Another tie breaker is needed!

The voting on the Self Portrait Challenge has closed and we have a tie! With 43 votes each you all seemed to really like Mikael’s modest nude self portrait and Paul’s very layered contemplative self portrait. So we go to the polls again. I’m only giving you 5 days to vote on this one to decide the winner. I’d be happy to see either of these images win. Which ever of these two images that you decide should win, by popular vote will win a print of Peter’s winning portrait from the last challenge.

Which of these two do you prefer?

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Damn sexy Aussie

Once again People Magazine has named it’s Sexiest Man Alive and once again it’s an Aussie guy. Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR has taken out this year’s title beating out another Chris who was apparently quite a favourite with the public (me included) Chris Pratt. This year the title is all Hemsworth’s and rightly so. He comes across as a genuine knockabout Aussie guy living a great life with his wife and kids. How popular are those kids going to be at school having Thor for a dad?

Chris bared his gorgeous butt in the movie Rush a year or so ago but sadly made some comment that that would be it for on screen nudity. Shame. It seems a terrible waste to have that body and not show it off a lot more. Congratulations Chris.

A WHOLE lot of sexy

Following a bunch of photographers and models on instagram and on other sites means there is a constant stream of delicious eye candy primed to give me visual diabetes. Luke Austin is a very talented Aussie photographer now living and working in the U.S. and through his work (above) I’ve discovered one of those guys that just comes along every now and then that just completely does it for me. Clearly I know nothing about what he’s like in person but on a purely physical level he’s certainly doing a lot of good things for me.

As I’ve said before, I’m not usually one for a lot of tattoos on a guy but, maybe it’s because of his dark skin but they don’t worry me in the slightest. His name is Kevin Carnell and he’s a model living in the U.S. The photo on the bottom right was taken during his birthday celebrations in the Caribbean. The full length shot is available on his tumblr and from it I’m guessing that the lovely Mr Carnell is comfortable nude. A trait I hold dear.

Apart from the obviously ridiculously beautiful body, why is it that some guys just appeal so much and someone who may even look quite similar, can do so much less to turn you on?

Just being nasty

A guy I have known vaguely for about 5 years now is fairly vocal on social media about HIV Awareness in general and aiming to get people as educated as possible. It’s never been confirmed to me and I have no need to know, but I’m fairly certain from things I’ve seen him post that he is HIV Positive. Someone obviously has a grudge against him as a few weeks ago they decided to hack his page and post a status that was something along the lines of “I’m an HIV+ bareback slut” There was more to it but I can’t remember the wording and I don’t want to mislead.

The only thing that this person could possibly have hoped to achieve is to HIV Shame my friend. As I’ve said, my friend is very vocal on social media about HIV and while he doesn’t say he is positive, he certainly doesn’t try and tell anyone that he’s not. His HIV status, or anyone’s for that matter, is no one else’s business unless you are going to have sex. I can’t actually even guess as to why someone would choose to try and shame someone about their HIV status on social media. Was it someone who had been turned down by my friend? Was it someone who feels like he might have been exposed? I have no idea.

A person’s choice to disclose their status, their sexuality or even if they like the Kardashians (god forbid) is their own choice and it shouldn’t be taken from them. Thankfully my friend handled the situation very swiftly and cleanly without any of the drama that their shamer was no doubt hoping for.

The europeans show us how once more.

I’ve often lamented the lack of guys willing to try social nudity and moaned about the lack of models willing to go frontal. This video shows that Europe is still way ahead of Australia and the U.S. with a couple of mates happily being filmed nude jumping into the water from a building. They just don’t seem to care.

Last week I did have a pleasant surprise however when I put out a call on facebook for guys willing to pose full frontal. I’m hoping to secure a feature in a future edition of Dylan Rosser’s TMF Magazine and Dylan likes to feature full frontal as, let’s face it, it sells. Surprisingly, I had a few guys put up their hands to do it which is good as I need a variety of guys and images to showcase should the feature happen.

One guy that has put his hand up to do it is Nathan that I have already photographed for my Tribal series. He’s been featured on Themaleform recently in all his glory and he’s not shy. Nathan and I were talking about the shoot and because he’s already been on Themaleform he can’t be on there again so we are going to do a series of photographs that hopefully tell a bit of a story and the plan is to do a video to go with it. I’ve had the thought to do a video to go with a shoot for some time now. Not just a behind the scenes like I have on my vimeo page but a little mini movie featuring the model. Now I just need to get it all happening.

