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I’ve been updated!

As a graphic designer there are many different avenues you can go down with your career. Sadly Web design has largely passed me by as it’s a very different mindset to print design which is my background. The idea, however, of getting someone else to do my website when I am a designer, is something that I’ve struggled with so I usually leave my website to languish unattended for way too long. Thankfully Adobe have come along with some great software that is very similar in it’s use to a print layout piece of software but which you can add web functionality to it and publish it to the web. So after way too long being neglected, my website is all fresh and new with a revamped layout and new content. The design is still similar to the old site and by no means will this win any awards but it’s all up and running, so go and have a look at

What is going on here?

The line between artistic genius and complete lunatic is often a very blurred line. Vincent Van Gogh was pretty much thought of as insane until long after his death when his true talent was realised. Not everyone calling themselves an artist is such a talent. There are many many people in the art world producing work that I just don’t get or don’t like and listening to people talk about their art and talk about extraordinary meaning behind a few smatterings of paint can be absolute torture. I’m sure there are people out there who look at my photography and wonder what the hell is going on in my mind. It is all good. Art is a very personal thing for people creating it and like music, we all have different tastes.

This video is one that for me just makes me wonder what on earth is happening inside this guy’s head? Having said that, it is quite beautifully shot and coloured and it adds to the sense of urgency and danger with this guy’s crazy antics. If you don’t understand what the message is that he is trying to tell you, and I certainly don’t, there is some gratuitous nudity to enjoy while you wait patiently for it to finish.

Me quedé en blanco from F U T U R E on Vimeo.

Off to a soggy start

Reports are hitting the news that Burning Man is in lockdown at the moment. The site has been closed to people coming in today and possibly for another day or two after heavy rains. People are being told to go back to Reno and hold off until they are given the all clear. I can only imagine the chaos with people trying to find last minute accommodation. 70,000+ people will be going to the festival this year and only a small portion of that would have been in already when the site went into lockdown. They site gets closed because, being desert it will just become mud and completely torn up in the wet and all those RV’s and vehicles would just get bogged.

I  hope that my friends got in before the site got locked down. At least for those already in they can just bunker down and relax as much as possible until the festival dries out. It has reaffirmed my decision not to go this year. I’m still a little jealous but this makes it that much easier.

The Bucking Duck ride from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Was it necessary?

A month or two ago I saw an image that I’d taken of the gorgeous Mike, but it wasn’t looking how I’d taken it. Someone had retouched it. If you see above, the original as I took it is on the left. The shot someone has retouched and cropped out my watermark is on the right. I have no idea why they felt the need to do that. I’m not offended by it but if you are into huge beefy guys, there are plenty of images already online of those guys. If it was to show off retouching skills then you are going to need to do better. It’s not the worst retouching job but they’ve made the waterline rather curved and there are some odd seams in Mike’s shoulders where they’ve cut and pasted him together again.

Moving on from butchering my photography, are we now at the stage where someone who works out 6 times a week and eats really well and has an incredible body isn’t enough? The obsession with body image in the world at the moment scares the hell out of me. If Mike’s body doesn’t stand up to scrutiny then I don’t know many guys whose body would. Fetishising unattainable bodies is not going to do anyone any good and if someone is only turned on by a body that is impossible then they aren’t going to find many people in the real world that turn them on are they?

Makes me smile.

Two very lovely friends of mine who live in a different state are getting married early next year. Despite our backward thinking government doing it’s best to never legalise gay marriage, they are forging ahead and having a ceremony to show their commitment to each other regardless. These lovely boys don’t have heaps of money for a lavish wedding so it’s going to be a very small affair with family and a handful of friends. Given that I don’t see them very often I wasn’t budgeting on being there, so it was a lovely surprise yesterday when I got a call from them asking if I would be interested in doing the photos at their wedding. Of course I bloody am!

I’m not a wedding photographer and they know that. There were jokes made about the wedding photos being nude with body paint but we decided the family may not cope with that. This is their way of being able to include me in their special day which means an enormous amount to me. There are no guarantees I’ll ever meet someone special so I may never get to have a wedding of my own so I’m just going to soak up all the love and happiness I can by enjoying my friends weddings.

Now I need to brush up on my event photography. Eeek.

What’s in a name?


Nate Green denies gay past. Becomes homophobic straight singer.

Music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I’m proud of mine nonetheless.” Those were the words of out and proud gay country singer Josey Greenwell when he graced the cover of DNA Magazine just a couple of years ago. Inside the magazine he frolicked in a photo shoot with his boyfriend of the time. Just last year Josey disappeared from all social media and media generally.

