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Exciting opportunity

As with all things in a typical Libran person, my excitement over celebrities is balanced out by my cynical view that they are just regular people doing an unusual job. I’ve posted a few times here on the blog about my wish list of celebrities to photograph and while it is unlikely, I may be about to take my first steps on the road to photographing celebrities A couple of.. Read More

Maybe it’s you?

Advertising has a lot that can be criticised. For a long time it’s played to obvious stereotypes and often been guilty of misogyny, homophobia and racism. I think companies that try to redress that should be applauded. This week one of the companies most guilty of misogynistic advertising for decades, Gillette has done their part to shift their approach. Their ad talks about the culture of toxic masculinity and how.. Read More


Today I watched the video below about dating. This woman made some very valid points. Rather than going in to a date asking if the person is “the one”, ask if you actually even want to spend a few hours having dinner with them. It seems like common sense but it doesn’t feel like it’s that common. What I want to know is how are people finding dates? I haven’t.. Read More


Sometimes it just takes a while for things to fall into place. Steven is a young guy I chatted to on Grindr probably 18 months ago. He’s a bit of a nudie and at one point was going to come to one of our nude drinks nights but that never happened. We’d also talked about doing a photo shoot and like the drinks, that didn’t seem like it was going.. Read More

Slow start

My body image issues have been a recurring theme on this blog over the years and right now is no different. I have no problem being nude with my mates or nude on beaches and in the locker room in general but I see photos of myself and really don’t like what I see sometimes. I remember years ago a guy I was rowing surf boats with complaining that as.. Read More

One x Two

This week’s download is “one x two”. One man, photographed two ways. Chris is one of the most classically handsome people I’ve ever met. 1950’s Hollywood would have cast him as the leading man in every big movie. The shoot was broken up into three parts, but for the purposes of this download I’ve used two of them. One of them has been thoroughly re-worked with colour overlays and “glitches”… Read More

A great finish

While the first week of my break went really slowly and deliciously, the second week has FLOWN by. While I’m not entirely convinced I want to go back to work tomorrow I have had a great finish to my break. On Friday morning I picked up two mates and their camping gear, squeezed them in to my little car, along with my own camping gear and drove to River Island.. Read More

Not very impressed

It wasn’t the best start to my new year in a couple of ways. Being sick was one of them. The other was receiving a message from one of my models all in a fluster because someone had sent him one of the full frontal images on twitter. Apparently he hadn’t really thought it through when he agreed to pose full frontal with no pressure from me, and signed a.. Read More

Not quite to plan

Catching up with friends you haven’t seen for 2.5 years, over New Year’s Eve should be a fun filled time. And I definitely loved seeing my friends but my New Year’s Eve did not quite go to plan. On Sunday afternoon I landed in Geelong and spent the afternoon relaxing at my mate’s house catching up and having a light meal before we went out to Piano Bar. Now Piano.. Read More

What a year!

It’s that time of year. All the best-of compilation posts are out and about. Best song, movie, celebrity feud, fashion statement. You name it and there’s a list for it. Some of my friends have had a bloody awful year with all sorts of medical, emotional and economic issues to deal with. Thankfully my family have had a smooth sailing kind of year and on a personal level I’m in.. Read More

He’s your Island Boy

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. I’ve been incredibly lucky with my models with very, very few of them causing me any drama. People I often haven’t met turning up and getting nude in places they often shouldn’t for me to take photos. It’s an interesting hobby, that’s for sure. Taylor is my latest download and the last one for 2018. He is of Pacific and.. Read More


For a long time the comments weren’t working on this blog and sometimes I wish that was still the case. To be fair, the vast majority of interactions I’ve had with readers over the years has been fantastic. When I posted a couple of weeks ago about someone claiming to be XL Hung at 7.5-8 inches I got a comment that perhaps wasn’t meant in a nasty way but it.. Read More


Churning out a photography download each week has felt a bit unsatisfying at times. Because I don’t have access to a free studio these days it’s much harder to execute some of my more creative and interesting concepts. Shooting beautiful men nude in the beautiful outdoors is great and you all seem to like it but it’s hard to keep it interesting. After doing several outdoor releases in a row,.. Read More

A gentle nudge

I guess it’s not unusual at this time of year to evaluate what you’ve been doing and what lies ahead for the next year, five years or even just a month. I’ve just finished watching the video below and it’s given me a gentle nudge to get back into making and posting vlogs and behind the scenes videos. I can’t make a behind the scenes video for every shoot that.. Read More

Trolling the family Christmas

My family is pretty much expert level at keeping each other’s feet on the ground and preventing anyone from developing an ego. If anyone were to get famous in our family I’d be pretty confident in my family treating them exactly the same no matter how famous they got. So I developed a plan to gently troll my niece and nephew for Christmas. About a year ago my sister took.. Read More