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What’s in a name?

As of two days ago I am now officially a qualified and registered Marriage Celebrant, licensed to perform civil ceremonies here in Australia. I’m so relieved that the accreditation and registration has all come through in time for me to fill out paperwork for my friend’s ceremony before I go on my holiday. There aren’t many people I’d be willing to do all the study the course required for but.. Read More

Something new

This Sunday, weather dependent, two friends and I are off for a naked adventure. Another friend has given us directions to find a beautiful but very secluded trail in the National Park not far out of Sydney where we plan on doing a bit of nude hiking. I’ve never really been brave enough to hike anywhere nude before apart from the signposted trail to a nude beach where nudity is.. Read More

Any tips for me?

In exactly one calendar month, I board a plane bound for the other side of the world and a big adventure. In the planning stages, Greece took a lot more of the energy than other parts of the trip with a fair share of hassles getting accommodation sorted. Iceland was the initial priority and source of excitement given that it was the bucket list destination that I’d been thinking of.. Read More

Just don’t bullshit me

Over the years my photography portfolio has increased and in recent years that has happened at a faster rate than ever. As a result I’m constantly approaching guys to model for me. Some guys get nervous about the nudity of my work and others don’t. There are guys that turn me down for that reason and others who don’t  want to just give me weird excuses. I have no problem.. Read More

Whoa Mr Kelley

Some time ago I found the middle image above on Tumblr. It turns out, unlike a lot of Tumblr that the model posted the image himself. Greg Kelley is that model and judging by the image of him naked in a bathroom with another very hot man and the content of his own Tumblr, that he is indeed on our side of the fence. Mr Kelley’s instagram isn’t a very.. Read More

Should I give it a try?

With only five weeks today until I land in Iceland, the excitement is really starting to build. While we don’t have a long list of musts to do while we are there, apart from the penis museum in Reykjavik (yes, there is one), I am starting to think of things I’d like to do. Yes it goes without saying that there will be nude selfies on the black sand beach.. Read More

My first response

Yesterday after my morning gym session, I was waiting to cross at a set of traffic lights on the way to my car when a guy approached me. He was young, I’m guessing his early 20’s and was smoking, looked like he’d rolled out of bed, thrown on some old track pants and a t-shirt and gone outside. He asked me if I would buy him a coffee. Why did.. Read More

I can only hope

My housemate owns the house we live in and he’s decided to do some renovations. Now I have no real desire to live through renovations but he is actually trying to time it to happen while I’m away on holidays. It seems unlikely that the whole thing will be done in the month that I’m away but I can hope. In the event that I’m here for at least part.. Read More

Dodged a bullet

Yesterday I was perusing Scruff looking for a little bit of fun, as you do. I started chatting to a guy and he seemed keen so I asked where he was. He just kept coming back with more dirty talk, never giving an address. This went on for too long and I just ended up saying “Sorry, but if you were really keen you’d have given me an address.” Then.. Read More


These photos have been around for a while. I have a feeling I’ve seen them a few years ago but I couldn’t go past sharing them here this time. With all the bodypainted nudes I’ve done in the past and have been doing recently it obviously holds an appeal to have a stunning model bodypainted so beautifully. The model in this series is Oliver Lewis and it was a shoot.. Read More

Only to be polite

Two years ago on my last European adventure I reacquainted myself with the glory that is the Scandinavian man. The last time I’d been to Sweden and Denmark before that had been in 2002 and in Winter so although I witnessed the glory that is their cheekbones, that was about it. It’s too cold in those parts of the world to be lying naked in parks or going outside in.. Read More

Great inspiration

Behind the scenes with Venfield 8 and Bruin Collinsworth from Olivier Lebourg on Vimeo. After working with Chris on the erotic shoot on the weekend part of me is very keen to explore the realm of erotic art more. Someone that does erotic imagery in a really clever and beautiful way is Venfield8. I have no idea of the real name of Venfield8 but that isn’t imprtant. A lot of.. Read More

An interesting position

Over the 15 years or so that I’ve been shooting photos of beautiful nude men I’ve only photographed a handful, so to speak, of them in an erotic way. I’ve photographed a few guys for Themaleform with hardons, and I’ve photographed a few escorts for their work promo photos. Sunday’s photo shoot which is for submission to a magazine is really the first time it’s been creatively for myself. The.. Read More

Like a fine wine

Way back in the 80’s we could all be excused for making some errors in taste, especially when it comes to fashion. Back in my closeted youth, or more accurately in denial, I would have crushes on male celebrities but somehow rationalise them somehow as if it was just that I thought they were cool or something. My tastes in men have always skewed towards the clean cut boy next.. Read More

Dancers in Clay

Today was a big photo shoot that I’ve been coordinating for a several weeks now. Lucas a dancer I worked with a couple of months ago and I were trying to find a couple more dancers to work with on this shoot which proved to be really difficult. A couple of guys had had bad experiences with photographers or someone trying to use their nude modelling work against them so.. Read More