Gymspiration and Frustration

With three months to go before I sail naked through Croatia and explore other parts of Europe, my fitness regime is suffering. Work is ramping up to a busy season and tomorrow I will be in the office too early to squeeze in a gym workout first. Added to that, I’ve strained an ab muscle at circus class. It’s not a major injury but over the past couple of weeks it’s gotten worse so I need to rest it a bit. Hopefully next week it’ll be on the mend and feeling better.

If there were gyms like the one above, I’d be so darned fit. Some friends saw this image and just thought it looked dangerous and unhygienic but I’m all for it. Everyone is supposed to use a towel on the equipment at the gym anyway so why not work out nude. The ancient Olympics were totally nude and why not stick to the classics?

So much shooting

I’ve just spent a very nice relaxed naked day in the sunshine down in the National Park at the nude beach down there with a friend doing a photo shoot. It’s the first time I’ve been nude for an entire shoot. There have been other shoots that I’ve ended up stripping off to get in the water for a swim or to do part of the shoot but today we were nude the whole time. It was a friend that I’ve been nude around before so there was no awkwardness at all.

Today’s shoot makes four photo shoots that I need to do the editing on. One was a commissioned photo shoot, one is the wedding which is a very daunting but fun task. Last weekends shoot which is the hopeful shoot for DNA and now today’s. At least today’s was just for fun and I have no specific goal for it or deadline.

The wedding shoot has just under 1,000 images to sort and edit. There is also the task of double checking the images for the Tribe exhibition which is happening on twitter in two weeks time. I’m going to be a busy boy at work and after hours it would seem. That’s good. It keeps me entertained and let’s face it, the guys are ridiculously hot.

My mother would die!

My mother is a very private person and in some ways, prudish. She married my father at 21 and they’ve been together for 45 years so I don’t think there has been a lot of wild and crazy sexual liberation with her. She would never appear on this blog or if I were a video blogger, appear in a video with me, so when I saw this video I laughed a lot. This cute Irish youtuber got his mother in to share some wine and let her read some grindr messages that he’d been saving up, un-read for the occasion.

His mother is incredibly cool about it all. To be fair, my mother wouldn’t understand half of it so she probably wouldn’t be offended. Enjoy.

Have you been checked?

Most men are constantly touching themselves. Several of my nudie mates are a bit like me and quite regularly adjust or touch themselves whilst walking around nude. While we are always having a feel, it would be fair to say that we are rarely having a proper feel in the interests of our health.

Many years ago I thought I’d found a lump in one of my testicles so I went off to the doctor to get it checked out. It turned out to be nothing but there was a slightly awkward moment during the appointment. The female doctor found out I was a member of Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club at the time and told me her kids were in the nippers. Keep in mind that while she’s talking about her kids, she had my balls in her hand.

This video of a bunch of rugby players is a good demonstration of what to do and what to look/feel for. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s got a bunch of beefy rugby players with their balls out.

LFTC Testicle Check from Maverick TV on Vimeo.

Keeping my blog mouth shut

If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the 9+ years that I’ve been blogging it’s never to blog impulsively. There have been a couple of posts over the years that have pissed off a friend or two. A little while ago I had a conversation with a friend that I really wanted to blog about but I know he drops by the blog from time to time and would know instantly that it was about him.

It’s an interesting world blogging. Occasionally I run into people that feel like they know me and I have no idea who they are. There are a few people that have become facebook friends and a couple that have become very good friends. Then there are a few that think we are friends. That sounds really harsh and I don’t intend it to be but when people suggest catching up for a meal when I really don’t know who they are it can feel a bit awkward. There was one time at a bar a gorgeous guy approached me so I thought my luck had changed. Nope, he just wanted to say that he liked the blog.

Thankfully, 99% of my interactions through this blog are genuine, lovely and intelligent. Keep it up boys.

Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual #35

In previous editions of Etiquette for the Modern Homosexual we’ve looked at the need to keep your life free of clutter such as hobbies and interests with the goal of giving prospective suitors space to fit in to your life.

In this installment we need to cover the FML approach. When one is using social media there is a temptation to embellish one’s life. This could work for some suitors but most will only be put off if one seems to have one’s perfect life. How will they ever make a good impression if one is already having the time of one’s life? This is the situation where it is best that one takes a leaf out of the book of gen-whine. FML is short for “Fuck my life” and is commonly used to make it seem like one’s life is almost intolerable, especially in such dire situations as having one’s ipod headphones tangled or one’s battery running low. How on earth is one expected so survive such traumatic experiences? There is a treatment for cancer and clinical depression is such a doddle when confronted with a latté that isn’t quite perfect.

