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Ross makes a return to Sydney

As is tradition, Ross Watson is having another exhibition in Sydney for Mardi Gras starting this weekend. As is also tradition it will be full of beautiful paintings of gorgeous men including a mate of mine, Nathan and the always sexy Jamie.

This time around Ross has also sent a video of the two models talking about their experiences and what it’s like modeling for Ross to be included in his exhibition.

So damned sexy

Now that the soggy mess of a movie “50 Shades of Grey” has come out everyone can finally go get it out of their system. Personally I’ve never heard of so many people walking out on a film that has been so anticipated. I’ve not read the books, nor do I intend to and once Jamie Dornan said he wasn’t going frontal in the film I lost the last shred of motivation to see it.

One thing that I really do like from the film is Beyonce’s version of her old hit “Crazy in Love.” It’s a slow sexy version and it’s almost begging for someone to do a circus routine to it. The only problem is that it’s a touch short for a good routine. Now, if I was still doing pole dancing this song would be used in a heartbeat.

A mate of mine and I were joking several months ago and somewhere along the way I promised to do a drag routine at his 40th which is late next year and this song may be a contender. Nothing like grinding awkwardly in drag on a close mate’s lap in front of his family to really add a special something to the evening don’t you think?

I think I’m a Poof!

A friend of mine has spent the last couple of years working on a children’s book and today he released his baby to the world. The book is called “I think I’m a Poof” and through a simple story of a child getting his father’s love and support, aims to teach children that being gay isn’t a bad thing. Sure, with words like Poof and Faggot in the book, not everyone is going to buy it and read it for their child.

Just tonight I’ve seen comments on facebook about the book saying it portrays stereotypes and is offensive. Seriously? I think people need to lighten up. The father in the book tells his little boy that he’ll live somewhere nice and will have a beautiful house and be stylish. Yes these are gay clichés but I’m pretty sure a straight parent will trot out a few clichés to support a gay child. The father is trying to encourage his upset child and tell him that he will have a good life.

Samuel Leighton-Dore is a young creative guy living in the Inner West of Sydney and he drew upon his own bullying and torment at school as inspiration to write the book. In his own words the book has its tongue firmly in it’s cheek and “I hope it starts an open dialogue and (most importantly) I hope it makes you laugh.” It certainly did make me smile.

Check out this gorgeous video of some Aussie Dads of gay sons reading the book and talking lovingly about their gay sons. You can buy the book here. One dollar from every book sold goes to QLife.

Not sure it would be comfortable

This video came to my attention today through the vimeo channel of my nudist friend Kirill who runs Active Naturists blog. He’s the go to man for all things naturist and he’s posted this video of a show jumper riding and jumping on horseback nude. From what I’ve heard, jumping takes a lot of control and it must be all in the thighs. It looks like there’s a bit of bouncing around going on which could be uncomfortable too but I am a firm believer of the theory if you want to do it then do it. Obviously that doesn’t apply to anything violent or harmful to others but riding around on a horse nude seems to fit the bill nicely.

bare bareback horse riding from Active Naturist on Vimeo.

Who knows why?

There are some very strange things posted online on a very regular basis. Neil Curtis has done several bodypaint videos but this is more of a conceptual music video using the male nude as a starting point. Instead of bodypaint he’s using mud and movement to tell a story. What that story is I have no idea. If you are going to direct a bonkers performance art music video, why not do it to Bjork? She is the high priestess of bonkers after all.

The guy in this video has a sexy body and isn’t shy. As with all of Neil’s models, he’s completely shaved which I understand for body paint but I wouldn’t have thought it as necessary for thick mud. Enjoy.

Björk "Stonemilker" directed by Neil Curtis from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

So very true

Especially after last night’s Scruff standup, this video about people’s behaviour on Grindr etc is spot on. All the complete bullshit that people put in their profiles is called out. Masculine, of course (not). I’ve never quite understood lying on a profile like that. Surely when someone meets you expecting one thing, when you turn out to be completely different do you expect them to still sleep with you?

Amazing, simple and beautiful

This video is an antidote to the depressing nature of the last post. I saw this video last week and even though it’s nearly 8 minutes long, it had me mesmerised. Michael Grab is an artist that has developed an amazing skill for balancing rocks in seemingly impossible arrangements that defy gravity. There is no trickery here. No glue, strings or other deception keeps the rocks balanced, just skill and I imagine a lot of patience.

According to his website it started for Michael as a whim in 2008 and has become his form of meditation because of the peaceful surroundings and the patience and calmness that is needed. The arrangements are beautiful and he’s also filmed and photographed them beautifully.

More showering wrestlers

This time the boys make sure all of their buddy is clean. Even though these guys wash each other’s balls and cock I still feel like they come across as completely straight. These guys have beautiful bodies and I’m just a little bit jealous of them having a hot shower buddy. Fooling around in the shower is one of my favourite things to do.