Naked jumps from F U T U R E on Vimeo.

Didn’t all go to plan

Sorry for the break in transmission folks. I don’t like to go so long without posting on the blog but things didn’t all go to plan this weekend. On Friday night I took off out to my friend’s property a few hours out of Sydney. On Saturday we did the Tough Mudder “race” which is a 20km course with 20 obstacles ranging from crawling under nets, to wading through mud, jumping off 5 metre high structures into water etc. One of our team was having problems with her ankles so we ended up walking 90% of the course which couldn’t be helped.

Then when I went to leave my friend’s property yesterday I asked him to have a listen to my car as it had started to make some noise. Turns out the timing belt was about to go and if it went while I was driving it would have cost more to fix than was reasonable for a car of that value and age. The car was towed away and I had to stay an extra night and miss today at work. Not all bad but a long day today was in order as my friend had lots of errands to do on his way back to Sydney so what is usually a three hour trip became a six hour trip. Such is the life of running a country property. It’s such a beautiful spot out there though so waking up there this morning was not exactly a hardship.

My mate and I decided that we are going to do another challenge similar to Tough Mudder that we’ve heard about. It’s not as long but has more obstacles which is what we enjoyed out of the event this weekend. It’s nearly a year away. Let’s see if I can squeeze in some training this time.

There are perks to these events. My god there were some fit hot men running around out there. The photo above of me after the race clearly proves that I was sore and tired and not one of the hot ones that appeared to do it easily.

About to book the trip

Yesterday I took myself off to the travel agent to check out the prices of flights to Europe for my planned adventure to Europe next year. I’m still waiting to hear how much time I can get off work for the trip from my boss but I’ve asked for 3.5 weeks so that I can spend a good amount of time with my friends in Sitges and then in Copenhagen afterwards. All of that is going to be after I go on my much dreamed about sailing trip around Croatia with Saltyboys. Sailing nude along the coast of Croatia will be fulfilling a dream of a nude sailing holiday that I’ve had for ages. I can’t wait.

At this stage I’m going on my own and will just meet whoever is on the trip when I get there but it would be nice to have a friend along. Sadly no one seems to be available or have the money.

Pick your favourite Self Portrait

The entries are in and it’s time to get your vote happening. Just to clarify, the four images I posted last night are NOT part of the competition. They are just really nice self portraits that I have found online.

As usual, when you are voting for your favourite entry, keep in mind the idea behind the challenge. Whoever wins the challenge will donate a print of their winning image to the winner of the next so it will be on the wall of a stranger. Keep in mind the overall visual appeal and creativity of the image and whatever makes you feel good. Click here to look at all the entries.

Above is a cheeky self portrait I posted to Instagram last night. My housemate is away so I took the opportunity to wander around nude. As I am now.

Vote for your favourite Self Portrait

  • 17 - Mikael (17%, 43 Votes)
  • 13 - Paul (17%, 43 Votes)
  • 1 - Curtis (17%, 41 Votes)
  • 5 - Leo (14%, 35 Votes)
  • 16 - Matt (11%, 27 Votes)
  • 7 - Bart (9%, 23 Votes)
  • 8 - Dave (2%, 6 Votes)
  • 12 - McGregory (2%, 5 Votes)
  • 3 - David (2%, 4 Votes)
  • 4 - Scott (1%, 3 Votes)
  • 15 - Dennis (1%, 3 Votes)
  • 14 - Rob (1%, 3 Votes)
  • 2 - Kelly (1%, 3 Votes)
  • 9 - Andreas (1%, 3 Votes)
  • 6 - Hiram (1%, 3 Votes)
  • 11 - Kent (0%, 1 Votes)
  • 10 - Mark (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 246

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Entries are now closed

The deadline for the self portrait challenge has come and gone and tomorrow evening I’ll be starting the voting process to determine the winner. There have been some stunning entries in this challenge as always. It’s fascinating to see how people choose to present themselves in a self portrait and I often wonder, if I don’t know them, how accurate it is.

To go with this post I’ve chosen a few nude self portraits that I like just to keep with the tone of the blog and the theme of the challenge. From left to right we have regular aussielicious contributor Hiram, then Lars Stephan. Next is the very famous but sadly long deceased Robert Mapplethorpe. This was one of his more modest self portraits. He famously shot a self portrait facing away from the camera wearing chaps and turning to look over his shoulder at the camera as he shoves the handle of a long bull whip up his arse. Lastly on this roll call of cool self portratists is the very pagan, sensual Mikel Marton.

So free!

