A great adventure!

Sunday’s adventure was a lot of fun. Completely exhausting but totally worth it. We started just before 7am with a 2 hour drive, followed by a 45 minute hike. That led us to the start of our river adventure.

From there we spent an amazing 5 hours on the river floating on inflatables, walking through shallow parts and some scrambling over rocks. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen with crystal clear water, sheer canyon walls and lots of different things to see.

We stopped for lunch and since we hadn’t seen anyone else in a long while we stripped off for some photos after eating, then chilled out some more. After lunch we had a couple more hours of moving down river before we had to make our way out.

This was the only part I struggled with. After a long day a STEEP clamber out of the canyon we had another hour of hiking, mostly up hill to get back to the car. I was absolutely shattered but very content at the end of it.

It was so much fun getting out of the city and seeing some beautiful scenery with mates. I definitely think there should be more of that in my life.

Get down to the River

Back in early January I spent a beautiful weekend with mates camping nude down at River Island. On the Sunday morning I got to do my second photo shoot with Tom, Ozmod of the now sadly defunct Naked Werewolves Instagram page.

Tom is one of those beautifully humble men who has no idea of his charms, both physical or in personality. Working with him again was great. The first shoot we collaborated on was a winter shoot and while this recent one wasn’t a particularly warm morning, it was nowhere near as cold as the winter shoot.

The morning light at the river was beautiful and lit Tom’s muscled physique beautifully. The deep greens of the scenery looked great as well against Tom’s skin tone. “River” is out now and if you click here you can buy it along with all the other downloads in my shop.

It is the spice

If someone took a look at my day today I’m not sure they’d be able to define me very easily and I kinda like that. They do say that variety is the spice of life and today has certainly been varied.

Firstly I was up at at 6am to go and do some photos for the Lifesavers With Pride, the gay lifesavers Mardi Gras group that I used to march with in the parade. Then after dropping my camera back at home I was quickly off out to Western Sydney to meet with a wedding couple who booked me for their wedding in November.

From there it was back into town to go to the drag shop to pay a deposit on getting drag makeup done and hire a wig for a work function I need to do drag at in a couple of weeks. Then I had a bit of a break at home before going to meet a couple of mates to buy a cheap wetsuit for an adventure down a river tomorrow.

Now I’ve just finished editing photos from last weekend’s photo shoot. I think I’ve earned a beer and some yummy food tonight. The adventure tomorrow is going to be a long but fun day!


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I follow a lot of hot male models on Instagram. What does come as a surprise (but shouldn’t) is that they aren’t all dumb and have nothing more to offer.

Drew Harrisberg is a model signed to Sydney’s best modelling agency. He’s also an exercise physiologist and a diabetes educator. Hell, I’d learn about diabetes from him even though I don’t have it. If you follow his Instagram you’ll see he even has a totally awesome dog. Sadly he’s straight.

If you think he couldn’t get more annoying/intimidating, you’d be wrong. Today he released his first single as a singer (which he also wrote). Now, we’d all expect some auto-tuned dance or cheesy Ed-Sheeran-lite from someone that looks like Drew but again you’d be wrong.

Lover & a Friend is a beautiful, haunting love song that I can totally see in the soundtrack to a gorgeous indie romance movie. I’ve bought it on iTunes, listened to it several times and watched the video a couple of times.

A bumpy day ahead

As I post this tonight, I’m dreading tomorrow. You see, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and I hate it. Not because I think it’s commercial bullshit (which I do and it is) but because it’s a day that it truly sucks to be single. Especially if you are like me, going through a bit of a lonely, wanting romance phase.

A Facebook friend has already posted photos of flowers she got from her partner. Since social media will be awash with photos of flowers and people gushing about their “Love”, their “Rock” and their “One and only” all day I might try and avoid it tomorrow. To be honest all that social media outpouring of love and mush actually just makes me think it’s more of a statement of “SEE I’M LOVABLE!”. Love and social media likes is the perfect storm of validation after all.

I realise how cynical this post is sounding and it is. I’d love to be part of the smug-couple universe but I don’t think I’ll ever be the shout it on social media type. Isn’t it better to tell the person you love how much they mean to you rather than a thousand vague acquaintances on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat? If you are going to be shouting it, it’s not real unless you use #blessed.

Your standards have doubled

Human nature is a fascinating thing and when you see it play out in it’s absolute worst form it can be both entertaining and terrifying. Just think of all the conservative “Christians” fighting against LGBT rights then being caught in very compromising situations with underage boys.

