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Do they really want tea?

Recently I read a post from a blogger called Dinosaur Rockstar Pirate Princess who came up with a brilliant way to describe consent. Someone has taken that post and animated it into a video featuring tea and stick figures. I’m constantly amazed at how many men treat sex like it’s something that is theirs for the taking regardless of whether the other person is willing. Personally I’ve always really enjoyed sex when someone is clearly enjoying having it with me. Sure, we’ve all had sex when we weren’t entirely in the mood but on the chance that starting the process doesn’t get you in the mood, you are allowed to say no.

Tea and Consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.

This week’s gymspiration

As much as I’m struggling with motivation for the gym etc at the moment, I also really struggle with the body culture at the moment that is such an obsession with guys in the teens to thirties at the moment. If you haven’t instagrammed a workout or meal prep then you may as well be obese. Granted there are health benefits to eating “clean” and doing regular exercise but the level of importance that people are placing on it is too much. Being able to sit through a longer than average movie without setting an alarm to eat is a good thing, right?

In typical Libran form though, I admire their dedication, no matter how disfunctional it is. Who wouldn’t love to look like some of these guys? I know I would, but I’m never going to and I don’t mind. There are too many delicious hot chips and ribs meals served with a beer to be enjoyed. When people say everything in moderation, that includes gym obsessions.

All that aside, as well as feeling and looking good for Europe, my gym is to stay healthy and keep strong and fit so I can do things I love like circus classes. To aid in getting my sorry arse out of bed in the morning, here is a compilation of beautiful men who never eat anything fried, or let body hair grow.

UMBRELLA ft AAG – DB from Diversidad Brutal on Vimeo.


There are lots of videos of dancers online and there are lots of videos of performance art pieces as well. Lots of them include nudity but very few of them make sense or are visually beautiful. Maybe it’s me but a lot of performance art makes me think “what is this shit?”

Francois Rousseau first came to my attention when he did the very famous Dieux Du Stade calendar several years ago. He’s done it a few more times since and each time has been stunning. He seems to be doing more and more video work and this is a dance piece that uses low lighting to emphasise the muscularity and beautiful movement of the dancer, intercut with some gorgeous footage of powerful looking horses. This is how to do a dance video.

ETUDE III: BATURO, THE DANCED FIGURE from François Rousseau on Vimeo.

Who are the top bottoms?

Broadway Bares is one of those events that is sitting on my bucket list and will probably (sadly) be there for a fair while yet. The lavish campy burlesque show raises millions of dollars for AIDS research and does it with plenty of flesh. So it’s no surprise that their promotion uses the same tactic. This video has been doing the rounds for the last couple of days so I thought I’d share it.

Barney’s and Bruce

Bruce Weber is an icon in the photography world and one of my favourite photographers of all time. He’s the man responsible for bringing so much flesh to the Abercrombie and Fitch quarterly “catalogues”. He’s done a bit of film making as well and his collaboration with Barney’s features his signature bonkers style of incredibly beautiful people wearing odd combinations of clothes and props, like a child dressing up in mum’s good clothes and mixing it with things from dad’s garage, with your butt hanging out. It’s not a bad thing. Sexy and whimsical is a good combination in my book.

"It's a Man's World" for BARNEYS NY – 2015 from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

Advertising done European style

Here we are again. Europe is getting all naked in it’s advertising and giving us beautiful views of a beautiful man in a beautiful house selling us something that will apparently make you feel beautiful? This is the message that I’m getting from an advertisement that I can’t understand. I’m assuming that it’s convincing women that the product is so good and feels great so their man will want to steal it. Who knows? Who really cares? The guy is smoking hot and naked. What’s not to like?

Aldo Vandini – Meine Schönzeit – Nackter Mann from BloodActvertising on Vimeo.

Not ready for winter

We here in Sydney are about half way through Autumn already and this week has seen a change in temperature. There will no doubt be a few more cheeky warm days, hopefully weeks, before the cold really takes hold. We don’t suffer the cold that Europe or North America has by any stretch of the imagination but as a solar powered nudist I’m all about being warm. Two separate groups of friends have recently been on holidays to Antarctica and while that’s on my bucket list I struggle with the concept of all that time off work and money to go somewhere cold.

This is a video of my friend Kirill from Active Naturists and some of his buddies having a traditional Russian Banya followed by a dip in the water through a hole cut in the ice. I’m sure if I was there I’d brave it briefly but the idea just looks so preposterous to me. Why would you jump in that stupidly cold water when there’s such a toasty warm and nude friendly sauna/banya right there with company? I know there are medical benefits to it but it seem so silly. Actually it looks like a lot of fun but I’d need to be coerced.

Banya with an ice hole at the Moscow River from Active Naturists on Vimeo.