Fast forward to this year and straight country singer Nate Green has appeared on the scene. In the old age of Hollywood people could overhaul their image completely and a lot of indiscretions or overhauls of image could be handled much more quietly. Sadly for “Nate” the internet has been invented but he doesn’t seem to understand that the internet never forgets. Nate is in fact Josey, but Nate has obviously got homophobic management or has been caught by the ex-gay movement because he is actively blocking gay people from interacting on social media and threatening to sue people who allege that “Nate” is gay.

Not sure how this one is going to play out but it’s terribly sad that people are being manipulated in this way still with the perception that it will mean more widespread success when they purge the evil gay from their life. Whether it’s come from Nate/Josey himself or someone telling him to do this, he should know that you don’t piss off the gays and expect to be successful. Many have failed because of the gay boycott and negative publicity. Any artist worth anything embraces and appreciates the gay audience even if they don’t identify as gay, any more.

This would have been so much more successfully handled by saying, yes I was gay but I fell in love with a woman or I found god or anything but this nasty approach. Sadly I expect this will be the most publicity he gets.

Another gratuitous Ice Bucket Challenge nude.

Dan Osborne is a bit of a hot deal at the moment, especially in the UK but if you read the gay blogs you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s an international superstar. He is one of the stars of The Only Way is Essex, a show I’ve never watched and probably couldn’t stand if I did. Thankfully Dan is prone to posing nude for Attitude Magazine, jumping off high platforms in tiny speedos with Tom Daley for tv etc etc blah blah blah.

We like him for his intellect gorgeous body and lovely smile and now we like him even more because he’s just done the Ice Bucket Challenge nude. That tan of his has no white parts. We love that. The video is a bit dark, so you might want to ramp up the brightness on your computer screen.

What the hell is going on?


A few months ago some photos went around of a couple of the guys from the UK’s The Only Way is Essex, on vacation in Spain (or filming their “reality” show) in the one sided man thong. The world went nuts over the images, thankfully mostly in shock. Over the past few years with so many underwear brands fighting for their slice of the financial pie they are resorting to more and more niche looks to capture attention but surely most guys wear pretty standard underwear from day to day don’t they?

Now I’m not much of a fetish guy really. I’ve dabbled in some things that I like to do but none of my fetishes sexual vibes revolve around something to wear. I’m not into lycra, speedos or leather. There are some seriously odd pieces of underwear on the market with bizarre cutouts and straps, buckles and some that I’m not entirely sure how they stay on. There is obviously a market for these things as the brands are surviving and producing product so someone has to be buying them.

When a friend of mine who is very hot saw the guys wearing their side thongs, he posed in one and did a comparison. My comment to him was that because he has a ridiculously good body he looked good DESPITE the underwear, not because of it. If someone feels sexy in it then go ahead, we should all wear what makes us feel sexy, but to be honest I just don’t get it. For me sexy garments enhance your body, not detract from it. It’s the difference between a jock strap (good) and a g-string (very very bad on a man).

Ridiculous but it works

The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely crazy over the last week on the internet with some huge name celebrities getting doused in ice water like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and even legendary ice queen Anna Wintour. Originally the idea was to get doused in ice water OR pay a donation to raise money for the charity to help end ALS, also known here in Australia as Motor Neurone Disease. I’m hoping that all these people doing the challenge are wearing the icy water AND donating because otherwise it’s not doing the job as well as it could have. The publicity the cause is getting is fantastic and over $15M has been raised already.

A happy by-product of the challenge is that we are seeing lots of hot men being doused in water either shirtless or in white tee-shirts which is always fun. Emblem Three are a boyband that I’ve never heard of but they took it even further, as have a few other hardy souls, and did the challenge nude. There’s not junk on display but that’s understandable when cold water is involved.

Saying hi to Hiram


Hiram is one of Aussielicious’ straight allies and all round nice guy. He’s been contributing photos to Aussielicious for years but he actually started with a great shot of his impressive cock several years ago when I had the old version of Pornolicious. Every now and then Hiram sends a new photo in and regularly joins in on the challenges. He recently sent in a shot that had to go on the new version of Pornolicious due to the hardon that he has. It’s a lovely one!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m always impressed when straight guys are happy to have gay guys looking at them nude and hard. The day when it stops being impressive and any kind of big deal then I’ll know we’ve achieved acceptance.

To anyone that is about to comment that Hiram must be at least bi-curious, sorry lads. He’s recently and very happily married to a lovely lady.

Hurts so good…?

I’ve not long arrived home after treating myself to a much needed massage. For the past week or so I’ve felt very sore and knotted up, especially after class last night. So I booked myself in for a massage. After googling massage Sydney and ending up with lots of brothels, I refined the search to gay massage Sydney and found a guy that seemed legit on Craigslist. That sounds like a contradiction I know but he sounded genuine.

