It’s nice to hear!

In the years that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve posted several times about being called stupid, crazy or an idiot for wanting monogamy. A close friend who knows that I want to find a monogamous relationship, when he and his partner opened things up told me to just “Steal someone else’s husband”. I didn’t dignify that with a response.

In the past few weeks I found out that a couple who were posting some very hot videos on onlyfans, are monogamous. They have found their way of keeping the sexual chemistry alive without opening things up. Then last night I had dinner with a couple who are monogamous and have no desire to ever change that. Once again, they have their own way of keeping the spice in their sex life.

This is not a criticism of open relationships. People are very free to do what works for them but as someone who aspires to monogamy if I ever find a partner, it’s nice to hear that there are like minded people out there.


We all know how easy it is to click around on the internet and waste HOURS essentially seeing nothing important. A week or two had passed since Kylie had announced the Australian leg of her Golden tour and there were posts about it floating around. I clicked on one that mentioned pre-sale tickets because I hadn’t actually seen when tickets went on sale.

Lo and behold the pre-sale was happening right then! It was 25 minutes into a 2 hour window. So I got myself logged in, got the code and got myself a few tickets! Now it’s a big call to buy $200 tickets to a concert without discussing it with friends but I’d go alone. Kylie as I have said many times is the closest thing I get to religion and people go to church by themselves. A Kylie concert is a hell of a lot more fun than church but also more fun with friends.

A few minutes later I messaged my bestie and of course she said yes, she’s keen. Now I just have to wait four months before I get to go and worship at the altar of fabulousness that is Ms Minogue! 2019 is looking like a good year with a Kylie tour AND a European adventure in the same year!

So chilled

If you are a photographer working in the realm of nudes, either male or female, I highly recommend photographing sex workers. I’ve worked with a few now and I have to say the majority of them are so chilled out.

I’ve just walked in the door from shooting a Brisbane-based male escort who specialises in BDSM. He also does straight up fucking sex work and even though he identifies as straight, he’ll tie guys up and give them the BDSM treatment too. People who have broken down that taboo wall of sex work usually have far fewer hangups about sexual identity than the rest of us.

I don’t know the this shoot will be technically brilliant. We were shooting in available light in an apartment and, semi intentionally, the photos will be very grainy and gritty. But it was very sexy to see him doing his thing, getting into his own body in front of my camera. Fingers crossed when the time comes to release the images you’ll all like them too.

Get yourself Golden

Coming up with a name for each of these downloads each week is getting more difficult. This week’s is called Golden because I painted gold on him. Yeah it’s pretty literal. I nearly didn’t call it that because Kylie’s latest album is called Golden and everyone knows I’m a Kylie tragic. It wasn’t named after her I swear.

Kevin turned up on the day of this shoot, the last of three shoots in the one session and he nailed it. He is experienced in front of a camera, knows his angles and his best assets and gives you exactly what you need. Kevin is also the model I was talking about last week with the enthusiastic fans.

Obviously there is some genetic luck in having a body like Kevin has but there is also a lot of hard work. I admire the guys who have the discipline to do what is needed when I only seem to find the dedication to food and drink.

If you want to buy “Golden” or any of the other downloads just click here.

Mostly good

Through this blog and in life in general I am a pretty open book. I’ve put a lot of stuff here on the pages of Aussielicious in the 13 years I’ve been blogging that a lot of people might not have. The world is a fascinating place and everyone approaches things in different ways. As a result, there are a lot of photos of my naked arse on my Instagram and today there were a couple of moments when I wondered if that was the right approach.

I posted an “ask me a question” on my Instagram Story and throughout the day about 800 people had seen it. I think because I kept answering questions my Story was at the front of the list for a large part of the day meaning it was viewed a lot. A few times I saw people from circus school had seen it, or ex work colleagues, current work colleagues and even my sister. Thankfully everyone knows about my nude tendencies so all the photos of my naked butt matched up with answers to questions wouldn’t have been confronting or a surprise.

