Not normal enough

In the past week or so I’ve posted about sexual behaviour at a nudist event on Saturday night and about sexual behaviour causing problems at a nude beach.

I completely understand that sex is a very natural part of life and I don’t by any stretch believe that sex and nudity are always separate. But I’m curious as to why the connection between nudity and sex is so immediate? When I was in Berlin and went to a lake surrounded by nudists sunbathing and swimming in the middle of a forest, a location that would have been perfect for cruising if it was here in Sydney, there was not a trace of sexual behaviour.

It was the same at the mix gender sauna with literally hundreds of people sharing baths, saunas, pools, steam rooms and even locker/change rooms with no sexual behaviour at all.

As a friend pointed out, it’s just not normal enough here. Sure we have nude beaches and there are probably hundreds of thousands of nudists in Australia but it’s just not normalised the way it is in places like Germany, the birthplace of modern nudism.

Communal showers are all but gone, no P.E. classes shower after class anymore and everyone thinks it’s weird to be comfortable nude. Let’s take a leaf out of the German’s book and drop the pants.

Sailing Croatia from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

There’s always one

At the nude party on Saturday night I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of guys there. Unlike last time I went many years ago there were guys of all ages there.

What wasn’t a surprise was the behaviour of some of the guys. The host designates a single area for shenanigans that is out of the way of everyone else who isn’t partaking. Some guys didn’t really respect that and while it wasn’t full on it wasn’t ideal.

There was one guy there who I’d met several years ago at the other event who back then couldn’t seem to get into his head that I wasn’t interested. On Saturday night he was leering at people as he wandered around. At one point we were all in the shallow end of the pool which was a bit crowded. He walked past behind my friend and had plenty of room but for some reason felt it necessary to drag his big cock right across my friend’s shoulder as he went past. That sort of thing just pisses me off. It’s just not appropriate.

Before anyone comments that it was probably just accidental, it clearly wasn’t. There was a foot of space behind him and it was very deliberate.

Giving it another go

Several years ago I went to a party held by the Sydney Gay Nudist group called Sunboys. It was known by another name at the time. It was at a large private home and I didn’t know the guys well that I went with. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the experience. The party was skewed to a much older crowd and it felt like a large portion of them were just waiting for sex to kick off.

A number of my friends have been in the last couple of years to their parties and say they have really enjoyed them. Apparently they have managed to attract a younger crowd as well as the older guys that make up the staple of nudist events.

So tonight a group of us are going to another one of the parties, being held at the same place I went to years ago. Let’s see how it goes. At the very least, with a group of friends I’ll have people to chat to.

That’s equality

In the 18 years since I came out to my family, every now and then I’ve been a little put out that my mother never asks if I’m seeing someone or how things are going. Then I realise, she doesn’t do that with anyone.

My mum is pretty old school. She has very strong opinions about things but she keeps them to herself. She’s not one to make waves nor is she one to air her dirty laundry. Last night I was chatting to her and they are off to my cousin’s wedding and they are sharing a house with some family friends. One of those friends is a woman who is just a few years younger than my parents, so late 60’s. My mother referred to her partner as her “friend” John.

It was then that I realised that not only does she not ask me about my private life, she doesn’t ask my happily married sister, nor anyone. She is no doubt assuming that the family friend and her “friend” are a couple but it’s none of her business as to the nature of the relationship or what to call it.

It’s about as equal as you can get really. Treat everyone the same and I’m fine with that.

I beg your pardon?

Not too long ago an acquaintance sent me a text message saying “I’ve just been watching porn and saw you. When did you do that?” Um, I beg your pardon?

My mind started racing. Like a lot of people I’ve filmed some home made bits and pieces and I’m probably not as judicious as I should be when it comes to sharing some of the images I’ve taken. Had someone I’d shared a short video with shared something online or had one of my fellow “performers” posted something? It was unlikely I thought.

With baited breath the acquaintance went off to find a screenshot from the porno. It turns out it is a guy who lives or lived in Sydney and was in the porno I did some photography on many years ago but it wasn’t me and in my opinion the only similarity was skin colouring and a scruffy unshaven look. It wasn’t me.

