After releasing nearly 80 downloads (#80 is a special one this coming weekend) I haven’t worked out which ones will sell well and which ones won’t, apart from the ones that have erotic content. You guys are all thirsty for cock apparently.

When I released NIKO a few weeks ago I thought it would sell a lot, partly because Niko is such a beautiful human but also because he has a great following on Instagram. Turns out I was wrong. That download didn’t sell particularly well.

Fingers crossed you all like this one. The same day I photographed Niko for the fabric shoot, we did this second series where I stuck coloured beads to him. For me, both shoots worked well with Niko’s look and his career. Up until very recently, he’s been performing in Aladdin in London’s West End which if you’ve seen it, is a show covered in sparkly costumes and bold colours. Now he’s just started with a new show which I believe is a bit less sparkly.

If you want to buy BEADED or NIKO, or any of the other downloads please click here and enjoy!

Feeling lucky

The number of models that I’ve worked with now over the years is getting pretty high. Especially in the last two years the number of shoots I’ve done has been more than ever before. Thankfully I have had very few problems with models.

There have been a couple of missed shoots due to missed flights or alarms not going off which isn’t fun but every time the model has been very apologetic. Thankfully the number of models throwing tantrums or being very difficult could be counted easily on one hand out of the many many models I’ve photographed.

Today was another great one. We’d had to reschedule the shoot because of a missed flight last time but this time he was in town, ready and willing and also just a very lovely guy and great to work with. I have a cheeky sense of humour and a model that is ready with a joke or a laugh is the kind of model I love to work with. The process shouldn’t be difficult or overly serious.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start editing these shots in the next few days! I think you’ll love them.

A little nervous

In an hour or so I’ll be getting changed into a suit to do my first wedding of the season now that we are heading in to Spring. It’s one of five that I have booked in the next couple of months.

Is it because there’s been a 5 month break since the last wedding or is it because someone I know will be watching me do the ceremony that I’m nervous? Who knows. It’s probably a combination of both but I am.

The wedding is in a beautiful park here in Sydney and the weather has come out to play nice today instead of the miserable weather we’ve had for the rest of the week.

Nervous as I am, I’m looking forward to doing another wedding and soaking up all the love that is in the air on days like this. I’m such a romantic. Tragically but happily so.

A silver lining

Last week Gareth Thomas, former Welsh national Rugby player, announced that he has HIV after being blackmailed by a journalist who decided to tell his parents before he had the chance.

That is absolutely disgusting “journalism” but not surprising these days when the truth and integrity seems to be only stumbled across occasionally. We live in an era where newspapers have done away with being impartial and now openly influence politics and lie. But could this have a silver lining?

While I do not condone what the journalist has done, and never will, we now have an elite sportsman who has come out of the closet about his sexuality and received a lot of support. Now he’s also a very well known and liked gay sportsman living with HIV. It sucks that the burden has fallen on his shoulders but he has become an ambassador tasked with shattering the stigma that still surrounds HIV. There will now be straight men who will be having conversations about HIV that may never even thought about it before.

The second positive from this was the visibility of love and support from his husband over the weekend when he crossed the line at the finish of an Ironman triathlon. That will help with the stigma and hopefully reassure HIV positive guys out there worried that they can’t find love that they genuinely can.

I used to be in the camp of guys who didn’t think they could date someone with HIV but in the era of Undetectable guys on treatment and negative guys on PrEP there is no reason to be concerned. I’ve learned a lot.

I will survive!

Watching Survivor Australia hasn’t been on my radar but I’ve just found myself watching the finale. This year here it was Champions vs Contenders. There were lots of retired successful athletes, an actress, big business CEO and the contenders were mostly “regular” people.

Watching tonight I was sitting there wondering who the very tall, very square shouldered and square jawed hunk of gorgeous was that was on the jury. Turns out he’s the partner of my Aussie model crush, Megan Gale and his name is Shaun Hampson.

I now wish I’d seen more of the season to see him in the challenges not wearing very much because if there is someone that is almost the text book embodiment of my type, it’s him. Holy yes please.

Iconic with a twist

Talent shows serve up a lot of the same, time after time. Yes there are some amazing performers out there but it takes a lot to stand out these days, even for me who gets teary at the drop of a hat when someone does well.

Australia’s Got Talent has been on and off the air over the years with different hosts, different judges and different levels of success. For some reason they dragged it back out of the storage vault again this year with a professional chef as one of the judges. A video I saw today blew me away.

