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A little scary

It was an unusual night for me last night but on a Thursday night I went out to see some live music and had a ball. It was great fun. At first I was thinking I was going to be one of the older people in the crowd and yes, I would definitely have been in the top 20% but was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in the crowd. One.. Read More

Slow Week

After nearly 13 years of writing this blog, there are times when I struggle to keep up with blogging 5 times per week. This week is one of those weeks. It doesn’t help that I’m in a bit of an emotional slump at the moment, feeling old and out of shape, unsettled still staying at my sister’s house and still nursing this stupid shoulder injury. On Saturday I was supposed.. Read More

New habits

Chatting to a friend today we both have a lot of change going on. He’s trying to find some balance in his life after essentially being buried in work all year so far. Apart from seeing him briefly at Mardi Gras time, I haven’t caught up with him all year and that’s been hard. Over the course of the conversation I realised that I need to use the fresh start.. Read More

Gone Bush!

Overcoming body image issues is one of the first hurdles to enjoying being nude for a lot of people. Azza is an Australian guy who has been living in New Zealand for several years and only discovered the joys of getting nude in nature 12-18 months ago. He tells me that he used to be really heavy and overweight but I have to say I’m sceptical. Maybe he was but.. Read More

New opportunities!

The new opportunity to ask questions in Instagram Stories has given me some suggestions on where to go in Europe next year. Now that sailing is off the table it has forced me to keep myself open t new opportunities. Part of the appeal of sailing was covering a bunch of different places without having travel days lugging my luggage around. So what is a good alternative? A camper van!.. Read More

Change of plans?

So, it would appear that my vague plans to sail nude around Sardinia and/or Corsica have been dashed. Saltyboys have released their 2019 calendar and they aren’t doing that trip next year and the Sicily trip which sounds good isn’t until September. I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get a holiday before that. The plan was to go around July next year. A quick search through the other.. Read More

Some people…

One of the models I’ve released a download of threw a huge tantrum at me yesterday. He’s claiming I haven’t done the retouching he requested. I was aware that he wanted more retouching and for nearly two months have been trying to organise a time to catch up and discuss the situation because even though he has his “brand” to think of, so do I. We did photos for him.. Read More

I didn’t plan ahead

Putting most of my belongings into storage while I’m between living spaces has proven to be a little challenging at times. It’s all the little things you don’t think about much that prove to be more important than anticipated. I decided not to pack my clippers that I use for my beard and other grooming, thinking I’ll just shave my face with a wet razor for a change. That hasn’t.. Read More

It’s CAMP!

It had been a few years since I last worked with Tate Ryder and several since I first worked with him. Way back when we did the first shoot he hadn’t discovered his porn alter ego nor the muscles ready to burst out but both were on the not too distant horizon for him. It was great to get in the studio with Tate again as he is comfortable in.. Read More

So this happened!

A while back I wrote that I was going to be performing at the circus school’s first “Adult” show. Sadly I had to pull out of performing due to a shoulder injury but I was still MC of the show. Apparently I have no shame. Getting up in front of an audience in sky high sparkly stilettos, a g-string and a pvc corset was a whole heap of fun. In.. Read More


Doing aerial circus classes for 11 years now is something I love but performing is not something that comes naturally to me. This weekend my circus school is having their first adult performance night. It’s always adults performing but the shows are usually very family friendly. We are getting a bit sexier this time. Unfortunately I’ve had to pull out of actually performing because my shoulder is injured. It was.. Read More

Going fast

I’d been dreading coming to live at my sister’s to some extent. As much as I love my sister, her husband and the kids, living in someone else’s house for 5 weeks is not the ideal situation. Thankfully it’s going nice and smoothly and quickly. It’s already been a week and a half and in 24 days I’ll be moving into the new place around the corner from where I.. Read More

It’s no surprise

It isn’t something I keep track of so I’m always caught by surprise when I see images from the ESPN Body issue hit the internet. It usually inspires me to go to the site and have a look at the behind the scenes videos and listen to the comments made by the athletes. This year is no different. One thing that always impresses me is the diversity of the athletes… Read More

The Lost Boy

Just over a month ago I did my last couple of photo shoots outdoors until the weather starts to warm up again and one of those shoots was with Billy. We’d talked about doing a shoot 2.5 years before but the timing was bad as he was literally a week or so away from jetting off to Japan for work. Thankfully when he was planning a brief stint in Sydney.. Read More

Do you have the energy?

There is a philosophy that I believe is true but until this week hadn’t heard a name for it. it’s all come about because of Ariana Grande the tiny little singer who is engaged to some comedian she’s been dating for about 30 minutes. She made a not-so-subtle reference to the size of his dick and now we have the term BDE, or Big Dick Energy. No, I’m not trying.. Read More