From dark beginnings

There are a few of the world’s perceived “A-gays” who are doing very nicely on Instagram and seem to live glamorous lives. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen but whatever the case, we rarely hear about people’s beginnings. Levi Foster has 220 thousand followers on Instagram and moves in some cool circles, friends with Kyle Kreiger and Max Emerson from what I can tell. I don’t.. Read More

This gives me hope

Australia’s politicians have been embarrassing themselves with debate over security policy in our National Parliament in the past week or so, even suggesting that women wearing Burkas or head coverings should sit behind a glass divide even though they have gone through security checks to get into the building. Our own Prime Minister the ever embarrassing Tony Abbott has said he finds the Burka confronting. Thankfully the team behind this.. Read More

That is how you silence a wingnut

On a University Campus a reformed alcoholic (I’m gathering from something she yelled) was preaching the word of god trying to save the damned souls of heathens. What that really means is that she’s misinterpreting the bible so that she can spew bigotry at people and tell them they aren’t as good as her unless they find salvation. What happens next is the bit that I love. Two guy run.. Read More

Who is going to raise the better children?

The video above is one that I watched earlier today that had me completely stunned at the idiocy of the very vocal right wing minority. This woman is concerned that her child will he harmed by being taught yoga at school as part of a life skills program in the region. How would yoga hurt her child? She sees the Hindu association as a problem because it isn’t Christian. Hindu.. Read More

Are they helping us?

In the last two weeks in the U.S. we’ve had a Minister say that the U.S. Government should kill the gays, we had another Minister say that all gays should be rounded up and locked up behind an electrical fence and left to die out and just in the past couple of days we’ve seen a deeply disturbing video of a 4 year old singing a song with the line.. Read More

This time we won!

This morning, like wildfire posts all over facebook were talking about Adshel, a company that displays advertising in bus shelters and billboards, crumbling to homophobia and removing a safe sex campaign featuring, amongst others, a loving real life gay couple in a harmless embrace (above) Within hours a protest outside the Adshel offices had taken place and press had gotten wind of the story. According to Adshel a “large number”.. Read More

A revised deadline and still more questions.

Last weekend’s Rapture didn’t happen and the man that was courteous enough to warn us all about it is as stunned as we are. Helpfully he’s revised his prediction to the 31st of October saying that last weekend was God’s deadline to make his decisions about who steps on the gilded escalator to heaven and who slides down the scorching slippery slide to hell and October’s REAL Rapture is when.. Read More

A couple of questions

Tomorrow, Saturday 21st May 2011 is apparently going to see “The Rapture” ie the end of days or the day of reckoning. I have a couple of questions about it as it’s creating some dilemmas for me. Firstly, I have some grand plans like publishing an Aussielicious Book, having another exhibition, getting married etc. Some are more long term than others of course but I would like to see them.. Read More

Catholicism, porn, HIV & Ross Watson

Ross Watson’s latest work depicts porn superstar Francois Sagat in place of the “Crucifixion of St Peter” in a work inspired by the Vatican’s stance on condom use promoting HIV. Ross decided to use Francois because of his work in HIV Prevention. This piece has also set a new record for the sale of Ross’ originals at $42,000. Well done Ross. In other Ross Watson news, German publisher Bruno Gmunder.. Read More

Murder pact for homophobes.

It’s no secret that I believe religion is the cause of a lot of the worlds ills. I’m speaking of organised religion which I cannot deny also does a great deal of good. Spirituality I have no problem with in the slightest but a lot of ignorant and intolerant people take refuge behind the protective name of god. The sex abuse scandal shaking the Catholic church is a good example… Read More

Calm, serene, men, bliss… Ohm

Recently I proposed to a friend that we should start our own monastery. There is a theory behind such a move, even though I’ve loudly proclaimed my stand against organised religion. The theory began with the thought that I am not a wealthy man, probably not technically ruled by poverty, but far from loaded. I’m also a man who isn’t far from celibate most of the time. So I figured.. Read More

Pilgrims are doing it!

At the risk of inspiring another barrage of pro/con religion comments the pilgrims are departing Sydney but according to this article, those pilgrims that hang around for the weekend can have half price entry into the annual Sexpo saying that if they are being urged to procreate as God saw fit, then they need to become more relaxed about sex. Rumour has it, and that’s all it is as far.. Read More

Thousands of fools flock to mass

Today saw the largest Mass ever held in Australia as World Youth Day kicked off with over 150,000 deluded closeted virgins in town to hear the bigoted ramblings of a former Hitler Nazi Youth member now heading up a wonderfully large organisation of paedophiles. Sorry, got a bit carried away there but I have a major problem with the Catholic church and organised religion in general. The Pope is officially.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Gay Catholic Priest

A while back a Catholic Priest contacted me through the original incarnation of Aussielicious via email and since then we’ve had a bit of an ongoing dialog about sexuality, religion and life in general. Father X is in his 50’s. He was kind enough to agree to do this interview for us. Which came first your calling to the priesthood or realising you were gay? Being gay – something I.. Read More