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Such contrasts

Today is my sister’s wedding anniversary. She’s been with her husband for 21 years and married for 15. My sister and I get on very well and while we are very similar in some regards, we are very different in others. She is the more “responsible” one and always has been. She’s good at that admin side of life that I’m so terrible at. She and her husband, who I get on with very well earn good money and own a nice house and have two fantastic kids, two dogs and tick all those boxes of things you are “supposed to do” in life.

Myself on the other hand, I don’t earn as much as I could or should. I’m terrible at the admin of life and I will probably never own property. It’s a definite that I won’t have kids as I don’t want to have any while I’m single and I’m not in a financial position to have them. I’m also one of those people that would have preferred to have them younger. That part I have no problem with. My niece and nephew are enough for me. My sister and I are envious of some aspects of each other’s lives. A home of my own would be great and I get jealous of that while she gets jealous of my freedom to do what I like. My sister and her husband don’t do much at all without the kids and their friends are the parents of my niece and nephew’s friends. They have no problem with that either but I know my sister would love to travel more but it’s just not as practical with kids.

The main thing I’m jealous of is a loving happy, stable relationship. Like all couples I assume they’ve had ups and downs but they love each other and they are happy. Fifteen years into a marriage and 21 into the relationship is a great feat especially these days when the divorce rate is at about 50%. My parents had their 45th anniversary this year and theirs is the relationship that I aspire to but I can’t even get to a good second date. It would be so lovely, but maybe it’s just not meant to be.

Nearly a decade…

In just over a month, Aussielicious turns 10 years old. That’s right, I’ve been writing all my nonsense for a decade. There have been many lessons learnt in that decade. Don’t respond to trolls, just block them. Don’t blog angry. Don’t blog about friends. Listen fully to people’s opinions, especially when they are different to your own, that’s when you’ll learn more.

There have been a bajillion penises on this blog, lots of them sent in by the peen owners themselves and I’m very grateful for that. Recently my own made an appearance and it hasn’t cause any problems other than one good mate saying he’s now a little timid to drop by and have a read. Every now and then I’ve contemplated putting an end to my blogging career and it will happen one day but there are no immediate plans. Blogging costs me nothing and has given me so many good memories and fantastic interactions over the years.

In honour of the decade I want to run a competition but not sure what I will do. So this post is all about taking your suggestions on what can be done. What I do know is what I will be giving away as the prize and it’s good. Worth $500, I have a large print of the above image of Matteo which is 60cm wide x 90cm high (2’x3′) and is beautifully printed on archival paper. So leave your suggestions in the comments on what kind of competition I could run. It has to be easy to do and fairly fast as there is only about 34 days before the tenth anniversary of Aussielicious hitting the internet.

Your own decisions

Last night’s post about the guy taking as many loads as possible while on PrEP certainly had some interesting comments. There were some clashing points of view and information. I’m not going to send anyone to specific documents or articles as everyone needs to do their own research and make their own informed decisions, but all the studies that I’ve seen publicised have said that in sero-discordant sexual relationships there have been no cases documented where an HIV transmission has occurred when PrEP is being used. Logically speaking that also implies that the HIV positive partner is also on treatment and has a viral load that is undetectable.

As stated above though, it is up to the individual to do their own research and make their own informed and education decisions. PrEP is a fantastic new tool that should be embraced in my opinion. For me, if I were to use it, it would be in conjunction with condoms as there are, as a lot of you pointed out, many other STDs that are seeing a spike in transmission with people forgoing condoms when using PrEP.

There was a point that one of my friends tried to make in comments, but for some reason it wouldn’t work and that is that sex should be enjoyed however you like to enjoy it. There is a lot of slut-shaming going on within the gay world over the use of PrEP. People now have t-shirts calling themselves Truveda Whores which is kinda funny. The term sex-positive is much more appropriate. If someone enjoys a more liberal sex life than you then it certainly doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong. If they choose to take calculated risks and bareback then that is entirely up to them. We might not all agree with everything each and every one of us does but that’s fine.

I see PrEP as another tool to use to keep myself HIV Negative and a great one to use to lower infections across the globe. It also provides a very safe way for people to have fantastic sex with people at the other end of the HIV fence without worry. That’s only going to help reduce the stigma that is still very much felt by HIV positive people. Embrace it.

What is he thinking

A mate of mine in a different city was telling me yesterday about a guy he was chatting to on Scruff. My friend, like me is fascinated by people’s fetishes and human nature/sexuality in general.

The guy he was talking to was having a day where he invited anonymous guys he’d found on Scruff (so possibly not totally anonymous) to come over and fuck him raw and dump their load in him. Now I get that some people are into that. I prefer to know who it is I’m having sex with. The really intriguing part of this scenario, that he’s played out in different cities around the world and several times in his city, is that he loves the idea of guys with HIV dumping a load in him. No, he’s not a bug chaser. He’s on PrEP and makes no requests about the actual viral load of the guys cumming inside him, just that he loves them to be HIV positive.

