Writing can win you a cock ring…

Esculpta men’s jewellery are running a competition for bloggers to write about their jewellery and the most imaginative writing wins a beautiful and very distinctive cock ring from Esculpta. Le Cock Ring II is a sleek and sexy adjustable cock ring that will help draw even more attention to your nether regions. Let’s face it, a good reaction to that region is always what you are after. So… bloggers, get.. Read More

New pendants from Esculpta

Nikias at Esculpta sent me these images a day or two ago of his new designs. It sounds like his business is starting to take off which is great. He’s a talented (and good looking) guy.

Le Cock Ring 2

Nikias from Esculpta has crafted this beautiful and very handy new version of his cock-ring. It’s a one-size-fits-all model that is adjustable so if you buy it for your boyfriend you know it’s going to fit!