Last night was the world premiere of the movie Drown. This movie was based on a stage play that was first performed in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is beautiful but not very progressive in it’s thinking and the play had a lot of walkouts. After seeing the film last night, I can see why.

Len is the 5 time “Lifesaver of the Year” at the local surf lifesaving club and is a hard-partying larrikin with a strange obsession with the size of his mate’s cock. “Meat” is that mate who does whatever Len tells him. When Phil turns up at the club as a new member and promptly wins the club championship race, Len is put out. When he finds out that Phil is gay, that’s when things turn sour.

The three lead actors have done an amazing job. Both characters of Len and Phil are played by straight men and while Matt Levett as Len is very believable as the bullying, self-loathing Len, Phil played by Jack Matthews doesn’t flinch in his portrayal. He doesn’t over play the gay, but nor does he over butch the character and there was no obvious hesitation in the love scenes that you so often see with straight men playing gay.

What follows is some hard drinking, bullying disguised as mateship, self-loathing, violence and tragedy. The film is well worth a watch. There are two more screenings in Sydney and the film is available now on a new service called TUG where you can almost crowd-source a screening in your local cinema.

The film isn’t perfect, there were some slight timeline issues that bugged me and I’m not sure the people that should see the film will, but I hope it gets a mainstream release.

DROWN (2015) -Trailer from jj splice films on Vimeo.

The Europeans are at it again

This video, from my understanding is from French TV and while presumably extolling the virtues of Winter holidaying and skiing, shows two completely nude guys coming from a sauna to roll in the snow. One of the guys gives a very blatant view of his goods from behind as he slides on the snow and the other one runs around with his equipment bouncing around for all to see.

If any of my French readers can tell us the general gist of the video that would be very much appreciated as I have no idea what they are saying. WHY can’t Aussie tv lighten up and show some naked men?

My March Fitness update

It’s March 1st and that means it’s time for the monthly fitness challenge update. The challengers will get their shots to me this week and I’ll post those when they come it but for now, here are mine. I’m not unhappy with how things are going at this stage. This week was a bit slack at the gym but my food was pretty good. The diet is a constant evolution from the rubbish that I was eating before to what I need to be eating now but changing it over time is easier to maintain than a massive change all at once.

Once again I haven’t actually lost any weight but I’m thinking some new muscle is hanging around and some of the fat has move out. Here’s hoping anyway. Maybe by the end of this I’ll be brave enough to do one of those douchey selfies in the locker room at the gym instead of my home bathroom.

Chatting to the right people

In the past month or so I’ve decided that I really should be trying to make more of my photography. There have already been a couple of paid photo shoots in the past few weeks but I didn’t charge enough for those so the rate will be going up a bit to factor in all the time that needs to be spent after the shoot, downloading, adjusting and retouching.

Yesterday I was at the Ross Watson exhibition opening enjoying his beautiful artworks when I spotted Andrew Creagh, the editor of DNA Magazine. I’ve met Andrew a few times before and he’s lovely. He runs a tight ship over at DNA and I wanted to get a word with him beyond just social chit chat. Having my photography on the cover of DNA has been on my list for a while now and I wanted to get his advice. We discussed how far in advance he likes to book in photographers/shoots for the cover, what he needs from a cover and what kind of guys sell covers. Of course Andrew made no promises but he was very helpful and was keen to see if we could find a suitable model for me to work with and see what we come up with.

I like it when people who are in a position of power take their time to give advice to people that need it. With a magazine like DNA it makes sense to nurture new faces and names to get some fresh ideas into the magazine, so he benefits as well. Let’s see what happens.

Interesting development…

After a dinner on Sunday evening I am now in an unexpected position of being able to answer the question “what if?” with someone I met nearly a decade ago. What is a “what if” guy? I posted about my two “what if” guys a while ago. It turns out that my second “what if” guy thinks I might just be one of his “what if” guys as well. We caught up for dinner on Sunday night and as I am rubbish at keeping things in, I laid my cards on the table and said that I had been wondering “what if” and he said he’d had exactly the same conversation about me with one of his friends.

As a result, he suggested we commit to a proper date. Yes we are both “date” kinda guys rather than just shag kinda guys. Timing being what it is though he’s leaving the country for business shortly so the date can’t be for a few more weeks but that gives me something to look forward to and, lets face it, something to over think and stress about. Honestly though I feel very comfortable with this and even if it doesn’t go anywhere at least we’ll both have an answer.

