Pure sex, unhinged!

Sydney Festival rolls around each year and is filled with arts, performances and a huge number of events. For the third year in a row I’ve been to see a show called Limbo which has evolved and changed each year that I’ve seen it. This year it’s called Limbo Unhinged. Most of the cast is new apart from the incredible Heather. Her Cheeky smirk belies an amazing talent for sword swallowing which has everyone in awe.

Each and every one of the cast is amazingly skilled and it’s one of the best circus shows of it’ kind that I’ve seen. From a very cool straps routine, tap dancing, a breath taking doubles Chinese pole routine, to acrobalance and hand balancing and my favourite an act where three of the cast are swaying above the crowd with just their legs strapped to the top of poles.

It doesn’t hurt that the cast are all sexy as hell. There isn’t a cast member who isn’t gorgeous. I may be gay but Heather has such a beautiful sexy, cheeky vibe that you are instantly charmed by her. The guys are all stunning and conveniently perform largely shirtless or even wearing less. I think my favourite was Remi who provides a lot of the comedy in the show and lots of the skin.

Seriously thought it is hard to single out any of the cast because they are all brilliant. If the show is coming to an area near you, go and see it!

He’s a living statue!

It has been a few weeks since I put up a digital download for sale so last night I put up “Living Statue” from my second photo shoot with Jorge. The photo shoot was in the studio and saw Jorge covered in clay. Why? Well when you look at Jorge’s body it already looks like it’s carved from stone and having painted him in clay, it’s as firm as stone too.

Jorge is a great model to work with. His cheeky sense of humour and relaxed attitude is something to be appreciated on a shoot. He brings a great energy to the shoot and of course he looks amazing.

So, if you are inclined, head on over to my shop and download Living Statue the 38 page pdf full of images of the gorgeous Jorge, most of which have never been published. While you’re there you can buy the other downloads or a beautiful print at the same time.

It’s about time

This Friday, Kylie Minogue releases the first song from her upcoming 14th album, not including remix albums or best-of albums. Her last album, Kiss Me Once, was a bit disappointing and that was four years ago.

“Dancing” is to be the first single from the upcoming album “Golden” which some media are touting to be a “country” album. She has definitely done some recording in Nashville and I’m sure that will have an influence but Kylie is not a country artist and she would be mad to go country. I have heard Dancing and yes, there is some acoustic guitar in it but thankfully it is a catchy song that has a real summer vibe to it.

Fingers crossed for a great album and let’s pray that her new management get the release right. Her last label/management didn’t do that well at all.

In the mean time here is one of my old favourites of hers from 27 years ago. That’s right, 1991. She still looks as good too.

So frustrating

I’ve just had dinner with a friend who is in the process of trying to get permanent residency. He’s been here for a year and wants to stay. Sadly he’s finding it very difficult and a part of the process has just been denied which means he has to find an alternative way to stay.

While I love that Australia is fairly strict with it’s immigration laws I think we need to rethink some parts of our approach. We have people in desperate need of safety being told they will never be settled here, even with valid refugee status because they tried to get here by boat. If that is the only way they can escape the danger they are fleeing, why punish them?

My friend has held down a professional job and not even remotely hinted at scamming the system to stay or not pay his way. His English language skills are better than some people born and raised here as “proper Aussies”. It seems highly unfair that he is struggling to stay when people with far less to contribute to society get to stay because of family ties.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Naked surfing contest in Sydney from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

In the jungle

A few days into the new year I woke up early for a photo shoot. Less than a week before I’d had to cancel one with the lovely Timothy (previously here and here) due to rubbish weather.

Once again the weather looked awful. I went and collected Myles before we went to collect Lucas. Lucas was running a little late so Myles and I grabbed coffees before heading up to see if Lucas was ready. I was pretty much ready to call it off and Myles really didn’t seem keen because of the weather but Lucas was really keen and boy am I glad he was. By the time we drove to the National Park the weather was improving and by the time we walked down to the location I had planned on the lighting couldn’t have actually been better.

The sun was burning through the haze a little and it meant there were no hard shadows. Beautiful soft light filled the clearing which had huge fallen trees and palm fronds everywhere.

