Kieran is coming back

Early in 2009 I did two shoots with the lovely Kieran. He’s a guy who lives down in my home town of Wollongong and a really nice guy. I think back then he had read my blog and offered to model for me. Sadly for Kieran both the shoots we did were in the middle of the night. The first was for a moody shoot in the ocean pool at Bronte Beach and the water was not very warm. The second was in the carpark under the building I was living in at the time.

Last week when I put a call out for a second guy to pose in an erotic shoot with a model coming from the U.S. Kieran gave me a shout and told me he was keen. Kieran and I had caught up early this year for the first time in about 7 years so it was really nice to hear from him again. I’m looking forward to getting him in a studio this time under more comfortable conditions. Sure there will be body paint but he also gets to have fun modelling naked with another hot guy waving their boners at the camera.

Looking at these old shots from the two shoots we did eight and a half years ago makes me realise how far my photography has come. I’m better at directing people and more confident about what I’m doing. Let’s hope that translates in the shoot. Sadly I won’t be able to share the images for a few months when the fourth issue of QAMA is released. Issue three with my erotic shoot with David will be out at the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Out of the woodwork

After years of struggling to find guys willing to even shoot full frontal, now that I’m dipping my toe in the world of erotic photography it seems I’ve tapped into something and a bunch of guys willing to go further than I ever anticipated are coming out of the woodwork.

In a week I’ll be shooting another series for Issue #4 of QAMA and this will have two guys in it. I put a call out on Facebook for a second guy willing to get naked and hard for a shoot with the original model and I’ve been surprised at the people putting their hands up.

It’s a pleasant surprise but a surprise nonetheless. It seems that guys are all or nothing when it comes to nudity. Discreet implied nudity with some bum or the whole party out and waving at the camera.

The thirst is real

I’m a little behind on my superhero movies. So far Wonder Woman, Thor Ragnarok and even Batman v Superman are all still on my list to see. I’ve started BvS but it feels like a stinking pile of crap so I haven’t made much effort.

Last night some friends and I went to see the new Justice League film and after reading some pretty rubbish reviews of it earlier in the day let’s just say expectations were low. By the end of it we’d had some pretty good laughs and actually really enjoyed it. It’s far from a favourite but it was definitely worth seeing. Even if you aren’t a fan of the rest of the film, Henry Cavill shirtless is worth a look and a drool as always but the one that flooded my basement was Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

My lord that man is hot. There wasn’t a dry seat in the place when he popped up and if there were, they quickly disappeared when he ripped his shirt off. I’ve had a crush on Jason for quite a while even thought I don’t think I’d seen anything he was in. His remake of Conan was pretty awful but his glorious booty made some stunning appearances in Game of Thrones. He isn’t my typical type at all. It’s not common for me to go for the guy that looks like the bad boy but there is so much broody sexiness and bohemian lust in him I’m hooked.

(DON’T) LOOK available now!

I asked if you’d buy it and I’m kind of assuming the answer was yes. Since comments still aren’t working I have to make these assumptions.

So… if you click here and head to my online store you can buy a 28 page digital download of (DON’T) LOOK featuring the gorgeous Chris Strafford. There are a whole heap of new images that you’ve never seen before. Hopefully enough to satisfy the thirsty appetites of my readers. If you buy it, I’d love your feedback which I know is a pain right now but head to the facebook page and let me know your thoughts. Any feedback will be used when I create more of these downloads in the future.

I’m preparing to do a third erotic shoot in the next few weeks for QAMA and the images from that along with additional imagery will once again be used for a download if the response to this is good.


Australia has voted

Warning: I’m drunk blogging.

This morning was the announcement of the Marriage Equality Postal Survey results and Australia has voted. 61.6% of Australia has voted in support of making marriage equality legal. I have to say it’s been a way more emotional morning than I anticipated. I spent the morning and heard the results along with a few thousand LGBT people and supporters in a park in Sydney and when the results came in I cried like a baby.

Australia has validated me as a person and said they approve of my choice to marry whom I love.

Tony Abbott our former Prime Minister has had an overwhelming defeat in his own electorate. He has campaigned hard for a NO vote even though he has a lesbian sister. He has called equality “political correctness gone mad” and his electorate voted YES with 75% of the vote. Sucked in Tony. You are a bigot and an asshole who is out of touch with reality.

I’m still reeling with emotions. Maybe I hadn’t really dealt with coming out as much as I thought I had but today I feel vindicated. Fingers crossed next week the Parliament will debate the Marriage Equality bill and vote yes to equality.

