Nearly a decade…

In just over a month, Aussielicious turns 10 years old. That’s right, I’ve been writing all my nonsense for a decade. There have been many lessons learnt in that decade. Don’t respond to trolls, just block them. Don’t blog angry. Don’t blog about friends. Listen fully to people’s opinions, especially when they are different to your own, that’s when you’ll learn more. There have been a bajillion penises on this.. Read More

Better than the alternative.

Over the years that I’ve been maintaining Aussielicious I’ve learnt the hard way not to blog angry. Sometimes it’s a very hard rule to stick to. Last week’s Etiquette post got a couple of comments that riled me up a bit but I held my tongue and am posting now, a few days later with a clearer head. One comment was very mild but suggested that the guy might not.. Read More

Have you had your 2 cents?

Tonight I’m shamelessly promoting another blog. Damien and I met when he would write me constructive criticism in my comments, being quite challenging sometimes in a good way and other times pissing me off royally. Then we starting having discussions over email and expanding on those challenges and listening to each others opinion. Sometimes. He’s since become a valued friend, even though we live in different states. Damien took up.. Read More

New starts and beginning again!

It seems to me that Tony, of LargeTony and West of Mayberry fame, doesn’t like to let the grass grow under his feet. So it is that he’s wound up West of Mayberry, as he did with LargeTony and he’s started a new blog that will combine the moods of both blogs. The new blog is called The Third Leg, which I can partly claim responsibility for. I was doing.. Read More

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012

It’s the last day of the 2011 here in Sydney and as can be expected, the evening will be full of introspection and reflection, and a bit of vodka. I won’t touch on political and world events here in this post, they are being rehashed all over the globe in lists and count downs on every news station around the world. This is a post about MY 2011. I can’t.. Read More

Happy birthday

A month ago I was fresh out of a breakup so was wallowing in self pity a little bit and I realised a week or two later that I completely missed the 6th birthday of Aussielicious! The six years has been a rollercoaster of support, love, controversy, hate mail and lots and lots of nudity. This new incarnation of Aussielicious has had over 4,200,000 hits in it’s time and the.. Read More

A repost

Over four years ago I did an interview with a straight reader of the blog who is a nudist and also very comfortable with his sexuality and the fact that he is straight, and as a result very comfortable nude with gay men. Of course that post resulted in a lot of gay men claiming he’s really gay but in denial. Cleaning out my old emails from a very long.. Read More

Just to clarify

Last week I had a comment from a reader on my Teamm8 post saying I really should own up to being paid or receiving gifts in exchange for posts on the blog from companies. To be honest, even though the reader has said he meant no offense, I was a little put out. I post about companies on this blog that I like and that I want to support. AussieBum.. Read More

I love constructive feedback

I just went to have a look at the Aussielicious Facebook page and found a post from someone there which I’ve included for you all to read below. “Very arrogant and narcistic to call yourself Aussielicious, beauty is in the others eye and not yours. I read all about u and canadian boy, he should stay away, long distance relationships dont work. Find someone who u you WILL meet, if.. Read More

Moderating comments and nastiness.

Last night a reader posted a comment about one of the self portrait entries that was mean spirited and nasty. Whether it was meant that way or not, there was not a shred of tact involved. Clearly this reader has something against foreskins and thinks it’s “sad” to have a foreskin. That reader is entitled to his opinion and to post it. However, I would expect my readers to have.. Read More

Let’s see what happens

My upcoming trip to the US will be an interesting one. Apart from ticking off a few things that have been on my to-do list for some time I’ll also be meeting several people I’ve chatted to for a long time on this trip. I’ve been chatting to the Scenic Boys for a few years now and Fairview Sue who I’ll be catching up with in NYC. I’m really interested.. Read More

Every now and then… I wonder

I get quite a few emails through this blog from people asking for advice, saying hello, offering criticism and just reaching out. I had an email a few days ago from someone with quite an interesting history asking for a bit of advice. It was his second email, a reply to my reply, that I thought something was a bit off. There are a certain breed of people on the.. Read More

Dear Photograph

Every now and then on this blog I try and share something more than hot guys and nudity with you. A friend sent me a link to a tumblr blog today that made me smile and made me nostalgic. Dear Photograph is a blog that is fuelled by reader submissions. People find an old photograph, usually from their childhood and hold that photo up in the same spot as the.. Read More

Coining a new term

Why is it that we are so bold with our opinions, especially negative ones when we are safely behind the screen of our computer? I’ve noticed on facebook  that people, regardless that they are posting with their identity visible, are very willing to post nasty comments and make fun of people when I very much doubt they’d have the same courage face to face. It’s come up many times on.. Read More


Everyone’s favourite homoerotically-challenged blogger Scotty is back after Blogger shut him down. Head on over to the new and improved Str8jocktalking2!