Tone it down a bit

Have you noticed in the past couple of years, mostly since social media became the main media, that there is no middle ground any more? It’s become almost violently evident with the U.S. Presidential elections this year that you can’t simply have a differing opinion to someone these days. If someone disagrees with you they can’t simply have their opinion and move on in life, they must die a horrible violent death and be publicly denounced on Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat? Similarly if you say something less than glowing about Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga their fans will hound you online until you are crying in the corner afraid to go into the world.

The same can be said at the other end of the spectrum too. You can’t just like something or find it pretty good. There is a level of rabid passion that must accompany your endorsement. It’s not good, it’s AMAZING. It’s not fun it’s OMG THE BEST THING EVER!

On Model Mayhem, the website I use to network and find models, comments can be left on any photo in a portfolio and there is a Picture of The Day competition every day. I am all for encouraging people but I have seen “amazing capture” as a comment under some truly horrendous photography. It seems that if the photo contains someone that the person is sexually attracted to, regardless of how blurry, poorly lit or just plain mediocre the shot is, it will have many variations on “amazing” in the comments underneath.

Some of my own photos that aren’t particularly good have ringing endorsements underneath them and I think, “Really? That’s not one of my best by any stretch” but I guess that is the thing with social media and being online. We can all be as enthusiastic as we like, the recipient won’t see it in our face.

Creativity meets skill

A friend shared this video a couple of days ago on Facebook and it just made me smile. Being a (very) amateur aerialist as well as a graphic designer and photographer means I have some possibly too high standards when it comes to circus inspired videos. Most of the time there isn’t a lot of creativity in the way they are filmed or the soundtrack that goes with them. Of course copyright issues influence that last part and good free music is hard to come by.

So when a video like this one comes along it really makes me smile. This is a creative collaboration and experiment between the gymnast and slackline expert Louis Boniface and classical violinist Olivier Pierre. The project was art directed by Nicolas Romieu and it is just rich with style and class. The footage has all been graded (toned & adjusted) beautifully and the music, photography and action all work really beautifully together.

Slacklining is something I would really love to have a go at learning. Time for some research into classes in Sydney. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and watch Louis bounce and flip around a bit more on his youtube channel.

Colour me stunned!

Last night I submitted photos of Laria (above) to Themaleform, a website I’ve had a model on before and struggled to find willing models for. It would seem that not only do I have to find models willing to pose frontal and erect, I have to make sure they are the right colour too. This post is in NO WAY criticising Dylan who runs the site. He’s just making decisions to get the most financially out of his business. It turns out that the gay “community” is even more racist than I thought.

Not only do we litter our profiles with lists of all the people we won’t sleep with, we won’t even look at hot men of colour with a big old boner. That’s right. Themaleform doesn’t accept photo sets of black men because the subscribers don’t want them. An Australian gay magazine that is published around the world has said essentially the same thing to me before. When the magazine published an edition with a black man on the cover sales here dropped by 15% and sales in the U.S. dropped by 50%! That is outrageous.

I will now be making a very concerted effort in my own photography to be more racially diverse. Yes, most of my photography features white guys but not exclusively. People are always going to have a preference in who they find attractive and what appeals to them in a photograph but it can’t hurt for photographers, websites and publications to offer a more broad range of types which may hopefully encourage some widening of tastes.

Please, no more legends

I may not have been a die-hard fan, but there is no denying that Prince was a force to be reckoned with. His Diamonds & Pearls album was in my collection in my early days of buying music, with it’s sexy lyrics and addictive beats.

Prince may have toned down his blatant sexuality once he discovered Jehovas Witness later in his career but the man was still very edgy, sensual and about as cool as can be. It’s amazing that kids that are effeminate at school get picked on but the world is mourning, deservedly, a man who wore heels, eyeliner and very camp outfits.

Prince reportedly played 21 instruments, and is renowned for playing most of the instruments on his early albums. By all reports he was absolutely amazing on stage. It seems that modern pop stars could learn a LOT from the legends that we have lost of late. Heaven just got a little more purple.

It’s just hypnotising

I’m really quite a big fan of big balls. Big balls that hang low and bounce around as someone walks along the nude beach are always fun to watch. There’s a guy that I used to see at the nude beach I go to who was hung and had massive low hanging balls. When he walked up and down the beach, which he did a lot, it was lie watching a tennis match. The entire beach was turning their head from side to side as those things swung from side to side bouncing off his thighs.

This video is supposedly some high art tribute to another artist featuring a porn star Brad Rock. I’ll have to go google his work to see if he is as attractive from the front as he is from this angle. Watching these big low balls swinging around is so hypnotic. I love a good pair of smooth balls. It still surprises me when I “meet” someone and discover they have hairy balls. What man doesn’t at least trim these days?
Update: It seems you have to watch this video on vimeo, not on here. I suggest you do.