That to me raises some really fascinating questions about the psychology behind it. With bug chasers, I have always assumed possibly incorrectly that it’s a lack of self worth or wanting to belong to some kind of messed up club. This guy though wants to have HIV positive loads but not get HIV. Is he trying to cheat death or something? Is he trying to be superhuman and his superpower is not getting HIV? That’s not that difficult these days with HIV treatments and PrEP. Maybe I’m being harsh but this fetish sounds a little messed up.

The reluctant prince

This morning’s photo shoot was in danger of not happening. The weather here in Sydney has been wet the last few days and last night it was very wet so we set our alarms with the prospect of going back to bed if it was still raining. Thankfully the weather held off and we managed to get some good shots.

Mitch had never done a photo shoot before, let alone nude being photographed by a stranger. Thankfully his nerves weren’t so bad that he called it all off, instead doing everything I asked him to do and not freaking out. He was absolutely fantastic to work with. His girlfriend came along and helped ease his nerves but she was pushing to do some frontal which I had no intention of doing. The poor guy was nervous enough as it was without doing that. Besides, we’d had to wade through water to get to the location and it was a chilly morning and I doubt he would have agreed to it even if he wasn’t nervous. No one looks their most impressive after a dunking in cold water.

I’m toying with the idea of turning the cape/blanket thing into a deep rich red but I’m not sure if that will add to, or detract from the image. Who knows. There is no deadline for any of this and it’s for my own entertainment. The theme behind this shoot was that Mitch was supposed to be a reluctant prince. He had run off into the woods to escape his royal responsibilities and avoiding growing up. I’m toying with the sadness of having to grow up being the theme behind the next series… just toying with it.

Why the weirdness?

There’s a guy that lives near me that I’ve met a few times through friends at parties. We aren’t friends but acquaintances to the point where we can say hi in the street. The problem is that sometimes he does and other times he pretends I’m not there. Now I’m not after a long conversation or even much more than a hi or a nod of acknowledgement.

That kind of inconsistency really drives me nuts. We both know that we know each other. Is he just forgetting on some days? If that’s the case why did he unlock his private album on Scruff for me? Granted he still didn’t say hi then either, just unlocked his photos. Sadly I couldn’t see all of them and when I responded and thanked him, he didn’t respond again. So now I’m left wondering if he’s interested in me but shy about it or if he was just horny and felt like a bit of validation from someone. That’s far from uncommon on the apps.

This guy isn’t what I would generally describe as my type but he is very attractive and I’d love to photograph him but now I don’t want to ask because it could make things even more odd. Why are people, and gay men in particular, so good at playing games. Not knowing where I stand is one of the things that drives me insane the most easily.

Picking up the camera

It’s been a while since I’ve done a photoshoot of my own. At work I do quite a lot of photography but that’s mostly product photography and not wildly interesting. I haven’t done a proper photo shoot since I photographed the lovely Mikael in Copenhagen back in July. It’s hard to believe that was two months ago now.

Tomorrow I’m photographing a lovely straight guy early in the morning for what may or may not become a new series. The poor guy is quite nervous as he’s never done anything like this before but he puts a ridiculous amount of time into his body so he will look amazing. His biceps are about the size of my head. To keep him calm his girlfriend is coming along and she has a firecracker of a sense of humour which will be great on the shoot.

I’ve also told him that I’m hoping to get some footage of the shoot so I can put together a video to go with the photographs. That is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and I tried getting footage on the shoot with Nathan last summer but the footage was not good enough. Let’s hope I can do better tomorrow.

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Actually missing it…

This week I’ve been house and dog sitting at my sister’s place. That means I haven’t been to the gym this week as there aren’t any gyms close to their place, I’m not overly familiar with the area and the dogs also need to be fed etc in the mornings. All that adds up to just too hard.

What is interesting is that I’ve noticed I’m missing the gym. With the new training program I’m feeling good even after just one week of it. My enthusiasm for the gym has increased. Let’s see how long I can maintain the enthusiasm.

It’s back again

every year about this time we are tantalised with images from the upcoming Dieux Du Stade calendar and the teaser video for 2016 has been released.

The question I’m asking now is whether or not there will be a DVD of the ‘Making of’ that they’ve released in the past. There didn’t seem to be a DVDs for the 2015 calendar but I’m hoping it makes a sexy comeback for the 2016 calendar.

Just a little off the end

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with one of my former models who lives in a different state. He just casually dropped into the conversation “Did I tell you I got circumcised?” This is a man that is 25 and got it done for aesthetic reasons. I was circumcised at a few weeks old so I have no recollection of it, any pain or any issue with it. It’s what I know. I’ve often wondered if I would have had a nice foreskin if it was still attached to my body but only since I came out and started playing with other cocks.

If a foreskin is causing problems from being too tight or for whatever reason then I can understand getting it removed but for purely aesthetic reasons, I don’t quite understand. Granted, nor do I understand the guys trying to grow them back and claiming to remember the pain and trauma of being circumcised as babies. That leaves me feeling a touch cynical.

