagine

On a rainy Monday in Berlin I found myself looking for things to do that didn’t involve walking in the rain. I’d expressed an interest in going to a non-gay sauna and my host suggested Vabali Spa. Two trains and a tram later I found the place and what a place it is. After going to a sauna in Cologne I knew to expect lots of nakedness from both sexes but this place was slightly different.

In German saunas you have a ritual called an Aufgus. This is where an attendant comes in and in a specific way increases the heat and fans the hot air around. In the Cologne sauna the attendants did that in their uniforms. At Vabali the attendants (all very good looking young men) performed the ritual in a cotton wrap loincloth kind of thing. Then you would see them, after working up quite a sweat, showering and using the plunge pools with everyone else, completely naked.

Can you imagine a job where it’s normal for you to get naked and for your colleagues to get naked and no one bats an eyelid? That is the wonder of Germany. My friend Thomas told me that sadly some gyms have started putting in shower cubicles and some guys are doing the stupid towel dance to get changed and preserve their modesty.

I for one, believe that everyone should go to a German sauna and experience true communal nudity. There is nothing quite like it. Sadly I couldn’t take any photos. It would have been worth it.

Authentic nudism

Berlin is a city I had fond but vague memories of from my visit 15 years ago. Last time I was here it was winter and ridiculously cold. This time, it’s summer and I had been hoping to take advantage of the liberal attitudes towards nudity.

Yesterday was my first full day in Berlin and it was a great day. The day started grey and cloudy but by early afternoon the sun was out so after a quick trip to a photography museum it was off to the Tiergarten to get nude in “gay meadow” the little nudist section which is clearly visible to the street and the paths leading through the park. It was fantastic to be able to do that in a city centre.

Then I took myself out to Teufelssee. A nudist heaven in the Grunewald park. As it was a sunny Sunday afternoon there were plenty of people there and I mean plenty. I’m guessing around 300 people of all ages from small children to people in their 70’s. 90% of them were nude and chilled out.

Now I fully understand how nudism should feel. We get plenty of nude people on the beach in Sydney but it never feels this relaxed. It’s comfortable and normal but it still has a slight feeling of being very aware that we are all nude. Here in Berlin, even though I’m sure people were checking each other out it felt like it was so normal to be amongst 300 naked people and it was amazing. I didn’t take any photos because that wouldn’t be very cool but you can check out an article on Teufelssee at Active Naturists here.

Thanks Iceland!

Sitting in Keflavik Airport, killing several hours before I leave I’m reflecting on my time in Iceland. Was it the dream that I expected it to be? No. Was it great? Yes.

I’m going to be upfront. Iceland is not an “easy” place to have a holiday. Even now in Summer, it’s very cold for an Aussie who left a Winter that was warmer than this to come here. As popular as it is with an estimated 2 million foreign tourists this year, I get the impression it’s still trying to catch up to it’s new found popularity. We circumnavigated the entire country and in the areas that don’t see as many tourists there are very few options for food and sometimes even things to do. But that is Iceland’s charm. It’s not an overdeveloped tourist wonderland. We paid money to go into a couple of tiny themed museums that were one small room with information you could find anywhere.

The star attraction here is obviously the landscape which can go from lush green hills with a plethora of beautiful waterfalls, to a barren mars-like landscape as far as you can see. Throw in a steaming geyser or bubbling (sulphur stanched) mud pit and you have a tiny little country packing a great big punch. This trip is not for everyone but it was great for me. Challenging as it was.

I hadn’t budgeted on spending 5+ hours driving in one day and not really seeing anything new. would I come back? Maybe one day but I would do it differently but I highly recommend it.

Now I’m off to Germany to explore.

The trip so far…

After a MARATHON journey that I have no desire to repeat, I hit Iceland on Saturday afternoon and within a short time of getting off the plane I was in my hostel. My mate arrived two hours later and from there we spent a couple of days in Reykjavik drinking over priced beers, walking for miles exploring and taking photos and eating over priced food. Iceland is damned expensive but we knew that coming into it so it was expected.

It’s now morning three in the camper vans and we are in a beautiful harbour side town called Seydisfjordor. Now that name is not spelt correctly as the Icelandic have extra letters in their alphabet and dozens of accents that I have no idea how to type.

We’ve had two full days on the road and seen so many beautiful waterfalls, enormous glaciers and a lagoon full of incredibly stunning icebergs. This place is magical. You really could imagine mythical creatures and fairytales being based here. It’s just that kind of place.

Sadly my dreams of communal showers full of hot tourists at the hostel didn’t happen. It was only ever me and my mate in there at the same time. As you can see though I did manage a cheeky nude shot at a waterfall which was right next to our campground.

