Thanks Portugal

To say I had frustrations in Portugal would be an understatement but to say I really enjoyed myself would also be an understatement. Was it my favourite place in the world? No. But I still highly recommend it.

The rest of my time spent in Lisbon was great. Seeing the historical sites, the touristy sites, eating many Pastel De Nata (Portuguese tarts) and walking for miles. It’s a great city.

Getting down to the Algarve was a bit of a nightmare. One train was all booked up so I had to wait four hours for the next one which was then delayed so I missed the connection. All in all a 4 hour change of city ended up being 10 but these things happen.

Staying at a gay clothing optional guesthouse was a good choice. No there were no guests who were my type but I met some lovely guys, two of whom are moving back to Australia soon, and had a very relaxing and often naked couple of days. Heaven! Of course there were also hassles getting back to Lisbon to fly out but I made it and am now safely ensconced and happy in Slovenia!


As a photographer I seem to have a gut reaction to some models. Niko Wirachman is a gorgeous man who lives in London working as a performer. I’d been following him for a couple of years and we’d had a couple of interactions but I didn’t really ever expect to be able to work with him.

A couple of months ago he messaged saying he was going to be in Sydney for less than a week, would I be keen to collaborate. Um, hell yes! So we booked some studio time and made a shoot happen. It’s such a great surprise when a model is not only gorgeous but absolutely one of life’s lovely people.

NIKO is the first of two downloads that came from that shoot and it’s out now! There are some great images in it. If you click here you can buy the full download and enjoy Niko for yourself!

Bumpy beginnings

The last time I flew to Europe going to Iceland it took something like 40 hours door to door and I vowed never again. I should have listened to myself. Something like 36 hours after leaving Sydney I arrived in Lisbon, excessively tired, quite emotional and missing my luggage.

The tiredness has passed after a good night’s sleep last night which some would see as a Saturday night wasted in Lisbon. The emotions have still been up and down over the still missing luggage. The anger and frustration have passed and I’m into resignation. Whatever happens will happen. That’s what travel insurance is for. I’ve bought some clothes at H&M (fast fashion is good for emergencies) and I’m enjoying Lisbon.

Yesterday was spent catching up with an old friend who is living here with his partner. They cooked me lunch and took me to the gay nude beach. We are truly spoilt for beaches in Sydney I know and that makes it hard to be objective about other beaches. It was so windy there but we had a couple of nice hours.

Today I’ve taken myself off for some culture, visiting the (quite touristy) town of Sintra and exploring the castle and beautiful little side streets. Of course eating in a town like that you expect to be taken advantage of a little and I think I was but it was tasty food. I decided it was time to sample some (delicious) Portuguese Tarts as well. Yum. There are more in my future.

Blogging will still be sporadic while travelling but I’ll do my best.

It’s time to go

After booking this trip 9 months ago, today is the day I finally head off. Well, tonight. It’s a late flight and yet again I’m doing some kind of marathon stupid trip instead of breaking it up which would make much more sense but this is what I do. Apparently.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging while I’m away but I’ll be taking lots of photos and video so that I can put together some vlogs of the trip when I get back for you all to hopefully enjoy. My bags are packed and in four hours or so my parents will arrive here to have an early dinner and then take me to the airport.

There are some people in this world that get to the airport at the last minute and they scare the hell out of me. I will be at the airport at least three hours before my flight. Once I’m checked in I may have a coffee with my parents before I go through security but then it’s time to sit, people watch and get even more excited about the adventure.

Here’s the video I put together on my trip to Iceland two years ago. I loved it there but thankfully this trip will be a lot warmer. Hopefully nude a lot on this one!

Luck of the draw

If you watch the Personal Trainers and fitness model crowd on YouTube or Instagram, they’ll tell you that everyone can look like them with the right nutrition and workout discipline. To an extent that’s true but there are some people who just haven’t scored very well in the genetic lottery and could never look like those people, ever.

My replacement at work for while I’m on holiday came in for a handover yesterday and, well he wasn’t very lucky genetically. I would also say that he isn’t an active person and wouldn’t be no matter what. From what he said he’s very introverted and stays indoors watching tv a lot.

It makes me feel very lucky that, despite my own issues with my body which we all have, I did ok in the genetic department and a very active lifestyle growing up has let to a relatively good base shape for my body. Sure that’s changing over the years and I wouldn’t mind going back in time and instilling a bit more discipline in my youth but that’s all too late now.

