Tragic loss

Australian actor Mark Priestly from the TV drama All Saints (above centre with his colleagues) has apparently tragically committed suicide. He’s suffered depression for some time. He left work early two days ago because of his depression and colleagues were worried about him. His body was found on a building awning after he allegedly threw himself off the building. Read the article here. Please, if anyone is suffering from depression.. Read More

Tribute to the naked dude in SATC

I don’t have a lot to type today after a long day at work and a dinner out. I’m tired so I thought I’d finish this day by posting a video someone has put together of Gilles Marini, the naked neighbour in the Sex and the City movie. These, from what I can tell, are all photos by Fred Goudon (link in the sidebar) who has captured Gilles very well… Read More

Hot Aussie Actor

This is Damian Walshe Howling. He’s a hot little pocket rocket Aussie actor. He got his break in a cop show set in the australian country and from what I can gather has done a fair bit of theatre work since. He’s now in a series based on the true-life story of Melbourne Gangland warfare, playing a sexy hitman for hire. The black and white shots are by my favourite.. Read More