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Oh so talented

Most of the time when we see bodypainting it is for promotional work with a logo emblazoned on someone with a “character” painted on them. It’s the logical way to use bodypaint. Get a sexy body tantalise showing it off but giving the illusion of being covered. I would say it’s fair to say that most bodypainting is done on female bodies. Given they don’t have dangly bits like guys do it’s easier to give the illusion of being clothed. When you do see guys who have been painted they are usually wearing a g-string to get around that issue.

Brandon McGill is a very talented bodypaint artist based in Arizona that I found on tumblr in the last couple of weeks. He paints males and females but doesn’t avoid the obvious, that his models are nude and he paints ALL of the guys. Perhaps it is easier since he’s doing it for artistic purposes and isn’t trying to convince anyone that the bodies are covered in clothes but rather creating amazing, over the top gorgeous characters that blur the lines between fantasy and superhero.

Go and show Brandon some love. He’s a very talented guy who needs to know his work is being seen.

Totally rocks my world

A while ago I found a short video of a hugely beefcake bodybuilder walking through nature in just a pair of boots. He’s much beefier than I usually go for but there is something I really like about guys walking around nude completely unselfconsciously. I know he’s a porn model from the old days of COLT Studios and that it’s his job but even so, it’s damn sexy.

Well I’ve just found the whole video. The music is incredibly cheesy and unsuited to the video and the bodybuilding posing at the end isn’t at all my thing but my mind takes me to the thought of that freedom to walk around for miles nude, just enjoying the sun and breeze on your body. It sure doesn’t hurt that he looks amazing.

Some sexy advertising

Now I don’t know anything about Acai or much detail about healthy eating apart from the fact that we need fruit and veggies and not too much bad stuff in our diets. What I do know is that these guys have got their marketing right. The nude guys will appeal to the women and the fact that there are two of them hanging out in close proximity will appeal to the gays. Yes they are straight judging by the one on the left moving his mate’s hand at the end but it seems a lot of gay men fantasise about straight guys turning anyway and we gay men seem to be obsessed with our bodies so healthy eating is a good incentive.

This is cheeky fun advertising and it’s hitting the mark for me. Now if only they’d just move those pesky props.

Acai Brothers from Branch Collaborative Vimeo on Vimeo.

A bit of overshare?

In the past week or so I’ve ended up in conversations with friends where we’ve ended up exchanging sex pics. Not just nude pics of ourselves but sex photos and videos. Now there are some friends that I just wouldn’t do that kind of thing with, including a couple of mates that I have even slept with in years gone by.

What is it about some friends that it is perfectly acceptable to exchange that kind of imagery with each other while other friends it’s not? Is there a correlation to the friends that you are comfortable naked in front of as well? Or is it that the dynamic of some friendships allows for a more open discussion about sex? Who knows. What I do know is that it’s resulted in seeing some very hot imagery.

There were jokes made at my expense, which I’m fine with by the way, that I’d taken video of my recent shenanigans with a hot guy just to prove to myself that it was real and not a lack-of-sex-induced dream. No, I won’t be sharing.

It would cause a riot

How on earth did I miss this? I haven’t been as good at checking out the products from AussieBum lately. I have quite a bit of underwear and if I look at their site I just buy stuff which I don’t need.

Seeing Andreas bouncing around in this very sexy Riot jock strap with his massive package and gorgeous butt hanging out in a locker room is just about perfection. Perfect would be lots more guys just like him all in that locker room but we are now delving into my fantasy land. The question I have is now, do I need a jock strap?

Bart’s looking at you!

In only our seventh submission for the Self Portrait Challenge, Bart has sent in this image that he took of himself in extreme close up. Bart said he is always fascinated by eyes and I have to agree. If someone’s eyes sparkle and smile when their mouth smiles then I’m going to respond so much more than if they don’t.

If you want to get a self portrait in to this challenge you still have a couple of weeks to do so. Get creative. Remember the winning image will be given as a prize to whoever wins the next challenge so it has to look good!

Hiram’s self portrait

There haven’t been many self portrait’s come in yet. I hope we get some more or the voting won’t take long at all with this only being the sixth submission to come in. Hiram has sent in many photos to the blog over the years including the winning self portrait in the very first photography challenge. This is a very different shot for Hiram. Most of the images he sends in are nudes and this is a really cool departure. It feels a bit menacing with the covered face and the “rebel” on the scarf. Keep the entries coming guys!

Are they out there?

Last week I found an old photo of me on the nude beach taken by a mate in Noosa. It was taken several years ago with my full permission and I have put it online on nudist sites and dudesnude but those are sites that are supposedly protected by logins. Now I’m not naive enough to think they aren’t going anywhere and I haven’t put anything on the internet that I care about people seeing ultimately. Sure, there are some people I don’t want to see them but I don’t think my family are on nudist sites or hookup sites so I’m pretty safe.

So when my photo popped up on Nooddood last week I wasn’t bothered. Nor was I bothered when a friend sent me a screenshot of the same image in his tumblr feed. Thankfully, nor was my friend as we have hung out at the nude beach as well.

It got me thinking though, about how many people have found possibly compromising images of themselves online that they weren’t aware were out there. Like me, you might have known the shot was taken and may have even posted it somewhere but thought it was under a little protection. Was it a problem or did you shrug it off?

