Challenge 08 – “Will Daremore”

This is a guy that goes by the name of Will Daremore, he’ll drop his trousers at any and every given opportunity, lately a lot of the time for those lovely nude guys over at Frisky Frolic. Don’t forget to get your submissions in for the ’08 Public Nudity Challenge. Get naked somewhere unexpected, out of context or downright public and send them to me for the blog. No erections.. Read More

Challenge 08 – NYC Dancer Boy!

A regular contributer to the nudity challenges on this blog has been Matt from NYC Dancer Boy. As you can see, dancing does indeed keep you very fit! Nice work Matt. Thanks for sharing your images. They were taken in a local state park.

Challenge 08 – Candian Boy!

The Nude Canadian Boy took these shots at Mount Royal, Montreal, Canada. He’s a keen nudie and submitted a shot for the winter version of the challenge too. Nice work mate! Keep these entries coming!

Challenge 08 – Bill!

This is Bill, the first of the Public Nudity Challenge entries for 2008. I don’t know where Bill was when he took this, apart from on the snow. And if that thing is suffering from shrinkage, holy hell I’d be interested to see that in warm weather. So Bill, how long did you ski naked for?

Ingo does Berlin

Ingo here sent me an email the other day. He’s just discovered Aussielicious and is working from the very start of the old incarnation and came across the nudity challenge. It seems Ingo isn’t shy at all and these photos were taken one day walking along the Unter Den Lindon in Berlin towards the Brandenburg Gate with other nude friends. He tells me there were about a dozen of them.. Read More