I found this video today and I know I’ve posted over and over each year about THIS being the year that I finally go surfing nude, but this really made me want to go out there and do it. This guy just looks so free which is the feeling I got the first time I saw someone surfing nude. Surfers are always talking about how alive and free they feel when they surf. Add to that the freedom of being nude and it has to be a good experience right?

By now you’ll have noticed that in that first paragraph I was writing about a video and there’s no video on this post. That’s because when I went to write that post, tired after a long day, last night I realised that the video on youtube wouldn’t allow embedding. Then I found another one of a heavily tattoed older guy surfing free and loving it and thought I’d post that. Again, no luck. All the other nude surfing videos are really bad quality or I’ve shared them before so I opted for photos.

Maybe I’ll have to just finally get off my arse and go nude surfing and make a video myself. I’m not sure why people restrict sharing of their video even though it’s freely available to watch online. It seems a shame really. Both videos of two very different guys are cool short fun videos.

Loosen my grip

Tonight at circus class we had a different teacher as a fill in. It’s a guy that was a student in the school just a few years ago but has been travelling the world and spent a lot of time honing his circus skills to the point where he is now a very good aerialist. About the time he left the country I had a bit of a clash with him over something that happened with mutual friends. It occurred to me tonight clearly, and it’s been on my mind for a while now that I need to let go of other people’s hurts.

I’m quite a loyal friend and if someone messes with my friends then while I don’t go and fuck them up I don’t forget it and I don’t let it go. It’s time to loosen that grip. It first came to my attention that maybe my grip on a grudge was too tight a few years ago when I found out a friend was talking to someone that I thought he hated after the person had wronged him quite badly. My friend had moved on and let it go but I was still carrying around a big heavy bag of resentment and I wasn’t even the person that had been hurt.

I’ve also been holding on with a death grip to the hurt that the American guy I dated long distance 8 years ago left me with. It has become a barrier or a shield that stops anyone else getting close or me letting go and having the fun sex that I know I’m capable of. He probably barely thinks about me if he thinks about me at all but I still use him as a reason for all my insecurities. Sure he handed a lot of them to me but I’m a grown man, I can put them down.

This move of house already feels like a really good change for me and I’m planning on keeping the good changes happening.

Two nude self portraits

It looks like we’ve got a flurry of activity right at the last minute for the self portrait challenge with two beautiful nude self portraits coming in in the last 24 hours. First up is Matt who lives in Tennessee but was living in Florida when he took this photograph of himself after seeing the light pouring into his bathroom one morning filtered by the shower curtain. Sometimes taking a good photograph doesn’t need a lot of technology. Great work Matt.

Second up is Mikael, a lovely reader and facebook friend from Copenhagen who has taken a gorgeous, contemplative self portrait in soft lighting while he sits nude in a classic Danish designed chair by Arne Jacobsen. Both gorgeous shots. Are they the last to come in. It’s already deadline day here in Australia but you have until midnight on 9th wherever you live to get the shot to me.

Self portraits are still coming in!

There have been a couple more self portraits sent in for the challenge.

Rob has sent in this quirky image of himself wearing a fake mustache giving some good character face.

Dennis has sent in a shirtcocking shot at a beach somewhere in the world. Cheeky!

Nearly there.

I hate moving. Thankfully the process is nearly over. Tonight I will pick up the last few items from the old place and hand over the keys to my old flatmate to give to his new housemates. I now remember why I swore I would use a removalist next time I moved, but forgot for this time. After doing the bulk of the move on Saturday by myself with help moving the bigger items, in 38 degree (celsius) heat, then doing more trips all week, it’s an exhausting process that I’m going to be very glad to see the end of.

The new place is a very good change. The photos above were all taken within 100 metres of my front door. The streets are lined with Jacaranda trees and there is Jasmine growing everywhere. Both plants take me back to my childhood straight away and the area I’m living in has a great village atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to good things.

Two more self portrait challengers

There have been a couple more self portraits submitted in the last two days. With only a handful of days left to get your photos in these could be the last ones.

McGregory sent in this rather candid self portrait with a rather intriguing look on his face and his trousers open. Why not? Artists throughout the ages have portrayed themselves wearing less.

Capturing his days living in Sydney a few years ago is Paul with an absolutely gorgeous shot of himself. I can’t work out if he is reflected in the window through to the view or if the view is reflected looking through the window to him. There is such detail in this shot, even capturing the mesh of the fly screen on the window, all while giving the sense of daydreaming and thoughtfulness.