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How far do you go?

Today I had a discussion with a guy that I know through a nudist group. It was a very wide ranging conversation that covered a lot of bases. At one point we were talking about a guy that was at one of the group events. I follow this guy on Instagram and have only met him once so I genuinely cannot say that I know him but his Instagram has.. Read More

That’s a bit dangerous

It seems that today was the day for very sexual conversations over social media. I’ve had conversations with at least three people that were very sexual in nature today with some images being swapped and lots of chats about shenanigans both real and fantasy. Yes I was at work which is what made it dangerous. There have been other days in the past with a similar tone and on those.. Read More

Are you a PERVERT?

Have you ever noticed that anyone who isn’t as adventurous as you is labelled uptight but anyone into more than you are gets labelled a “pervert”? The internet has made it increasingly easy for people to find like-minded people into the same kink as them, no matter how benign or wild. A greater capacity for consenting adults to explore their fetishes is a great thing, no matter how weird it.. Read More

A bit conflicted

According to all the weather reports here in Sydney for the last week, we are pretty much officially done with cold weather. The forecast says we are going to have record temperatures until the end of the year and through Summer. This is a challenging thing for me. On a global scale it terrifies me that we are constantly breaking weather records. Right now in Asia and the U.S. there.. Read More


The orgy (5 guys) I went to last night was everything I needed it to be and nothing I was afraid of so it worked out just great. There will be no specifics given of who did what to whom etc but you can guarantee there were 5 contented guys at the end of it. A few months ago I wrote about Big Dick Energy. You can read that post.. Read More

Back in the saddle…

Tonight I’m pushing myself out of my current comfort zone and trying to get back to finding another zone comfortable again. I’m off to a guy’s house that I’ve fooled around with a couple of months ago for some group sex. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt sexy but I broke my drought over the weekend, even after the disastrous attempts on Saturday. There are definitely five of.. Read More

Feeling Blue

The colour blue. It’s said to be calming but when we are feeling blue, we aren’t calm at all. We are sad. We are melancholy. Sometimes the fight leaves it’s marks. It can stain you and be there as a permanent reminder. That’s what I am trying to embody in this series.  I had a model pull out for quite a different shoot so I had time booked in a studio that.. Read More

So frustrating.

Every article you read online about Instagram and building a following, using it for marketing and just maintaining your “brand” tells you to be consistent with your feed. For some time I’ve been trying to post a few times a week at the same time of the day and I try and keep my feed clean by posting three images from the same series or shoot during a particular week.. Read More


Righto, so this blog has been without comments for a long time now. Randomly yesterday I thought I’d try and see if they were working because there have been some updates to WordPress. The comments are working, sort of. You have to put in a captcha security code but you do not have to put in a website. Now a couple of you have said it’s not working because it.. Read More

You’ve got to be kidding

There are times when I just don’t understand where I fit within the gay world. As someone who struggles with confidence at times in the sexual realm it does feel that the gay world is very focused on hooking up and rampant sex. Then I have people asking why I’m single and I have no idea how to answer that. The mystical alignment of being attracted to the same person.. Read More

Just because you can

The phrase “just because you can” works in two ways in my opinion. It can be an answer to the question to “why would I do that?” For instance I’m assuming most men masturbate just because they can and it feels good. It also works at the start of a sentence. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” This one is a very common thought of mine when it.. Read More

Call it out

It’s always good to hear people taking a stand for the underdog. Support from unexpected quarters is always surprising and helpful. In the creative world I think there is a responsibility to be very aware of the impact that your words can have. Eminem has been criticised in the past for his use of homophobic language and he tried to remedy that reputation when he performed with Elton John several.. Read More

Take it off and get checked

Aussie stripper Aaron, who I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of months ago, is embarking on an adventure with a message. After nearly losing a friend to skin cancer, Aaron has become a fierce campaigner for skin checks and fighting skin cancer, which more than 14,000 Australians will be diagnosed with this year. How is he spreading this message? He’s getting his clothes off. For the next few.. Read More

Ricardo is out now!

This week’s download release features the sexy Mexican, Ricardo. He’s living in Sydney for a while and enjoying all the sites and experiences that it has to offer. This shoot was done back in February on a slightly overcast morning down at the nude beach. Ricardo loved the freedom of being nude on a deserted beach at that hour of the morning, a cheeky grin ready to burst forth onto.. Read More

In need of practice!

This afternoon I’ve just done two photo shoots in a studio. Firstly let me say I really miss the studio at my old job with it’s enormous space and great equipment. Nowadays I’m hiring a small studio with old equipment but at least it’s at a reasonable price and I’m getting some results from it. Today I really wanted to do a behind the scenes video for the day and.. Read More