Modelicious – Devin Truss

If you want some 6’2″ gorgeousness, then Devin Truss might be your man. When you write down on paper all his attributes they seem fairly formulaic for a male model. Amazing cheekbones, full lips and washboard abs. What he also has that is harder to define is a whole lot of sex appeal. He’s signed to DT Model Management and his 30″ waist is in and out of a lot.. Read More

So much beauty

Doing a lot of photography I get to see a lot of beautiful men and I look at a lot of beautiful men online as well. So it takes a pretty striking guy to get my attention. Scott Neslage did that. Scott is a Californian guy with origins that I’m yet to ascertain but whatever genetic path has got him to where he is, it was a golden path. I.. Read More

Sexy and edgy

This series of photos popped up on my tumblr feed a few days ago. The model is Eian Scully and he’s been photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath looking bloody sexy in the desert at night wearing just ankle braces to hang upside down. Eian seems to have a bit of a following on tumblr as well as his instagram. Maybe this is a party I’m arriving late to but I can.. Read More

Modelicious Michael

Paul Reitz is a photographer that I’ve admired for a few years now. His guys are hot, his lighting is great and the shots aren’t so typical of the hot men genre. I was watching the Bruce Weber video below the other day and there was a male model in it was wandering around in a bunny outfit, sadly way too covered for my taste but he grabbed my attention.. Read More

Modelicious Ben Todd

Ben Todd is a model that I’ve seen on Modelmayhem and on a few blogs but yesterday I came across the shot on the far left above and thought it was absolutely gorgeous. Ben is a 21 year old model from Canada who clearly puts a lot of work into his body. I’d seen the photo in the middle before when Ben was obviously going for the smooth look. Now.. Read More

Modelicious Cole Monahan

There aren’t many guys that can carry off long hair and look good, but the sharp jawed Cole Monahan certainly can. The Tennessee native has recently signed with Elite Model Agency which almost guarantees a level of success in the industry. Cole is a 6’2″ blue eyed country boy growing up on a farm in Tennessee which has apparently given him a good work ethic to propel him in modeling… Read More

A gorgeous man

When I posted about the Tub Time With Tate series a few days ago, I mentioned that I’d found him through a model on Instagram. Kim David Smith is that model. He’s a gorgeous Aussie guy living and working in New York. He’s a singer, cabaret performer and of course, model who fills his instagram with his modeling work. I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Kim briefly and hopefully.. Read More

A WHOLE lot of sexy

Following a bunch of photographers and models on instagram and on other sites means there is a constant stream of delicious eye candy primed to give me visual diabetes. Luke Austin is a very talented Aussie photographer now living and working in the U.S. and through his work (above) I’ve discovered one of those guys that just comes along every now and then that just completely does it for me… Read More

Modelicious Dimitrije

This guy is a model that I follow on Instagram called Dimitrije (Sreckovic) Bluegray. He’s very definitely got a young Dolph Lundgren vibe with his killer broad shoulders and brooding chiseled face but for me, much much hotter. There isn’t a whole lot of information out there on Dimitrije but I gather that he is Serbian, very flexible and has a girlfriend but sadly he smokes. I’d love to get.. Read More

Aloha Chris!

Yesterday on the DNA Blog, a vision appeared. Chris DiPrete has appeared on my computer screens before with his modelling work but I was really struck by the photos that I saw yesterday and then with a little more googling this morning. Chris lives in Hawaii so it makes perfect sense that he looks relaxed, sexy, exotic and not wearing very much. He’s still wearing too much for my tastes… Read More

Modelicious Adam Gumula

I was sitting here wondering what I was going to blog about when I came across this beautiful man. His name is Adam Gumula. Like a lot of models he’s a personal trainer as well hailing from Texas. He has a very All-American retro vibe to his gorgeousness. It’s a very cheeky wholesome look which obviously I find attractive. I found him on vimeo in the video below by Bell.. Read More

The worlds sexiest hipster?

This model hipster Jesus is Ben Dahlhaus. So far the internet doesn’t seem too privvy to details about Mr Dahlhaus but the hot Jesus tag is sticking. There are other comments out here calling him the hot hipster. I’m in agreement. He’s stunning. Not sure he’s entirely my type as I still haven’t become a devoted fan of the big bushy beard but when someone is as beautiful as Mr.. Read More

Well hello Patrick!

For anyone who hasn’t “liked” the DNA Magazine facebook page yet, I suggest you go and do it because every day these hot men or all shapes and sizes just seem to turn up in my computer screen like magic. The other day Patrick Rangel turned up and had me all aflutter. How on earth does a guy who can’t be any older than 23 have a chest like that?.. Read More

Silver fox with two first names.

Buzzfeed posted a collection of silver fox men the other day which thankfully included the very adorable Max from Catfish the TV Show. One of the sexiest guys on the list for me was this guy. His name is Michael Justin so yes, he does have two first names, but that can’t take away from his delicious sexiness. I couldn’t work out how old he was so I did a.. Read More

Oh Thor, I might need rescuing.

The DNA Magazine blog is always a good place to view copious amounts of hot manflesh. Thor here popped up on the blog a couple of weeks ago and they are showcasing his perfection again. Talk about a Nordic God. All that blonde beauty and physical gloriousness would do any Viking proud. For those inclined to know, Thor is signed with Ford Models Europe and stands 6’2″ and has a.. Read More