Beautiful video

I haven’t been to Hawaii but this is not the overly populated with tourists and neon environment that I have seen too much of. Surfing nude, whales jumping in a beautiful ocean looks like heaven to me. I’m not entirely giving my stamp of approval to filming people nude on the beach almost certainly without their consent, but it’s not used in a gratuitous way. Hawaii Whalewatching nude surfing beach.. Read More

Amazing photos

Every now and then, mother nature decides to prove to us mere mortals that we will never know everything about what she has to offer and we should respect our world a bit more. A friend sent me these stunning images of a mass migration of Golden Rays off the coast of Mexico. What an amazing sight captured by Sandra Critelli, an amateur photographer, stumbled across the phenomenon off the.. Read More

Get out into it!

After watching the Scenic Boys latest video of another camping excursion I really want to get out into nature. The break on Fraser Island was a little tease of how nice it is. I would love to go camping and rough it and just breathe in the fresh air and sounds of nature with a few mates. I’m going to have to do some research on places that it might.. Read More

White wonders

I love it when mother nature throws up an interesting quirk or anomaly, maybe as gay men we can identify with it or something. I found these images of a white Stag in the Scottish Highlands, a white Killer Whale near Alaska and a white Moose in Montana over at Towleroad and just thought they were cool. I’m off to bed now, early start for the gym.