There are iconic songs that you just don’t mess with and “You’re the voice” by John Farnham is one of those to most Australian’s. I even heard it in a German movie many years ago wondering how the hell did this end up in this movie? Today’s video showed me that sometimes it’s just plain awesome to mess with an iconic song.

Mitch Tambo is an Australian Aboriginal singer who has mixed this song up to incorporate native language and done it absolutely spectacularly. What a beautiful voice and a great version of the song.

Do they realise?

Bodybuilding has a reputation of hyper masculinity, tough alpha guys with bodies to die for. But is that the reality?

The bodybuilder look is just too big for my personal tastes. It’s such an exaggerated version of the human body and sure they can lift heavy things up and down but can they actually use their bodies in any practical, athletic way?

That’s not what this post is about though. Do the bodybuilders realise just how homoerotic the sport is? Sure, there are plenty of gay bodybuilders but do the straight guys realise how gay it is? A bunch of guys stand around in a gym paying such close scrutiny to each other’s bodies. The separation of the heads of the deltoids in the shoulder, the abs, the glutes, the whole thing. They are all staring intently at each other’s bodies. Then comes time for competition. The speedos are damn tiny and some guys even go to a g-string these days. See the video below.

Maybe I’m not giving them enough credit and they are actually really evolved and at ease with their masculinity to the point where they can help each other apply the stupidly dark tan stuff for the competition in all the nooks and crannies. Or maybe they just don’t get how super homoerotic it can look.

A bit of bling

Cock rings and piercings have never really been something that turns me on. I’ve worn cock rings but ultimately find them very uncomfortable. There was also the scare the first time I tried one and realised that it (a metal one) was slightly too small and I thought my dick was going to drop off.

While I was on holiday and staying at the gay guesthouse in Portugal, one of the other guests was wearing a ring just around his scrotum. I don’t think he was trying to stretch it but rather just enjoyed the weight of it, from what he told me. It was a very chunky heavy ring that fastened with a magnet.

After chatting to him and his boyfriend I decided to try it on. Remember this was at the bar and next to the pool with a bunch of other naked gay men around. Obviously no one is shy in that situation but it felt quite naughty and exhibitionistic. The guy who owned the ring had spectacularly large low hanging balls. Amazing. The weight of the ring on my scrotum was intriguing and not at all unpleasant. Obviously I’m not going to be going running or horse riding with it on but I think I could enjoy wearing something like that from time to time.

All or nothing

Wandering the nude beaches and nude campgrounds of Europe as I have just done and wish I was still doing, the chance to have a look was not lost on me. I know the “purist” nudies would say that people don’t look but I say they are lying. It would be surprising if even the straight men didn’t compare themselves to all the other guys swinging around.

Not only did I realise that I was pretty much the only circumcised man around but I had the chance to check out the grooming habits that are going on as well. I was quite surprised to find that the vast majority of guys, of all ages, are going the fully smooth option. I am very partial to a smooth guy but the fact that it was such a popular option surprised me.

If guys weren’t doing the completely shaved look they were pretty much doing nothing apart from maybe keeping the balls clean and tidy. Yep it was a full bush or nothing. Even the teenage boys were doing some grooming. There was a German guy about 16 with his family at the second campground and he wasn’t completely smooth but he was very closely trimmed. I didn’t hear about grooming until I was about 26 when my second boyfriend made a comment. He wasn’t critical but looking back he should have been. The poor guy had probably picked a lot of hair out of his teeth.

Post Holiday Blues

It’s pretty much exactly one week since I landed back in Sydney, give or take 30 minutes or so. If I said I had settled back in seamlessly would be a lie. Of course there are no major problems at all it’s just those post holiday blues.

Last week I was lucky enough to come back to nice weather but over the weekend the temperature in Sydney dropped back to wintery temperatures and cold winds which is a bit rude after a month of 30 degrees (86F). Add to that the fact that my work would definitely frown upon me turning up nude even if it was warm and it’s taking some adjusting.

What’s the best way to remedy that holiday come-down? Plan another holiday! Sure, my bank balance cannot cope with another trip for a long time to come, definitely not one of that size anyway. So I’ve been chatting with some mates and we are looking at a two week adventure in just over a year’s time.

I’m going back to my plan of aiming for a domestic adventure in the year between international adventures. All going to plan we are looking at doing a road trip up the West coast of Australia from Perth to Broome. At the minimum it’s looking like three of us and thank goodness, those mates are as prone to running around nude as I am, well nearly.

