Twenty years later

Twenty years ago today, that was the night that I came out to my parents. It wasn’t my choice with my sister forcing my hand which is something she has apologised for many times over the years.

We were living together and she had known for a month or so and wasn’t coping not being able to talk to Mum and Dad about it. Sadly the only reason we had to both be visiting our parents and tell them was my Dad’s birthday. So yes, on my father’s birthday 20 years ago, after a lovely meal out with family friends to celebrate, I came out.

I had come out to myself and progressively to my friends in the six months leading up to the family announcement and it all went largely without a hitch. It’s a shame I had to do it on my dad’s birthday but these things happen.

To think that it was so very long ago, nearly half my life, is amazing to me. You’d think I’d have managed a few more boyfriends in that time, or maybe one long-term one.

Oh Mr Efron

So, the other day was Zac Efron’s 32nd birthday and I have to say, he’s ageing like a fine wine. Mr Man has compiled a lot of his finest  ASStastic moments to enjoy.

I never saw the High School Musical movies and I think my first viewing of Zac in a movie was in Hairspray. He’s gone on to make a lot of movies since, and I still don’t think I’ve seen many. Baywatch, despite him having a spectacular body just looks too diabolically bad to bother with.

He looks absurd in That Awkward Moment with naked Zac lying across the toilet and I haven’t watched it yet but I have heard good things about him as Ted Bundy in the Netflix Film “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” and it looks like he get’s a tanned firm booty out in that one.

In the new season of Bachelorette here in Australia there was a guy who rocked up dressed as a lifesaver because he clearly believed the one drunk chick in a bar who once told him he looked like Zac Efron. Maybe a poor distant cousin with bad dental hygiene but that was it.

Happy belated birthday Zac.

Is it that hard?

It’s the sentence most of us gay men are terrified to hear. “You should meet my gay friend.” It never goes well and all our straight, very well meaning friends need to learn that two gay men are not automatically going to fall in love.

Yesterday I went to the first birthday party of a friend’s daughter. That friend tried to set me up with her colleague and friend about two years ago and yesterday I was reminded at the party why we were never going to work. We just have zero in common and there is no attraction on my part.

The problem is even more diabolical when it’s a fellow gay man setting you up and getting it completely wrong. One of my very dear friends has tried a couple of times and I’m very grateful for his efforts but, no. One of them came with the description of “He isn’t very good looking but he’s a lovely guy.” He was more attractive than he was a nice person. Rude and arrogant are the two words that spring to mind.

Another guy he introduced me to was a slightly unhinged nasty bitch of a human who tried to tell us a hilarious story about being viciously nasty to someone he knew we weren’t fans of, and being nasty in a crowded public place. Unsurprisingly neither of us thought he was a good person after that and my friend apologised enthusiastically.

Why are my friends no good at introducing me to people? Or is this a global problem?

First day back

Today was a glorious sunny day for most of the day. My normal Saturday gym plans weren’t on as my gym buddies for our Saturday shredder class were out of town so I had a good few hours to use how I saw fit this morning.

After coming back from Europe about 6 weeks ago, we haven’t had any beach weather so after a yummy breakfast off I went to my nearest nude beach to top up my fading Euro-tan and re-charge my solar panels.

The tide was well and truly on it’s way in so I grabbed a spot on the rocks away from the rising tide. I only had a couple of hours to play with but I relaxed, reading a book in the sun with my junk out on a beautiful day. It was a great start to the day.

Sadly as I was getting ready to leave I noticed that a fair few of the people now on the crowded beach were in speedos. I will never understand the compulsion to go to a nude beach and not get nude. Take the plunge people.

A man in a van

When my job isn’t busy enough, which it hasn’t been this week I spend time pottering around Facebook and Youtube. Today my youtube explorations lead me to the video below. I’d seen a video about Daniel Norris before but this one was a bit more emotional and well done.

Daniel is a pro-baseball player, cancer survivor and a man who lives in a van during the off season. It’s videos like this that shake my perceptions of the world. That may sound a bit over the top and maybe it is, but generally speaking the collective of professional sports players don’t come across as that thoughtful or sensitive. And maybe as a collective, they aren’t because of the pack mentality.

One on one though, maybe I need to give them more credit. Maybe the men of the world are slowly changing. Apart from the pathetic souls threatened by women achieving equality that is.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Here’s hoping

Back in the day, Big Brother Australia had an “up late” show once a week where they showed all the stuff they couldn’t show in the Prime Time slot. It’s where we got to see housemates in the shower, talking sex and generally misbehaving a bit more.