Of course, having the friends that I do, my friend sent me photos of his newly healed and trimmed cock. It’s quite a lovely cock but then I thought it was nice before he had the chop.


Several weeks ago I took some photos for a Personal Trainer that I know as a favour for him. As payment he has written me a new training program for the gym. He initially said some free training sessions which would have been great but he doesn’t train near where I live and visa versa so I said just write me a program which I sorely needed as my training, while doing a fair bit, wasn’t feeling effective.

Clearly it wasn’t effective at all. I started the new training routine this week and for most of the week I’ve been in pain from the workout. It may be that I’m working different combinations of muscles and just shaking things up but my god it feels like it’s doing so much more. I’ve often seen the more dedicated gym-goers on my friends list on facebook saying that they can barely walk on leg day and thought I must be doing something wrong. All that changed on Thursday when I realised just how many stairs there are in our office. We have two photo studios in our office and between the two there are 39 stairs to go up and down. Normally I run up and down them, but not for the last couple of days.

Here’s hoping all this muscle fatigue and soreness is going to do wonders. This week I’m house sitting for my sister so won’t be able to train but I’m going to focus on really getting my diet together and then hitting the new program hard again the week after as well as the diet.


With music festivals struggling to compete for the dollar these days, they are all trying to come up with a new way to draw people in and those cheeky Europeans seem to have found the answer. Nudity.

Roskilde Festival has had a nude running race as part of their festival for several years now with images doing the rounds after the festival each year of blonde nordic types with their junk out running for their lives. Now there are a couple of new players on the scene. The nude mud wrestling is an event that happens at the “Secret Garden Party” an independent arts and music festival in England I’d watch that. It looks like a laugh.

There is also the Oppikoppi Run which I’m not entirely sure where it is or even if it’s at a music festival but it’s another nude run.

Obviously Burning Man is famous for it’s relaxed attitude towards nudity even if there isn’t actually anywhere near as much as people expect. I think it should all be encouraged, obviously.

My celebrity Viking crush

All of my friends on Facebook were probably very sick of me while I was in Copenhagen as I think every second status update was about how sexy the Viking men are. On the weekend I actually started watching Vikings tv series on Netflix. I’d seen bits and pieces of it over the time but never more than a few minutes here and there. So seeing several episodes back to back I’m now invested and enjoying it thoroughly. There’s not the nudity I was hoping for from a series about Scandinavian Vikings since the Scandinavians love their nudity but I’ll settle for good stories and visually beautiful imagery.

The lead actor in the series is an Aussie guy Travis Fimmel who first made a name for himself as the hot Aussie Calvin Klein model several years ago. Travis turned 37 a few months ago and I have to say he’s aging very nicely. His features and his acting style is very reminiscent, to me at least, of Brad Pitt a few years ago, circa Fight Club. He has the twinkle in his eye and the twitchy dangerousness about him. Even the atrocious haircut in the show doesn’t hurt. At some point it went from some kind of mullet undercut to the more sexy braided long undercut which helped.

His long flowing blonde surfer boy hair was always one of his drawcards for me. That surfer hair will always do it, well usually.

Ding dong, he’s gone!

This is just a quick update on last night’s post. Tony Abbott became our FORMER-Prime Minister last night after his own party voted him out of the leadership. While the party policies are unlikely to change drastically we now have a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader who support marriage equality.

Tony lost the vote 54-44 and promptly disappeared from sight until something like 16 hours later. At 12.30 today he made a speech acknowledging his defeat and his speech was nothing short of self-serving, completely lacking in grace or dignity and accepting not one scrap of blame for the situation he was in. This is a man that appointed himself as Minister for Women despite only having one woman in his cabinet of 19 members and a history of very misogynistic views.

Malcolm Turnbull is still on the same team but is a much more liberal thinker. Here’s hoping it leads to some good change. In his speech last night he actually acknowledged that the government needed to talk to the public as if they weren’t stupid. Revolutionary.

Fingers crossed

Any minute now here in Australia there is a formal vote happening to wrest the leadership of our nation from the most incompetent man who has ever been in charge. Malcolm Turnbull has announced a challenge to take over leadership and while he is far from perfect (we don’t seem to have any good contenders on either side) he will be a great change from Tony. Tony has done so many backflips on policy that he should take up gymnastics and the only legislation his government has passed have been borderline criminal.

The Human Rights Commission has said our governments policy on asylum seekers and our treatment of them is inhumane but good old Tony just said that he won’t be bullied by the Commission. One of our leading political journalists just last week in an interview with Tony said that he had been a great Opposition Leader but had failed miserably as Prime Minister. Tony is only capable of repeating three-word slogans and bizarrely eating onions whole and raw.

Hopefully we will have a new leader in the next hour or so. That will most likely lead to an early election instead of in the second half of next year as expected. Hopefully in that time one of our politicians will step up and make some strong policy decisions and show some leadership.