Today on Facebook a very sexually liberated friend posted that he was looking for participants for a sex party which would involve 4-5 blindfolded bottoms who were there to be fucked and used by the rest of the party. I’m assuming that my friend is aiming for a good number of tops to fuck the bottoms who would have no knowledge of who or how many guys fuck them. Also knowing my friend, the party would be Prep based and raw.

Someone that put his hand up seemingly to volunteer to be blindfolded and gangbanged got my attention. Over the years he has very vocally and very publicly on Facebook tried to shame other friends in open relationships. He has thrown around god, christianity and sin in his condemnation of open relationships, but here he is waving his butt in the air volunteering to be fucked raw by dozens of anonymous strangers. It seems a very interesting double standard. If I could stand the guy I’d love to talk to him and find out how he rationalises that level of “moral” hypocrisy but to be honest I can’t be bothered dealing with him.

Get “The Ball”

A few weeks ago I had a studio booked for 5 hours to do 3 shoots but on the morning of the shoots the middle model had to cancel for personal reasons. So I was left scrambling to find someone to take the spot.

Thankfully Troy took up the challenge and braved his first ever photo shoot. Troy is a mate of mine and in the end I’m glad he did it as the concept worked really well with him, simple as it is, and I’m not sure it would have worked as well with the other guy.

The results of that shoot are out now as this week’s download “The Ball”. As you can see it’s a bit of an exercise in minimalism. A simple white backdrop, a silver fit ball and a tanned nude man with a great butt.

Click here to see buy the full download and see all of Troy in his first photo shoot. We followed up with a beach shoot a week later. That download will be out in a few weeks.

Six months to go

It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that my countdowns to various things drive people crazy. Today I needed this one. My week at work has been chaos but not always in bad ways. It’s nice to be busy.

Today marks six months until I fly out of Sydney for my big European adventure. All flights are booked and travel insurance is booked. Now I just need to lock in accommodation and camper van bookings and I’ll be set.

I’m pretty sure I’ll spend the first four days in Lisbon with day trips to the gay nude beach and beautiful seaside towns, then I have found a gay clothing optional B&B in the Algarve that looks really nice. Gay, nude? Why not!?

I booked these flights three months ago but that has absolutely flown by and while I’m not wishing the year away at all, the six months will go just as quickly. It gives me something to look forward to over the winter months. Obviously I’ll try and get as much footage and as many photos as possible. Holiday vlogging is fun but definitely a challenge. Part of me loves to just enjoy rather than thinking too much about taking videos.

Getting fancy

Anyone that knows me in the real world and has been in my car knows that I’m not a car person. The car I own at the moment is the most modern and expensive car I have ever owned. Before you get the wrong idea it’s nothing crazy, just a hatch back but it’s the newest car I’ve ever owned.

After my recent pledge to do more videos for YouTube I’ve been giving some thought to what to film and things that might be interesting. For instance this weekend I’m going down to Kangaroo Valley to hang out with friends. Two of the friends own the place we are staying and it’s rented out through Air B&B so I said I’d do some video footage for them to promote it. A bit more footage and that becomes a video which should be fun.

In a couple of months I have a wedding 3 hours out of Sydney and I’ve decided to make a weekend of it and do some exploring. After all, I also talk about having “little adventures”. For that weekend I’ve organised to borrow a car from our client at work. That client being Jaguar. Sadly they aren’t lending me an F-Type sportscar but one of their SUV models. It’s a lot more fancy than my car so it will be fun.

That weekend will become a vlog as well. I’ll have to do some research on what to explore while I’m out there. I’ll also be trying to get some photos for social media for the client.

Not again

It would appear that I am still, despite being chronically single, a carrier of the relationship virus. Over the years I have unintentionally infected people with relationships purely by knowing them but you are much more likely to catch a relationship with someone if I am interested in you.

My new fuck buddy is adamant that he does not want a relationship. He has porn aspirations, is a proud slut and is even contemplating escorting. Good on him I say. He’s very well suited to all of it.

Last weekend he was away camping with another one of his fuck buddies and he comes back and announces on Monday that they are giving a relationship a go. Now, they are embarking on a relationship that is very different to what I want. The porn and slutty behaviour are still on the cards and the escorting is being negotiated.

To clarify I don’t want to date this guy but I’m amazed that even guys adamant they don’t want a relationship are still vulnerable to my relationship virus. It’s a powerful thing. Beware.

Do you want the Frenchman?

