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Don’t mess with the classics

Years and years ago a song came along that I must have listened to hundreds of times and hundreds of times since that era. Chris Isaak is a fantastic performer live and the song Wicked Game will always be a classic to me. It’s a song that defies trends and fads and it just doesn’t seem to age. Maybe because it wasn’t of any particularly trendy genre when it was released.

A friend of mine is a very passionate U2 fan and anyone that covers a U2 song better do a bloody good job of it or you will experience her venom. I feel a bit the same about Wicked Game. It was released 25 years ago in 1989 and it is still as beautiful now as it was then. So WHY do people feel the need to mess with a classic? Parra for Cuva are a band or an artist who have decided to mess with Wicked Game and mess with it badly. The single, featuring the vocals of Anna Naklab is a dull but radio friendly interpretation that adds a drum beat to the song and makes it sound as if Lana Del Ray went to Hawaii and got stoned for about a month and decided to do a cover.

Chris Isaak’s video for the song was even a classic directed by the late great Herb Ritts and co-starring Helena Christensen in an luscious sensual feast for the eyes. The new video looks like a Hallmark advertisement with music that doesn’t match. I’m clearly turning into a cranky old man but you can judge for yourselves below.

Something a bit lighter

After hearing news all day about the Sydney Siege by an apparent terrorist holding hostages in a Sydney CBD Cafe, I think we need something a bit lighter.

A couple of months ago I tried to embed this video on the blog but it had embedding disabled. It seems that that has changed after Kirill posted it on Active Naturists. It’s just a short video of a hot guy (from what I can see) surfing nude at Black’s Beach in San Diego. As we know I really want to go surfing nude at some stage and have done for years. I’m hoping this is the summer.

They’re back for round three!

Remember that fantastic bunch of women who did an enthusiastic job of reading actuall messages that people had been sent on Grindr or Scruff etc? Well they are back for the third installment of the series which is absolutely hilarious. Taking the more absurd messages from the apps completely out of context and having them read out by a bunch of women who don’t even know what half of the things they are saying mean, is just awesome. It does highlight just hot bizarre communication on those apps really can be.

People genuinely expect guys to make all the effort of preparing for sex then go to a strangers house and do some freaky stuff when they can’t even be bothered preparing a full sentence? Once guy sent me a message a while ago saying “t or b?” I’m assuming he was asking if I was a top or a bottom but as I said to him, if he’s that lazy in the seduction he’ll be a dud shag in bed. He claimed he was amazing, of course but I was willing to let that chance pass me by.

Just today a guy asked if I wanted “to bj with me now?” Now if someone sends the offer of a mutual trade of blow jobs you’d expect the photo to be sent to be of a relevant body part right? Nope. Just his profile shot which was of his feet in the sand at the beach. Guess what? No.

Giving it a try

Some people are quite surprised at how much I have organised for my European trip next year already but I’m the kind of person that if it’s not organised, I stress. I fly in to London on one morning and leave early the next so I don’t have a lot of time there which is fine as I don’t know many people in London any more so my time there is my own. A reader of this blog has told me about the New Docklands Steam Baths which strike me as being anything but new. Rather they seem very old school. The kind of place that is far from fancy but relaxed and filled with locals.

The reviews I’ve read online have described it as being filled with rough around the edges guys all giving each other traditional treatments, ie hitting each other with branches or scrubbing each other. As we all know communal nudity isn’t something that bothers me. In fact it’s something that really appeals to me, especially this very traditional non sexual old school nudity.

Has anyone that reads Aussielicious been to the New Docklands Steam Baths? Please let me know what you think!

This video isn’t the actual Steam Baths that are in London but a traditional Banya that my nudist mate Kirill has enjoyed and shared the video. Thankfully there won’t be any frozen lakes for anyone to make me jump into.

Banya with an ice hole at the Moscow River from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Some random movie nudity!

It’s nice when someone cuts out all those annoying bits of movies that DON’T have male nudity in them, takes all the good bits from various films and puts them together. There is much less male nudity in film that female so to have all the naked men compiled into one video makes it so much easier.

This video is number three and the same guy has number four but I’m not sure where one and two are. There are a couple of erections in here but I know no one will be offended by that. It’s amazing that some countries can include a hardon but apart from the occasional film like Shortbus, it’s pretty taboo still in mainstream U.S, British and Australian films.

Male nudes V3 from J&J on Vimeo.

So this is a thing now

Warning, this post has sexual footage in it and it’s STRAIGHT sex. Sorry for that but you don’t really see anything more graphic than non explicit humping and some boobies.

Drone Boning is apparently a thing now. Drone Boning is the first ever porn movie to be filmed using drones. The result is actually quite beautiful but it’s more like a travel advertisement than a porn movie. As I said you don’t really see much other than humping, bums and boobs which while it’s beautifully shot and surrounded by spectacular views, if I’m watching porn I want a bit more well, porn.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.


The europeans show us how once more.

I’ve often lamented the lack of guys willing to try social nudity and moaned about the lack of models willing to go frontal. This video shows that Europe is still way ahead of Australia and the U.S. with a couple of mates happily being filmed nude jumping into the water from a building. They just don’t seem to care.

Last week I did have a pleasant surprise however when I put out a call on facebook for guys willing to pose full frontal. I’m hoping to secure a feature in a future edition of Dylan Rosser’s TMF Magazine and Dylan likes to feature full frontal as, let’s face it, it sells. Surprisingly, I had a few guys put up their hands to do it which is good as I need a variety of guys and images to showcase should the feature happen.