One of my colleagues asked the freelancer if he was into travel and I must admit, guiltily that I didn’t see him travelling much because he would struggle to fit in a seat on a plane and he wouldn’t walk very far so sightseeing would be tough.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here but I guess the message is be the best you can be, do the work you are inclined to do but don’t aim for something you’ll never achieve.

Keeping it going

In the week and a half since I finished my gym transformation challenge I haven’t been as disciplined as I was on the challenge. Thankfully when I’m on holidays I tend to lose a little weight with all the walking and by eating healthy, delicious local food. Sure there will no doubt be a fair few beers along the way but I think I’ll be ok.

One thing I don’t do when I’m travelling generally is work out. Maybe this trip I’ll have to incorporate something as simple as push ups and squats each day, just to keep myself going in the right direction instead of stalling.

If I get my wish to stay in the nude campgrounds in Corsica then maybe those workouts will be on the beach of a morning. How good would that be!?

I have two more mornings at the gym before I head off so I’m going to make the most of those before I sit on planes and in airports etc for something like 36 hours.

Let it go

I’ve been fairly open on this blog about how little sex I have an that it’s the part of my life with the most insecurities. It’s something that takes work to improve and I’m trying to do that.

Funnily enough, the anxiety decreases when I’m on holidays. Obviously there are some insecurities still there but when you’re on holiday, life doesn’t get in the way. At home during “real life” I’ll get a message from someone on Grindr at 9.45pm on a Tuesday and all I can think is “Don’t these people work tomorrow?” Maybe I don’t prioritise it enough but in some ways I don’t think it’s healthy to be so completely driven by sex as some people seem to be. Who knows?

On my holiday I plan on making the most of any opportunities including potential visits to saunas which I’ve had plenty of fun doing over the years but for some reason not here in Sydney. Not for a long time anyway.

I guess everyone feels more relaxed and sexier when they’ve been in the sun, not working, not wearing much if anything at all and away from the grind of daily life. Three more sleeps and I’m on my way.

The R word

A few years back I submitted some photos of a black model to a website that showcases male nudes. Their reply said they don’t accept black models because their “subscribers don’t respond well”. The same is the case with a well known Australian gay magazine. They don’t put black or asian guys on their cover because sales literally plummet through the floor. 50% drop here in Australia and 70-80% internationally.

While I believed them and when it’s a commercially driven decision I guess I understand it. They have to make money but it’s messed up. I’ve released a few downloads of asian guys in the last year and a few black guys as well and I hate to say it, sales aren’t as high.

Last weekend’s release “PLASTIC” has literally sold 3-4 copies whereas other downloads sometimes sell 10-15 times that in the first week. I’m lucky that these downloads, while making me a little bit of money, I’m not relying on them for to make a living.

There doesn’t seem to be any other word for it but racism. There is no way to put a positive spin. Why are we so conditioned to only finding some racial groups sexy?


I have seven more sleeps til I fly out to Europe, and four more days of work trying not to slap people. It’s so close I can touch it but frustratingly far away.

It still doesn’t seem real to be honest. Sure I’ve paid thousands in flights and accommodation but until I wake up and don’t have to go to work, it won’t feel entirely real. Even once I get on the plane I still have about 36 hours until I arrive at my accommodation in Lisbon but on the way over there all that feels like an adventure.

There are still little things to organise, like getting in touch with the nude camp ground in Corsica to see if I need to book or just turn up. I need to let my banks know I’m going so they don’t flag any foreign transactions and all those other bits and pieces. On Monday I went and had all my sexual health checks and renewed my prescription for PrEP to make sure everything is extra safe while I travel.

After over 18 months without a real decent break from work, I’m so ready. In the meantime, revisit my vlog of Greece in 2017.

That’s not healthy

Conversations about relationships are always interesting. As someone that never seems to be able to find one it’s all theory to me so I am fascinated by the way other people handle things.

Someone I met recently is currently trying to see where things go with his ex. The ex wants him back and he is keen to try but he’s wary. Why is he wary? The ex cheated on him constantly and lied about it. Now the person telling me he wants to try again with the guy that cheated on him a lot is a lovely guy. Genuinely one of the good guys. Also very gorgeous.

