Pure sex, unhinged!

Sydney Festival rolls around each year and is filled with arts, performances and a huge number of events. For the third year in a row I’ve been to see a show called Limbo which has evolved and changed each year that I’ve seen it. This year it’s called Limbo Unhinged. Most of the cast is new apart from the incredible Heather. Her Cheeky smirk belies an amazing talent for sword.. Read More

Beautiful athleticism

This is the kind of performer that makes me feel like I really should have started aerials many many years ago as well as keeping up the gymnastics I did as a child. Eike Von Stuckenbrok is an amazing performer. I can’t read German so I don’t know what any of his website says but I know he’s strong, very strong, flexible, dynamic and one hell of a performer. Looking.. Read More

Oh My GOD!

The strength and balance of these two is just amazing. What a great show. For me, and I know it’s not practical in a performance, it would have made more sense with the gold body paint, if they had been totally nude. It would have given the impression of statues come to life a bit more reality. But that’s just me.

Five naked gymnasts

We may never know what inspired this video, yet we should be very grateful that it was taken. Five gymnasts each take a turn doing a tumbling routine then fling themselves of a mini trampoline, all nude. It sure looks like fun though! GymnasticsUploaded by surfbare1

Sexy, wet acrobats

OK, so you find one video on youtube and you keep following link after link after link and today it’s a constant stream of flexible athletic contortionists. I have no idea what Les Farfadais is but it’s sexy. Now if only they were really nude!


Usually when people are really strong they aren’t that flexible and when they are very flexible they aren’t really strong. Every now and then you see someone that breaks those conventions. This performance is so beautiful. Dima is obviously incredibly strong and incredibly flexible and the performance is just so elegantly executed. So jealous.