It just goes to show, when you put something out there it can always come back. If I did porn I wouldn’t be ashamed but you have to expect that someone will see it.

Just a little slice

There is a small stretch of beach several hours north of Sydney, just out of Byron Bay that is causing some controversy. There have been problems with sexual assault in the dunes behind the nude beach and people want to revoke the nudist status of the beach because as we all know non-nudists associate nudism with sexual behaviour. Now there is the undeniable fact that there is usually an area where men hook up near every nude beach.

Someone I know on Facebook was saying that there aren’t enough nudists to make it a big deal, just let the beach go and all nude beaches should be privately run beaches. REALLY? There are literally tens of thousands of kilometres of beach in Australia and we can’t just have a few small slices of that set aside for nudists?

Sure, I’ve misbehaved plenty of times at nude beaches but as another friend pointed out, people have sex in all sorts of places they aren’t supposed to. Why not crack down on the sexual assault and other inappropriate behaviour that is causing the problems and let the nudists have their space?

I’m getting very sick of arguments on all sorts of topics where someone doesn’t see something as important to preserve just because it’s not important to them.

Stunts from Christian P. on Vimeo.

That time of the year

Well, once again, I’ve aged another year. I thought my contract said this wasn’t supposed to happen. This morning at 6am, 7th October I turned 44.

At 9am my model arrived to do an erotic shoot for Qama Magazine edition three. As usual I hadn’t slept particularly well which always happens before a shoot and especially since I haven’t done one for a few months. Thankfully David is so easy to work with and had exactly the right look for this shoot.

It will be sometime in November that the magazine is released and the images have a lot of work to be done on them as the concept is one that requires a lot of photoshop trickery but the base images are exactly what I needed so that is a great start.

Tonight I’ll be having a dinner party with a bunch of good friends and if our usual evenings are anything to go by, lots of laughs, delicious food and probably too much wine will be enjoyed. Perfect. Tomorrow I’ll feel every one of my 44 years plus a few extra.

Where’s the middle ground?

In the past I’ve contemplated in running classes on how to take a good photo of your dick. After seeing many many photos from really unflattering angles and even where it’s pointing straight at the camera (hint: it looks like a fleshy coin with a tiny hole) I was wondering how at all these people thought it was their best angle.Some of these guys had much nicer than anticipated members when I saw a different angle or I saw it in the flesh.

More recently I’ve been misled in the other direction just as often. I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I’m quite partial to admiring some generously proportioned equipment. I don’t exclusively play in monster section of the toy department but those guys are fun to look at and meet occasionally. 99% of the time I’m more than content playing in the regular section. Lately I have discovered some guys that seem to have found their angle. What looks very nice in the photo can turn out to be a little (pun intended) underwhelming.

Most of the photos I’ve been sent online seem to fit either of the categories, flattering or not at all but I want to know where is the middle ground? Where are the photos where it looks good but not misleading? Maybe those classes are needed after all.

Has he changed?

The marriage equality postal vote that is wasting $122 Million dollars here in Australia has brought up a lot of emotion in a lot of people, me being one of them.

There’s been a lot of discussion about #theygetavote in reference to everyone that’s ever bullied, beaten or abused the LGBT community being able to have a say in my status in society which doesn’t seem fair. The last week or so I’ve been thinking back to a guy that used to call me a faggot back in High School. Now I’m not really calling it bullying because it never caused any lasting hurt. I was just the easy target being the guy that hung around with the girls and had nothing in common with all the football playing guys.

This guy is now strangely, a friend on Facebook and has been for a while. I have no memory of how that happened but it did. Part of me is really curious to know how he is voting in the vote. I could message him on Facebook and ask the question but what will it achieve? As yet I’m not sure if I will. You never know.

So much anger

Getting home from work today I checked Scruff and had a woof from someone local. I sent a message saying thanks for the Woof. He said “no worries” then because I didn’t get back straight away apparently I unleashed the inner demons from hell.

Essentially he called me a wanker for not responding quick enough and when I called him out on it he said the message was for someone else “lol”. I responded that I wasn’t sure I believed him but wished him well in whatever he is looking for. He then replied with “Not sure you’re not a cock head” and blocked me.

