Move on!

On my second last night in Sitges I was out with my very dear friends for a drink and something to eat. Sitges is pretty well known as a gay tourist destination so I hadn’t been surprised when I saw a couple of people I know of from Sydney in the crowds. On this night though we were walking down one of the streets between some bars, the streets full of guys, when I noticed someone cowering against the wall. They weren’t cowering in fear from an argument they were having with anyone. The guys around this guy all seemed relaxed.

It was a really odd body position to be in and covering his face with his hand and turning in toward the wall. Of course when someone does something odd, it makes them stand out which is pretty much exactly what this guy didn’t want to happen. When I looked closer I saw why he was hiding. It was my first boyfriend of 16 years ago. As far as I know he’s been in a relationship for several years with the same guy. This is the guy that with another boyfriend several years ago was kissing his boyfriend in a bar while shooting me death stares.

Now I have no desire to talk to him or know what he’s up to in life. This is a man I had to threaten a restraining order to get rid of him. I would have been perfectly fine, if I’d seen him, to pretend he didn’t exist and would have expected the same from him. There’s no need to act like you are in a terrible game of hide and seek and draw attention to yourself by mashing your face into a wall in a foreign city. He always did have a flair for drama.

A daring shot

Back in the days of the Public Nudity Challenge on the original Aussielicious, I had some very daring photos sent in which always impressed me. My own shot on the Sydney Opera House steps got this blog noticed and drew traffic to the blog.

Ever since I’ve loved seeing photos of guys being cheeky and getting their gear off in places where they shouldn’t be. So when this photo above popped up on my tumblr feed a few days ago I was very impressed. For those of you that haven’t been to Sydney or seen the harbour, this shot has been taken in a very public spot on the harbour with lots of restaurants and bars, and lots of foot traffic very close by. I’d love to know what the circumstances around this shot were.

Luke Casey – naked.

Luke Casey is an up-and-coming AFL (Australian Football League) player who does some modeling on the side. Even Buzzfeed is getting on board with his instagram and modeling pics. These nude images above are allegedly him too. It looks pretty close but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe I’ll have to meed Luke to ask him to strip off and show me so I can compare the nudes with the real thing?

Croatian bliss

Sailing nude through Croatia had been on my wishlist for a few years and thankfully, it lived up to the expectations.

Day one was the meet and greet, shopping day. We set sail the next day around lunch time and the magic moments started not long after. That afternoon some guys were having a nap down in the cabins when our skipper slowed the boat right down and tied a buoy to a long rope and about five of us jumped in and were towed behind the boat, naked hanging on to the rope.

The rest of the week was full of laughs, drinks, great food and a lot of nudity. As expected there were people on the trip that I got on with better than others. There were a couple of guys who were quiet and a couple of really fun guys that kept everyone’s energy up with really great humour. Some nights we spent in quiet bays anchored alongside our other boat of guys and other nights we would be at Marinas in towns which gave us access to real showers and better toilets.

I would say that by boat is the best way to see Croatia. It’s a gorgeous country and the Dalmation coast is just beautiful. The water is cleaner than the Mediterranean but slightly cooler. The food is beautiful if more similar to Italian than I expected. Would I go back? Absolutely, but there’s too much of the world to see. Europe felt very comfortable to me and I want to see more and more of it. Naked of course.

Nude Europe

This holiday has only reaffirmed that Europe is leading the world in their attitudes towards nudity.

While we were sailing through Croatia, or swimming nude from a beach somewhere, the only time we got a shocked or tittilated reaction was from tourists. Any time locals went past us on the boat or beach they barely registered we were there. Nudity is just not a problem.

In Sitges it was even more apparent. It had been 13 years since I had been to Sitges and I remembered there was a nude beach in town but only up in one small section of the beach. My friend took me to that beach (he doesn’t get nude, so I didn’t with him) and I was surprised to see that there were clothed and nude people all mixed in together all over the beach. Families with kids playing in the water happily not giving a damn about the naked people sunning themselves or wandering around. Exactly as it should be.