One guy that has put his hand up to do it is Nathan that I have already photographed for my Tribal series. He’s been featured on Themaleform recently in all his glory and he’s not shy. Nathan and I were talking about the shoot and because he’s already been on Themaleform he can’t be on there again so we are going to do a series of photographs that hopefully tell a bit of a story and the plan is to do a video to go with it. I’ve had the thought to do a video to go with a shoot for some time now. Not just a behind the scenes like I have on my vimeo page but a little mini movie featuring the model. Now I just need to get it all happening.

Naked jumps from F U T U R E on Vimeo.

Steve Grand… nude.

Winding the clock back a few months to when the crazy Ice Bucket challenge was a big thing and Steve Grand, gorgeous talented country music singer who came out last year, posted a photo on Instagram of his version of the challenge. Not wanting to waste water and not having a bucket handy, Steve jumped into Lake Superior while on a tour. The good thing is that he did it nude. He said at the time there was a video but it’s taken your silly blogger here a few months to see it.

Sadly there isn’t a lot of light and the video is nice and modest, as you’d expect from someone in the public eye but Steve is definitely nude and still very definitely gorgeous in my eyes. It sounds like there are a few people watching him too.

The imagery of my sexuality

Bruce Weber is one of the most iconic image makers alive. He’s captured so many of the Hollywood celebrities that are working today along with defining the image of Abercrombie and Fitch. Before I realised my own sexuality I discovered the images of Mr Weber through Abercrombie and Fitch’s famous quarterly “catalogues”. Why was I looking at these guys the way I was? Of course I was trying to convince myself that it was because I wanted to have their beautiful bodies. I was clearly wrong.

Bruce’s imagery has come to be the definition of homoerotic male bonding. All those amazing looking men getting nude and frolicking around together in the name of sport. Of course the gay community fell for it hook line and sinker.

About the time I discovered his work for Abercrombie and Fitch, I also found the book Bear Pond. It’s a book so laden with beautiful nude men that I was as scared of it as I was aroused when I first saw it, deeply in denial of my own urges. Bruce, along with Herb Ritts (RIP) and Australia’s own James Houston, you have become my holy trinity of photographic inspiration.


Totally rocks my world

A while ago I found a short video of a hugely beefcake bodybuilder walking through nature in just a pair of boots. He’s much beefier than I usually go for but there is something I really like about guys walking around nude completely unselfconsciously. I know he’s a porn model from the old days of COLT Studios and that it’s his job but even so, it’s damn sexy.

Well I’ve just found the whole video. The music is incredibly cheesy and unsuited to the video and the bodybuilding posing at the end isn’t at all my thing but my mind takes me to the thought of that freedom to walk around for miles nude, just enjoying the sun and breeze on your body. It sure doesn’t hurt that he looks amazing.

Some sexy advertising

Now I don’t know anything about Acai or much detail about healthy eating apart from the fact that we need fruit and veggies and not too much bad stuff in our diets. What I do know is that these guys have got their marketing right. The nude guys will appeal to the women and the fact that there are two of them hanging out in close proximity will appeal to the gays. Yes they are straight judging by the one on the left moving his mate’s hand at the end but it seems a lot of gay men fantasise about straight guys turning anyway and we gay men seem to be obsessed with our bodies so healthy eating is a good incentive.

This is cheeky fun advertising and it’s hitting the mark for me. Now if only they’d just move those pesky props.

Acai Brothers from Branch Collaborative Vimeo on Vimeo.

It would cause a riot

How on earth did I miss this? I haven’t been as good at checking out the products from AussieBum lately. I have quite a bit of underwear and if I look at their site I just buy stuff which I don’t need.

Seeing Andreas bouncing around in this very sexy Riot jock strap with his massive package and gorgeous butt hanging out in a locker room is just about perfection. Perfect would be lots more guys just like him all in that locker room but we are now delving into my fantasy land. The question I have is now, do I need a jock strap?

Are you a Stoneman?

There is a relatively new Aussie underwear brand on the scene called Stonemen. It’s for guys and girls and they are looking for new faces/packages to be in their promotional material. I posted this video a while ago when I first saw it but it’s such a cool video. You all know my feelings about friends being comfortable nude together and a bunch of friends skinnydipping being used to advertise underwear works for me.

The underwear is cheeky and features some cool prints on the fabric to make it stand out from the crowd. Check it out and jump on in! If you check out their page they are giving out a $100 gift voucher if they like your photo in your stonemen undies and why you love them so much. If you want to be one of their models, let me know and I’ll put you in touch!

Stonemen Skinny Dip from stonemen on Vimeo.

Ross and Jamieson

Ross Watson has just released a new work which is another collaboration with actor and model Jamieson Caldwell. The new painting is featured in the middle above with two other paintings of Jamieson either side from Ross’ exhibition earlier this year. I’d not heard of Jamieson before but he’s making a name for himself taking on some interesting and varied rolesĀ  such as the Queen in Hamlet and now a play about an AFL player who likes to dress up as his alter-ego Carmen. Ross also tells me that Jamieson is Elton John’s favourite of all Ross’ models. We can see why Sir Elton might have an attraction.

Below is a video from the London opening of Ross’ exhibition, opened by the incredible Sir Ian McKellen who talks in the video about Ross work, as does the sexy Luke Evans who features in a piece. Luke is about to hit the big screen again as Dracula in the new adaptation of the story. I can only dream of having people of the caliber of Sir Ian McKellen at my exhibitions one day.

This gives me hope

Australia’s politicians have been embarrassing themselves with debate over security policy in our National Parliament in the past week or so, even suggesting that women wearing Burkas or head coverings should sit behind a glass divide even though they have gone through security checks to get into the building. Our own Prime Minister the ever embarrassing Tony Abbott has said he finds the Burka confronting.

Thankfully the team behind this video, a staged scenario of Anti-Islamic Bullying in public, has shown that your average Australian isn’t as gullible and ready to believe that all Muslims are terrorists as some would have us believe.