A nice change of pace

Some people say I’m too restrained on the blog and others say I post too much about private things. To me, I post what I want and what I need to. Some people would say this post is in the over-share category but I’m a bit of an open book generally.

Since my birthday I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop the negative self talk and to try and rediscover my confidence. There has been some flirting online with a young guy and with the new approach to life I’m not listening to the little voice that wonders why a 22 year old with an incredible body wants to have some fun in the bedroom with me. Instead I’m going with it. Up until recently my mojo was lost, declared to be dead and gone forever. By this evening it was not only found, it had a pulse and it was ready to go.

Who knew that when those voices in your head speak, you don’t have to listen? My approach now is going to be exactly like when my mother is lecturing me about something or other. Nod and smile then do exactly what I want. If that happens to be really hot fun sex with a 22 year old, who am I to say no?

This year of me being 41 is starting to look up.

A cheeky self portrait

Another self portrait has come in from Leo, a long time reader of Aussielicious and long time nudie. Leo must have had a lot of luck or patience to use the timer and get this shot. It’s a great shot with his beautiful deep tan against the bright blue of the water.

If anyone is thinking of entering the challenge but hasn’t decided yet, I say do it. Take a chance and send in your self portrait. The more artistic and creative the better.

Who has the time?

Brian Lewis popped up on the DNA Blog and has just won the voting for the first week of October for the most popular guy on the blog. Maybe it’s me getting older but Brian doesn’t look like he could be any more than about 25 years old which begs the question, HOW does a guy that age get a body like that? No doubt there are hours and hours in the gym per week and a ridiculous dietary regime to go with it.

That brings me to the next question. When do these guys actually go and enjoy LIFE? Yes I’m sure they love working out and the results that it’s very evidently getting them but that’s a fairly narrow lane to live life in. Health and fitness are important but a friend and I were discussing just the other night, that just about every gay man we know and an increasing number of straight men have a very warped view of what constitutes a regular body and a good body. These are amazing bodies and it’s almost impossible to maintain this kind of body all the time. Fitness models get very lean for shoots and it’s unhealthy low levels of body fat.

People often accuse me of being shallow because I photograph beautiful men and, like everyone, love to look at hot men. I’m human. It’s very normal, but if I ever meet someone and start dating I don’t want to go out with someone who only eats dry chicken breast, broccoli and brown rice. I want a man who enjoys a night at the pub or sitting on the lounge with a glass of wine and spending time with me, not obsessing about the separation in his quads and definition in his delts.

PS. What does he have stuffed in those red shorts? That doesn’t look natural.

Are you a Stoneman?

There is a relatively new Aussie underwear brand on the scene called Stonemen. It’s for guys and girls and they are looking for new faces/packages to be in their promotional material. I posted this video a while ago when I first saw it but it’s such a cool video. You all know my feelings about friends being comfortable nude together and a bunch of friends skinnydipping being used to advertise underwear works for me.

The underwear is cheeky and features some cool prints on the fabric to make it stand out from the crowd. Check it out and jump on in! If you check out their page they are giving out a $100 gift voucher if they like your photo in your stonemen undies and why you love them so much. If you want to be one of their models, let me know and I’ll put you in touch!

Stonemen Skinny Dip from stonemen on Vimeo.

Do you know how this works?

Today on twitter, one of the 5 porn models in the shot above tweeted “Hate it when people repost my old nude photos especially @ing my name in it… Just a heads up… Please don’t do it with my photos” Really? I’m sorry mate, but do you know how the internet works? Once you have an image online, you lose control of it. It’s out there to be shared and shared again.

If someone is going to do porn with the hopes that no one sees it or uses the image then they are a little bit misguided about how it all works. I don’t think he had a problem with anyone seeing his image but of COURSE people repost it and surely it’s better to do it with credit for who it really is than pretending it’s someone else? Ironically it’s the guy with the lowest online profile that is the once complaining.

It’s a fine line

We all know lot’s of people in relationships. There are guys that are in and out of relationships all the time and others who stay in relationships for ages. Everyone acts differently in relationships. You have to. For most people it’s small compromises on both sides of the relationship and it keeps things going in a healthy and happy way.

Every now and then you see someone who completely sacrifices huge chunks of their life to keep their partner happy. I’ve seen guys give up things they love doing so as to not rock the boat with their boyfriend. Surely if you have to give up things you love to keep someone happy then they don’t really love you for who you are? Of course there are exceptions. If you love doing heroin or being a serial killer, I’d say there are benefits to abandoning those habits.

As someone who hasn’t really had a long term relationship I haven’t had to do much compromising. My last boyfriend couldn’t get his head around my nudist tendencies at all but he never asked me to stop and nor was it really involved in the breakup of our relationship. If we’d stayed together there may have had to be more discussions. As with most relationships, each couple has to find their own balance.

I’m not sure why I’m posting about this tonight but as a single man looking at relationships from the outside it’s interesting what you notice that someone inside it may not.

Two more self portraits.

Regular contributor to challenges and regular nudie David has submitted this hotel room self portrait for this challenge. Nudes aren’t a requirement but there is certainly no issue with them.

Scott sent in this self portrait which he’s taken all the colour from as he feels it represents the loss of his husband of 23 years. Sorry for your loss Scott.