Do animals make you hotter?

People that have pets naturally have to be less selfish than those without. There’s all the walking, cleaning, picking up and looking after that comes with the joys of having a pet. Myself, I grew up in a dog family. While I never really did much apart from occasionally feeding and walking I did love those dogs.

Apart from teaching you compassion, selflessness and responsibility, is there another really good side effect of being an animal person? Can animals make you hot? Sure, there are medically proven examples of animals increasing your mental well being and looking after you as service animals but can you actually get prettier?

A couple of months ago I posted about US Animal Planet Vet, Evan Antin who looks like Superman but possibly even hotter. There is another example that I’m about to show you. I’ve been following this guy, Dean Schneider on instagram for a while. He’s a Swiss guy living in Africa working with animals. His instagram is full of him playing with lyons, monkeys, snakes and all sorts of creatures. He has a really playful, fun, energetic vibe about him and he’s also damed sexy.

I’ve recently discovered his youtube channel which has only had videos on it for 5 or 6 days now but they give a good example of him and his passion for animals. I wonder if he has a spare bed for visitors?

So fast

Having a nephew and a niece is a huge source of entertainment and pride for me. There will never be any children of my own and I’m totally fine with that but having a generation to see growing up and to play a small role in that is great.

Last year my niece had her first boyfriend starting when she was 13 but it never got at all serious and was all done and dusted in a few months. Thank goodness. My sister and her husband have done a great job raising smart, considerate kids that are pretty well behaved so I don’t think we have any teenage pregnancies or anything serious to worry about.

My nephew went on a first date with a girl on Sunday night and I was surprised to hear it. He’s 17 now but goes to an all boys high school so I was curious to know how he met her because I think the school only has limited contact with other schools. It turns out it was a thoroughly modern interaction and they met on Instagram. I’m not sure who slid into whose DM’s but it seems to have worked.

With the #metoo movement, and Harvey Weinstein being convicted today and confirmed as a horrible sexual predator I do get nervous about what guys might try with my niece or whether my nephew might ignorantly cross a line but as I said, they have been raised by good parents. You just have to give them the best guidance you can I guess. They grow up so fast!

There’s always Uncle B to give them advice and some good natured teasing.

What’s the T?

In the 20 years since I came out, the scene is a different place to what it was. Not all for the bad, we now have marriage equality, much stronger anti-discrimination laws and generally pretty good societal acceptance.

In 20 years though, the drugs have changed. I’ve tried my fairly modest share of party drugs but these days the drugs don’t stay on the dance floor. They’ve invaded the bedroom and not for the better. Sure there are lots of guys that will say they love some sex high on G but that’s not the biggest concern.

T, Meth, Tina, Crystal, Ice. Whatever you want to call it, it’s deadly and a huge number of gay men can’t actually have sex without it. It lowers your inhibitions and gives you a lot of freedom but with that false confidence comes reliance. There are guys out there that I’ve spoken to that haven’t had sober sex in over a decade. One young guy I’ve met recently discovered it’s liberating powers in a sex fuelled weekend. Due to a sexual assault and trauma a few years ago he is a top. On this recent weekend, high on meth he went to a sauna and got fucked by 11 guys.

If meth is so powerful that you go from a top who can’t emotionally bottom, to a pretty greedy bottom in the space of one night, then I’m going to say it’s not a safe drug. Are you thinking straight or making good choices if you are prepared to go that far against your normal self? I’d rather have a good wank than rely on such a dangerous, addictive and destructive drug.

With Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras this weekend, no doubt there are a lot of dubious life choices about to be made. Stay safe kids.

Midas Touch

Chris and Shon are back with the second instalment of the shoot we did back in early December. This time we took our inspiration from the story of Midas and his golden touch. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Midas was granted a wish and decided to wish for everything he touched to turn to gold. Sadly he didn’t think that through and it meant everything including his daughter.

Will this scenario with Chris exploring Shon’s beautiful body have a similar tragic ending? You’ll have to click here and buy the full download to see but I promise you, no one was harmed in the making of this sensual, tactile download.

Midas Touch does contain full frontal imagery.

A different perspective

A couple of weeks ago I asked people on my instagram story about whether they would use open showers at the gym if the gyms had them these days. Obviously most of my followers are more ok with nudity than others as overwhelmingly people voted yes.

There were some no votes however. Not many of the no voters followed up with a message saying why. One is a guy from Sydney that I have chatted to a bit and he, when I asked why he said no, said it was because he’s quite hung and people stare and it makes him feel self conscious.

With most of society fetishising huge cocks or wishing they had one it’s interesting to hear that someone might feel self conscious about actually having one. Being a very standard size guy in a lot of ways, height, shape, cock etc, I’m used to not being stared at because I fit expectations. I’ve often admired the courage of the guys at the nude beach who are over weight and/or have very small penises. I love that they don’t let it stop them enjoying the freedom of being nude but I’d always assumed that the guys with big cocks were confident about it.

Even porn stars who have huge cocks, when asked will usually say they love it and that even they want a little bit more. Is that just because the world says everyone wants a bigger dick?

