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Not the Scandinavians!

This morning on Instagram, my friend and model in Denmark, Mikael posted a photo of himself in a communal shower at the gym with a long comment. The story goes that the Scandinavian news has reported that teenagers are skipping showers after sports etc because they are feeling anxiety associated with being seen naked and showering by friends. Now growing up here in Australia, it was perfectly normal at my.. Read More

So beautiful

There has always been movement in my life. Growing up my sister and I swam every day, lap after lap. We had tennis lessons. I surfed. I did gymnastics and later on I did a lot of rowing. I’ll always be grateful for that kind of activity as I credit it for my relative good health and decent shape now that I’m in my forties. One thing I’ve never done.. Read More

Go ahead, share away.

It seems that straight men are sending dick pics to their mates as often as they are sending them to women, if not more. This article explores vaguely why this is now a thing. The article isn’t exactly in depth and doesn’t really turn up any answers on why this started or why it’s become popular but I know a group of mates that includes straight and gay men who all.. Read More

So Proud

Last night was a launch party for the Sydney Mardi Gras season where a lot of the key events are announced. The other thing that was officially announced that I’ve been dying to talk about is that the My People My Tribe imagery is an integral part of the theme for Mardi Gras 2017. Creating Equality is the overall theme and the portraits we created for the project are used.. Read More

Cheeky peek!

Fellow photographer and friend Ali Choudry was invited behind the scenes on a fashion shoot recently, for designer and stylist Daniel Moore. The models, photographer and designer are all based in Brisbane so naturally they had great weather. Of course shooting fashion the boys were actually wearing the fashion but from time to time on a fashion shoot, there is a need to get changed. Ali has captured the fun.. Read More

Full disclosure

A friend of mine recently met someone and they were hanging out and enjoying a dating-lite scenario. They are keen on each other but not putting any labels on it, instead just seeing where things go. Hanging out before their first “sleep over” the new guy made full disclosure about his HIV status. My friend and I share the same opinion on HIV+ partners in that it’s just not an.. Read More

Winding down

You know when you get to the end of the year and you are just ready for a break? That’s where I am at the moment. I have had a pretty good year with a trip to Bali, some interesting changes at work and lots of great time with friends and family but I’m still ready for a break. With things being pretty quiet at work and all of us.. Read More

I think it’s broken

When I came out at the age of 25, I was led to believe that this new found sexual identity would also endow me with an infallible skill of identifying like-minded men. I think when the gay gods handed my gaydar to me they grabbed a recycled, broken-down model that hadn’t been refurbished. It’s jut not a talent that I have. On Friday night I was working at a function.. Read More

Refreshing change

In a rare burst of motivation I went to the gym a lot last week. Five mornings before work I hauled my arse to the gym as well as a group training session at work and circus class. Then on Sunday I decided I was in the mood to go to the gym again. It’s very rare indeed for me to take myself off to the gym on a weekend.. Read More

About the house

In a couple of days my housemate is leaving to go and visit his family in the UK while his mother goes through some medical treatment as well as being there for Christmas. While my housemate and I get along fine, he’s not at all a nudie and nudity just doesn’t happen around the house. So for just over a month, the photos above give a pretty good indication of.. Read More

My Man Crush Monday!

Last week I was watching a photography challenge on Canon’s Youtube page and the guest judges were travel photography gurus and brothers, the Jauncey brothers. They have amassed a following of millions on their instagram page @beautifuldestinations and individually have hundreds of thousands of followers for their own accounts. One of the brothers in particular, Jeremy made me feel a tingle in my special places. This is a fine example.. Read More

Laughs and crafts

Yesterday morning I hauled my butt out of bed at 5.30 for a photo shoot with two guys that I’d been chatting to on model mayhem about collaborating. David, the less shy one of the two in the photos, is an artist working on his Masters in Art who is originally from Perth. He does a lot of beautiful photography himself (@davidcharlescollins on Instagram) and he decided he wanted to.. Read More

Another day, another shoot

Tomorrow morning getting up at a stupid hour of the morning for a photo shoot. It’s another shoot with some paper/cardboard props. This time I’m shooting two young beautiful guys with cardboard swords and possibly paper hats almost like they are two young kids that are playing pirates near the water. I’ve somehow managed to get a friend to get up at a that ridiculous hour to come and film.. Read More

I hope so

I’ve just got home from a pub meal with a couple of friends. It was a quick and early meal but as we were leaving I ran into a couple of women that I hadn’t seen in a few years. They are people I met through my last boyfriend which ended 5 years ago now. They are both friends on facebook and one of them especially I have lots to.. Read More

Rub me the right way…

When I haven’t had any sex in a long time, which isn’t that unusual for me and I haven’t been dating or having any cuddles of any kind which has been AGES, I start to crave physical touch. I’ve blogged about that in the past. This is when I typically find myself looking for a massage. First up, I just plain old love a good massage. They help get rid.. Read More