If you choose to employ the FML strategy on social media all those men that might have otherwise been scared off will be so deliciously tempted by your hard-fought struggles with life that they’ll want to walk that difficult road with you, fighting the perfect travesty of fashion or tv viewing with you.

It’s getting closer

Tomorrow will mark three months until I fly out of Sydney on my big adventure holiday where there will be lots of nakedness, lots of sunshine and lots of relaxation. I love traveling and seeing news places for the first time and I can’t wait to see Croatia. From what I understand the sailing trip has had enough bookings that they are putting on a second yacht. So that means up to twenty naked men relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sights of Croatia and it’s coastline. Fingers crossed they are all nice guys. Some hot ones certainly wouldn’t go astray.

Seeing some very dear friends for the first time in nine years will be amazing too.  They’ve never made it out to Australia as getting the time off from work for a trip that big for them is hard. So being able to include a week with them on this trip is perfect and it gives me the opportunity to explore a bit of Spain too.

She was fabulous!

On Friday night, Kylie’s Kiss Me Once tour made it’s second last stop in Australia. Unfortunately Kylie hasn’t sold out the shows here in Australia and I only got to see the show once. In tours past I’ve seen them twice because, like the Pope, she doesn’t tour all that often. I had expected a larger scale production than it turned out to be but apparently tour budgets are directly linked to album sales and the Kiss Me Once album hasn’t sold very well. We lost some of the impact of the screens from where we were sitting but as always Kylie looked like she was having a ball and she had the audience in the palm of her hand revisiting old old old songs, new songs and hits everywhere in between.

Kylie has just announced her departure from ROC Nation, Jay Z’s management label after two years with disappointing album sales and ticket sales. She’s also left her record label Parlophone citing that she wants to have more control over her music. Fingers crossed that her latest collaborations with Georgio Moroder amongst others indicate a very cool new direction for her. Sadly, Australian radio will get her on for an interview when she’s in town but they never play her music.

The routine!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It’s been a crazy week of work, rehearsals, work, rehearsals, work, Kylie concert and last night was finally the performance. After doing such a rough job on Thursday night and feeling very tired and stressed on the silks, last night was a complete turnaround. It’s not a flawless performance but I felt good up there, I had fun and I’m very glad I did it. This video was filmed on my phone by a friend that wasn’t very close. I can’t work out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I was wearing a Slickitup tactical guard and at one point the rubber over my thumb got a little stuck but it was easily resolved. Before performing I get very nervous and last night was no different but thankfully once I started it was all channeled into the routine.

Love is Blindness from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Celebrities that love getting nude.

Two hot celebrities in one day have had stories go around the internet talking about how comfortable they are with nude scenes. We love that a lot.

Jai Courtney is an Aussie actor who was known for his role in Spartacus. He had a small role that saw him get nude in an Australian drama (above) and has also been seen in other movies such as the latest Die Hard as Bruce Willis’ son and the Divergent trilogy. Jai has filmed a role in the upcoming Terminator movie that saw him having to don the modesty sock or modesty patch. As Jai says “I’m an exhibitionist from way back, so it really didn’t affect me too negatively.” Fingers crossed he takes that exhibitionist streak a bit further and goes frontal some day.

Charlie Hunnam made his name in the British version of Queer as Folk and says he filmed some frontal for that but it hit the cutting room floor because his character was only 15. He has had his butt out many times on Sons of Anarchy but turned down the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, probably because it was going to be a shit movie. Charlie says of his nude days on Queer as Folk “I think when I was young, I was a little bit more fearless with that stuff. I don’t know…I’m sure I would; I have nothing to hide.”

Maybe Charlie and Jai should do a nude scene together?

Just don’t get it

With so many underwear and swimwear labels out there, mostly catering for gay men it would seem, they are going to some pretty wild places with their designs. Some of them must rely almost solely on the fetish market because the underwear doesn’t support anything. Brands like Andrew Christian have such absurd pouches at the front that only the porn stars that model them can hope to fill them impressively.

