That’s kinky?

It’s always fun to see where chatting to someone on Scruff or Grindr might go. Conversations can easily go from pleasant to thoroughly odd in a heartbeat. A couple of weeks ago a friend messaged me on Grindr while I was at circus class. I opened it up to reply and therefore popped up online in the area. One guy messaged me and asked what I was doing and looking for. I said I was busy and not looking so he threw a tantrum asking “why are you online?!” Okay sunshine. Calm down.

There is a guy from interstate who has been chatting with me on Scruff over the last week or so and yesterday I’d said I would much rather be lying naked on a beach instead of in the office. His response today? “Wow, Kinky!” Really? I know different people have different comfort levels with being seen nude but to call lying naked on a beach kinky seems to be going a bit far. Fisting? Yes, that’s a kink. Public sex on a nude beach with people watching? Yes, I’d call that level of exhibitionism kinky. Spanking someone who is wearing a tutu and calling them a dirty little princess? Totally kinky. Weird even.

We all know I despair at the level of prudishness the world seems to be heading towards and how shy everyone is but I challenge anyone to look at the image above and tell me it’s kinky. Being naked in the sun is one of life’s most simple pleasures, alone or with friends.

He did go on to clarify that he uses the word kinky almost in exchange for sexy. So it made a little more sense.

Sign me up

I’m not one to go for fitness fads. Crossfit passed me by mainly because it looks too hard and because I was convinced that I would hurt myself.

Many years ago I used to go along to the nude yoga class in Sydney and I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I should go back to doing some yoga or at least some intensive stretching as my body seems to be tightening up as I get older. That’s perfectly normal I know but why not do some beneficial stretches.

Just after thinking about some stretching, putting it out to the universe, this video pops up in my feed and damn if it doesn’t look sexy with these two guys doing yoga in kilts. It really can’t be that practical and I’m sure it’s just a bit of fun but why not? There is a cheeky butt shot at the end of the guys and I’m sure there is plenty more footage that couldn’t be used on youtube. Where is that footage I want to know?

So much beauty

Doing a lot of photography I get to see a lot of beautiful men and I look at a lot of beautiful men online as well. So it takes a pretty striking guy to get my attention. Scott Neslage did that. Scott is a Californian guy with origins that I’m yet to ascertain but whatever genetic path has got him to where he is, it was a golden path.

I actually think I’d be a bit stumped as to how to photograph someone like Scott as he is just so damn beautiful. Would I stick to some beautiful classic lighting and do a simple but gorgeous portrait? Possibly? it would seem a shame to cover him in fabric, clay or powder like I have done with some of my models. Scott is a 6’3″ ripped specimen of gorgeous who is also allegedly proficient in Sign Language. Some guys…

Flipping freedom

This post does break my rule about posting photos/video of people that don’t know they are being filmed but I’m looking at these guys and taking a guess that they really wouldn’t care. I have no idea where this video is taken but it made me smile.

Three mates who are clearly very athletic and nimble, running around practicing flips and tumbles nude on a beach without a hint of self consciousness makes for really enjoyable viewing. I don’t think they are “real” gymnasts given there is not a straight leg or a pointed toe in all of their tumbling but they clearly have some kind of experience. I’m sure everyone on the beach was enjoying the show. Unfortunately the nude beaches in Sydney aren’t big enough for this kind of thing and they don’t tend to attract the kind of guys that would really do this. It’s a shame because it looks like a lot of fun.
UPDATE: I’m trying to get permission from the video uploader to post it here. Click through to vimeo to watch it here.

Stunts from Christian P. on Vimeo.

Go with your gut?

Anyone who uses the “dating” apps like Grindr and Scruff will know that successful encounters are great but not all that common. Even the ones that aren’t bad can be pretty average at times. Obviously there are some great encounters but tonight I’m talking about the ones that aren’t.

