A little bit uncomfortable?

My housemate is one of those “straight acting” or “masculine” gay men. He doesn’t understand camp guys and actually judges them quite a bit. That attitude kinda pisses me off so I love making him squirm a bit. Since it was the Mardi Gras parade last night and our outfits were white but we were allowed to accessorise and add colour I decided to go and get my first ever.. Read More

First rehearsal done!

Tonight we had the first rehearsal for our Mardi Gras float. The My People My Tribe project is the theme of this year’s Mardi Gras and we are the official lead float of the parade. I haven’t done the parade in about five years so getting back into learning a dance routine has been a lot of fun this evening. At times we were chaos but by the end of.. Read More

Putting the T in Equality

With the Mardi Gras parade two weeks away that means it’s time for Fair Day. Community Group stalls, food stalls, LGBT Sports group stalls, live music, food and a lot of people wearing rainbows. That’s what fair day is. Add some great weather and even a dog show and it was a lot of fun. This year Fair Day is in a new venue and I prefer it to be.. Read More

Over for another year

Each year there is some kind of bitching and moaning about the parade from within the gay community. People cry that it unfairly portrays us as promiscuous, drug taking party people who will never be accepted by the straight world. The parade will never ever represent everyone in the LGBT community completely. Never. Because there are a hundred or so floats and there are way more diverse groups in any.. Read More

Sydney Mardi Gras 2015 Tribute video

Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade is on this evening, followed by the huge after party. This year’s party features performances by Dannii Minogue, Nick Jonas, Courtney Act and DJ sets by lots of amazing DJ’s including Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters. In what is becoming a new tradition with Mardi Gras, led by DJ Dan Murphy, a hoard of dancing volunteers along with people like Matthew Mitcham,.. Read More

There’s only one party!

Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a world renowned parade and the after party attracts around 20,000 revelers each year. I don’t go to the party these days as I’m not much of a party boy but it is a great party that has seen some fantastic big name performers on it’s stage. The last few years Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras have released a video teaser for.. Read More

Go on, have a Kiki

The lovely Dan Murphy, who I’m totally jealous of because he got to meet the Scissor Sisters, was approached along with Sydney Mardi Gras by the Scissor Sisters themselves to create a video for Let’s Have A Kiki. One part of the request was that it had “that drag queen from the Bondi Beach flash mob“. Since Dan had directed that video and flash mob too it was a very.. Read More

Revoking my membership?

I’m a bad gay. There I said it. Firstly I haven’t had sex in ages so that almost disqualifies me from being gay anyway since what makes me gay is the sex I like to have. Secondly I don’t think that Kylie performing at the Sydney Mardi Gras party is enough to get me to go. Yes, she is my religion and I love seeing her live, but I think.. Read More

The debate is raging

Last week, there was a big announcement that the organisation known as New Mardi Gras, formerly Mardi Gras, was now going to be called Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which after several years of the “New” title was always going to happen. The bit that is causing the debate is that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is now going to be called the Sydney Mardi Gras… Read More

Will we ever be a “community”

Some comments my flatmate made about the TV coverage of Saturday’s Gay & Lesbian parade, as well as re-discovering some heated debate on an old post on this blog, have really made me wonder about the “Gay Community” and whether we will ever really show a community spirit. The debate on an old post stemmed from me making an assumption that a female acquaintance was a lesbian because she went.. Read More

Kylie still loves the gays.

The theme for this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is “Say Something” and Kylie is lending her support to her beloved gays with this message for a happy Mardi Gras and a call for no more homophobia!

Fighting “The Majority”

On Monday morning, I was driving to work when a woman called in to the radio station I listen to, to complain about Fair Day, one of the big events on Sydney’s Mardi Gras calendar. It had been held in a big park the day before. In part of that park is a public swimming pool which was closed because of Fair Day. The woman was complaining that “The Majority”.. Read More

It’s here again!

Once again it’s time for the Mardi Gras madness to begin here in Sydney. The Lifesavers With Pride, the float that I’m marching/dancing with had our first rehearsal tonight and it’s going to be another fun routine. I am not feeling that in shape at the moment but nevertheless I will have my red aussieBums on and be dancing up the street with a massive grin on my face once.. Read More

Mardi Gras 2011 – Not long now

Here is a promo video for Mardi Gras 2011 for all you folks still not sure if you are going to make the trip down under to play with some hotties down under. Mardi Gras definitely brings a different vibe to this beautiful city of ours. If you live here, get out and be friendly to the tourists and if you are a tourist, enjoy the friendly locals!

Reliving the moment

Last night was the wrap party for the mardi gras float and the launch of our DVD. Chadd has done a great job once again putting all his footage into the DVD and making sure we all look like we are having a ball. We were so it might not be that difficult. I designed the cover again this year, but then had to design another one as the committee.. Read More