Four days too long

As someone who doesn’t manage to get much sex, most of my sex life is solo. It’s not my ideal but it’s been my reality for a very long time now. Over the Easter break I was sharing a bedroom with my 12 year old nephew and a family friend’s 8 year old son. Again, that’s not ideal but they are good kids and it’s not that big a deal. One day maybe I’ll be able to take a partner along on a family Easter which would be really lovely because the Easter crowd are the people I have grown up with and they are very important to me.

Going for four days without being able to have a wank wasn’t a great chore but the wank I had yesterday was fantastic. It wasn’t a long session and I would have preferred someone else be involved but that didn’t work out so it was a fairly typical wank to some porn. Here’s hoping my sex life manages a bit more variety soon.

Beautiful Agony #2748, 2013 from Beautiful Agony on Vimeo.

My mother would die!

My mother is a very private person and in some ways, prudish. She married my father at 21 and they’ve been together for 45 years so I don’t think there has been a lot of wild and crazy sexual liberation with her. She would never appear on this blog or if I were a video blogger, appear in a video with me, so when I saw this video I laughed a lot. This cute Irish youtuber got his mother in to share some wine and let her read some grindr messages that he’d been saving up, un-read for the occasion.

His mother is incredibly cool about it all. To be fair, my mother wouldn’t understand half of it so she probably wouldn’t be offended. Enjoy.

Have you been checked?

Most men are constantly touching themselves. Several of my nudie mates are a bit like me and quite regularly adjust or touch themselves whilst walking around nude. While we are always having a feel, it would be fair to say that we are rarely having a proper feel in the interests of our health.

Many years ago I thought I’d found a lump in one of my testicles so I went off to the doctor to get it checked out. It turned out to be nothing but there was a slightly awkward moment during the appointment. The female doctor found out I was a member of Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club at the time and told me her kids were in the nippers. Keep in mind that while she’s talking about her kids, she had my balls in her hand.

This video of a bunch of rugby players is a good demonstration of what to do and what to look/feel for. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s got a bunch of beefy rugby players with their balls out.

LFTC Testicle Check from Maverick TV on Vimeo.

The routine!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It’s been a crazy week of work, rehearsals, work, rehearsals, work, Kylie concert and last night was finally the performance. After doing such a rough job on Thursday night and feeling very tired and stressed on the silks, last night was a complete turnaround. It’s not a flawless performance but I felt good up there, I had fun and I’m very glad I did it. This video was filmed on my phone by a friend that wasn’t very close. I can’t work out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I was wearing a Slickitup tactical guard and at one point the rubber over my thumb got a little stuck but it was easily resolved. Before performing I get very nervous and last night was no different but thankfully once I started it was all channeled into the routine.

Love is Blindness from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Just don’t get it

With so many underwear and swimwear labels out there, mostly catering for gay men it would seem, they are going to some pretty wild places with their designs. Some of them must rely almost solely on the fetish market because the underwear doesn’t support anything. Brands like Andrew Christian have such absurd pouches at the front that only the porn stars that model them can hope to fill them impressively.

This video from N2N Bodywear is pretty sexy. The guys are hot and a lot of the swimwear is pretty cool. The guys wearing the onesies in the pool really should have gotten out in them, that would have been sexy. Personally I don’t get men in g-strings. If a man looks good in a g-string it is probably DESPITE the g-string, not because of it. On the other hand, a jock strap enhances a butt whether good or bad.

Palm Springs Wet Dream from N2N Bodywear on Vimeo.

How to sell handbags

When you want to sell handbags to a female audience, most designers shoot beautiful women holding them. Big labels shoot big celebrities with their product. Whoever this is took a very different approach. They took a blank white catwalk, and sent their product down the catwalk with male models. Completely nude male models. I love it. It’s completely absurd but when will I ever complain about a dozen or so good looking completely naked men?

8 de junio libran las modelos, 8th june the female models are free, Madrid 2005 from Alicia Framis on Vimeo.

Ross makes a return to Sydney

As is tradition, Ross Watson is having another exhibition in Sydney for Mardi Gras starting this weekend. As is also tradition it will be full of beautiful paintings of gorgeous men including a mate of mine, Nathan and the always sexy Jamie.

This time around Ross has also sent a video of the two models talking about their experiences and what it’s like modeling for Ross to be included in his exhibition.

So damned sexy

Now that the soggy mess of a movie “50 Shades of Grey” has come out everyone can finally go get it out of their system. Personally I’ve never heard of so many people walking out on a film that has been so anticipated. I’ve not read the books, nor do I intend to and once Jamie Dornan said he wasn’t going frontal in the film I lost the last shred of motivation to see it.

One thing that I really do like from the film is Beyonce’s version of her old hit “Crazy in Love.” It’s a slow sexy version and it’s almost begging for someone to do a circus routine to it. The only problem is that it’s a touch short for a good routine. Now, if I was still doing pole dancing this song would be used in a heartbeat.

A mate of mine and I were joking several months ago and somewhere along the way I promised to do a drag routine at his 40th which is late next year and this song may be a contender. Nothing like grinding awkwardly in drag on a close mate’s lap in front of his family to really add a special something to the evening don’t you think?