Francesco Vezzoli, The Return of Bruce Nauman's Bouncing Balls, 2006 from KALEIDOSCOPE Videoclub on Vimeo.

A nice change

On Sunday last weekend I photographed the lovely Laria again. This time we got more bold shooting some nude, erect frontals for

It’s a very different photo shoot asking someone to get hard for a camera. There are new levels of diplomacy to be used compared to even a regular nude (non-frontal) shoot. You have someone who is very vulnerable, no matter how confident they are, and they pretty much have to stop and keep masturbating in front of you. Thankfully Laria is very comfortable in who he is and had no qualms about it.

I’m also trying to broaden my horizons in terms of my models. There aren’t many black models in Sydney so it’s a nice change to be able to photograph a really nice guy like Laria and work with different skin tones. So I’m now on a mission to work with models of different ethnic backgrounds.

The video below is not Laria but a good example of another hot black man completely shaved, just like Laria.

ARTEO Photo ~ Getting Wet With Mardi – VERS.II from The Naked Black Guy on Vimeo.

Bares On Demand

Broadway Bares is one of those shows that is on my bucket list to see sometime. It’s the annual burlesque, circus flesh baring extravaganza in New York City that raises millions for HIV care and research. The show is massive in it’s spectacle and sexiness with men and women showing nearly all they have while entertaining the enthusiastic crowd.

This year’s theme is “On Demand” and it promises to be as sexy and fun as all previous years. Sydney really does need something like this. There are so many beautiful people here in Sydney working as performers and we should really show them off, literally.

The naked ninja warrior

The Ninja Warrior is one of those athletic obstacle course shows where very fit people race the course against the clock and try and beat each other’s times. The U.S. version has lots of rah-rah hype and yelling OMG kind of stuff. The various versions around the world are similar in format but maybe with less rah-rah hype.

Those crazy Europeans have done it again. I’m not sure if this was a publicity stunt because I’m pretty sure there was something similar in the U.S. version. Unlike the U.S. streaker on the show, this European nude ninja warrior doesn’t have the crazy amount of pixelation. Just enough to cover the guy’s modesty which he clearly wasn’t worried about. It’s interesting to note that there are all kinds of spectators including children and no parents are covering eyes or causing a fuss. People are having a laugh and encouraging the streaker to keep going. Amen.

Maybe this entire show should be nude.

There has to be more

Yesterday I found myself chatting to a model in Germany that I’d met on modelmayhem. We added each other on Facebook thinking I’ll be in Berlin next year hopefully and we can collaborate. He has two profiles on Model Mayhem. One is more mainstream and the other is more graphic. He has an enormous and beautiful cock and loves to show it off.

He started talking dirty and talking about how he loves being watched and showing off and people worshipping how big his cock is. As the talk went on it was evident that most of his sexual kicks were based around everyone loving his massive cock.

Now I love seeing a massive cock wandering around and sure, they are fun to have some fun with but if the sex is all about that big cock and you reassuring their delicate ego that yes you acknowledge its enormity and love it, then I’m going to lose interest pretty fast. Sex is something between two or more people to enjoy each other. A woman I used to work with used to joke that “the ugly guys try harder” and she’s right. If you throw two of us regular guys into bed together then there is a mutual appreciation and a lot of fun. Those guys that think they are special either in the looks or the cock department and just lie there and let you do all the work are just a bit of a yawn.

Let’s see how we go

A few weeks ago I photographed Laria and this weekend I’m photographing him again. This time I’m shooting him to submit to themaleform. I’ve posted a few times in the past few years about the struggle to find guys willing to pose full frontal here in Sydney. Posing for themaleform is another step up requiring frontal and erect. Thankfully Laria is not shy at all and wants to push it and see what we can come up with.

Now I just need to stay focused while I have this good looking man with a killer body walking around with a big boner in front of me and I need to make sure that while we go for sexy, we keep it beautiful. Unfortunately, if the shots are accepted by themaleform I won’t be able to share them on here. Let’s be honest though, there will probably be a couple of shots that I keep to use myself.

Well that’s a relief

Yesterday I reblogged a video of an exceptionally sexy and VERY well hung guy in a shower on tumblr asking if anyone could enlighten me on who it was. It turns out the guy is “Tim K” on Pumpingmuscle. He is the guy in the middle photo above. He does a 90 minute video that starts out like a documentary posing and talking about bodybuilding. Then it gets sexier when the camera man starts touching his muscles. In the short version of the video that I saw “Tim” is initially hiding his cock from the camera but later on is jacking it off in the shower.

