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A tragic adventure

A while ago I posted an interview with a guy that is known as a “digital nomad” Justin Alexander. Justin had sold up all his possessions and was living a pretty adventurous life on the road. Learning meditation skills in Nepal, living with an Indonesian family in a hut in the jungle, travelling the U.S. West Coast on a motorcycle and tracking wolves. It seems that sadly that adventurous spirit,.. Read More

Looking around

The Art Director has resigned from my workplace after a few years of pushing and pushing to get the business heading in a positive direction. Sadly our boss isn’t a very proactive man and he hasn’t cooperated and as a result the Art Director has decided enough is enough. We had a conversation today and he’s encouraging me to leave. After over 8 years in the same job I really.. Read More

Bucket list vibes

In the past few months I have started following a few Youtubers. Some of them have been fun for a while and others have stopped posting but I was late to the party. One of the guys I watch is Mr Ben Brown who has been a very regular vlogger for a few years now. He’s got just over 600,000 subscribers making my 34 subscribers look incredibly lame and it.. Read More

A birthday vlog

A couple of weeks ago, I had another birthday. It was my 43rd. The day itself was a pretty standard work day but one of my colleagues bought me a beautiful bottle or Rosé wine and another baked me some chocolate cupcakes that were delicious! The night was a lot of fun. I had a boozy pub meal with about 10 close friends and lots and lots of laughs. It.. Read More

#Foodporn is coming

As I mentioned the other day, Joel Devereux has announced the dates and venue for his #Foodporn series. This was a series that I was going to be photographed for but, kinda thankfully, it didn’t happen. I would have really enjoyed being a part of the series but I don’t think my body would have stood up next to the bodies of the other guys that I’ve seen. Starting on.. Read More

From the other side

This post has a danger of sounding like it’s being written by a born again Christian or a reformed smoker. I promise the tone is not meant to be judgemental but of empathy and fascination. A month or so ago, someone that had once told me that he could smell the desperation for a husband coming off me, looked at me and said “Something’s changed, you seem really relaxed.” While.. Read More

I wonder

Friend and fellow photographer Joel Devereux has just announced the dates and venue for his glorious #FOODPORN exhibition. At one stage I was going to be photographed for it but in the end that photo shoot didn’t happen, probably for the benefit of the ultimate exhibition. The announcement of his exhibition got me thinking about if and when I will have another gallery exhibition. Given that I had a gallery.. Read More

Holding out hope

This weekend I have some plans to head down to the Royal National Park to the nude beach down there with a new friend to do a photo shoot. We will probably do the hike down nude as well which is always fun. The idea of a nude hike is something I’ve always liked but never had the guts to do but the long track down to this particular beach.. Read More

Not quite comfortable

Today I went back to the nude beach, two weeks after my first visit of the season. Generally I treat that beach as my happy place and even when I run into someone I haven’t been nude with I feel quite relaxed and comfortable. I’ve been going there for years and I love it. A few years ago, as it’s not a legally recognised nude beach, there were some raids.. Read More


There was one thing that was making me worry about 2016. There have been many events this year that have made me worry, Trump in general, climate change, the loss of many entertainment legends and a bunch of other things but my one concern was that we weren’t going to get any decent new Kylie music this year. Sure. It’s very much a first world problem but it’s a real.. Read More

A bit hit and miss

You might have noticed that there hasn’t been a Fitness Challenge update posted this month. Unfortunately the challenge has been abandoned for this round. Damien had withdrawn and Derek couldn’t really train because of a hernia and my work has been so flat out the last few weeks that my training has been very hit and miss. It’s really hard to get out of bed at 5.40 in the morning.. Read More

I’m all in

When I photographed the #barenakedtruth project for My People My Tribe, it was all or nothing for me. So not only was I lucky enough to try and capture everyone’s beauty and their story in photos, I submitted my own story and had my photo taken as well. Like a lot of people that took part I really struggled with what to write and I re-wrote it a few times… Read More

A long hot summer

We had a discussion today about global warming and how there are ridiculously educated people who for some reason still don’t believe that man-made climate change is real. Well it’s early October and today it was 31 degrees celsius (88F) which is very unusual for this time of year. While I genuinely worry for the future of the planet that we are living on, the idea of a long hot.. Read More

Inked up and hot

I only have one small tattoo on my lower back. A tramp stamp if you will. I’ve toyed with getting it removed but to be honest I don’t see the point at the moment as I don’t see it so I almost forget it’s there and while I don’t regret it, I probably wouldn’t get it done again if I had my time over. Thankfully it’s not offensive or horrible.. Read More

Shooting Philippe!

Several weeks ago I was put in touch with a Ukrainian model who was in town and looking to do some shoots while he was in town. That was all accelerated last week when he decided that while he sorts out a more suitable visa for Australia, that he’ll be leaving town for several months. He chased me up and asked if we could squeeze in a shoot before he.. Read More