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We all know how easy it is to click around on the internet and waste HOURS essentially seeing nothing important. A week or two had passed since Kylie had announced the Australian leg of her Golden tour and there were posts about it floating around. I clicked on one that mentioned pre-sale tickets because I hadn’t actually seen when tickets went on sale. Lo and behold the pre-sale was happening.. Read More

So chilled

If you are a photographer working in the realm of nudes, either male or female, I highly recommend photographing sex workers. I’ve worked with a few now and I have to say the majority of them are so chilled out. I’ve just walked in the door from shooting a Brisbane-based male escort who specialises in BDSM. He also does straight up fucking sex work and even though he identifies as.. Read More

Get yourself Golden

Coming up with a name for each of these downloads each week is getting more difficult. This week’s is called Golden because I painted gold on him. Yeah it’s pretty literal. I nearly didn’t call it that because Kylie’s latest album is called Golden and everyone knows I’m a Kylie tragic. It wasn’t named after her I swear. Kevin turned up on the day of this shoot, the last of.. Read More

Mostly good

Through this blog and in life in general I am a pretty open book. I’ve put a lot of stuff here on the pages of Aussielicious in the 13 years I’ve been blogging that a lot of people might not have. The world is a fascinating place and everyone approaches things in different ways. As a result, there are a lot of photos of my naked arse on my Instagram.. Read More

The fandom

I’m not sure if it is tied to social media and the ability to hide behind a keyboard but have we all noticed how ferocious fans of pop stars etc are these days? Once upon a time I was silly enough to criticise Justin Bieber on twitter and while by and large my tweet went unnoticed by his fans, I certainly got a few manic tweets from some of them… Read More

Get Up Early!

There are many many kinds of people in the world but they can be broken into two groups when it comes to sleep patterns. There are morning people and there are night owls. My last boyfriend was a night owl and that just didn’t work out with the two of us having very different sleeping patterns. I’m a morning person for sure. Sometimes I have to get up way too.. Read More

Too much?

Now that I’ve booked a big European adventure for next year, the exciting part kicks in with the planning of finer details. As a tourist I know that I’m not great at walking endlessly through historical sites. Make me read more than a few plaques with information about events hundreds or thousands of years ago and I find myself looking for something to drink and eat pretty fast. Apart from.. Read More

It’s not you, it’s not me.

We’ve all had to do it and we’ve all had it done to us. It’s unlikely that there are many people in the world that haven’t had to tell someone that they just aren’t interested. If there are people out there who found Mr/Ms Right on the first try, then they are lucky people.  To be honest I never thought I still wouldn’t have found someone by 45. If you’d.. Read More

Congratulations Taron?

Growing up with desires I didn’t acknowledge or understand, there were times that in hindsight I had crushes on celebrities but I thought I just wanted to be like them. That’s probably not unusual for young boys, or men who aren’t entirely sure of who or what they want. Celebrity crushes are not rare either even after you come out but at least I recognise them for what they are… Read More

And I’m booked

A few months ago I posted about my, at that stage vague plans for a trip to Europe next year. I originally wanted to go sailing with Saltyboys but they aren’t doing the Sardinia trip that I wanted to do next year. Today my travel agent came back with a great deal on flights to Europe so I very quickly got leave approved and booked the flights. So in August.. Read More

Black and Gold

Performers are a relatively new photographic subject for me but definitely one I’ve enjoyed. Unfortunately with the space limitations in the studio I’ve been hiring, I couldn’t make the most of Ryan’s acrobatic talents. Ryan is a former Cirque Du Soleil acrobat who has also worked with the amazing P!NK and performed in a show that is on my wish list to see, Broadway Bares. When we were trying to.. Read More

It happens in waves

Have you ever felt like some kinds of life events are contagious? You’ll look around at some point and all your friends are having babies or getting married. At the moment it feels like there are lots of breakups going on. When I was out in the country last weekend my mate was telling me about a few different couples that he knows that have broken up. I also know.. Read More

Fingers crossed, pants off!

As usual, I’ve got a lot of plans for this weekend. All too regularly I’ve had to postpone or cancel photo shoots because of weather and we are looking at the possibility of that happening again on Sunday. Saturday morning’s shoot should be going ahead relatively to plan. The weather is predicted to be good. Sadly the coloured smoke bombs that we had wanted to use haven’t arrived and aren’t.. Read More

Never happen here!

SBS is a television channel here in Australia that has always been a bit more daring and adventurous than the commercial stations. It has a long history of showing a very diverse cultural range of shows, foreign news, foreign language movies and as a teenager it was the source of movies with a bit of nudity. That was very hit and miss at times but always fun when you saw.. Read More


If you found yourself on an empty beach, not too long after sunrise on a moody morning, you’d go exploring wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what we captured in this series. Matt had the beach to himself and had no reason to be self conscious so explore the rocks and the waterline he did. Matt had only done one other photo shoot before and was a little nervous but I think he.. Read More