Opening myself up for questions also means I got a few questions that were just not appropriate. I’ve posted about my sex life on here but Instagram is a very different scenario. People asking me to show my cock is never going to get a good response on Instagram. Nor is asking if I’m a top or a bottom. Why do people think that’s ok?

Thankfully 95% of people I interact with through the blog or social media are fantastic and that openness about my nude tendencies etc has meant I’ve met a lot of fellow nudies over the years and I’ve also been getting some good tips for my trip to Europe next year.

So while every now and then I feel slightly awkward about my nakedness online, mostly it’s done a lot of good.

The fandom

I’m not sure if it is tied to social media and the ability to hide behind a keyboard but have we all noticed how ferocious fans of pop stars etc are these days?

Once upon a time I was silly enough to criticise Justin Bieber on twitter and while by and large my tweet went unnoticed by his fans, I certainly got a few manic tweets from some of them. Lady Gaga has been in trouble for not telling her fans to lay off someone that criticised her and it would be a silly person who dared to say something negative about Taylor Swift or Beyonce and expect to come out the other side unscathed.

Last week I posted a couple of photos of Kevin (above) on my Instagram story and he shared a couple of photos as well. Now Kevin has 50,000 followers on Instagram and apparently they are loyal. One of them, following his link to my page then commented on another photo of mine (of someone else) “Why haven’t you posted the photos of Kevin, he’s way better than any of these models.” Now I love that people are loyal fans but calm down.

What scares me about this social media era of fandom is that by loving one person you must apparently be blinded to the chance that people have different tastes and also to the fact that your idol may not always be perfect. Your fans must be rabid in their defence and adoration of you and they must not show loyalty to anyone else.

As I pointed out to Kevin’s fan, I have a schedule with my instagram posts and I will be releasing his download this coming Sunday. That I haven’t posted him yet is not a reflection on him at all.

Get Up Early!

There are many many kinds of people in the world but they can be broken into two groups when it comes to sleep patterns. There are morning people and there are night owls. My last boyfriend was a night owl and that just didn’t work out with the two of us having very different sleeping patterns. I’m a morning person for sure. Sometimes I have to get up way too early for photo shoots but it does pay off.

Just over a week ago I picked up model and fellow morning person, Russyy for a photo shoot and we headed to one of Sydney’s nude beaches. I’ve done several photo shoots there but it was perfect for what we wanted. Getting up early was very much worth it for the lighting as you can see. Russyy’s skin and muscles look amazing. He’s a guy devoted to his workouts so it wasn’t a surprise that he looked great.

I’ll be interested to see how this download sells. Once upon a time I was told that a very well known gay magazine won’t put a black man on the cover because sales dropped by 50% in the U.S. and 15% here. They also said that if they put an Asian man on the cover, even the asians wouldn’t buy it. I was stunned and kinda disgusted but I guess that’s business.

If you want to buy Up Early or any of the other downloads, click here.

Too much?

Now that I’ve booked a big European adventure for next year, the exciting part kicks in with the planning of finer details.

As a tourist I know that I’m not great at walking endlessly through historical sites. Make me read more than a few plaques with information about events hundreds or thousands of years ago and I find myself looking for something to drink and eat pretty fast. Apart from wanting to see as much of the world as I can in my life on my limited budget, the appeal for the timing is to escape Sydney’s Winter and enjoy extra time in the sun. We all know how I like to dress when it’s warm too so of course I plan on a lot of nudity while I’m in Europe.

This trip should be fantastic for nudity with nude campgrounds in Corsica and Sardinia and lots of beautiful beaches. Portugal also has a number of nude beaches and coastal towns perfect for a visit from an Aussie tourist with nudie tendencies.