Over the bajillion years that I’ve been single at times I’ve listened to my gut and opted out of a hookup and other times I have just told myself that I’m just nervous or being silly and it’ll be fine. These days I generally listen to my gut as it seems to be pretty accurate. There was a guy about 18 months ago who looked young in his photo but he didn’t have an age. He turned up on my doorstep in what looked like a school sports uniform but also carrying some roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. I asked him how old he was and he said 17. Now, it’s legal but it wasn’t comfortable so I sent him on his way. If I’d listened to my gut he wouldn’t have had to spend his time walking over to my place. Instead he could have done extra homework.

Then there are the times when you really can’t work out if you’re horny or bored. Instead of having a wank I have found myself cruising Scruff for someone to meet up with and it’s just not been good at all. Their photo was taken before they started their meth habit or maybe they just don’t like to hook up the same way I do. Many scenarios abound and sometimes I say give it a shot. You never know unless you try right? Maybe, maybe not. I’m going to stick with my gut instinct.

Putting the T in Equality

With the Mardi Gras parade two weeks away that means it’s time for Fair Day. Community Group stalls, food stalls, LGBT Sports group stalls, live music, food and a lot of people wearing rainbows. That’s what fair day is. Add some great weather and even a dog show and it was a lot of fun. This year Fair Day is in a new venue and I prefer it to be honest. It feels more intimate than the last venue and better suited.

Having not been able to go to the official Mardi Gras launch announcement a couple of months ago it was a real buzz to see the EQUALITY letters featuring my photography in the park. The My People My Tribe #barenakedtruth project is the official face of Mardi Gras this year and the MPMT float is the lead, official Mardi Gras float in the parade. It was great to see some of the participants and Josh who organised the project and is now himself doing some of the photography as I have only seen him a couple of times since the five days of shooting that we did and I haven’t seen most of the participants at all since our brief interaction in the studio setup.

Saturday 4th March will be the first time I’ve done the parade in about 6 years having done the Lifesavers 5 years in a row. Thankfully in the MPMT float we will be wearing T-shirts and shorts. I’m not feeling up to dancing up the street in speedos this year. The old girl ain’t what she used to be!

Sweaty goodness?

At the end of an ideal sexual encounter, I’ve always thought that whoever is involved should be covered in a few things. Sweat, cum and saliva. Now I’m not talking about spitting on each other, that’s not really my thing, but since mouths are sucking on body parts, licking and kissing others there is going to be saliva. The cum is a bit of a given and the byproduct and end result of a good time with someone. Sweat is a pretty good indication that you’ve had a bit of rampant fun. Or if you are in Sydney in the last month, you weren’t lying still in a refrigerator.

When I see those grindr or scruff profiles that say don’t wear deodorant, or a man should smell like a man I instantly dismiss them. I’m quite fond of personal hygiene and deodorant. If you are turned on by the musky smells of a sweaty man then that’s great but do you need to take that smell on the bus to work with you? No. Getting sweaty in the bedroom however is a lot of fun. Sweaty skin is slippery skin and that adds another tactile element to the fun doesn’t it?

This video is all about sweat. It’s a beautifully filmed piece by Berlin based director Matt Lambert for a series Define Beauty. I’ll be intrigued to see what the other pieces are about. In the mean time, enjoy!

Define Beauty: His Sweat – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

Gymspiration butt

It’s amazing what a week or two will do. Two weeks ago I couldn’t have cared any less about going to the gym and training. I had no energy and just wasn’t interested. Last week and this week I’ve actually been getting back into a groove which I sorely needed to get back into. I’d say this week’s energy is related to cooler temperatures overnight which means I’m sleeping better, as is most of Sydney after weeks of sweltering.

I’m also getting back into a groove with circus class. We are about four weeks into the new year and new term and the strength is slowly coming back and I’m having a bit of fun with it too. Monday nights class was actually the fifth anniversary to the day that I ripped my biceps off the bone so there was a little apprehension on Monday night heading into class but clearly I’m here typing with fully functioning arms so nothing bad happened.

