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It’s in his kiss

Kissing. It’s a very personal thing and it seems very susceptible to chemistry. I’ve had people that I could kiss for hours without going any further and I will be turned on and as satisfied as it’s possible to be. Other guys I might be able to have some hot sex but the kissing is just not there. Usually if the kissing is off then the rest is off but.. Read More

When did it change?

Over the course of the last two weekends I’ve photographed 74 people for the #barenakedtruth project and the vast majority of them I don’t know. Some of them I’ve photographed before but that would only be about 4 so far. Others I’ve known through friends or they have become good friends of mine themselves. Of course they are posing nude so there is a slight awkwardness at first when they.. Read More

Gymspiration – Roo Hamer

When DNA share their Insta Stud I usually have a quick look and move on. A few of them have made my Instalicious posts and joined the list of people I follow for a good perve. Every now and then they share someone that stops me in my tracks. We all know I’m a sucker for the ridiculously pretty guys and Roo Hamer is one of them, but instead of.. Read More

A beautiful tribute

In a beautiful tribute to the victims of Orlando, a month on these two gay circus performers created this video. It’s a duo Cyr Wheel routine which is an apparatus usually performed solo. As circus performers they have been told on many occasions that two men showing intimacy in an act would be too much for the audience but that was the whole point of this video. To stand strong.. Read More

You never know

Today we start the second (very full) weekend of photographing people for the #barenakedtruth project. It’s been a very rewarding and eye opening experience for me so far. The idea behind the project is that you can’t hate someone whose story you know. People’s stories have been fascinating. Norrie is the pioneer who transitioned from male to female who then stopped hormones and now identifies as somewhere in between. To.. Read More

Bless Berlin

On the weekend I found these images via the Accidental Bear. There is very little in formation to go with them. I am guessing from the little information that I have that they are the work of photographer Manuel Moncayo. I really love the relaxed, easy nature in which the men are all nude with each other. That is probably from a combination of two things. Their German-ness and the.. Read More

Hands off

As a photographer, when I deliver the final product to the client or, for my own creative work it is the final product. During a shoot of an hour or so I will take about 300 images. Then I will select the ones that I think are the best and begin the editing process. Sometimes that means lots and lots of work, adjusting colours, bringing out more details, reducing others.. Read More

Progress on the challenge

I’m a bit late in posting this but that’s mostly because I was late taking my photos. We are a month into the fitness challenge and I’m sure I’ve gone backwards. Last week I was sick and didn’t train at all. This week I think I’m almost back up to speed and just a bit tired from the weekend so I hauled my arse out of bed for the gym.. Read More

What a weekend

This weekend I began shooting for the #barenakedtruth project. Prior to this I had photographed exactly one nude woman several years ago. There were a couple of other pregnant women that went topless but nude, the tally was one. In the space of one weekend I have now taken that tally up by several. I’ve also added a few members of the trans community to that list as well and.. Read More

Just a cheeky flash

Those lucky buggers in Scotland are always just a gust of wind away from a good flashing. You have to love a country that has a piece of clothing for it’s national dress that is easy to flash and is traditionally worn without underwear. The kilt has been hijacked by gay men to wear at dance parties fairly regularly over the years and in their camp hey day they were.. Read More

More of Andrew

Last weekend’s shoot with Andrew was a photo shoot in two parts. The first part with the billowing shiny fabric I posted earlier in the week. The second half was a bit like a more boldly coloured throwback to my Tribe series or even the Shrouded series. I ordered some coloured powder online which turned out to be a hell of a lot more bold in colour than anticipated. It.. Read More

Got my hopes up!

A few days ago I saw this link but didn’t read the article or watch the video. When I saw the headline that a nude gym had opened up somewhere in the world I smiled at the thought that maybe it would spread across the world. It’s no secret that I love the idea of a nude gym. Then I watched the video and it’s just a piss take, funny.. Read More

A realisation

Today I was watching a youtube tutorial on photography and as one does in youtube land, I followed link after link. After a while I was watching a video by a photographer talking about 8 things to know when you are ready to make money from photography. One thing he said was to just have confidence. Now confidence has been my achilles heel for some time now but listening to.. Read More

Shooting Andrew

As I posted last week, today was the day to shoot Andrew (Aquabluemodel on Instagram). We had a really relaxed and fun shoot and I think collaborated really well together. The first setup is this one that I’m showing you today. I had bought some silver fabric that when it was just hanging there looked super camp but when I had the industrial fan behind it and the lovely Andrew.. Read More

A new crush

Last night my housemate and I were flicking through Netflix trying to find something to watch. We finally settled on starting to watch the series Outlander. I got two episodes in before I had to go to bed. It was well before the end of the first episode before I found my new crush. Sam Heughan may have just made a serious move for Highlander Scotsmen to replace Vikings as.. Read More