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What a day!

I have to admit that I’m a creature of habit and sometimes take some pushing to get myself out of my comfort zone. It’s a talent of mine to say no to invitations to parties where I won’t know anyone. Going on the hike a few weeks ago with the Get Naked Australia group was pushing myself but I do love meeting new nudie mates so it was an easy.. Read More

Riding a Wild Pony

Photographing someone like Maxx is always fun. You know there are basically no limits. It’s almost more challenging in to rein him in to stay still for a shot. But then Maxx is also not concerned with being butch or putting on a persona. He is a big personality that is also not afraid to be vulnerable. Now it’s time to let you all appreciate the many different angles of.. Read More

Something has changed

For a long time after taking up male nude photography, it was very rare for me to be able to find models willing to pose full frontal. Largely that was fine by me as I hadn’t got my head around shooting full frontal in a way that people wouldn’t be distracted and focused on the cock. Then as I got more confident with my photography and the ideas I wanted.. Read More

Stop me from falling!

Kylie Minogue is the artist that I have credited with providing the soundtrack to my life. Everyone has that one artist that they love. Do I believe everything she does is amazing? No. Is her new album “Golden” her best? No. It has gone to number one on the UK charts and the Australian charts. I think with radio stations not really playing many women over 40 these days, including.. Read More

Food Peen!

As photographers, putting work out into the world is a touchy thing to do. Especially with projects that we feel strongly about it can be very daunting to open yourself up to criticism. A while back, my mate Joel Devereux released a hardback book called Food Porn which was a beautiful, camp, fun ode to hot men and food. Apparently not everyone was impressed. Joel received a few complaints but.. Read More

Get Naked Australia!!

A couple of weeks ago I went on a naked adventure with the group Get Naked Australia. In the year that they have been running the Instagram account they have very quickly grown their following to over 220,000 but it seems that Instagram has gotten it’s prudish pants on and the hashtag #getnakedaustralia has been shadow banned which means a lot of the images using that tag don’t show up.. Read More

Busy busy busy

As we all know, I have been doing a lot of photo shoots of late. It’s easily the highest output that I’ve ever created since I’ve been doing photography and it’s not really looking like it’s slowing down any time soon. At least the next month is pretty busy. Yesterday I did two photo shoots, both with very sexy men in them and I’m pretty confident those downloads will be.. Read More

That was sexy

Yesterday I posted as I headed out the door to photograph a real life couple. It was one of the sexiest shoots I have ever done. The two men did everything but fuck each other in the shoot and there are some shots that will definitely be for their use only. It was the unscripted, unposed shots that were the sexiest. Photographing a real couple means there is genuine emotions,.. Read More

Poolside – out now!

Some guys are just beautiful. Phoenix is one of those guys. He came to my attention on the Instagram of another Sydney based photographer. It was a bit of a lucky find to be honest as the shoot I saw was the only shoot he’d done with a professional photographer. Phoenix and I caught up for a coffee to chat about doing a shoot and he was keen. His one.. Read More

This will be interesting

For my second photo shoot of the day I’m about to take on a challenge that I haven’t really experienced before. Instagram is the place that I am finding most of my models and this afternoon’s shoot is no different. The new challenge for me is the fact that we are doing a shoot with a real life couple. Unlike my RED shoot, this isn’t as stylised and these two.. Read More

This is crazy

It’s pretty safe to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist in the slightest. Flat Earthers and climate change deniers do nothing more than piss me off. If anyone is claiming that the earth isn’t getting warmer then they just need to pop down here to Australia for a visit. We are half way into Autumn here and tomorrow is going to be 35 degrees celsius (95F), We are.. Read More

Walk the walk

We photographers always have to deal with flakes. Thankfully I’ve been lucky not to have too many in the 14 years that I’ve been shooting. When it’s a complete amateur they may have just lost their nerve. If not and it’s a pattern of behaviour, they will soon burn their bridges with all the photographers in town. When it is a “well known” person, that isn’t necessarily the case. I.. Read More

Night swim

Swimming naked at night is one of those things that on paper doesn’t sound that special but it can be absolutely beautiful. A warm night, a quiet spot with just enough light, preferably with a friend or two or even better, someone special and it can feel magical. Nine years ago I photographed a much younger Kieran than the man that appeared in my Red series just last week. He.. Read More

Wild Pony!

Many times over the years have I whined about not being able to find models willing to get their junk out on camera. Of late that hasn’t been a concern. I’ve found several guys willing to pose frontal and a handful (pun not intended) willing to go erect. I first met Maxx Pony a couple of years ago and then I got to photograph him for the My People My.. Read More

Get Naked!

Getting out of the city and having little adventures is always a good thing. Something I don’t make enough time, nor effort to do anywhere near enough. Today was our naked adventure about 1 hour west of central Sydney with the group from Get Naked Australia. There were about 20 of us pretty evenly split between men and women and everyone was fantastic and welcoming. My mate and I commented.. Read More