Charly is another one of those models that it took a long time to coordinate a shoot. He was living in a different state so it took a while. Then he was about to go on a long vacation after moving here so we took the opportunity while we had it.

Charly is a masseur that keeps fit by doing martial arts and it shows. He’s not a tall guy but his body is incredibly toned and defined. I bet, given the martial arts experience, if I had been at all inappropriate he would have just kicked my ass.

If you want to buy “Frenchman”, this weeks download, just click here. As usual all the other downloads are there to buy as well.

You can’t be serious?

We all know that Grindr is a magical world of rudeness, delusion, lies and opportunism. Sometimes it can be good for some sex, but mostly the other stuff.

Last week I was hit up by a 19 year old. NINETEEN! At first it was the usual, barely literate message alluding to a hookup. I think he said I was hot which I thanked him for, wondering why a 19 year old was interested in a 45 year old. Then he sent a one word message saying “Help”.

Now at first I wondered if he was in trouble. Was someone coercing him into something. Had he been kidnapped or something. Nope. I asked him what was wrong and the next message launched into a spiel about being broke and having no money etc etc.

Maybe I’m way too cynical and he genuinely did need financial help but all I read was “Scam, scam, money, scam”. If you can afford to pay for a smart phone then you can eat. If someone is genuinely in trouble they aren’t going to hit up complete strangers on Grindr for cash.

Sorry buddy, you’re shit out of luck with this cynical middle-aged homo. He was blocked by the time I finished reading the message.

Saying yes

Yesterday I posted something on my instagram story asking how people met their partners or do they meet people to go on dates with. There were a huge variety of responses. Grindr, through friends, Instagram, sports, social activities, hobbies. All sorts.

One person suggested I change up my habits. One thing I can be guilty of is saying no to things that make me uncomfortable. Strange I know given I do aerial circus, stand up in front of large groups at weddings and speak etc but there are times I get nervous about things and don’t do them.

Tomorrow during the day I’m doing my second hike with the Get Naked Australia group on Facebook. It’s been nearly a year since I last joined them and while the chances of meeting someone gay are pretty slim as it’s a mostly straight, mixed crowd, new nude friends are good and you just never know.

Tomorrow night a friend is having drinks at a bar that is notoriously packed with gays and has a reputation for being pretty pretentious. With the right group of friends, all places can be fun and if I don’t go, it guarantees I won’t meet anyone new.

So, it’s time to take on some new challenges and say yes.

What a sh*t day!

Today has been a day that I just don’t want to think about. The most minor thing of the day that annoyed me was a lot of selfish assholes at the gym not putting their weights away. It was also crowded and I couldn’t get on all the equipment that I wanted. But like I said, that’s a minor one.

Some days life feels like a big fat bag of shit.

The big one was five people from my office being made redundant including two of my favourite people to work with. It really threw me and I feel sick about it. Most of the five will be absolutely fine but it’s just a shit thing to happen in the office. Five people out of a 20 person office leaves quite a hole and it will be interesting to see what comes next.

Then after catching up with friends for dinner to try and relax and calm down after that shit news I just saw a guy that a bit over a year ago I went on a few dates with and was very keen on. He was too “broken” after a previous relationship to date me but now he’s apparently all fixed because he was definitely with someone. Genuinely happy for him but in my tired and emotional state I didn’t need to see that yet another guy that wasn’t over their ex when I met them has moved on and found someone when I can’t get a date for the life of me.

Hold tight…

There are lots of different types of people in the world and that is what makes it a fascinating and interesting place. Sometimes incredibly frustrating too.

For the purpose of tonight’s blog post I’m going to break the world down into two kinds of people. Those people who are ok with public affection and those that aren’t. I’m definitely in the latter category. I don’t do the levels of public display that make people around me uncomfortable but holding hands with someone walking down the street is lovely. It is one of the things that always makes me smile when I see it out and about. Even more so when it’s an LGBT couple or a couple you don’t expect to even be a couple.

A couple of nights ago I was walking down my street and just in front of me were an older straight couple, probably about 70 walking slowly and not too agile, down the street, a bag of shopping in his hand and a bottle of milk in hers, their other hands were clasped as they have probably been for 50 odd years.

At the other end of the street were a younger gay couple who I actually know and have photographed for the Bed download (definitely worth a look). They were also holding hands and on their way out for dinner and a drink on a date night.

I’ve always been a big hugger and love being close to people. Touch makes me feel content. It certainly doesn’t have to be sexual but it has to be genuine. A reluctant hug is not a hug. I miss holding hands. So simple but loaded with meaning for me.