In my mind I would love a big cock that swings around impressively on the beach, but in reality would I? I’ll never know but the response from my hung “no” voter gave me pause to think, maybe being super hung isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

What do I do?

Being in the business of photographing naked men, and some of them erotically, there are a lot of misconceptions about what I do. I’ve just spent a lovely evening catching up with a mate who also photographs beautiful men. We were chatting about the different bizarre messages we get from models and followers.

It’s been something I’ve known for a while that people assume that I have sex with all my models and that’s why I do what I do. Not the case at all. There are a couple of Sydney based photographers that I have heard can get a bit handsy and flirty with models and the models have to say no. One I’ve heard only does it so that he can hook up with models. While I admire the confidence I don’t condone the approach or the vibe at all.

After a conversation with my boss at my “real” job she floated a theory that has crossed my mind in the past already. That being potential romantic partners might be put off by my photography thinking that I only expect to date people that look the way my models do. Again, not the case at all. I wouldn’t want to date a model. Sure they are gorgeous but I have enough body hangups of my own without comparing myself to someone that looks like my models.

There isn’t much that would stop me doing photography and shooting beautiful male nudes. I do it for the creative pursuit and trying to create beautiful images. Sure, there is a pretty good benefit in having beautiful men get nude in front of my camera but a lot of the time I’m actually nervous about doing a good job and not wasting the opportunity to capture such beautiful specimens.

Fond flashbacks

As yet Australia doesn’t have a professional football player in any variety of football who is in first grade and an out gay or bi man. It’s a sad thing but not unusual in the world at large. What is unusual is that we did at one stage have an elite level Rugby League player who was out.

In 1995 a player called Ian Roberts, at the tail end of his career, confirmed what had been long rumoured, that he was gay. He retired shortly after but he was a great player and it was big news at the time. This was over 20 years before marriage equality finally came in to being.

Two or three years after him coming out and before my own coming out, I was living in a beach suburb of Sydney and was walking down the street and he was walking down the street too. The man was enormous. He was in his physical prime at about 30 years of age and he was just wearing some athletic shorts that could barely contain his thighs.

This weekend just past I was at the cafe downstairs from my apartment and he turned up with his long term partner and some friends and at the age of 54 now he looks pretty bloody great. He’s never been a pretty boy in the face but his body is still that of a much younger man and a bit more athletic than it was after his retirement when he got even bigger than when he was playing football.

Seeing him took me straight back to that day walking down the street when I was, in hindsight, already brewing on my sexuality and remembering how impressed I was at the physical perfection he was at the time.

When he came out he posed for Paul Freeman nude in a gay art magazine of the era. Sadly I can’t seem to find any of the more revealing photos online at the moment. They were beautiful photos and it looked like he was pretty much in proportion from memory.

Fight the funk

Over the past week or so I’ve been fighting off a funk. I’m feeling all flat and unmotivated, unattractive and unimportant. It’s really bloody frustrating. I have no idea where this has come from and hopefully the fog lifts as quickly as it’s arrived. It always does disappear but I just don’t want to feel like this for long.

Now I’m not saying I’m clinically depressed or anything. That would definitely undermine the seriousness of those people seriously suffering from depression. I’m just going through a flat phase.

On the weekend I largely kept to myself. There were outings for the gym and to do a photo shoot and to the cafe downstairs for a meal but other than that, I used my time to get things done. I edited the video that I shared last night for example. It’s only taken me 6 months of being back to get round to starting. Yesterday was a good opportunity.

Keeping physically active always helps. I’m about to get changed and head off to circus class in a bit. That always wears me out and gets frustrations out, or at least redirects them.

The Portugal Vlog

It would appear that I am a master at procrastinating. It would also appear that I didn’t do enough filming during my time in Portugal. Oh well. There was a bit of stress involved in my time in Portugal with missing luggage and petrol strikes, so I don’t think a vlog was forefront of my mind.

I have finally started editing the footage I got on the big trip to Europe last year and the first video is of Portugal. It’s only a short video but I hope you enjoy it.

I know I keep saying it but I really do enjoy making videos. It’s a bit daunting filming in public but I’ll work on getting over that.

Survived another one

There are so many reactions to Valentine’s Day and none of them are the “right” reaction. There are those couples that are very shouty on social media about how in love they are and even #blessed. Those are the ones I’m most cynical about because they are often the ones that are bitching and moaning about each other to their friends while presenting the Disney fantasy online.

There are the couples who just don’t celebrate it at all or make a token effort because we all realise that it’s actually just commercialism and marketing.

Single people who don’t give a rats about it are possibly in the easiest position. It costs them nothing and they just get on with their day, revelling in their singledom and going about their business.

Then there are those like me. While I know the day is a pile of marketing rubbish it’s the reminder that society tells you that to be truly happy you need to be in a relationship, that kinda sucks. I’m not enjoying my single status at the moment but that will pass and I’ll be back to enjoying the freedom afforded by that single status.

