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The Sydney Gays…

Today has been a bit of a ride if you were here in Sydney and following a bit of localised drama going on. A new Sydney based podcast popped up in the last day or two called The Sydney Gays and it’s first episode has people cringing hard. The two guys that run it are known around Sydney and they are polarising figures. One has a lot of followers on.. Read More

Scary or brave?

In my spare time I seem to have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and yesterday I found a new channel. It’s run by a woman who goes out and asks people to share their darkest secret or to share the most painful thing someone has ever said to them. It’s fascinating stuff. The series of videos she’s posted that I have watched the most are videos of.. Read More


When a man has a bit of time on his hands, alone in a hotel room he is going to use those hands. When Alex contacted me saying he wanted to work together and was happy to come to town from interstate to do it we thought we’d make the most of the accommodation he booked by doing a sexy voyeuristic photo shoot. As you can see Alex isn’t shy.. Read More

Work it out

Over the weekend I headed south to our Nation’s capital city to visit a friend and fellow nudie. As well as a photo shoot for him that we will both be releasing to raise money for charity, we did a very quick shoot of Tom doing a workout in his home gym. He was, of course dressed in his favourite way, completely naked. As you all know I would love.. Read More


Living in an apartment building, there are always new people to see in the lift and coming and going from the building. We have all sorts of people in the complex. Of late I have seen a several hot men with their young children in strollers etc. One in particular in my building is very, very attractive. The first time I saw him as I was busy trying not to.. Read More

Two more days…

In two more days, Australia will go to the polls in the Federal Election. Since the start of 2010, Australia has had six Prime Ministers and the last three in particular have been pathetic. Both sides of politics here in Australia have been prone to firing their leader mid term so out of those 6 leaders, the Australian public have only voted for about half of them. I’ve never been.. Read More

Slightly crushed

Not so long ago I got to spend a few hours in the company of someone I’ve had a gentle crush on for several years. Nothing has, or ever will happen between us for a number of reasons and that is perfectly ok. I’m not going to list the reasons but they are valid and I won’t enter discussions about “just try, you never know.” I know. I was talking.. Read More

I don’t think so.

After a photo shoot yesterday morning I shared a photo in my instagram stories on my photography page of the model that I’d just worked with. A little while later the model messages me asking if I knew who a guy was who had messaged saying they were a photographer and asking my model if he did nudes. So far ok, right? This “photographer” is someone that leaves one word.. Read More

90 days

According to my countdown, I am leaving for Europe in 90 days. To say I’m looking forward to it is a huge understatement. One thing I really want to get done by the time I go is to get my body back into some semblance of the shape that I want it to be in. My gym motivation is slowly creeping back but I really need to get my food.. Read More

Inspiration day

My boss is good at getting us out of the office for the occasional lunch or like today, a team building day. Today’s event was working as a team with horses as the extra member of our team and learning through them, better ways to work as a team. Another thing that came from the day on a personal level was the reminder that I have wanted to do a.. Read More

Giving homework!

There are moments when I realise that I’m lucky to have some fantastic friends around me. Whether I see them regularly or occasionally, they all bring a lot of positives to my life. Tonight I’ve caught up with a friend that I’ve known for 20 years or so and this guy has always worked high pressure jobs and as a consultant for big corporates. For the last 8 years he’s.. Read More

Are you LOST?

I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with photography at the moment. I still enjoy it but I don’t know if I’m getting the joy from it that I should. There may be a bit of a break from releasing downloads in my near future. Who knows? This week’s download is the delightful Bevan walking around LOST in the wilderness near his home. The trees were all.. Read More

Little wins

Last week’s dark mood and the sluggishness of the last couple of months seems to be lifting a bit. Thank goodness for that. This week at work has been stressful but also providing some wins. Since the digital designer was made redundant a bit over a month ago, my work is giving me opportunities to learn some digital work that I’ve never had the time/opportunity to learn before and today.. Read More

Such a shame

Last week I had to turn down a free holiday in Indonesia, dammit. A reader of this blog sent me a link to the website of a company who are about to start men-only, clothing optional sailing trips through Indonesia because he thought it might interest me. Of course it would! When I went to the website and watched their introductory video, I noticed that all the footage was from.. Read More


It’s time for this week’s download and it’s time to Shine. This shoot was done about a month ago and the model, Fagner was such a sweet guy. He’s transplanted himself here to Sydney from Brazil and now calls it home. This was a bit of a jerry-ridged setup in my apartment and you can tell by the reflections in the metallic surface but I still really like it. To.. Read More