Now he freely admits his family don’t like this guy. His friends don’t like the guy either. In fact he even used the word hate. There must be some serious chemistry to be so drawn to someone that you’ll put up with cheating and ignore the advice of everyone close to you to set yourself up to be hurt again. We’ve all been hopelessly infatuated with someone so it’s not hard to imagine.

To be cheated on would absolutely devastate me. My confidence in the dating romance world is already low and I’m not sure it would survive that.


There are times when coming up with ideas for photo shoots proves to be quite challenging. James messaged me saying he was coming down from Queensland and wanted to do a shoot. I didn’t have the money to hire a studio at the time so I improvised.

It is an environmental disaster but I think the dozens and dozens of plastic bags taped to the wall in my apartment worked really well as a backdrop for this shoot. James’ beautiful skin really popped against the white textured surface, especially after we applied a little oil.

PLASTIC is now available as a full download from my online shop. It’s actually the 75th download that I’ve released! I’ve got some beautiful downloads coming up in the near future too. So click here to buy Plastic and all the others!

Oh Brother

Over the years I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to grow up with a brother instead of a sister or as well as a sister. Would I have been any more “butch” or would I be pretty much the same person but with a different or extra sibling?

There is a youtube channel called “Cut” where they do a range of really entertaining things like Fear Pong where two people, strangers, brothers, roommates etc play beer pong but with dares thrown in as well as drinking. It’s hella funny to watch, especially when they know each other.

In this one video I’ve just watched (below) two brothers play it together and you can tell they get on really well. At one point there is a quite tender moment when the older (and damn gorgeous) older big brother apologises to the younger one for bullying him and being mean when they were little.

Not excusing it but I feel like that is very typical older brother behaviour. Especially when it’s two boys. There would, I imagine be a constant power struggle in that dynamic unless they are just such different people that there is no competition.

The older brother in this video totally fits my clean cut boy next door goodness type that I’m so often attracted to.

The most beautiful festival?

Over the weekend one of my good mates sent me a link to the youtube video below. Not speaking Danish I had no idea what it was about but the thumbnail image was a pretty good indication that I was going to like it.

It turns out that the title translates to “Naked Race at Smukfest 2015”. A quick google tells me that Smukfest is a music festival held on the second weekend in August every year in a beech forest in Denmark. Apparently it’s this beautiful location that gives it the reputation for the most beautiful festival in Denmark. Maybe in location yes but I would say that any festival in Denmark is probably very beautiful. The Danes are absolutely the most beautiful nation of people in my eyes. Stunning people.

This race seems to be different to the other naked races I’ve seen online held at Scandinavian music festivals. They all seem to be running races but this one involves canoes and tents. I’m sure if I understood the language I’d have a better understanding of what is going on but all I need to know is that there are hot Danish men running around nude. I’m all for it.

Blast from the past

Over a quick catch up dinner with friends tonight, we were discussing the writing class that one of them is doing and he mentioned that my bad date story had inspired one of his short stories. I laughed and told him that he’s going to have to be more specific as there are very many bad date stories to tell in my repertoire.

He mentioned a few details that he had remembered and I suddenly had flash backs to the date, the conversation, the total weirdness of this guy that I had completely forgotten about. It was such a hilariously bad date but in the 8 or so years since I’d completely let it slip from my memory.

I’ve actually been thinking about doing a vlog about dating. Maybe this is one of the stories that will be told. I haven’t been on a date in so long now and I miss it. Even when they are bad they at least make for good stories.

Maybe I’ll try harder to meet someone (somehow) when I get back from Europe. In the mean time I will enjoy the freedom of being so thoroughly single and the opportunities it affords me.

Talented friends

OK, by saying friends I might be over stating it, but Phoenix has modelled for me in a very popular download. A few days ago he rebranded his Instagram and teased us with news that he was releasing a song.

Well overnight that single and video were released and I love it. When a gay man says they are releasing a song, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that we probably all cringe a bit expecting a very cliched dance track with about as much to keep us interested as footage of Kim Kardashian eating a salad. This however was a very pleasant surprise. Sure, it’s probably not everyone’s taste but I really like it.

Phoenix has given himself the stage name of Frede (pronounced Fred) and gone with some bold, skimpy styling for the video but if you looked like him, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t wear much ever.

I’ve added the song to my 2019 playlist and I’m kinda hoping there are some awesome, slightly bonkers dark remixes of the song too.