A little inspiration for adventure

There is a quote in the following video that I really liked. “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt” or something like that. I think that’s very good advice. I do love a good adventure but I also don’t feel the urge to do something quite as big as this adventure. Peter Hochhauser from Austria flew to the U.S. and walked the Pacific Crest Trail. Over 4,200 kilometres from the border of Mexico to the Canadian border.

Peter’s video is so beautifully produced but also very human. One thing I struggle with about travel vloggers is how they are always talking about how blessed they are to be doing what they are doing and I’m sure they are. Just stop talking about it and do it. It’s not all rainbows and awesome-sauce. Peter is very open in this video about the struggles and the hard times but also keeps it light hearted which I think is the best approach. If you’re losing another toenail to your hiking boots and you’ve got blisters everywhere, just look up at the beautiful world you’re camping in and go for another skinny-dip with your mates.

This is the spirit of adventure I’m mentally packing for my trip that starts tomorrow.

Because I can

I’ve posted about my recent change in workout habits and how good I’ve been feeling for it and while the last few weeks haven’t seen me being as disciplined I’m still enjoying the training style. My trainer is a big time enthusiast of the training style called Animal Flow. Essentially it works your body in different planes of motion using bodyweight and flexiblity. Rather than just moving forward and back, up and down, or side to side like most exercises Animal Flow moves your body in combinations of all of those and it engages your muscles in ways I’ve never experienced before.

We’ve been doing other very functional and challenging styles of training as well with kettle bells and bosu balls. Tomorrow is my last session with the trainer as part of our contra deal where I did some design work for him and he got me closer to being hot for my trip. I’ve been joking that I’m going to do some basic Animal Flow stuff naked in the Tiergarten park in Berlin. Now I’m pretty set on it. Why not do it? There is a nude section in the park which I’m determined to experience since we have nothing like that in the parks here in Australia so why not have a workout at the same time? I may even film it and send it to him for a laugh.

I’m beginning to like the “because I can” approach to life at the moment.

World Naked Hiking Day!

Today (Wednesday June 21) is World Naked Hiking Day and while it’s Winter down here in Australia, in lots of the world it’s beautiful temperatures to get out there and go for a naked hike. Several people I know here would love to be out hiking but given the cold and regular day jobs, that’s not possible.

Up until recently the only naked hiking I’d done was down a steep trail to a nude beach that was clearly marked at the start of the trail. While I’m a nudie at heart I also don’t want to offend people nor get myself arrested. However about a month ago, some friends and I went on a naked adventure to find a trail that we’d been told about. I’ve posted about this naked adventure before and the photos above are from that hike.

The Australian bush isn’t necessarily the most practical for hiking naked with lots of spiky plants and things that bite you but we came out all ok at the end. Being able to relax and have a naked swim and a naked lunch in the sun out in nature was absolute bliss. So if you have a day off and you have the opportunity I highly recommend celebrating World Naked Hiking Day and going for a hike!

A perk

Iceland is an expensive place to visit. Thankfully most of the expenses of the trip have been paid well in advance. My mate and I are staying at the Kex Hostel in Reykjavik for two nights when we first get to Iceland. Part of me thinks I’m too old for a hostel but then part of me thinks it’s great to meet people and it will be a decent way to cut some costs. Sort of. My mate and I have booked a twin room rather than stay in a dorm room. Sharing with a mate I can deal with. Sharing with a bunch of random people, probably not. The twin room still translates to about $300 Australian per night. Ouch.

There are perks to staying in some hostels though. Given this is Europe and the cool, viking, Scandinavian region of Europe, people aren’t shy. We may have to share a bathroom down the corridor from our room but it has communal showers. I’ve long been lamenting the disappearance of a communal shower at the gyms here in Australia. Sure there is the perve factor but let’s be honest, there are as many of us regular Joe’s at the gym as there are muscle gods.

Cultures all around the world have used bathing time to bond with friends, talk about problems and all sorts of things. It’s a time when your guard is down and people are more honest. Back in my surf boat rowing days, there was so much fun banter going on when we were showering after training. Of course, the prospect of seeing hot young tourists all showering together isn’t exactly unappealing.

So bloody close!

In four days time I will be on a plane winging my way to Europe. Sure there will be 36 hours and 40 minutes spent in an airplane seat trying to sleep and sitting around in airports to get there but that’s all part of the adventure.

It feels like this holiday is getting very real all of a sudden. When I booked it back in September (who does that??) it was more of a concept rather than a reality. Now that’s changed. The friend that I’m going to be with in Iceland flew out of Australia yesterday and will arrive in Iceland after a few days seeing friends elsewhere in the world. On the weekend I bought some long johns to wear under jeans to keep warm. I’ve washed all my clothes and this week will be spent wearing all old underwear and clothing I don’t want to take. I’m feeling very glamorous as a result.