This video from N2N Bodywear is pretty sexy. The guys are hot and a lot of the swimwear is pretty cool. The guys wearing the onesies in the pool really should have gotten out in them, that would have been sexy. Personally I don’t get men in g-strings. If a man looks good in a g-string it is probably DESPITE the g-string, not because of it. On the other hand, a jock strap enhances a butt whether good or bad.

Palm Springs Wet Dream from N2N Bodywear on Vimeo.


I’m not sure if it’s the effects of lots of late nights sitting up enjoying good conversation and wine over the weekend or something else but I feel very flat tonight. I went to rehearse my routine for performances this Thursday and Saturday and only managed to get through it once. I’m going to take myself to bed very early tonight and try and get myself back on track. We have a technical rehearsal tomorrow night which I think is just for lighting etc but there will also be an opportunity to run the routine again.

I know I can make it from start to finish but I want it to be rehearsed and comfortable enough that if something doesn’t go to plan that I don’t get flustered. I also need to work out what to do between a couple of the tricks as I have quite a bit of time. Fingers crossed I feel more enthusiastic tomorrow.

"Entangled" Dress Rehearsal from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

What a weekend

The last 5 days have been very emotional. Firstly I got to catch up with some very dear friends that I don’t see often enough. Once I arrived in Adelaide and the boys picked me up from the airport I was swept up in a huge cloud of family, friends, love and laughs.

On Thursday and Friday there was errands to help with boys with and helping them create decorations for their wedding on Saturday. On Saturday the boys looked gorgeous, the venue looked beautiful and you couldn’t help but be emotional. Apparently I am a very emotional wedding go-er. I was far from the only one. Many comments were made that a lot of people were crying with joy including a disproportionate amount of straight men.

The wedding was something a lot of the older family members were approaching not knowing what to expect but when it arrived, it was just like every other wedding. Two people pledging commitment and love to each other. Being able to be a part of the preparation in the days leading up to the ceremony and being a part of the day itself was a huge privilege. These two boys have become very special to me after meeting them five years ago. One of them I had hadn’t seen for over 3 years and it was like we had hung out a week before. They are a natural fit as friends for me. We laugh, we talk, we laugh some more. We also cried a fair bit this weekend.

No one knows the day to day reality of someone else’s relationship but I know that if I can find someone and be as happy as they are, I will be over the moon.

Now I just need to edit 990 photos.

A win for romance

I’ve spoken in the past about my “what if” guys. One I will be going on a date with in a couple of weeks. The other I thought was destined for a life in the closet in the country. It appears that romance does triumph after all. Cowboy lives several hours drive out of Sydney to the north west. I’ve seen on facebook and instagram that he’s spent a bit of time lately in one of the southern states of Australia so today I sent a text asking of someone special was enticing him south. It turns out that yes, he’s met a lovely guy and they’ve been together for a few months. Cowboy is planning on making the move interstate and into the city. He’s lived in the city before but also has the option of country escapes to his father’s property.

I asked if Cowboy’s family knew of the development and as yet, no they don’t but he said as soon as he’s settled in with city-boy love that it’ll all be out in the open. I was always saddened that he never felt like he could come out to his family. Today he told me that his father will be fine but his mother will go mental. Luckily his parents aren’t together and cowboy isn’t close to his mother. I love romance and I hope this goes really well for Cowboy. He and I met at a time when he wasn’t comfortable with his sexuality and we had nothing more than a fling even though I will always have a soft spot for him. Yay for romance!

All the photos used are by the very talented Paul Freeman.

A mini break

Tomorrow morning I leave to fly to Adelaide in South Australia to spend a few days down there before going to the wedding of some very dear friends. I met these boys on a cruise several years ago and because of the distance I don’t get to catch up with them anywhere near enough. They are having a very small wedding and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have been able to go with their limited invite list. The very dear boys though have asked me to photograph the wedding which saves them a lot of money and also means that they can have me at their wedding.

The pressure is on though as I usually take photographs that are very different to wedding photos. There have been several threats made, by me, that if it’s all going badly I’ll be getting everyone naked and bodypainting them, mother of the groom and all!

As a tragic romantic, I can’t wait to see these boys get married, even if our stupid government is lagging way behind the rest of the developed free world and it’s not legal.

So I will be silent on the blogging front for nearly a week. Keep yourselves entertained and play nicely while I’m away ok?