We’ve got over a year to work out the details but I need this to look forward to.


Before I went to Europe I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of guys who wanted to do a seriously raunchy photo shoot. One of them had to remain anonymous because of a job situation but the other one @_aussielatino didn’t mind. When they pitched the idea to me, they hadn’t yet hooked up but they did soon after and reassured me the chemistry was there.

On the day there was very little direction given by me. We just had to make sure the other model wasn’t identifiable and that I wasn’t reflected in the mirror. To say that this is the most graphic shoot I’ve ever done would be accurate. It’s a little too close to blatant porn for my tastes in terms of where I want my photography to go but I don’t really have a problem with it.

If you want to buy HOOKUP, the full download, click here. It’s definitely worth it. Trying to find images that I can promote it on Instagram with is a challenge!

Another crush

We all know that I’m a sucker for a man I can’t have. A couple of days ago, via a youtube video I discovered a new crush. Celebrity crushes are harmless in my opinion so I’m just going to revel in this one.

Ross Edgley is a British fitness expert and a bit of a lunatic. He’s taken it upon himself to try and push the boundaries of the human body. He’s done a marathon length “run” while pulling a car. He did an Olympic distance “Tree-athlon”, that is a triathlon while carrying a 100lb piece of a tree. Early last year he became the first person to swim around the United Kingdom taking 157 days to do it without setting foot on land. His tongue was falling apart due to the salt water, he was repeatedly stung on the face by jellyfish and took twice as long as they’d initially estimated.

He is definitely not the typical build for a swimmer but that’s what he’s best known for. The body on this man is incredible but the thing that got me hooked was his smile and his enthusiasm for life. I discovered him in this video with Nile Wilson and even though he ripped his hands apart he was just laughing and smiling his enormous big grin.

Check out his Instagram and his Youtube for more smiling and inspiration, as well as that delicious body and amazing skin!

The downside

Coming home to your own bed, your own shower and all your familiar surroundings after an amazing holiday is fantastic. Sure you may want to still be running around on holiday seeing new things but all holidays come to an end.

After landing at 8pm on Tuesday night, I was in bed asleep by 10:00 and had ten hours sleep. My day off yesterday was great. I got all the washing done and did other bits and pieces thinking I was back on track and straight into the routine with a good nights sleep under my belt. Then I went to bed last night.

I briefly woke up just after midnight but managed to go back to sleep for a whole two hours. From about 2:30am I never really got back to sleep so today was a real challenge for my first day back to work. In the past I don’t ever recall having the jet lag that keeps you awake at weird hours of the night. I usually sleep through the night but then hit a wall in the afternoon. Not this time. It was killing me last night.

Tonight I’m going to go to bed relatively early, take a couple of mild sleeping tablets and see if I can get a good night of sleep.

Solar powered

People who aren’t comfortable nude anywhere other than the shower or in bed often ask why I get nude so much. Well firstly, it’s just comfortable. Not everyone enjoys it and I get that but I do.

Secondly I am genuinely happier in the sun. When the weather is gloomy my mood tends to match it a bit. Over Winter I get grumpy more often than when it’s sunny. So it’s become a bit of a joke that I’m solar powered and I believe that I am. I feel better and sexier when I have a tan. Yes, I use sunscreen and I’m not just out there roasting. The statistics of skin cancer in Australia are massive so I’m not reckless about it.

When it comes to being solar powered, I just don’t quite know where my solar panels are so I figure there’s no point in being in the sun if my panels aren’t charging so I get it all out just to be safe. I mean, what if the solar panels are on my butt or my balls? Wouldn’t want to waste the opportunity.

The photos above are from the last half of my trip with photos from left to right taken at, the river next to U Furu nude camping, Corsica, Spiaggia di Piscinas, Sardinia, the river again, the “nude beach” at Cala Gonone, Sardinia, and the pool at La Chiappa nude campground, Corsica.

Are you SLICK?

Last weekend I released a new download called SLICK. Luke was so much fun to work with. He walked in to a backdrop of black plastic and then I put black and silver body paint on him and we got to shooting. Then I added baby oil and he got all slippery and smeared himself up.

I’m really happy with the result of it and Luke goes to show that it’s not just beefcake boys that can look sexy. He and I will definitely be looking to do some more work together soon. Poor brave soul that he is has been doing shoots with other photographers in winter in the water at the beach!

If you want to get SLICK, click here!