Now the nerves are setting in. There are the nerves that come with travelling to the other side of the world and not being sure of what to expect. Thankfully most of the time I’m quite a chilled out traveller. I go with the flow fairly easily and don’t actually make too many set-in-stone plans other than accommodation and flights.

Part of me is wishing I had a drone to get some aerial footage on this trip. Sadly I don’t. There will be much footage taken regardless and it will be glorious. That’s the plan anyway!

Life is an adventure after all. Go and enjoy it!

Iceland By Drone from DAVID on Vimeo.

Three dancers

I finally got around to editing the footage from the Three Dancers shoot. It was a daunting prospect due to the amount of footage we captured on the day. As a results I’ve actually opted for a fairly short video. One of the models also didn’t want too much footage out there of him looking essentially nude which I respect. The video actually feels more cohesive because of the short nature of it.

It was funny going through the footage. Slow motion is not always flattering to moving human bodies but with these guys and their great bodies it was fantastic to highlight the movement. Boy did they jump a lot. Sorry boys. Don’t forget to hit like on the video and subscribe to my youtube channel. I’ve got some interesting projects coming up.

Not guilty

After sharing the video last night that I created to go along with my photo shoot for QAMA, the guy organising the magazine messaged me. “I have SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) messaging me that your series is Black Face”. I have used different coloured body paint in various shoots for my tribe series, and for the Shrouded exhibition I painted Jason from the shoulders up in black body paint. It’s always been a very carefully considered approach to make sure that I wasn’t being guilty of cultural appropriation.

In the case of the QAMA series the black paint represents sexuality and fetishes in general taking over the model. If I had indeed been trying to parody black people or demean the very real oppression they have faced then I would expect a backlash but I genuinely can’t see anything of “black face” in this series at all.

Indeed one of the comments on the post of the video was from a reader in the U.S. who said “As an African-American guy I was a little worried about the appropriation of blackface, but I was happy to see that this made no reference at all to the minstrel tropes that might have made this offensive to some. Gorgeous work. Beautifully done.”
I admire people who are ready to fight injustice when they see it. Most of us are a bit shy of wading into such delicate waters. What I don’t like is people looking for injustice, racism or other forms of discrimination when there is clearly no intent at all.

Above is one of the images that will be included in the QAMA magazine.

(Don’t) Look

A while ago I told you all about the erotic shoot I did with the Escort, Chris. The publication that it was for, QAMA, isn’t out as yet but it’s not long now. QAMA is a double edged short sort originating in Persia. qama seeks to disseminate the duality of human constructs and paradigms.” The theme for the first issue of QAMA is Blaq and the definition given was “Black is a void. It is utilitarianism and elegance. Blaq symbolizes both luxury and power. Blaq is everything, yet nothing. Blaq is ancient.”

Since there were no limits placed on the nature of the content and explicit or erotic material was allowed, I decided to interpret the black as exhibitionism and sexual desire. The series is titled “(Don’t) Look” and like Qama explores the double edged sword of exhibitionism and hiding at the same time, through the use of body paint gradually encompassing the model. Blaq, and the black body paint in this instance represents sex and sexuality. Sex and fetishes often start as something you try or dabble in from time to time but they can quite easily become quite all consuming. The struggle is between being proud of your sexuality and your desires or hiding them.

Having a model like Chris who was willing to pose like this was both intimidating and liberating. Intimidating because I wanted the images to still be beautiful and creative as well as sexual and liberating because there was no need for modesty. I actually found myself conflicted while I was shooting wondering whether it was allowed to find it a turn on to have a model walking around masturbating and being so open about his erection. Chris had no qualms about it and actually enjoys being watched but years of conditioning tells me as a photographer that I need to be professional. I’m human though and it was a really erotic shoot.

Below is the video I have put together with footage from the day. I’ve had to host it on pornhub as Vimeo wouldn’t allow it.

Flashman Wade nude…

Flashman Wade isn’t a name that I had come across before but when a link pops up on your feed that a former America’s Next Top Model contestant is getting his naked on all over the internet, you click on that damn link.

Now I can’t condone him filming people without their permission on a nude beach but I can condone him putting his own wares out there for the world to see. Especially when he’s such a sexy guy. That is the sort of thing that needs to be shared, far and wide. A quick google search for Flashman Wade nude suggests that he has indeed been sharing it far and wide with the first few links appearing to be him getting naked for a shower and having a wank on cam, plus a bunch of other links. We here at Aussielicious endorse this behaviour.