A Greek Odyssey?

Sometimes when you are having a rough day or you’re a little bored, something will come along and perk you right up. This video did that for me the other day. It is the end of the year and I’m ready for some time off and this week has been dragging on and on until we finish up and close the office on Friday for three weeks. So, with my.. Read More

Better late than never?

A calendar that seems a little late on the scene for 2015 is the new FCKH8 Calendar with gay and straight models getting their gear off for our visual entertainment. It may be late but the models are hot and the shots look great. Along with that the revenue raised helps HIV Charities! Win win win. The images were shot by Justin Monroe who knows a great arse when he.. Read More

Merry Christmas everyone!

As is becoming tradition here at Aussielicious, I’ve put together a 2015 Calendar full of beautiful men for you all to enjoy. You can download it here and just store it digitally or you can print it off to put on your wall. It has been created at A3 size (42cm wide x 30cm high). It’s Christmas Even already here in Australia so this afternoon I’ll be heading off to.. Read More

The Warwick Rowers are back!

In what is becoming a bigger online media event than the Dieux Du Stade calendar, the Warwick Rowers have just launched their 2015 Calendar campain and crowdfunding program with a heap of different rewards for different levels of donation. Once again the boys are lead by the stunning Lawrence and the boys all seem to be going frontal yet again. How they convince them to do that I don’t know.. Read More

The luscious Lawrie

On the weekend I purchased and downloaded the behind the scenes video of the Warwick Rowers calendar shoot. The guys are all young university students in Britain and getting their gear off to raise money for a good cause. This year’s calendar was organised by Lawrie, one of the rowers. In my humble opinion he is the hottest of them and he features quite prominently in the video. This year’s.. Read More

The delicious Kings Cross Steelers Rugby Club

Next year Sydney will be awash with Rugby playing homosexual beefcake when the Sydney Convicts Rugby team officially host the Bingham Cup. The cup was named after Mark Bingham who died in the United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11 2001 and was one of the instigators of trying to stop the terrorists aboard that flight. The cup is held every two years and it’s coming down under. That could.. Read More

The Warwick Rowers are back.

In what is becoming an annual calendar spectacular to rival the French Rugby calendar, the Warwick Rowers are back with another instalment of their calendar, photo sets and behind the scenes video. This calendar is also a great one to buy as the proceeds go to raise money to fight homophobia and bullying. All these guys, mostly straight are happy to get their gear off for their mostly gay male.. Read More

Dieux Du Stade 2014

Once again it’s time for the annual flesh fest that is the French Rugby Calendar, aka Dieux Du Stade. Fred Goudon was the lucky photographer to shoot this, the 12th calendar for Stade Francais. I’m a loyal fan of the calendars. More often I buy the DVD’s of the making of but this year’s imagery looks a bit dull to me. It’s almost as if he’s admitted that the concepts.. Read More

A thank you gift.

As a bit of a thank you to everyone who has supported Aussielicious and me personally for so long I’ve created a 2013 calendar featuring some of my photography of some lovely and very hot men for you to enjoy. You can download the pdf calendar by clicking here. I hope you all like it! Thank you very much for all the comments, feedback, laughs and conversations I’ve had with.. Read More

Not long left to order!

Don’t forget, you only have a matter of hours (about 12) to order your Community Brave 2013 calendar, photographed and designed by ME! Please support this amazing organisation who are doing everything in their power to eradicate bullying and intolerance in our community. The calendar features some of Sydney’s best known gay sporting teams including the very sexy and successful Sydney Convicts Rugby Team. To order your copy, click here.

Brokeback Boathouse!

Warwick Rowing Club are up to their old tricks and have released their 2013 Calendar. It’s jam packed with fit naked hotties as usual. Having rowed both still water and surf boats in my time I can attest to the level of fitness these guys have so I’m pretty confident they’ll all look pretty good naked. The gang at Warwick are also taking preorders for the “Making Of” DVD and.. Read More

Oh My Goodness

Last Thursday, shortly before I headed out of town with friends for a very very low key New Years Eve, the postman delivered my copy of the new Dieux Du Stade DVD. Francois Rousseau has done it again with beautiful imagery (I think I might treat myself to the calendar today). A couple of the regular faces are missing this year. Just where is Julian Arias?? He’s been a consistent.. Read More

It’s that time again

Every year I wait with anticipation to see images and footage from the new Dieux Du Stade calendar appear on the net and this year is no different. This year sees the return of famous French photographer, Francois Rousseau to the helm. He created their attention grabbing 2004 calendar and book. His work is always so beautiful and it looks like he’s done it again, although I’d be a bit.. Read More

The calendar and DVD coming soon!

A little while ago I posted the teaser for the Naked Power Yoga DVD and today I’m bringing you the teaser for the Calendar. It was recently shot by the spectacularly talented Peter Breen who wanted to do a high fashion nude shoot. I think he’s succeeded. I’m working on an interview with Naked Power Yoga’s creator, Ryan too so if you have anything you want to ask, please post.. Read More

Happy Christmas to us

My flatmate and I have just had a really nice night in having a mini Christmas celebration. He is off to see his family on Wednesday for about 4 or 5 days so we cooked a nice dinner and gave each other our presents. I think we both spent more than we normally would have but we both nailed it as far as buying presents that we knew each other.. Read More