My diet still needs work but even that has improved marginally. This evening I wasn’t in the mood to cook but I made myself make something simple and healthy at home rather than spend a lot of money on buying a meal from somewhere and it not being healthy. Now I just need to find some discipline in my eating habits and I should start making a little bit of progress in losing weight and toning up a bit in time for European adventures.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here in Australia, it’s already that very conflicting day, Valentine’s Day. Where single people are a little bit glum, new couples are smug and over the top and couples that have been together for a while are over it and don’t care.

This Valentine’s is a weird one for me this year. For the first time in my adult life I’m single and perfectly happy with it, but I also have a date tonight. It’s a very low pressure pub meal with a guy that I’ve chatted to on Grindr. Interestingly we met for a coffee about 8 years ago but it never went anywhere for some reason. I have very low expectations and I’m going to be perfectly happy one way or the other, whether it goes anywhere or it doesn’t.

In a conversation this morning with my boss, we were discussing how in straight relationships it’s always the women putting the pressure on their man to do something impressive for the day. Why is that? Why can’t men be wooed by their women? We gay men are a bit luckier really on days like this. When you break some conventions just by being a gay couple, the rest of the rules go out the window.

It feels appropriate to share this Marriage Equality video yet again. It was time 5 years ago when this video was made, and it’s still time. Hurry Up Australia.

Counting down.

Last week my last two flights were booked for my trip around Europe. A short jump from Cologne to Berlin and from Berlin to Mykonos. Now all I have to book are the ferry trips between Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos and then back to Athens. It’s getting exciting now. I’m sure I will drive the readers of this blog a little crazy with talk of the holiday but I’ll try not to bang on about it too much, instead sharing as many adventures and photos along the way as I can.

It is 130 days until I leave. That sounds an awfully long way away to me but it’s not really and I’m sure there will be lots of things happening between now and then to keep me busy and distracted. In the meantime I’ll just keep watching videos like this one that make me want to travel NOW. Travel videos also give me a good idea of what I want to achieve with my videos and photos while I’m away and in general. Obviously I don’t own a drone so I can’t do videos like this one but it does serve as inspiration for the style of editing and colour treatment etc.

This video is of Crete and I’m not going to Crete but it is such a nice video that I thought I’d share it with everyone anyway. Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are suffering through wintery weather and five days a week I sit in the office looking out at beach weather wishing I was tanning my butt.

Not today…

My last boyfriend had a real issue with my nudist tendencies. He couldn’t shake the feeling that nudity and sex are intertwined and to an extent he’s right. For me sex should be naked but being naked doesn’t equal sex. There are days when lying naked in the sun and seeing naked men walking around gets me in the mood for some fun but by and large I go to the nude beach to relax. If I do get in the mood for something I would and have taken myself around the rocks to see if anything is going on. Sadly not all beach goers are as considerate.

There are always one or two guys at the nude beach who keep themself a bit semi hard and usually wear cock rings. It’s always the same guys at my beach. Firstly I do not understand a cock ring for a nude beach. It’s not “just jewellery”. It’s a sex accessory. Today, one of the regular guys with the semi and cock ring combo deal crossed a line for me. The beach was crowded and at one point he stopped almost right in front of me a few metres away. He had more than a semi hardon going on and it was no accident. He was even flexing it to make it bounce a bit. After a minute he walked away which was lucky for him because within two or three metres of him, playing were a little brother and sister of about 3 or 4 years old. Thankfully they didn’t see it.

Unfortunately about half an hour later I look over to my right and about 10 metres away, there he is in the water up to his thighs openly stroking his hard cock next to a group of three women. I couldn’t help myself. I charged over and called out to him. He tried to avoid the confrontation but I followed him into the water and splashed him to make sure he stopped. “Stop fucking masturbating on the beach! Stop walking around with a boner. These women don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it and there are fucking children here you asshole!” I kinda let him have it. He just said “yeah yeah, I’ll stop” and drifted further into the water. A few minutes later he walked out of the water, no boner to be seen. He then moved his chair to a quieter part of the beach. I was LIVID. One of the women said thank you to me making me wonder if they would have felt like they could say something if I hadn’t. Would anyone else?