At our ages (he’s a little older) we both have baggage from previous relationships and dating experiences but I’m going to make a very concerted effort to make sure mine fits in the overhead locker rather than needing a shipping container.

Ross makes a return to Sydney

As is tradition, Ross Watson is having another exhibition in Sydney for Mardi Gras starting this weekend. As is also tradition it will be full of beautiful paintings of gorgeous men including a mate of mine, Nathan and the always sexy Jamie.

This time around Ross has also sent a video of the two models talking about their experiences and what it’s like modeling for Ross to be included in his exhibition.

Etiquette for the modern homosexual #34

In ye olden days of the Salem Witch Trials, when one was suspected of being a witch they had a rather foolproof but silly test to find out if one was indeed filled with witchery. They pushed one off a cliff or burnt one at the stake. If you were indeed a witch you could free yourself or save yourself, but oops, one got away. If one wasn’t a witch they, oops, killed an innocent person.

The dating world is a touch like the witch trials of Salem. One must not mention that one wants a relationship for that is guaranteed to scare everyone away because no one wants to be in a relationship with someone that wants one. One must instead remain tight lipped about one’s desire for domestic bliss and that is the sure fire way to find it. No one will ever know it is what you want. Nor shall one ever know that it is what anyone else wants and therefore you shall find blissful harmony. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

Just like my earlier installment of EFTMH making sure you don’t seem interesting so that you will garner interest, no one wants to actually let on that you have romantic tendencies. It is not unusual for people to want to play with bondage, but a relationship with strings attached is way too crazy.

Frustrating as hell

My car is not a new car. My car is not a fancy car. Whatever it’s short comings it’s how I get around and I like it. Last night on the way to class it started chugging and then randomly revving really fast. On the way home the engine light came on. Given that it was late and I was tired I risked driving home and thankfully made it home. This morning I dropped it off at the mechanic up the road and I’m hoping to hell it’s not going to cost me a fortune. Four months out from my holiday I really don’t need to spend a lot of money that I don’t have on a car that isn’t worth much.

It’s times like this that I wish I was one of those people that lived right in the city and never used a car but sadly I drive to work every day and love using my car for the freedom of being able to get to the beach, to class, to do the shopping and visit friends.

The mechanic called and said it looks like it’s a computer problem but they aren’t sure what’s wrong. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Not a disaster

Today was the first of my scheduled performances at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day. Over the years that I’ve been doing aerial silks I have only done a handful of public performances and I get very nervous before a performance to the point that I nearly throw up. Today I was watching others do their routines and getting increasingly anxious when the performer scheduled for half an hour before me didn’t turn up. So they bumped me forward after asking if that was ok. The girl that asked me could see that I was only going to get more nervous and thought it would be good to get it done.

The routine was far from spectacular but also not a total disaster. Being an outdoor setup which I’m not used to, there was wind to contend with and the silk was slippery. Most of that I handled ok but one trick didn’t quite come off with those factors making it very difficult and then after that I went to wrap for my last trick and just had a brain fart and got very confused and messed up the last trick. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it all was immediately after.

A few hours after the fact now and I’m looking at it as great practice for the other upcoming performance in a month’s time, indoor without wind and hopefully not slippery.

The girls in the photo above did a beautiful duo trapeze routine to “Same Love” by Macklemore which is beautifully appropriate as they are getting married next weekend.

So damned sexy

Now that the soggy mess of a movie “50 Shades of Grey” has come out everyone can finally go get it out of their system. Personally I’ve never heard of so many people walking out on a film that has been so anticipated. I’ve not read the books, nor do I intend to and once Jamie Dornan said he wasn’t going frontal in the film I lost the last shred of motivation to see it.

One thing that I really do like from the film is Beyonce’s version of her old hit “Crazy in Love.” It’s a slow sexy version and it’s almost begging for someone to do a circus routine to it. The only problem is that it’s a touch short for a good routine. Now, if I was still doing pole dancing this song would be used in a heartbeat.

A mate of mine and I were joking several months ago and somewhere along the way I promised to do a drag routine at his 40th which is late next year and this song may be a contender. Nothing like grinding awkwardly in drag on a close mate’s lap in front of his family to really add a special something to the evening don’t you think?

