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Freedom is coming!

Yesterday I took a leap of faith and sent off the images for my exhibition to be printed. There are 22 images being printed which may or may not get culled by one or two by the time the exhibition actually happens, but at this stage that’s the number. The last exhibition was 15 images so it’s quite a few more. I also put together this video trailer for the exhibition. Feel free to share it around!

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Now comes the hard part

This morning I photographed the last model for my “Freedom” exhibition, to be held in February. It’s a bittersweet moment. I now have to cull approximately 60 images down to the 20 that will appear on the gallery walls in 4 months time. The middle shot, above, is a definite as it is being used in the promotional material and I love it. The other two above are from the two photo shoots I did this weekend but aren’t contenders for the actual exhibition, even though I really like them. I can’t wait to unleash the final product on the world.

An update on the exhibition

A long time reader and supporter asked me how things were going with the next exhibition so I thought I’d give you a bit of an update. So far I’ve done nine shoots specifically for the exhibition with two more scheduled for this weekend and possibly one more to throw into the mix in the next few weeks. Add to that a shot that will be included that I shot a while ago that to me fits with the rest of them I should end up with close to 50 images that I will then cull down to 20. Exciting times.

The images above are shots that didn’t make the cut for the final exhibition. I like them but I liked others from those shoots more. It’s always interesting to get different opinions on the shots. Some people are adamant that they should all be in colour but others will say some look better in black and white. I’m going with my gut on this one and I think that’s important. It’s not a commercial project where the client has the last say. This is my personal work that I’m putting out to the world, hoping that it’s a success.