Myles had never done a nude shoot before and was a little bit nervous but did a great job. This is now the fifth time that I’ve worked with Lucas and while it was a long day, I’m really happy with the results. I’ll definitely be putting together a booklet to sell as a download at some stage soon.

A different perspective

Is it just me or do other people get caught out by a comment from a friend who offers an insight about how the rest of the world sees you?

It’s no surprise to me that at times my perspective on how I’m perceived is a little different to those around me. This morning I was at breakfast with some good mates of mine and one of them commented how different he thinks I am now compared to when he met me just over four years ago.

Apparently back then I came across as quite serious and a bit negative. That kind of shook me up a bit to hear. I know that some of the gay world sees me as no fun because I don’t go out taking copious amounts of party drugs and having tonnes of random sex. Interestingly though he says that these days I seem much happier, healthier and a lot more content.

I guess in some ways that’s true. The epiphany I had last year when I realised I’m actually fairly comfortable being single has done wonders. Sure there are times when I still miss intimacy and cuddles but there is also very little I can do about that apart from just getting on and enjoying life. They do say you’ll never be happy with anyone else if you aren’t happy with yourself after all.

It’s nice that people are seeing positive changes in my demeanour but it came as a bit of a surprise that they saw me in a completely different light to how I see myself a few years ago.

A new dynamic

Every time we put ourselves in a new situation it takes a while to suss out the new dynamics of the environment. I’m finding myself adapting to two new environments at the moment. My new work environment which I’m really enjoying. Starting somewhere new at this time of year means that it’s not a stressful start. I do hope it gets a bit more busy over the next few weeks.

The other new environment is the new gym I’m going to. Once again I’m really enjoying it but it’s a very different dynamic to my previous gym. It’s a much more straight feeling gym than the old one but interestingly it does seem like there is a bit more nudity in the locker room.

To try and make the most of the new gym motivation I’ve bought an 8 week bodyweight transformation workout program which I will start on Monday. It looks like it might kill me but it could also make me feel great. Let’s see.

What is it?

After a bit of an anonymous encounter in the bushes next to the nude beach last weekend, I have a question. The man in question, and others I’ve played with in the past, kept trying to face fuck me. Now I’m quite partial to some oral sex but I hate it when people try and fuck the back of my head out.

What is it about someone that they like to see someone choking on their cock? I’ve said it before but I prefer that both parties are enjoying the things that are happening. There is a lot of porn out there both straight and gay where the “submissive” partner is choking and crying while the top mercilessly uses their throat, or other orifices, regardless to their partner’s fun. Why?

Who the hell gets off on someone suffering? Or who is happy getting off without a care for the pleasure of the person they are with?

Note to anyone I might hook up with. If you throat fuck me, or try to, I will either bite you or send you on your way. Just don’t.

Under my skin

Why is it that some people affect you more than others? Over the years I’ve been on plenty of dates with guys and the vast majority have ended up nothing more than an entertaining dinner party story.

About 4 months ago I went on a handful of dates with a guy and it went really well. I have blogged about it in the past. In the end it didn’t go anywhere and he ended up ghosting me for a while. A couple of months later I ran into him and it left me shaken for a day. That was when he apologised for ghosting me. A few days before Christmas I finally got a long text explaining why he’d ghosted me. Again, I was left feeling a bit shaken for a day or two.

Why is it that some people get under your skin and make you want them or want to please them so much more than others do? I’m not sure he is interested in ever catching up again and 95% of me is fine with that. Sometimes these things just aren’t mean to be. That other 5% is still hoping for something to work out.

Is it chemical? Is it that for someone like me, they make me feel safe and I know they won’t cheat? Does anyone ever have the answer?

The 2017 Playlist… done

For about the last 6 years I’ve created a playlist in my iTunes at the start of the year and throughout the year I add songs that I really like. By the end of the year I end up with almost my soundtrack to the year.

