Is there a market?

Tumblr is a magical land where almost any fetish seems to be covered. Like most of the internet tumblr seems to be mostly about porn and who am I to complain? A few photos have popped up recently that have made me smile. These guys are all working nude. Sure, some are contrived for the photo but some appear to be for a dare or even just for a laugh.

One day I have a dream to run a little Bed & Breakfast somewhere quiet on a bit of land. When I stayed at Absolute Paradise B&B in Hawaii the guy that ran the place had a really good life and the idea of running something like that really appeals now. A gay clothing optional B&B with a handful of rooms, a pool and a bit of land would be bliss. If I had a bit of land and a pool and a decent sized house then I’d need some help with maintenance. A pool guy, a gardener and a cleaner would all come in handy and if I’m running a clothing optional B&B why shouldn’t they be nude too?

Just for a laugh I did a search on Sydney and San Francisco craigslist for nude services. It’s not surprising that 95% of them were sleazy guys looking for female models or ways to get off but there are actually a handful of legitimate nude house cleaners etc. I wonder how many people offer their “regular job” services with a nude twist?

Smooth sailing?

With my much anticipated holiday just 32 days away now my mind has been thinking of all the preparations, making sure accommodation is sorted, flights all organised, directions, what clothing I’ll take and all the other things that need to be done. One of the things that has crossed my mind if I’m going to be in a group of 20 gay men sailing nude for a week is what grooming I’ll do.

My legs are usually hairy and I keep my pubes trimmed pretty short and shave my balls. Other than that I’m naturally smooth anyway so I don’t need to worry about back hair etc. For this trip I’m thinking of going pretty much totally smooth. I’ve done it before and I like the feel of it. I know it’s not everyone’s taste. I saw a guy online the other day that said “men that shave should be arrested and shot.” which I personally think is a touch overboard. Are we still not at the point where people can do what makes them feel good without judging them for it? Apparently not.

Regardless, now that I’m a bit more toned than I was and feeling good I think pretty much smooth is the way I want to go.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #36

If you are one of the new breed of homosexuals who is devoted to the gym, #lifting #gains or getting #swole then you will know that if you don’t post selfies showing those #gains then you’ve wasted your time. Why is this? The reason is simple. If you are as devoted to your #lifting life as you should be then there is no other way of your friends knowing what is going on in your life unless they are chasing #gains with you. Why is this? Because you are only ever seen in the gym. The only photographs you post instagram are of yourself or your identical significant other who goes by #boyfriend online obviously.

If anyone else features on your instagram account with you then it must be a shoutout telling your followers to also check out your #lifting mate whose instagram handle must then be posted at least five times followed by the mandatory string of almost irrelevant hashtags. There will be no instagramming of sight-seeing, landmarks, non#lifting friends or other such trivialities because you will never find a #boyfriend if you don’t show him that you are #swole enough and devoted to your #lifting #gains.

True love isn’t measured by romantic dinners or nights spent on the lounge together. It’s measured by the bland chicken breast meals you prepare for the week together and your combined supplement budget. Oh and the occasional appearance on each other’s instagram. #love #lifting #swole #gains #muscle

Five weeks to go

Thankfully work has calmed down a bit at the moment and there’s no crazy late nights or running around like a crazy person trying to meet deadlines. It’s good to know my hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The art director told me today when I told him it was only 5 weeks to go that it was a “much deserved holiday” which was very nice to hear.

I caught up with my friends that are going on the sailing trip on Sunday for brunch and the next time we’ll catch up will be in Dubrovnik. It’s getting exciting now. Five weeks is tantalisingly close but also frustratingly far away. As Sydney gets cooler heading from Autumn to Winter at the end of next week, the thought of diving naked off a yacht into the blue waters off Croatia and sailing around with 19 other naked men is very appealing.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for a little on-board action too. Surely when you put that many gay men on a trip together something is bound to happen. Who knows if I’ll be lucky enough but I will be doing my best to not let my insecurities get in the way. A little holiday fling is always good, maybe a holiday romance?

Today’s Gymspiration

It’s only 36 days until I leave for my holiday and I want to shake up my gym routine. I’m struggling with motivation and enthusiasm now that the cold weather has come to town. The routine I’ve been doing is getting stale and not helping at all. Ideally I would like something like the 300 workout that is challenging in strength and gets my heart rate up a bit. Does anyone out there know any good websites that have some free programs that I might be able to download or at least have a look at?

Are you Pro-Fit?