We haven’t had Big Brother here for several years even after a couple of attempts at rebooting that just didn’t work. The people going on it were much more about fame than the initial housemates who had no idea what was going to happen.

It’s been announced that Big Brother is coming back, on a different station and in a new house. The old house is sitting in ruins in it’s old location. When it was announced I got a smile at the thought of some of the housemates and their absolute shamelessness. Would I shower naked on tv? Who knows. It wouldn’t surprise me but I hope I’d have a bit more to offer than that.

One housemate that has appeared on this blog before, many years ago and who had plenty to offer in the nudity department was Jamie. Not sure how smart he was but visually, you can see his appeal.

Happy birthday hottie

I’m a few days late on this one but last Friday was the 42nd birthday of Mr Matt Bomer. It’s no wonder he’s one of the most searched actors on Mr. Man the website, the man is about as handsome as it’s possible to be.

On this birthday let’s take a look at Matt Boner’s hottest nude moments! We mean Matt Bomer. (We mean Matt Boner.)

It’s interesting that Matt Bomer’s birthday falls on National Coming Out Day, because his bravery in coming out in Hollywood was an inspiration for gay youths, as well as other closeted actors. In 2011 Bomer married Simon Halls, his publicist, and the sickeningly adorable couple now have three adorable children.

Thankfully Matt takes time away from challenging Hollywood stereotypes and being a real life DILF to strip down for his roles, and we’ve you can check out his hottest scenes below! Bomer will put the magic in your mic! 

Note: External links go to a paid affiliate site, Mr Man.


I’d been trying to work with this model for a while and through a couple of mishaps and bad timing, we’d had to postpone. Then I heard he was going home for a visit to the US and wasn’t sure if/when he’d be back so I quickly got in touch and organised a shoot.

On the day Shon was so much fun to collaborate with. His wide happy grin was almost impossible to wipe from his face and he was right up to play with my silly concepts including this cocoon of stretchy white (fairly see through) fabric.

I have done precisely ZERO retouching on Shon’s amazing body. That is just how he looks. It’s ridiculous and you can see pretty much every inch of it in the full download of Cocoon which is now out and available to buy by clicking here.


Over the years on this blog and most recently a week or so ago I’ve posted about the appeal of trying my hand at self portraits. I know a couple of photographers personally who’ve done it and have seen some stunning examples online over the years.

The idea is equal parts intriguing and terrifying. This afternoon I had done some headshots for a friend and decided to attempt the first idea that I had. There’s no doubt there will be trials and errors in this process and I won’t like all the outcomes. The most daunting part of the project is that I generally don’t like photos of myself. That may come as a surprise given how many nude selfies I post on Instagram, but it’s true.

That is part of the appeal of doing a whole heap of self portraits. Will I make peace with my ageing face and body? Who knows? it’s going to be an interesting ride that’s for sure.

So cool

Music is something that can polarise people but it’s very rare for people to feel nothing when they hear music. It has the power to really move people and some artists just resonate with us. One of the artists I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by is Harry Styles. The former One Direction member has always walked to the beat of his own drum and his solo work shows a maturity that was unexpected from a boy band member.

His first (self titled) album was very much influenced by the 70’s and people like the Rolling Stones and Bowie. Harry has just released “Lights Up” a new single which isn’t as obviously 70’s but it’s not the formulaic rubbish of most stars his age at the moment. Yes I realise that makes me sound very old.

Harry also makes some bold fashion choices reminiscent of Bowie and Jagger and in this video he also throws in some shirtless, sweaty party group grinding, both male and female. He’s not afraid of his androgyny, nor does he bother with any fragile masculinity rubbish.

I’m looking forward to more of this album dropping soon!

The year of the movie frontal?

Is 2019 the year of the dick? We say yes! With all the amazing full frontals so far, you could damn well call this twentyninepeen! 

Have you seen Jack Reynor in Midsommar? He strips down for an insane fertility ritual and afterwards flaunts that big, ya know, hymen-bustin’ dick of his.

This year Netflix brought us the gay show Tales of the City.  And when it comes to star Micah Stock, we’re taking stock of his long penis as he propositions Ellen Page.

Next, Billy Howle does foreplay a little differently in MotherFatherSon.  But it seems to work just fine. In fairness we couldn’t say no to that ripped bod and hot peen. Speaking of moisture, Kentez Asaka soaks himself silly in the shower with his impressive cock on full display in She’s Just a Shadow. 