On Bananablog I read a little bit about him and their review said that in the full video it felt like he was being coerced into getting hard and jacking off. After another tumblr follower sent a few more links to forums and videos etc it is rumoured that he is going to become a Sean Cody model and has done some more videos so it looks like he’s on board with the whole thing after all.

I was relieved when I read that as there are so many guys being coerced into showing more skin than they are prepared to do or going further than initially expected. As a photographer of male nudes I can see the appeal in getting guys to go further. It’s great when a model is prepared to show whatever you want. There  is a lot more freedom in that than a shy model but sometimes a shy model produces some beautiful results and forces you to be creative within their limits. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard a lot of stories of creepy photographers taking advantage of people’s desire to be a model. I’d like to think I don’t have that reputation.

I wonder

A few weeks ago I went on what I thought was a second date. It turns out it wasn’t. The guy didn’t feel a spark and he thought he’d given me the impression that it was just a mates catching up kind of scenario. I really liked the guy and was interested to see if it would go anywhere. Clearly I found out sooner than anticipated.

I actually dreaded telling friends that there had been yet another dating disaster. Whenever I have to tell coupled up friends that I am shit out of luck once again, I find myself bracing myself before I do. There are all the comments that mean they love you and want you to be happy but they don’t really help. “Why can’t these guys see what a catch you are?” Maybe I’m just not that much of a catch. Most likely it just wasn’t a match. It’s hardly unheard of to have a one sided attraction.

It’s the “It’ll happen when you stop looking” that I struggle with the most. My life is busy and fun. Sure there are a lot of things I would love to share with someone but I’m not out there stalking and hunting guys down. Right now it actually feels like I’m becoming used to the idea that it just may not be in my future. If it is fantastic. A romantic like me would love it to be, but I am quite used to being single and the freedom that it brings with it.

Intimacy would be fantastic though. On the weekend I did get to have some great non-sexual, fully clothed cuddles with a dear friend just snuggled on the lounge. It was a very content feeling.

Instalicious – Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson is a model and photographer and I believe actor as well. He’s based in New York and is prone to wandering around looking sexy as hell. He also seems to be quite comfortable nude. Bless. If you do a search on tumblr for Daniel Robinson you’ll also see that he’s bordering on unrecognisable without his beard.

A lot of Daniel’s images are self portraits. He’s a talented boy. It’s bloody hard work to take a self portrait that is technically well done and where you are happy with how you look. Well it is for me anyway. If you want to see Daniel’s Instagram account, click here.

It’s all in the planning

With at least 15 months until I go to Europe next year I haven’t booked anything and am a long way off booking anything. Half of the fun of a big adventure is planning it and having it to look forward to. Having a big holiday in Europe to look forward to means that when I’m on my lunch break at work I’ve started doing research about what to do and where to go.

Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on Greece. I threw out a suggestion to a close mate of mine that he should come and meet me in Greece and we should do another Saltyboys nude sailing trip. He thinks it’s a great idea. We’ve both done Saltyboys trips before, me in Croatia and him in the Whitsunday Islands here in Australia.

This afternoon I was reading a post by a guy who had driven himself around Iceland in a camper van for a week and it sounded fantastic and exactly what I had been thinking of doing so I posted the link on Facebook. Putting it out there sometimes really does work. Within half an hour a friend had said “pick me, pick me!” So now we are catching up next week to chat about it.

The danger with getting so excited now means there is a danger of peaking too early. The same thing happened a few years ago when we decided to go back to Burning Man. Countdowns were started (not by me), Facebook groups were created and much enthusiasm was shown. Then it all died down for a while and as the day got closer, the excitement built up again. Europe made me feel so welcome last year that I just can’t wait to go back.

ICELAND from kaco on Vimeo.

Imagine that

Venfield 8 is a photographer who does some pretty sexy work, with series called Candy Ass and Designer Dick where he blends male body parts (you can guess which ones) with designer brand labels and bling.

He’s done a collaboration with Seth Fornea, ginger go-go god. Now Seth has shown his goods before, even doing a jack off video for Colt Studios but this I find even sexier. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to see someone like Seth wandering down the street naked as the day he was born without a care in the world. It’s safe to assume that Seth isn’t shy but my goodness this would take some confidence. He does look amazing though and he’s such a sexy guy in a very non-intimidating way. Of course I don’t know him and I could be wrong but he always has a smile at the ready and he doesn’t look like he’d give you attitude.

Venfield 8 does videos as well but sadly I don’t think there is footage of Seth strutting his stuff down the streets of L.A. with his junk bouncing around