It’s been a while since I have posted much about AussieBum and that’s mainly because I can’t go on to their site without being too tempted. With a holiday to Europe coming up I needed to make sure I had enough underwear and with some of my older pairs wearing out finally it was time to go back and pay the AB team a visit. What did I see there but some outrageously bold compression tights for working out. There aren’t many people who would have the guts to wear these to the gym but I know people who would absolutely wear them. Crossfit people seem pretty adventurous when it comes to gym attire and some of the guys I know would wear them in a heartbeat.

Personally I would love them for circus class but with aerial silks track record for destroying clothes they are a bit too pricey to wear to class. They would be perfect for circus class and no carny has ever said that an outfit is too bold. Not that I’ve heard of anyway. The AussieBum motto is “If you doubt yourself wear something else” after all.

If you are adventurous and need something eye catching to wear to the gym, head on over to AussieBum and get yourself some Pro-Fit.

How could you not?

A lot of people have accused me of being only attracted to really beautiful guys. Who doesn’t love a beautiful guy? For me it’s not just about a great body and a strong jawline though. They help but it’s not crucial. Two things that will get me every single time are eyes that sparkle with life and fun and a great smile. The two are usually related. So often you see “beautiful” guys smiling in photos but the smile is forced and doesn’t reach their eyes at all.

Today while browsing a site that I stop by from time to time, Summer Diary Project, I stopped in my tracks when I saw Fraser Robertson. Sure, he’s beautiful but it was his big bright eyes and a smile that would brighten the darkest day that got me. All the rest of it came later. I could be wrong but I believe you can tell when someone smiles a lot. By the time you get to my age, the evidence is in the creases around your eyes but there is a look to someone who is always ready with a smile.

Fraser looks like one of those sexy little pocket rockets that may not be very tall but has boundless energy and a cheeky smile that would get me into trouble. These shots were taken by Chris Parkes in London. Those sexy eyes and that smile top off a rocking body covered in gorgeous freckles. Such a sexy guy. You know there’d be some fun nights full of laughs with him.

Do they really want tea?

Recently I read a post from a blogger called Dinosaur Rockstar Pirate Princess who came up with a brilliant way to describe consent. Someone has taken that post and animated it into a video featuring tea and stick figures. I’m constantly amazed at how many men treat sex like it’s something that is theirs for the taking regardless of whether the other person is willing. Personally I’ve always really enjoyed sex when someone is clearly enjoying having it with me. Sure, we’ve all had sex when we weren’t entirely in the mood but on the chance that starting the process doesn’t get you in the mood, you are allowed to say no.

Tea and Consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.

Straight up awesome

Last night I had one of those nights that make you believe that when it comes to striving for marriage equality and acceptance, we are making really good progress. I know there is a very long way to go but I have faith.

Yesterday afternoon I was at some good friends’ housewarming party and they had the two beautiful guys above working as topless waiters at the party. Both these guys are straight but had absolutely no qualms about working topless in a room full of gay men all quite apparently enamoured with their physical attributes. The young blonde guy on the right has a gay brother and is only 20 so for me, epitomises the new generation that is going to wipe out all the prejudices of the older generations. I’m also going to approach both guys to model for me. Stay tuned.

After the house warming, I was off to a celebration for two lovely ladies from my circus school who got civil-unioned in a small ceremony a couple of months ago. Not only were both their middle aged parents there and beaming with pride and love but there were all the circus friends as well. Now the circus naturally attracts a fairly open minded and somewhat alternative crowd but there was such a diverse range of people from straight all through the spectrum to gay and a room full of love. One of the guys in my class is a straight guy but he’s very happy to give me a kiss and a hug to say hello or goodbye and has made comments that he’d try anything once. Now I know some people would say that makes him bi but I don’t think so. I think he’s just one of those amazing guys that is just open to whatever feels good and if at the time, that happened to be a man, then so be it.

Bring on progress.

Not for your ego

Every now and then someone approaches me to ask about modeling for me. As I’ve done more and more photo shoots and got a bit more publicity around them, that has increased. Some of the guys that approach me are absolutely stunning and I’m happy to do a shoot with them. An interesting demographic of guys that approach me are guys that may genuinely believe that they want to be a model but really, you can tell it’s about validation or making them feel attractive. There’s a guy in Sydney that has thrown out the line “You’ve never asked me to model so I must be hideous.” Um no, but we’ve never met and I don’t ask everyone. This guy at one point invited me to like his page on facebook which was entirely devoted to selfies of himself. Mostly from the same angle.