Finally, what German picnic is complete without wienerschnitzel? The boys of the series 8 Days show us how the sausage is laid while having gay sex, and they even flaunt their big uncut Deutschdongs afterwards. 

Needless to say, it’s been a year of stiff competition. And we hope to see these boys again when we choose the definitive best frontals of 2019! 

Don’t force it

My experience at the sauna on the weekend and again with a Grindr hookup after my birthday lunch have reminded me of something. I’m no good when I force a sexual situation on myself. If I’m not entirely in the mood, I need to just let the thought go. I’d been thinking about the sauna for a while and have no regrets about going but I wasn’t entirely convinced I was in the right headspace for it either. When I was walking around not getting much interest it nearly tipped me into a spiral of feeling unattractive but luckily I fought that off.

At my birthday lunch I was almost the only single person there. Being the 3rd, 5th, 7th, or even 11th wheel, especially at your own birthday celebrations is a bit tough to take when it is always the way. So I came home and made the mistake of confusing a lack of emotional intimacy with a need for sex. I had some sex and it was mediocre, leaving me feeling hollow. Not in a shame spiral or anything like that but it definitely reminded me that I’m after something more.

So from now on, if I’m in the mood I’ll be as slutty as I want, but just because I’ve thought about it, doesn’t mean I’m necessarily in the mood. In the mean time, who wants a date?

So good to see

One of my friends who came to my birthday lunch brought his new boyfriend along. They’ve been hanging out for a few months but it’s recently become an official thing and I have to say the guy is lovely.

My friend is one of life’s really genuinely great people. Like everyone he has his down periods but I don’t know many other people as open, giving, supportive, enthusiastic and genuine as this guy so to see him happy, looking adoringly at a guy who gives all that good stuff right back to him is fantastic to see.

Like me, my mate has been single for quite a while but unlike me, fairly contently so. As far as I’m aware he doesn’t struggle with singledom the way I do. At least if he does, he keeps it to himself.

The new boyfriend is only new to the rainbow side of the fence so I hope he doesn’t hurt my friend or anything but looking at them together I don’t think he will. Sure, I’ve only met the boyfriend for a few hours yesterday but they were one of those couples that you just look at and think, yeah, that makes sense. It’s a beautiful thing.

This is 46

October 7, 1973 I came screaming (I presume) into the world 8 weeks early at the tiny little size of 4lb 1.5oz, or 1.85kg. It doesn’t seem like that has had any negative effect on my life at all and some would say I’ve never been late for a damned thing in my life.

Last year on my birthday I decided that birthdays were a good time to tick off sexual fantasies or just be a bit sexually indulgent. Last year’s fantasy was fantastic and no I’m still not going to say what it was.

Yesterday I decided to go and slut it up at the sauna. I had thought on a long weekend here in Australia that it would be busy but it wasn’t. There was definitely some fun to be had but there weren’t the options that there would have been had it been busy. Saunas are so hit and miss. You can be popular one day and on no-one’s radar the next. As I get older, obviously I’m on less people’s wish list than when I was younger but I still had my fun.

Today is going to be spent having a low key morning at home before meeting friends at the pub for a lunch to celebrate my birthday with too many drinks, pub food and many many laughs.

Pics and match

The art of taking a dick pic is one that clearly some people have a talent for and others do not. Grindr is fraught with danger at the best of times with time wasters, fake pictures and just a lot of time wasting going on. Maybe being a photographer has given me a skewed perspective on things but I look at some of the photos that people post and think “Is that really the angle you think is best?” Hint, selfies never look good when the phone is at belly button height and you’re looking down at it.

In recent times I’ve been both pleasantly surprised and very underwhelmed when someone has turned up and the real-life dick makes it’s appearance and it has either been under-sold or over-promised in the photo department in the conversation beforehand.

How are people taking such misleading photos of their cocks? Sure, we try and take flattering photos but blatantly misleading is a bit unfair. Last week a guy came around and it had looked like a healthy average human sized cock in the photo he’d sent. When it made it’s appearance in reality it was much smaller. It certainly did not reach the required height to ride the rollercoaster.

A pro tip is to keep an eye out in the photo for other points of reference. How big is his hand in relation to the cock? If his index finger can hide the whole thing, back away. One guy recently sent what I hope were photos that didn’t do him justice. The poor thing looked tiny but he didn’t seem to have any sense of comprehension about it when he asked me “Can you deep throat?” Sorry mate, not that one. It would barely make it past my teeth.