It felt like it took a while to get going with 2017’s list but by the end of the year I had 25 songs. I was a bit nervous that there weren’t going to be any Kylie songs on there which would have been a first, but then she provided the vocals on “Still feels like the first time” by Zoot Woman. If I’m honest it wouldn’t have made the list if it weren’t for the Kylie factor.

The surprise for me was including two songs by Baker Boy, an aboriginal hip hop artist from here in Australia. I’m not normally a hip hop/rap fan but he doesn’t have that arrogance, rapping about money and how awesome he is. Instead he’s got really infectious rhythms that make me want to dance and he also raps in a combination of English and native language.

I’m sure none of you really care about the full playlist but if you want to know what it is, email me or comment asking on the Facebook page (still haven’t fixed comments here yet).

Not helpful

This morning I found a comment on my photography Instagram page on a photo of Anderson. I don’t think the particular shot in question is one of my best but I posted it because it didn’t need censoring and it’s hardly my worst effort. A guy whose Instagram is @differentkindofgay posted “Gay stereotype. #soulless”

That is so far from the truth. There is no exaggerated bulge in expensive swimwear, nor has it hasn’t been airbrushed or retouched into oblivion.

Of course I took myself off to his page to see his content trying to find enlightenment. It’s full of text based images about being  “truly happy” gay man. It’s very much against any form of gay cliche like muscle boys, dance parties, unattainable bodies etc. To be honest I like his message that there is more out there to being a gay man than a six pack, dance parties and anonymous sex. I also want to find monogamy and I don’t go out clubbing.

What is he going to achieve by posting troll-style comments on photography that actually isn’t anything like what he’s railing against?


For the past week I’ve been house and dog sitting at my sister’s place. Now she and the family are back from their week away and I’m staying with them for another week while my housemate’s brother and sister-in-law are staying in my room.

Unlike my housemate who doesn’t seem to care how much he inconveniences me, I’m so very very aware that I’m in my sister’s and her family’s house. Last week while I had the house to myself I was walking around nude and doing pretty much what I wanted. Now it’s back to pants on and no masturbating on the lounge.


I’m getting behind on editing some photo shoots. Several weeks ago I finally got around to photographing the gorgeous Anderson, a young Brazilian in Sydney, after a few months of talking about it.

It was a very gloomy morning when we did the shoot and there are some images that I still need to edit as I need to do some photoshop work to get all the elements in. Anderson’s shoot was one I was doing with some origami in it.

Like a lot of gay men, Anderson is very hard on himself and doesn’t think he’s very attractive which is a bit sad because clearly he is an attractive man. Thankfully he was willing to do the shoot and as you can see he has nothing to worry about. He looks great.

A time for change

It’s no secret here in the land of Aussielicious that I go through extensive periods of gym apathy. The branch of Fitness First that is near my house is being managed really badly. There is no one allocated to make sure weights get put back in the right spot and there is a culture that has developed where the clients don’t put them in the right spot or even close either.

There were no branches of Fitness First near my old workplace so the one near home was the only option. Starting next Monday I will be working just down the road from a different branch of the gym and there is another one nearby as well.

Maybe a change of environment and scenery will help my motivation. A bunch of new um, faces to look at won’t hurt at all and I’m pretty sure that if I can find the dumbbells I want without having to look behind every machine I’ll be much happier.

Happy Nude Year

Happy New Year to all you lovely Aussielicious readers. Some of you have been reading since the very beginning 12 years ago and I’m very appreciative of that.

Looking ahead for 2018 I’m hoping for a couple of changes in the near future. Firstly and most importantly I need to sort out the work situation. Starting in a week I have a month of freelancing work that has a chance of going permanent and having already done a couple of days in this office it is definitely a good bunch of people and a place I’d be happy to work.

The next item on the agenda is a new place to live. I have put up with quite a lot living with my current housemate and I’m at my limit. Being asked to move out of my room for a couple of weeks to make room for his Brother and Sister-in-law has been the tipping point for me. A place in a similar area sharing with someone who doesn’t mind if I don’t bother with pants ever now and then would be ideal.

Something I have no real control over but would love to happen is maybe some romance. It would be a very pleasant change of pace to meet someone. Who knows if it will happen but I know I’d really enjoy it.