My reality TV crush (for now)

Last week I posted about Tyson the ripped hottie on Australia’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. In that post I mentioned that he wasn’t my favourite. Tonight I bring you my favourite. Barry Hall is a retired AFL player most notably for the Sydney Swans who he captained to the Premiership title.

Barry is the kind of guy that I gravitate towards, not just because of his size, but because he’s got a cheeky smile, a twinkle in his eye and he looks like I’d be very comfortable spooned in his big arms. At 194 cm tall he’s no pipsqueak and often made his presence felt on the field but on the reality tv show he’s a big gentle giant. He’s considerate and compassionate to his other camp-mates and he works hard around the camp making dinner etc for them all. Oddly for someone so tall, he’s scared of heights.

I think I’m a Poof!

A friend of mine has spent the last couple of years working on a children’s book and today he released his baby to the world. The book is called “I think I’m a Poof” and through a simple story of a child getting his father’s love and support, aims to teach children that being gay isn’t a bad thing. Sure, with words like Poof and Faggot in the book, not everyone is going to buy it and read it for their child.

Just tonight I’ve seen comments on facebook about the book saying it portrays stereotypes and is offensive. Seriously? I think people need to lighten up. The father in the book tells his little boy that he’ll live somewhere nice and will have a beautiful house and be stylish. Yes these are gay clichés but I’m pretty sure a straight parent will trot out a few clichés to support a gay child. The father is trying to encourage his upset child and tell him that he will have a good life.

Samuel Leighton-Dore is a young creative guy living in the Inner West of Sydney and he drew upon his own bullying and torment at school as inspiration to write the book. In his own words the book has its tongue firmly in it’s cheek and “I hope it starts an open dialogue and (most importantly) I hope it makes you laugh.” It certainly did make me smile.

Check out this gorgeous video of some Aussie Dads of gay sons reading the book and talking lovingly about their gay sons. You can buy the book here. One dollar from every book sold goes to QLife.

What is your profile shot

Tonight I had a catch up for dinner with a few really good mates. Across the board we represent a fairly wide spectrum of relationship status. One in an open long term relationship that gets a fair bit of action on the side. One in a very new relationship that is all very loved up but interstate. One in a long term monogamous relationship. Then there’s me. Long term monogamous relationship with my right hand and my porn collection.

We were talking about my lack of sex when the guy in the new long distance relationship asked to see my profile photo. I have the same photo on Grindr, Hornet and Scruff and I never get lucky. I typically attract guys way older and way younger, neither of which is my ideal. Apparently my photo (above) is too smiley. Newly-loved-up-guy said that guys are put off by someone who looks like a nice guy. They want someone that looks like they just want a good shag, a roll in the hay, blow their load and leave.

Since when did looking like a nice guy and having a smiling profile photo become the opposite of an aphrodisiac?

I’m curious, for those of you who use the apps, what kind of photo do you have?

Gymspiration for the week

After drinking too much on the weekend, a hangover means I also ate a lot of rubbish “hangover” food. That means I have to be good for the rest of the week. I’ve been fairly happy with the way I’ve been training lately but I still really struggle to get myself to do any cardio. The skipping rope I bought has only been used twice and I can’t seem to shake my complete hatred of the treadmill.

Tomorrow I’m going to start trying to push heavier weights, just increasing gradually from what I’ve been doing but improving. After all, muscle burns calories better than fat does.

So here is a bunch of hot naked guys to inspire my workout in the morning and yours. Stay healthy guys!

That was what I needed

Work today was a big fat pile of crap. We all have those days and I won’t bore everyone with details but it wasn’t fun and I felt very deflated when I left. Thankfully today is circus class night and I’ve just got home and feel great. We worked really hard and the class dynamic was really good. Maybe it was my frustrations from the office that gave me a bit of a boost tonight. Whatever it was, it was a really good class.

This sunday my circus school, Aerialize is having stall at Mardi Gras Fair Day and I’m scheduled to do a routine at 4.30. Fingers crossed the weather prediction is wrong because it currently says showers and a possible storm. Either of those will preclude aerialists from dangling in the sky. I’m looking forward to doing a routine for the first time in a few years.