I generally approach guys that I think I could photograph well or that I think will bring something interesting or fun to a collaboration. I’m not here to stroke someone’s ego by asking them to model for me. A guy messaged me this week asking if I would be interested in helping him boost his portfolio. I asked to see photos and asked where he was. Turns out he lives in Seattle. I said that I don’t live in the U.S. so it probably wasn’t going to happen. Either he’s terrible at geography or he just really wanted to do a shoot. He kept asking what I thought of his photos and eventually I was honest. He had a lot of work to do on his body if he was going to be a model and even then I don’t think he’d get any paid gigs. Sometimes it’s a harsh industry but I’ve been messed around too many times doing shoots with guys who have then changed their mind about letting me use the photos.

Feel free to approach me about collaborating or commissioning me to do a shoot but don’t expect me to beg you to model just to satisfy your delicate ego.

Six weeks today

My production manager at work is driving me (and others) nuts and generally I’m not having fun at work. Having said that I only have six weeks, or 42 days, until I fly out of Sydney. Bring on the nakedness, sunshine, relaxation and fun.

There’s an art to it

There have been a few people I’ve featured on the blog over the years who are talented in the art of the sensual self portrait. Mikel Marton, Lars Stefan and now I’m adding another to the list. Reese. I have no idea of his last name, nor have I contacted him but I found him on tumblr a couple of days ago and was quite impressed. Some of the shots are pretty sexy with a nice hard on etc but they still don’t look like porn. The lighting and the delicate hand he uses to create his images make them more than porn, even if it’s just Reese in the bath with a boner.

I’ve often wondered with these guys if there is a need for their ego to be stroked like the muscle heads on instagram whose every picture is a selfie but I don’t think so. I think this is a pretty genuine expression of who they are, open, honest, maybe a little tortured artist but genuine. I’ll be following Reese’s adventures in nakedness.

Fitness challengers update

The guys are struggling. It’s tough when you set out on a challenge like this to get fitter and more in shape, to keep in mind that lasting change takes time. Anything that gets you quick results probably won’t get you lasting results. The guys are struggling with motivation and seeing results after a few months.

Sam (left) is optimistic. He is in a challenge at his gym as well as with us and is tracking his food. He’s feeling better and can feel his body changing which is exactly what this is about.

Sean here is really struggling. He says he hasn’t hit his targets at all and wants to mix things up and try some more high intensity training instead of weights. Sean, to the rest of us you are looking good. Keep up the hard work.

Barak has declined to send in a photo this month. He’s hit the wall hard with motivation and doesn’t feel like he’s getting anywhere. I’m sure it’s not the case at all but I understand the struggle.

As yet I haven’t had a progress update or photo from Dermott but I’ll keep chasing.

More than I thought

This weekend I’ve realised just how much I need my upcoming holiday. With yesterday’s flake online and a bad attempt at hooking up today I’ve realised that there is no point trying to kick start my mojo sometimes. It’s better to ride out the slump and see how I go at the other end. I’m also tired and run down after a very busy month or so at work with a layer of constant pressure or stress to meet deadlines and keep my disorganised production manager happy. This weekend I’ve had a couple of really flat moments. This afternoon I thought I might even try and watch a movie that would make me cry to try and just get it out, but that didn’t work either.

Then I came across these photos of two good looking guys relaxing naked on a yacht. I’m not sure if they are brothers, lovers or just friends but whatever the relationship they look really relaxed and happy. The sun-bleached hair against the tanned, even skin looks so good to me and I know when I’m naked in the sun, especially surrounded by 18-20 other naked guys on the yachts in Croatia, followed by the beaches in Sitges and wherever in Copenhagen, then I’ll probably get a bit of life back in my mojo and I’ll definitely be able to relax.

It’s only 45 days to go.

What’s up with SUP?

When I first saw the term SUP written I had no idea what it was but when I learnt that it was an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding it made sense that it’s been shortened. That’s quite the moutful.

Cody and Ryan are a gay couple with a strong sense of travel and adventure who came up with the idea for Nomadic SUP tours in New York State about 5 years ago as there were no commercial SUP ventures in the area at the time. Now the two of them run Nomadic SUP in Key West Florida and started there two years ago. They run a variety of tours through the eco systems of the Florida Keys for small groups including everyone from those who have never tried SUP before to experienced paddle boarders.

One of the main drawcards to Nomadic SUP for me is the fact that they offer “Natural” tours. What are the natural tours? Naked tours. Ryan was a more experienced nudist when the two gorgeous men got together as a couple but it would appear that Cody has taken to it wholeheartedly. At this stage most of their nude tours end up men only but the groups can also be private nude tours so that you know everyone on the tour if that makes you more comfortable. The naked tours weren’t originally in the plan but the two guys would go paddling nude together and then friends would ask to come along so they opened it up as a tour option to the public too.