This weekend I have my second wedding ceremony as a celebrant and hopefully it will be the second and last time I have to say the words “Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.”

That was fun

A couple of days ago I posted that I was about to be tied up in elaborate Shibari knots by Kinbaku by Gatsby. Well on the way to the shoot I started to second guess myself thinking I wasn’t in the right shape etc but Sam has a fantastic easy nature and is very good at what he does.

When I first walked in he had just finished up a 5 hour shoot with two well known acrobats, Stephane Kier-Haffner and Kyle Kier-Haffner who perform all around the world and have done some beautiful photo shoots together and solo. That was a little intimidating and confronting but they were both lovely guys. Sadly they were fully dressed again by the time I got there.

After they left it took about 2 minutes before I was naked and ropes were being applied. within another ten minutes the first rope setup was done and I was posing for the camera. An hour and a half later I had been tied up in three different ways and been photographed in poses that left nothing to the imagination.

I really enjoyed the experience and highly recommend it. I’d also never thought I’d be at all interested in being tied up. It’s not a fetish that I’m suddenly into but it was quite a fun experience. I’ll share some images when I get them.

Trying something new

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in front of the camera of another photographer. In my younger and fitter days I did several shoots with other photographers and I really enjoy being a part of the creative process. Today I’m doing it again.

I don’t think I’m in the right shape for it, nor do I feel confident about it but I still enjoy the process and seeing another photographer at work is always good too.

Today I’m posing for a Sydney photographer called Sam Gatsby who is working on a side project called Kinbaku by Gatsby. Now that word Kinbaku meant nothing to me until I saw Sam’s work. In other variations on the theme it is known as Hojojutsu and Shibari which some of you may know. In other words I’m going to be tied up by Sam in a detailed network of knots. Sam does beautiful work and other models who have posed for him say he is fast, considerate and very good at what he does.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with but being tied up is not something I’ve done before.

Would you buy it?

Looking at the success that Joel Devereux has had with his DVRX sales I’m toying with doing something similar. Selling a pdf download of a series of images from a shoot is a fairly simple proposition. Joel has released many issues now of DVRX and I believe he is doing well with it.

I would be aiming for a lower price point if I go ahead with it but I’m trying to work out if there is a market for the product. The first cab off the rank would be an extended version of the Blaq series I did with Chris for QAMA magazine as they obviously didn’t use all the images that I produced. So I’ve edited a few more images and the issue is looking at about 28 pages at this stage with about 14 images that haven’t been published before.

I think it’s a good opportunity to share imagery in a different way and a much more affordable price than buying a one off fine art print. Having said that I’m more than happy with people buying my limited edition prints from my store. In fact there is a sale on one of the images for this week only!

Frustratingly, comments aren’t working still at this point but if you can leave a comment on the Facebook post, let me know if you’d be interested in buying something like a 28 page pdf of beautiful and erotic imagery?

Not what I needed


I posted recently about how uncertain life is feeling at the moment, given my work situation. This morning I managed to drag myself to the gym and was planning a good circuit style of workout to try and burn some fat and get my blood pumping for the day.

That didn’t happen. On the way from my car to the gym I ran into a guy that I went on a few really good dates with just after I got back from Europe. He found our connection too good and it brought up issues he had around a break up last year. Then he told me he wanted to hang out as friends and I was ok-ish with that but then he ghosted me.

There’s been one or two text messages in the last couple of months but no explanation. I would have been happy with a smile and a wave as he ran past but he stopped for a chat. He apologised for ghosting me and admitted it was a shitty thing to do but I still didn’t get any explanation out of him. The encounter left me a bit rattled. It was before 6.30am and I certainly wasn’t expecting to run into him.

One of my friends calls him an arsehole now and she keeps threatening to trip him up when she sees him run past. He’s a nice guy and considering how rattled I felt after this morning, I guess I was still holding out hope that he might come back for some reason.

Buns out in Greece

It seems I’m on a roll with editing my European footage. There are perks to not working full time. This time I’ve put together another short 5 minute video of my time in Greece and this one features glimpses of my booty. That is to be expected when a guy like me who likes being nude is in a place like Greece with beautiful beaches and places to get naked in blazing sunshine.

Greece isn’t somewhere I could live but I can see the appeal of it as a holiday destination. It’s beautiful but expensive. The Greek islands had been on my bucket list for a long time after a couple of failed attempts to get there in my time living in London.

The warmth of Greece was exactly what I needed after starting this trip in the beautiful but freezing Iceland.