How did I celebrate Valentine’s? I watched a terrible new dating show on Netflix where complete strangers go on dates never seeing their date, but talking through a wall and only leaving the experiment when they propose to the person they have a good connection with. Why would I do that to myself? Partly because I just stumbled on it and it looked like good car crash tv and partly because I thought it would be a great reminder that even when I’m feeling the most lonely I’m not desperate enough to go on tv and propose to someone I’ve never seen.

That’s a surprise

Locker rooms are where a lot of us gay men found ourselves, as young boys, looking at men in fascination as they got undressed and took a shower. It’s almost a rite of passage but increasingly it’s a rare thing to find gyms with open communal showers. At least here in Australia and other places like the U.S. anyway.

In a conversation on the topic tonight we realised that it is slightly different at the public swimming pools. Those locker rooms still rarely have showers in cubicles. They might often have dividers but no doors or screens. It’s been a long time since gyms here in Australia have routinely had open showers and I think that’s a shame.

Today in an instagram story I started a poll about whether people would use open showers if that what their gym had. The results are probably skewed by my followers all at least being intrigued by nudity but I was very surprised that so far after 165+ votes the results are 94% yes, people would use the open showers. That’s a pleasant surprise. If so many people are comfortable with it, why have the gyms all moved towards private cubicles?

I maintain that if we all saw each other, us regular folks naked more often, there would be a lot less trouble with body image. As it stands we generally only see models and porn stars nude unless and that is not a realistic or healthy target to emulate. Nudity isn’t just for sex.

When good vloggers go…

There are so many vloggers out there these days and I have so much respect for those people out there that find there thing, hone their style and make a real go of it. In my few attempts at vlogging and running a youtube channel, I know it’s hard bloody work. Vlogging especially can be awkward, if you aren’t completely lacking in self-consciousness running around town talking into a camera is a bit odd.

Over the years that I’ve been watching youtube videos, vloggers have come and gone. One favourite, the Finnish Timo Wilderness just kind of stopped making videos which was a real shame. He had a beautiful, open hearted and slightly eccentric (or just Finnish) view of the world and promoted a really cool approach to the world.

Ben Brown was a great vlogger for a while, taking us all on amazing adventures around the world including one epic 13 day trip around the Arctic Circle on a Russian ice breaker. He’s back vlogging after a bit of a break but he has met a new girlfriend and completely changed. I’d even say he’s had a nervous breakdown. He’s all crazy ethereal hippy talk now and looks freaking stoned or wired the whole time. I had to unsubscribe.

One of the most reliable and incredible success stories of youtube over the past few years is Peter McKinnon. His photography and videography tutorials, his vlogs and just his videos in general are just superb quality. That’s how he’s amassed over 4 million subscribers in just a few years.

I have so many ideas for videos, it’s just so damn daunting to do them. Got to just pick up the camera and start I guess.

How does this work?

People watching is one of the best sports going around. If you are ever worried that you aren’t normal, just sit in a public space and watch, someone will do something so odd that you’ll feel immeasurably better about yourself in no time at all.

Restaurants are a great place for people watching. It’s like feeding time at the aquarium but for people. Fish don’t have to pretend they like each other or be witty or anything but people do.

At a friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday there was a table of 20-somethings next to us. Five guys and four girls. Like all true-blue Aussie men, they sat together and pretty much ignored their girlfriends who all sat together and pretty much ignored their boyfriends. I thought dating in the gay world was bad but in the straight world you aren’t even allowed to associate with the opposite sex at social functions unless you have your tongue down their throat?

How does this work? To be honest I’m stunned that the world has managed to perpetuate the species for so long.

It’s just a HOTEL ROOM

When a model comes to town from interstate, you have to take the chance while it’s there to work together and that’s just what happened with Rob. He was coming to Sydney for the weekend to catch up with friends and we squeezed in a quick shoot.

There was no elaborate concept. We just took advantage of the options available to us. Rob was staying in a nice little hotel room so that’s where we shot.

He, as you can clearly see is a sexy guy covered in a collection of very random tattoos, with some piercings and an brooding vibe that photographed really nicely.

If you want to see the whole shoot with Rob or buy any of the other downloads, click here. This is number 90 download! There are some loyal buyers out there who seem to have bought every single one.

Knocks you around

For a couple of days now I’ve been a bit under the weather. It’s nothing serious but there are a bunch of bugs going around. Of course, everyone is joking that it’s the Corona Virus but as I have said, that would be an immaculate infection since I’ve not been near anyone at risk.

I had Thursday off work and napped for a combined total of 4 hours and then went to bed early that night. Last night I slept for 10 hours and I’m still tired. Obviously there has been no gym for a couple of days. There is no point trying to push it while I’m sick.

It can be funny what you notice when you’re sick. When I wake up hung over, and I know I’m not the only one, I’m often more horny than normal. When I’m sick, like I am now, there is absolutely zero sex drive. That’s a good thing because I don’t think anyone needs to be in close proximity to me.

I have a friends 50th birthday dinner tonight so in the interests of good preparation I might actually go and have another nap now.