Copenhagen was probably my favourite example of the attitude. It’s not illegal to be nude anywhere in Copenhagen and as a result it’s not unusual to see someone strip off beside the harbour right in town and jump in for a nude swim. We saw this on my first full day there being shown around by a friend. Three guys were going for a training bike ride. One of them stripped off and went for a dip while the others patiently waited. He climbed out as we walked past and just said hello. In the public swimming pool I went to, nudity is mandatory in the open showers and steam room there and no one gives a damn at all. I think Copenhagen is my spiritual home. I just need to find myself a nude Viking husband.

The photo on the left is me at a bathing pavilion in Copenhagen. The right is me at the beach in Sitges.

Coming out, being heard

Lachlan Beaton has caused more of a stir than I think he intended with his recent video telling of his struggles to accept his sexuality. Lachlan used to play Aussie Rules Football at Melbourne University and in this touching video details the pain and suffering he felt, that lots of us feel, when we realise we are gay and expect to be cast aside by friends and family should they find out.

The video has been shared on many sites and Lachlan has become a bit of a poster boy for the fight for Marriage Equality here after he followed up with a beautifully written Open Letter to our Prime Minister, The Dishonourable Backward-thinking Tony Abbott.

The video is worth the watch and the open letter is definitely worth reading. Lachlan isn’t specifically focused on being able to get married, but rather sending a message to people struggling that they are equal, loved and ok.

Naked in Bangkok

The first stop on my trip was Bangkok. I arrived in the late afternoon and by the time I got to my hotel I knew I didn’t have the time to really explore the city as the hotel was quite a long way out of the city so I focused my energy on finding a new Japanese-style onsen that I’d read about.

It took a while to find it after an hours cab ride and then another ride on the back of as motorbike taxi but find it I did.

The Yunomori Onsen is a beautiful modern version of an onsen with baths in various temperatures plus steam room, sauna and chillout areas to be enjoyed after you scrub yourself clean,

Most of the clients are Asian which was always going to be the case. There were a few of us Caucasians in the mix and most people were carrying their little towel in front of them for a hint of modesty but I only saw one guy that seemed determined to cover himself.

After a long flight it was a great way to relax.

How to Onsen from Leslie Marsh on Vimeo.

Good to be home

I am back in the country and fighting off the jet lag. My plan landed in Sydney this morning at 7am and I’m all unpacked and the washing is mostly done. Sadly Sydney is not as warm as Europe was.

There will be full recaps of the holiday over the week but I have had an amazing time away and luckily it wasn’t one of those holidays that went by in a flash. It feels like I was gone for ages and I am very glad about that. There was lots of nudity, as expected on this trip but it had lots of other magical moments with friends both old and new.

These are a few photos of me. One from Croatia in bed having a nap with one of the other guys on the boat. The skipper took this shot and sent it to me later. Mine is the enormous looking arse on the right. The next shot is me on Playas Del Balmins in Sitges in Spain relaxing a LOT. The last one is when I was about to dive into the chilly water of a canal in Copenhagen. Those Danes really know how to do nudity. More on that later.

A bit more Nathan

I’ve had a chance to go through some more of the photos of Nathan and edited a few more to share with you. Nathan was very popular when I posted his images a few weeks ago so I hope this keeps you entertained while I’m away. When this goes live I’m not sure where I’ll be but I can guarantee I’ll be hoping to be as nude as Nathan is in these photos.

A bit of an update


At the moment I’m two weeks into my holiday, tanned, relaxed and loving it.

The Saltyboys sailing trip through Croatia was exactly what I needed. Joan’s style of being a tour guide is very laid back. The only time there was any urgency was when we needed to make mooring bookings etc but the rest of the time nothing fazes him as all.

The trip was full of lively banter as 19 guys got to know each other, fuelled by lazy on-deck beers in the sun. We weren’t nude the whole time but there was ample nudity and I now have a great tan to prove it.

I can’t recommend Croatia enough. It’s gorgeous. The locals are friendly and it was only the tourists who ever batted an eyelid at two yachts full of nude men.image

Simple and beautiful

This is just a short video that I found online last week and thought I’d share. It’s just two beautiful surfers, one male one female, running down the sand to the surf and going for a surf, nude. Black and white works beautifully with this video and the music is right.