What on earth happens to someone that they respond so aggressively to a thank you message? We’ve all been rejected or just not had a response but damn, calm down mate. It’s Scruff.

naked oil wrestling at Burning Man 2016 from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Never thought I’d see it.

I may not have come out til I was 25 but it was obvious to everyone that I wasn’t your usual butch boy. I definitely wasn’t a football loving kinda kid. Being around a big group of straight men still intimidates me.

Growing up there were a few things I never thought I’d see in my life but one by one they’ve happened. Apartheid was still in force in South Africa and I thought that would never change even though the rest of the world knew that was wrong. It was the same with the Berlin Wall yet that came down too.

Gay Marriage has become a reality in a much shorter timeline than I ever imagined. Even as a teenager in denial I didn’t even think it was a possibility but now in Australia we are having a public opinion poll on changing the laws.

Yesterday, after a controversy about the situation, Macklemore performed Same Love in front of 80,000 football fans, complete with rainbow smoke cannons to enormous support. This is something I never ever thought I’d see. I only watched the football Grand Final because of this situation and I actually cried. It shows just how far we have come. With conservative politicians saying the song was “ramming the gay agenda down the throats of the public” and shouldn’t have been played, the song went .back to number one and Macklemore has pledged to donate his earnings from the Australian sales of the song to the Equality campaign.

I’m still stunned and so happy

Day one!

About ten days ago I was at dinner with a friend who is an avid photographer and we committed to a photography challenge. It’s the first of October and we are going to post a photo every day for October using the hashtag #ShotTober and/or #Photober.

The challenge is essentially to find something in your every day that is beautiful. It will force all of us participating to look at our day to day routine in a different way which is always a good thing. I have a bit of an advantage at the moment since I am not working full time so there are opportunities to get out and explore new places.

It doesn’t sound like a big commitment to take a single photo every day but making the time to give it some thought as well as the processing the photo afterwards and post it. Some of them could happen late at night. Let’s see how this goes.

The photo above is not my official photo for the day. Just a shot I’ve taken having my morning coffee this morning while my housemate is out of town.

Perfect day to be funemployed

At one stage it was looking like I was going to be working today but that didn’t happen. To be honest I need to ramp up the hunt for work and/or to build up some clients of my own but on a glorious day like this it was a great day to hit the beach.

I’d been house and dog sitting for my sister for a few days and that is on the north side of the harbour. Also on that side of the harbour is Obelisk nude beach which I hadn’t been to in a while so it was a perfect opportunity to get my gear off over there.

It was also a great coincidence that a friend who is living overseas is in town visiting his family so we hung out wang out in the sun together for a few hours.

Now, this weekend is a long weekend here in Sydney and I have lunches etc planned with family, friends and possibly an excursion to the Royal National Park on Sunday. You could say that Funemployment is quite enjoyable. If only I was rich.

It seems to be a rule

As the world gets more and more prudish in some ways, the disappearance of open showers at gyms for instance, it would seem that tv shows are trying their hardest to go the other way. Dating shows in particular.

If you watch any of the versions of Dating Naked, or Adam Seeks Eve, around the world and especially in Europe you’d be forgiven for thinking they have a rule about having a ridiculous body but absolutely no body hair whatsoever. I’m seriously not complaining. It’s a look I quite like.

The Dutch or Danish version (I can’t remember which) has had some guys with regular bodies but still no body hair as a general rule.

I have to say, if I was going to go on dates naked on television I’d probably embark on an intense workout regime and I would probably do some serious grooming as well. Having said that, there’s no way I’d date on tv at all, let alone nude, but I would totally date nude.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #37

In a world that is increasingly “connected” by social media there is possibly an oversupply of communication in the world. Sometimes it’s best to just strip that back and do away with words.

Why communicate with clumsy words when a picture is worth a thousand of them? If one picture is worth a thousand words, surely an album of photos is worth many, many thousands. It seems so unnecessary to write a message when you can just sent dick pics.

Whether or not the recipient has asked for them or not, a bunch of photos, the more gynaecological the better, will serve as the perfect ice breaker. Goodness knows, fourteen photos of the groins of a couple says pure romance to me.