My god was he legit. There was nothing sexual or sensual about it and he knew how to fix the knots I had. It felt like he removed my muscles and stomped all over them before reattaching them. There were a couple of points where I was in a lot of pain but it already feels like the knots have been untied. Fingers crossed they keep improving.

Tantra Gay Massage from naked masseur – massage in Sofia video from TantraMassage on Vimeo.

It’s a family thing


The other day I found a hot straight Swedish guy on Instagram and was having a look through his photos when I came across an adorable shot of him standing nude on the shore of a lake holding the hands of his sons who were also nude. One of them is about three years old and the other about 18 months or so. They are all very relaxed, facing away from the camera and enjoying the sunshine.

If that had been posted in the U.S. and sadly I believe even here, then I’m afraid that the father would probably be arrested for child porn offenses. There would certainly be a lot of shaming and trolling going on when in reality it’s a very natural thing. I used to see my parents nude a little bit when I was growing up. My family certainly aren’t the types to wander around the shore of a lake nude so I don’t know where I got my nude tendencies but there was never any shame about nudity growing up.

In countries like the U.S. or here a nudist family is more likely to be thought of as strange where it seems that Scandinavia they’d just be another family. It’s a bit sad that so many countries would rather show distressing violence on tv and have no qualms with children seeing that, than a healthy human body.

I haven’t posted the actual image that inspired this post because I didn’t want to invite the drama about posting children. Instead I’ve used an old series of shots that I’ve used before of some young surfer brothers relaxing on the beach. It looks like they are from the 70′s or 80′s.

Some inspiration


There’s an idea I’ve had for a piece to be included in my next photography series that would be quite a stand alone piece but hopefully work with the rest of the tribal images.

While all the shots I’ve done so far have been simple set-ups in the small studio space we set up at home, I’m taking inspiration from the piece above called “The Prophecy” which was the result of Beautiful Mag collaborating with models and photographer and digital artist Aymeric Giraudel. The trick is going to be finding a suitable location to photograph, under the right conditions so that I can put all the models, which will be photographed in the studio, into the location in a realistic or believable way.

If it all works I’d love to print it really large to be quite an imposing piece in the exhibition. Whenever that happens.

Have a safe trip home.


Last night I had a dinner party to farewell the boys that I went to Burning Man with last year that are going back again this year. Part of me is sad not to be going but mostly I’m fine with it. Burning Man is such a big undertaking from all they way over here in Sydney and with so much of the world to see I think I’ve had my Burning Man experiences for a while. It’s such an intense, mind blowing, bizarre, at times difficult experience that I think I will have a break to see other parts of the world before I go back “home” to Black Rock City. All over the playa you are greeted with “Welcome Home” which is a really beautiful way to greet someone.

There is a lot of genuinely life changing thoughts behind Burning Man. Leave no trace. Self expression. Gifting. Self reliance. All of that great stuff but at times there is a lot of bullshit psycho babble being thrown around as well. More than once I heard in very cliched L.A. accents “Oh My God, I just had like this total, you know, epiphany.” No dear, your drugs just kicked in.

I do love that at Burning Man seeing a tattooed red neck walking around in a tutu is no big deal, nor is a metallic onesie or nothing at all. You’d be forgiven for thinking from my choice of photos or the medias portrayal of Burning Man in general that it’s a very nude festival. It’s really not. There is always someone nude nearby and it’s perfectly acceptable but it’s much less of a nude festival than imagined by most people.

To everyone going back “Home” this year, have an amazing time. Play safe, play nice, look after each other.

Running away…


This week has been a really tough week at work with some successes and some frustrating technical dramas and management rubbish, but one of the highlights of the week was my copy of Virgin Island arriving in the post. The latest collaboration between model Todd Sanfield and photographer Kevin McDermott is so lush and beautiful that it couldn’t do anything but put a smile on your face and a lump in your pants.

Todd has made a real name for himself with his modeling, his underwear line and that ridiculous body. He’s also a seriously intelligent, squeezing all the modeling and underwear mogul activities in between his pharmacy studies. Down the track he wants to make headway in HIV research. From everything I have ever seen and can find on Todd, he’s always avoided specifying his sexuality which I think is great. If he’s straight he’s smart enough to not alienate his primary audience, gay men, and if he’s gay he’s keeping the gay boys interested by being mysterious.

It’s rare that one model can hold interest for an entire coffee table book and Todd does it easily in this book and the predecessor, Motel Hotel. Mostly through beautiful photography by Kevin McDermott combined with Todd’s amazing body and beautiful masculine brooding looks but also partly because he’s not afraid of getting it all out for the camera and even getting it hard.