For me there is something really beautiful about surfers bodies. They are usually toned and athletic without looking like they just lift heavy things up and down. They move gracefully and have a litheness that really appeals. To be fair, I think a lot of bodies look great when they are wet so this guy, Jay Button is never going to be anything but hot for me.

If We Die Tomorrow 0.1 from Lagoon on Vimeo.

Finally the time has come!

Today was my last day at work before my big adventure tomorrow. It seems like so long ago that I booked the flights which was seven months ago but on the other hand it feels like it’s arrived so quickly.

My bag is packed and I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be. I have a European SIM card and all the details I can handle. I’ve even packed swimwear just in case my mate in Sitges, Spain joins me at the beach and doesn’t want to do a nude beach. Let’s see if we can convert him.

It was two years ago that I had my last big international adventure to Burning Man with friends. Europe feels like it’s going to be even more amazing and nourishing for the soul. My sense of adventure needs a good workout. I’ve been in a rut and it’s time to shake that off.

I may schedule one or two posts to happen while I’m away but I’ll be largely silent on the blog while I’m away gathering stories and experiences to share when I get back. Thanks for all the lovely emails and well-wishes. I’ll catch you when I’m tanned and relaxed!

Modelicious Michael

Paul Reitz is a photographer that I’ve admired for a few years now. His guys are hot, his lighting is great and the shots aren’t so typical of the hot men genre. I was watching the Bruce Weber video below the other day and there was a male model in it was wandering around in a bunny outfit, sadly way too covered for my taste but he grabbed my attention anyway.

After a little research I found out his name was Michael Heverly and the photos above are Michael captured by the talented Paul Reitz. Generally speaking I’m not into long hair on guys but every now and then there’s a guy that knows how to wear it really well. Michael seems to be very much one of those guys. It’s the blonde surfer boy hair and lean athletic body that I really like. It takes me back to the surfers I used to watch at the beach and not know why I was watching them so intently.

I hope we get to see a bit more (or a lot more) of Michael.

"Hush Lil' Baby, Don't You Cry" feat. Kate Upton from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

The end of the challenge

As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, the fitness challenge has now ended for this round. Unfortunately two of the guys seem to have dropped off and I know a lot of the guys really struggled with motivation and feeling like they weren’t getting the results that they’d hoped for.

Sam and Dermott are the only two challengers that have sent in an “after” shot. Sam has made the most progress losing a few more kilograms in the last month alone. He’s lost a few inches from his waist measurement overall and, while he knows there is still work to be done he’s feeling a lot better.

Dermott is also feeling good about where he’s at. He said he’s been struggling to book sessions with his nude personal trainer as he’s been too booked up now sadly.

I hope that the guys got something out of it even if it wasn’t quite as much as they planned.

I wonder

This week the organiser of our sailing trip sent us all an email with directions to the meeting point and a run down of what will be happening. The email had everyone’s email addresses visible so that we could network and say hi if we needed to. One couple were the first to message and at the end of their email was something along the lines of “We’re both very open-minded. I don’t know what the rules of our sailboat will be but there’s no reason for people to be shy around us. Take off your clothes and do what you like!”

I have no problems with this at all and I’m open minded as well but it got me thinking about whether people are expecting this to be a very sexually oriented trip. I am not a prude in the slightest and if someone starts fooling around I have no issue with that at all as long as there is consideration and respect for those around them. It would surprise me if some shenanigans didn’t happen.

From time to time as a gay man you hear “Stop being so uptight. We are all guys let’s just do what comes naturally.” Sure if it’s consensual and both parties are willing but I’ve heard that more often than not after saying I’m not interested. Just because we are all gay men doesn’t automatically guarantee I’m interested. There is a little matter of personal taste, attraction, chemistry, respect and situation to factor in. If a couple gets horny over the dinner table I’ll probably take issue with it.

It will be interesting to see the dynamics at play.