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The thirst is real

I’m a little behind on my superhero movies. So far Wonder Woman, Thor Ragnarok and even Batman v Superman are all still on my list to see. I’ve started BvS but it feels like a stinking pile of crap so I haven’t made much effort. Last night some friends and I went to see the new Justice League film and after reading some pretty rubbish reviews of it earlier in.. Read More

(DON’T) LOOK available now!

I asked if you’d buy it and I’m kind of assuming the answer was yes. Since comments still aren’t working I have to make these assumptions. So… if you click here and head to my online store you can buy a 28 page digital download of (DON’T) LOOK featuring the gorgeous Chris Strafford. There are a whole heap of new images that you’ve never seen before. Hopefully enough to satisfy.. Read More

Australia has voted

Warning: I’m drunk blogging. This morning was the announcement of the Marriage Equality Postal Survey results and Australia has voted. 61.6% of Australia has voted in support of making marriage equality legal. I have to say it’s been a way more emotional morning than I anticipated. I spent the morning and heard the results along with a few thousand LGBT people and supporters in a park in Sydney and when.. Read More

That was fun

A couple of days ago I posted that I was about to be tied up in elaborate Shibari knots by Kinbaku by Gatsby. Well on the way to the shoot I started to second guess myself thinking I wasn’t in the right shape etc but Sam has a fantastic easy nature and is very good at what he does. When I first walked in he had just finished up a.. Read More

Trying something new

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in front of the camera of another photographer. In my younger and fitter days I did several shoots with other photographers and I really enjoy being a part of the creative process. Today I’m doing it again. I don’t think I’m in the right shape for it, nor do I feel confident about it but I still enjoy the process and seeing.. Read More

Would you buy it?

Looking at the success that Joel Devereux has had with his DVRX sales I’m toying with doing something similar. Selling a pdf download of a series of images from a shoot is a fairly simple proposition. Joel has released many issues now of DVRX and I believe he is doing well with it. I would be aiming for a lower price point if I go ahead with it but I’m.. Read More

Not what I needed

  I posted recently about how uncertain life is feeling at the moment, given my work situation. This morning I managed to drag myself to the gym and was planning a good circuit style of workout to try and burn some fat and get my blood pumping for the day. That didn’t happen. On the way from my car to the gym I ran into a guy that I went.. Read More

Buns out in Greece

It seems I’m on a roll with editing my European footage. There are perks to not working full time. This time I’ve put together another short 5 minute video of my time in Greece and this one features glimpses of my booty. That is to be expected when a guy like me who likes being nude is in a place like Greece with beautiful beaches and places to get naked.. Read More


Now that I don’t have free access to the studio at my old work anymore, I’m turning my camera to the outdoors once again. I have a few models lined up to photograph and I’ve been trying to find inspiration for how to shoot them. One of them we have an idea but the weather was against us on Saturday so that shoot was postponed. One of the other guys.. Read More


I looked at my YouTube account this morning and in three days my Germany vlog has had very close to as many views as my Iceland vlog which has been up for about ten days. That was unexpected. Iceland is so popular now as a destination that I thought it would have had more views but clearly not. I’m putting this down to a couple of things and I’m asking.. Read More

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #38

In times of ever growing acceptance of LGBT people in society, especially amongst younger people, the distinction between gay and straight is getting harder to see. Recently a video of a beautiful male model doing a Q&A vlog came to my attention. He was answering all the usual mundane questions that models get asked. What grooming does he do etc etc. One of the questions was however “Are you gay.. Read More

The Germany vlog!

After finally getting the Iceland vlog done last week, this week I’m keeping the momentum going and I’ve just uploaded the German vlog! This one is a shorter video at just over 5 minutes. I genuinely believe I could live in Germany. At least for the warmer half of the year perhaps. They do have those beautiful saunas where everyone is just relaxing and cooking themselves nude without a care.. Read More


Watching a beautiful romantic but ultimately sad movie the other night, had me in tears. Not just watery eyes but tears running down my face. Now, anyone that knows me will tell you that I cry at the dumbest things like Qantas commercials, wedding proposals and all sorts of things so a really romantic tale was always going to have me crying. What I have realised in the past few.. Read More

Any luck?

I’ve managed to get in touch with my blog host and update a few things on the site. Can you guys try and comment and see if it works? I’ve tried and I’m not sure it’s worked. Update: I’m very confused. Some of you have managed to comment, some haven’t. I haven’t had any notifications that anyone has commented through email and I can’t leave a comment on my own.. Read More

Not an average day…

Today has not been an average day. Part of the appeal of this freelancing work is that I never quite know what is going to happen. This morning started with a massage that was sorely needed and necessarily sore. Yesterday I pulled something in my back and my lower back and gluten went into spasm. So while the massage wasn’t pleasant because it was painfully firm. Having said that, a.. Read More