Sometimes I do wonder if I’m prioritising nudity too much? But then I realise that no, holidays are all about creating the adventure you want that makes you happy. My ex was a DJ and he loved going out clubbing when he was travelling overseas. While that makes no sense to me, because I don’t like to do it here, it made him happy. People like to stay in big high rise hotels. I’m not as much of a fan. Give me a small bed and breakfast or an Air B&B and I’m happy.

Now, I have 9 months to find as much nude accommodation as I can.

It’s not you, it’s not me.

We’ve all had to do it and we’ve all had it done to us. It’s unlikely that there are many people in the world that haven’t had to tell someone that they just aren’t interested. If there are people out there who found Mr/Ms Right on the first try, then they are lucky people. 

To be honest I never thought I still wouldn’t have found someone by 45. If you’d told me that in my teens or even 20’s I would have laughed. Possibly a slightly startled or scared laugh, but a laugh all the same.

Last weekend I chatted to a guy at a birthday party I was at and he was lovely. As I left the party I said I’d find him on Facebook. We chatted a bit and organised to meet up for a date the next night.

The date was just ok. We have very little in common, conversation wasn’t super easy and there was just not a trace of chemistry. Because it had been four days I kinda figured he was on the same page as me but last night he sent a message saying hi. So last night I had to send the “I just didn’t feel a connection” message. He was totally fine with it and said he agreed. If that’s true or not I will never know but it’s just not nice having to say that to someone.

Much better to be honest though rather than waste both our time.

Congratulations Taron?

Growing up with desires I didn’t acknowledge or understand, there were times that in hindsight I had crushes on celebrities but I thought I just wanted to be like them. That’s probably not unusual for young boys, or men who aren’t entirely sure of who or what they want. Celebrity crushes are not rare either even after you come out but at least I recognise them for what they are. These days though there is actually a growing chance that the guys we are crushing on might actually come out.

Gone are the days that studios would hush up rumours of homosexuality with an arranged marriage to a starlet. Heartthrobs like Wentworth Miller and Colton Haynes have come out and sent the hopes of gay teens through the roof.

This week it looks like we might have another one. According to articles like this one, Taron Egerton, star of Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle may have just outed himself with a post on his newly created Instagram account. He posted a photo of a young cutie with the caption “Cutie. My Boy” followed my the heart emoji and apparently, to one of the comments he replied “he’s mine, and mine only.” I hope it’s true and I love the way he’s done it. No magazine cover. No splashy statement and as yet still no confirmation.

Taron is totally my type, albeit too young, too far away and too unaware of my existence. So I’m sure he’s making a few young, and not so young gay boys’ hearts flutter with this news. In the near future we get to see him in the new version of the Robin Hood story but looking at the video in this article, he doesn’t appear to be rocking tights, sadly.

If this isn’t true, the only problem is that someone is trying to out someone that isn’t gay. I get that we all have an interest and LGBT visibility amongst celebrities is important but the sexuality of someone we don’t know is none of our business.

And I’m booked

A few months ago I posted about my, at that stage vague plans for a trip to Europe next year. I originally wanted to go sailing with Saltyboys but they aren’t doing the Sardinia trip that I wanted to do next year.

Today my travel agent came back with a great deal on flights to Europe so I very quickly got leave approved and booked the flights. So in August next year I’m flying to Europe and while the finer details aren’t locked down the plan is to visit Portugal for a week or so, drive a camper van around Corsica and Sardinia for a while and then visit the beautiful Slovenia. It’s a bit of a random holiday but mixing it up is what I like to do.

I’m imagining in Portugal that I will stay in Lisbon a few nights and maybe somewhere down in the Algarve for a few nights as well. There is a gay clothing optional Bed & Breakfast down there but it’s a little expensive. If any of you, my lovely readers have any suggestions or recommendations for any of the locations that I’m going I’d love to hear of them in the comments or via email. Obviously, given my tendencies, the more nude opportunities the better.

