It’s a struggle

I was so motivated for training before I went to Europe then obviously I didn’t do any training while I was away instead walking for miles every day. Since I’ve been back my motivation for the gym has been as low as it’s ever been. Why does this happen? I’m still going but my workouts are lacklustre and uninspired. It doesn’t help that my gym just doesn’t seem to give.. Read More

Pietro’s Gymspiration

In a very serendipitous turn of fate, a friend of mine needs a new logo. He’s a personal trainer whose style I really click with. The cost of personal training is not something I’ve ever felt able to justify when I can go to the gym and at least maintain the mediocrity I’m used to by myself. If you have loftier goals and want to rock a serious fitness model.. Read More

Training inspiration

My usual batch of Youtubers all seem to be posting a little bit less frequently at the moment so I’ve been finding myself searching for other things to watch. Of course when you watch one thing you get bombarded with suggested videos of a similar nature. I posted a video of two hotties doing kilted yoga a couple of weeks ago and then all of a sudden I was recommended.. Read More

Gymspiration butt

It’s amazing what a week or two will do. Two weeks ago I couldn’t have cared any less about going to the gym and training. I had no energy and just wasn’t interested. Last week and this week I’ve actually been getting back into a groove which I sorely needed to get back into. I’d say this week’s energy is related to cooler temperatures overnight which means I’m sleeping better,.. Read More

Gymspiration – Roo Hamer

When DNA share their Insta Stud I usually have a quick look and move on. A few of them have made my Instalicious posts and joined the list of people I follow for a good perve. Every now and then they share someone that stops me in my tracks. We all know I’m a sucker for the ridiculously pretty guys and Roo Hamer is one of them, but instead of.. Read More

Gymspiration for the challengers

I’m a bit disappointed that there are only two of us taking part in the Fitness Challenge. I expected at least a couple more of you to take up the challenge. Remember the goal isn’t to look like a Men’s Health cover model. Damien and I are just training to feel better, improve our health and fitness and get back some of that movement that youth took with it when.. Read More

Getting frustrated

The last couple of weeks have been a struggle. Work has been a source of frustration, tension and tiredness. Nothing horrendous is going on, it’s just a period of change, mess and a bit of chaos at the moment and that is going to be short lived. My gym routine has been nothing but pathetic. I’m barely going, let alone training properly at all, which is frustrating since I have.. Read More

My gymspiration for this week!

My training has been lacklustre to say the least of late, even though I’ve managed to get myself to the gym 3-4 times per week I’m just not training hard enough. I think in general I’m going through a bit of a flat phase, not feeling great about myself. After watching this video today I need to slap that shit right out of my head. These people were filmed at.. Read More

Gymspiration for the end of January

Tomorrow is probably my last gym day for January. I tend not to workout on weekends apart from the occasional circus training session but as far as the gym goes, it’s rare for me to go on a weekend. It’s interesting to see some different faces (and bodies) but that’s rarely enough to get me there. I’ve been a bit surprised this week. On Monday I came down with a.. Read More

Gymspiration – Ivan

This is Ivan. Ivan is a young model from Russia who makes me believe that the genetic lottery of life is a little unfair. Of course, I’m sure he works damn hard in the gym and has youth on his side but damn… damn damn damn he looks good. These photos by Tema Saturday were featured on the DNA Magazine blog and definitely caught my attention. We all know I’m.. Read More

Today’s Gymspiration

It’s only 36 days until I leave for my holiday and I want to shake up my gym routine. I’m struggling with motivation and enthusiasm now that the cold weather has come to town. The routine I’ve been doing is getting stale and not helping at all. Ideally I would like something like the 300 workout that is challenging in strength and gets my heart rate up a bit. Does.. Read More

This week’s gymspiration

As much as I’m struggling with motivation for the gym etc at the moment, I also really struggle with the body culture at the moment that is such an obsession with guys in the teens to thirties at the moment. If you haven’t instagrammed a workout or meal prep then you may as well be obese. Granted there are health benefits to eating “clean” and doing regular exercise but the.. Read More


This month has been the hardest month for motivation at the gym that I’ve had in a LONG time. With work being so busy everything has slipped. Diet, training, motivation and energy. With only 57 days left until I fly out of the country to explore Europe wearing as little as possible, that needs to change. Not purely for vanity reasons but also for energy, confidence and plain old health.. Read More

Gymspiration and Frustration

With three months to go before I sail naked through Croatia and explore other parts of Europe, my fitness regime is suffering. Work is ramping up to a busy season and tomorrow I will be in the office too early to squeeze in a gym workout first. Added to that, I’ve strained an ab muscle at circus class. It’s not a major injury but over the past couple of weeks.. Read More

Gymspiration for the week

After drinking too much on the weekend, a hangover means I also ate a lot of rubbish “hangover” food. That means I have to be good for the rest of the week. I’ve been fairly happy with the way I’ve been training lately but I still really struggle to get myself to do any cardio. The skipping rope I bought has only been used twice and I can’t seem to.. Read More