It’s that kind of disgusting disregard for everyone else that gets nude beaches shut down. From now on I won’t stay quiet around those creeps.

There are no requirements

A couple of years ago I posted a poll here on Aussielicious asking what it was that stops people going nude. A lot of guys responded that it was the size of their cock or their general body issues that stopped them. We all have moments like that. Last week my nudie mates and I had a nude drinks night at a mate’s place and one guy didn’t come because he wasn’t feeling confident enough. To be honest I’d contemplated not going as well because I’m feeling out of shape but I went and I’m glad I did because my friends don’t give a shit.

Nude beaches are generally populated by older people in less than amazing shape. Obviously there are people of all shapes, sizes and ages on nude beaches and at clothing optional venues but there is a reason that the cliched nudist isn’t a men’s health cover model.

There are no requirements to being a nudist other than taking your clothes off. I am always amazed by the guys that spend hours in the gym every day who are shy about their bodies. Sometimes I wonder if the more time you spend on it, the less secure you are about it. So guys, don’t worry about the size of your dick or your love handles. Just drop your pants and get out there.

Hold Tight

One of Australia’s banks, the ANZ has been a long supporter of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and LGBT rights in general. Yesterday they released a new campaign in the lead up to Mardi Gras called Hold Tight. It highlights just how far we have to go to feel equal. We still don’t have marriage equality in Australia and people are still not always safe holding hands in public in a same sex relationship. Thankfully I have never really experienced any harassment or discrimination myself but I know people who have.

So moving

If you have 20 minutes spare, I ask you to watch this video. It’s not flashy and it’s not sexy so it breaks from the norm for this blog. It’s difficult at times to watch but it is necessary. It tells the story to Tom and Thordis, and their road to closure after a teenage romance turned to rape. The world needs more of this kind of thing. More women like Thordis to teach other women that they can overcome the trauma of rape and more women like Tom who are willing to step up and wholeheartedly accept responsibility for their actions.

Women are taught to stay safe, dress appropriately, don’t go to certain areas all in an effort not to get raped. Why aren’t we teaching men not to rape instead? It would do so much good if men were prepared to be uncomfortable and admit the horrible truth that we do not own women’s bodies, they do. We do not get to take women for granted or do what we want with them. The vast majority of readers of this blog are gay men and I realise that it may be the wrong platform but we all have mothers, we all have sisters or aunts and should all understand that women deserve so much more respect than the world affords them.

Read the article here and watch the video below.

Update: I’m sorry. The video seems to have been removed for some reason. The video is on the TED page here.

Keep your business.

Anti-discrimination laws exist for a reason and although it feels like Mr Trump seems hell bent to allow religious based discrimination in the US at this stage it’s illegal. Reading a story online today about a gay Canadian couple who are naming and shaming a wedding photographer who refused them on religious grounds, I just found myself thinking “why would you want them to photograph your wedding if they are anti-gay?”

In a city like Sydney or any decent sized city there are options and alternatives when looking for a business to deal with so it wouldn’t be a problem. In rural areas or small towns there may not be that luxury so a bakery refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, or a photographer refusing to shoot a gay wedding would cause problems. This is where the anti-discrimination laws really help but would the anti gay bakery or wedding photographer do a good job especially if they were legally being forced to do the job?

I’m certainly not saying that people should be able to hide their bigotry behind religion but I’m not going to take someone to court to make them take my wedding photos. People do a good job when they want to do it. If someone hates my “lifestyle choices” or thinks I’m going to hell, they aren’t really going to do their best work taking my photos are they