As is typical, I’ve booked just over 9 months out but I really need this to look forward to at the moment. I’m at that end of the year where I’m starting to run out of energy and this will get me across the finish line.

Black and Gold

Performers are a relatively new photographic subject for me but definitely one I’ve enjoyed. Unfortunately with the space limitations in the studio I’ve been hiring, I couldn’t make the most of Ryan’s acrobatic talents. Ryan is a former Cirque Du Soleil acrobat who has also worked with the amazing P!NK and performed in a show that is on my wish list to see, Broadway Bares.

When we were trying to organise this shoot, Ryan kept sending me images of props that he’d bought for the shoot, each getting more sparkly than the next. Needless to say we had a lot of fun with the shoot and I can attest to the fact that gold leaf is difficult to put on.

“Black and Gold” is this week’s download available on my website. If you click here you’ll go straight to the downloads page where you can buy all of the downloads released so far.

It happens in waves

Have you ever felt like some kinds of life events are contagious? You’ll look around at some point and all your friends are having babies or getting married. At the moment it feels like there are lots of breakups going on. When I was out in the country last weekend my mate was telling me about a few different couples that he knows that have broken up.

I also know a few couples that seem to be going through a bit of a rough patch and it’s not fun to see. One couple that are close friends of mine recently took a bit of a break to recalibrate their relationship and evaluate where it was at and thankfully they’ve come out the other side even stronger together than before but a few others haven’t been so lucky.

I was at a friend’s birthday yesterday and a guy there has just broken up with his partner of several years and essentially he said it should have ended a couple of years ago. They were both checked out of the relationship. The hopeless romantic in me feels really sad at hearing things like that. Obviously I don’t advocate staying in a relationship that isn’t making anyone happy at all. It’s much healthier to be single and happy than together and miserable but pretending you aren’t.

Fingers crossed, pants off!

As usual, I’ve got a lot of plans for this weekend. All too regularly I’ve had to postpone or cancel photo shoots because of weather and we are looking at the possibility of that happening again on Sunday. Saturday morning’s shoot should be going ahead relatively to plan. The weather is predicted to be good. Sadly the coloured smoke bombs that we had wanted to use haven’t arrived and aren’t going to in time for the shoot.

Sunday however it is predicted to be quite wet and rainy which will impact all the plans I have so far for the day. The model is planned to join my friends and I for a nude adventure to a lovely spot we had a nude picnic at last summer. The trail is quite hidden and rarely used so once we get off the main path to a much busier area, we can strip off and hike nude before relaxing in the sunshine. That’s where I was going to break away from the group and do a shoot with the model. Sadly if it’s raining the hike, picnic and shoot are all doomed.

I do love that I have friends where these kind of shenanigans are possible and that I’m finding models keen to join in. I just hope it happens.

Never happen here!

SBS is a television channel here in Australia that has always been a bit more daring and adventurous than the commercial stations. It has a long history of showing a very diverse cultural range of shows, foreign news, foreign language movies and as a teenager it was the source of movies with a bit of nudity. That was very hit and miss at times but always fun when you saw some.

They now have an online streaming channel like most outlets these days and SBS on Demand has some fantastic content. At the moment I’ve just started watching Adam Looking for Eve, the German version of Naked Dating. In this series you even have some “celebrities” in the mix, completely nude and unlike the American version of Naked Dating there is no blurring of anything. They’ve even shown footage of one of the contestants hard in bed.

A naked dating show would most likely never happen here in Australia and if it did they would definitely blur the good stuff and certainly there would be no celebrities. Granted the “celebrities” on the German one aren’t exactly worldwide sensations or household names. Like most celebrity based reality tv shows they are C or D grade celebrities but to their credit they do get completely naked.

It seems to me that in Germany, the completely shaved look is very much in for guys and I like it. One of the celebrities is a former international tennis player Daniel who had also been on Big Brother in Germany so was no stranger to being nude on reality tv. This is him on Big Brother.