Now that I don’t have free access to the studio at my old work anymore, I’m turning my camera to the outdoors once again. I have a few models lined up to photograph and I’ve been trying to find inspiration for how to shoot them. One of them we have an idea but the weather was against us on Saturday so that shoot was postponed.

One of the other guys is someone I came across through the work of Luke Austin (I think that’s where I found him) a few years ago and have recently rediscovered on Instagram. He has a bit of a different vibe or look to a lot of my models but he’s really keen to collaborate and I’ve wanted to photograph him since seeing him a few years back. Another one of the guys is a different look all together. We caught up for a chat about doing a shoot today after several failed attempts and we’ve settled on an idea.

I really enjoyed some of the origami and paper shoots that I did last year and it’s time to revisit that theme with the two guys I’d been struggling to find inspiration for. I’ve shown them both the shots I’ve already done in the series (above) and they are both on board. One especially is very keen and loved them. I get the impression from him that he’s a very positive and upbeat person in general. The other guy is a little more reserved. Firstly, English isn’t his first language and secondly I think while he’s really keen for the shoot, that he’s quite critical of himself in photos.

Fingers crossed the shoots turn out well.


I looked at my YouTube account this morning and in three days my Germany vlog has had very close to as many views as my Iceland vlog which has been up for about ten days. That was unexpected. Iceland is so popular now as a destination that I thought it would have had more views but clearly not.

I’m putting this down to a couple of things and I’m asking for feedback on the first one. Personally, if a vlog or any video on YouTube is too long then I am less likely to watch it. A vlog over ten minutes is much less likely to be viewed unless it’s from someone I really like. The Iceland vlog was just over 9 minutes and the Germany one was only 5 minutes. Was that a factor for people? Who knows, my readers here may not have been the ones watching at all.

I’m also guessing that one of the hashtags I put on the German video might have helped. I tagged it with #nudism because I do talk about the German attitude towards nudity in the video. Quick update, their attitude is amazing. I didn’t put a clickbait title on the video like naked in the park because I don’t actually get naked in the video and bullshit clickbait drives me crazy.

I do like vlogging and I’m getting more comfortable with a camera in my own face but I need to get out and have some of those little adventures I spoke about filming months ago.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #38

In times of ever growing acceptance of LGBT people in society, especially amongst younger people, the distinction between gay and straight is getting harder to see.

Recently a video of a beautiful male model doing a Q&A vlog came to my attention. He was answering all the usual mundane questions that models get asked. What grooming does he do etc etc. One of the questions was however “Are you gay or straight?”. He answered that he was straight as an arrow, “probably straighter”.

It’s important that he elaborated that he was even straighter than something completely straight. If not we might have thought that he was lying and there might have been some wiggle room there. Like a reality tv contestant giving 150% effort, over stating your straightness is the only way we pesky predatory homosexuals will ever understand that there is no chance.

Of course it would also damage his career to catastrophic proportions if people suspect there is even a hint of unstraightness. How would we buy clothes he models if he’s next to a woman but we don’t think they are having sex? It will just never happen. Much better that he pouts next to a woman we know he MUST be sexually attracted to.

Don’t forget it’s our job as homosexuals to be careful not to offend the delicate ego of the oppressed straight male.

The Germany vlog!

After finally getting the Iceland vlog done last week, this week I’m keeping the momentum going and I’ve just uploaded the German vlog! This one is a shorter video at just over 5 minutes.

I genuinely believe I could live in Germany. At least for the warmer half of the year perhaps. They do have those beautiful saunas where everyone is just relaxing and cooking themselves nude without a care in the world.

This vlog isn’t as comprehensive as the Iceland video but I still think it’s turned out ok.

Next up I need to get the Greek video done.


Watching a beautiful romantic but ultimately sad movie the other night, had me in tears. Not just watery eyes but tears running down my face. Now, anyone that knows me will tell you that I cry at the dumbest things like Qantas commercials, wedding proposals and all sorts of things so a really romantic tale was always going to have me crying.

What I have realised in the past few weeks is that with my uncertain work life at the moment and financial stress that comes with not knowing when you’re working next I’m feeling uncertain in other ways as well. It seems to have translated into another lonely phase where I’d love some romance and affection. I guess that’s fairly normal when life is uncertain that you crave stability in other areas. Sadly I don’t have that at the moment and haven’t for years.

I’m trying not to give that too much headspace because that never works out well dwelling on it. Instead I am aiming for better workouts and eating healthier. The workouts will get rid of built up tension and looking after myself in general can’t be a bad thing and always helps my emotional well being. I’m sure this will pass and I really need to focus on work without being distracted by being single.