SHOWER AFTER MATCH Gladiator 1 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.

The wrestlers take a shower.

I recently posted a video of two guys wrestling nude that I wasn’t quite sure about. I liked it but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be turned on or enjoy their sporting prowess. Well now I know what I’m thinking of these guys in this new video of the two of them showering together. It’s hot. They are pretty obviously completely straight but also completely unselfconscious about their nakedness in the shower together.

There has been a real resurgence in the popularity of hairy men in the last few years and I think that’s great. If you have it and want it, keep it. Lumbersexuals unite! For me, there are some guys that just look really hot completely or nearly completely smooth and this guy with the shaved head is one of them.

Shower Gladiator nr 2 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.

Where did we lose the innocence?

There is so much visual documentation of communal male nudity in the middle of last century and it being so completely relaxed and comfortable. There are entire books full of wartime groups of men in their down time that show some guys nude, others not and none of it being an issue.

I wonder if more recently part of people’s reluctance is the fact that the internet has come along and images just don’t go away these days? Having said that, all those vintage photos are now scanned and online anyway, it’s just that the men in them aren’t here any more or they are too old to give a rats arse about it. A straight nudie friend sometimes gets nervous on the nude beach for fear that people are taking photos with their phones so he may or may not strip off.

Another theory that I’ve floated at times is the visibility of gay men in society. Gay men have been much more visible and open for a few decades now but acceptance has been further behind and we all know that a lot of straight men feel very threathened by the fact that gay men may objectify them the way they do women so they may remain more modest for that reason.

Whatever the cause, it’s a shame that people are so wary of being seen nude. This vintage video of a bunch of naked men in a sauna, running out into a plunge pool and to roll in the snow from 1947 shows just how natural it was for men to be nude together at the time. I love it.

Sauna (1947), vintage Newscast-SD from javu on Vimeo.

Didn’t see that coming

When a Lynx commercial comes on tv you can expect some quirk. Usually there’s a guy that isn’t your stereotypical lady-killer being chased by hordes of gorgeous women just because he’s sprayed on some Lynx deodorant. They play for cheap laughs but they are memorable and they make me smile. Do I use Lynx? No.

Lynx have now entered the world of hair product and this ad serves up some unexpected as well with a gay twist that I certainly didn’t see coming. I like it. Some gay men will feel like it’s just blatant targeting of the pink dollar but guess what? That’s what marketing is. That’s why McDonalds advertises happy meals during the day when kids are going to nag mum and dad for a toy. That’s why eHarmony makes you feel like you won’t ever be happy unless you find a significant other.

I say market away to your hearts content. While companies like Lynx are bold enough to risk turning the conservatives away, the more used to gay people kissing the rest of the world gets, little by little. Well done Lynx.

A whole lot of naked wrestling

I can’t work out if this is supposed to be sexual or not. A lot of amateur porn is so much sexier than the over produced and stilted big budget porn that is out there but sometimes when people try and make something sexy it falls short of the mark. The idea of two guys wrestling nude is very sexy but without any hint of sex, or grabbing each other’s crotch even accidentally, this just feels like two guys have been paid to wrestle nude. The wrestling itself is pretty full on and athletic, the guys have really nice bodies and you certainly see them from every angle.

Naked real wrestling gladiator NR. 2 from ADRIAN TAUGA on Vimeo.

My 2014 playlist

Along with the calendar I have been doing for the past few years, another yearly adventure is my playlist for the year. At the beginning of the year I create a playlist in my itunes for that year and as the year goes on I add the songs that really grab me throughout that 12 month period. The danger with listening to it too much through the year is that you can get a bit sick of the early songs but it’s a great reminder of the songs you loved as the year went by.

So here is what made me dance and sing in 2014. Yes, I know my tastes are very mainstream and top 40.

XO – Beyonce – Watch the video here.
Goodness Gracious – Ellie Goulding – Watch the video here.
Into the Blue – Kylie Minogue – Watch the video here.
Happy – Pharrell Williams – Watch the video here.
Liar Liar – Chris Cab – Watch the video here.
Jump – Rihanna – Watch the video here.
Sing – Ed Sheeran – Watch the video here.
All We Need is Love – Ricki Lee – Watch the video here.
Chandelier – Sia – Watch the video here.
A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay – Watch the video here.
Shake It Off – Taylor Swift – Watch the video here.
Live Louder – Nathaniel – Watch the video here.
Sunlight (featuring Years and Years) – The Magician – Watch the video here.
Stay Alive – José Gonzalez – Watch the video here.
Uptown Funk (featuring Bruno Mars) – Mark Ronson – Watch the video here.

Those Naked Rowers are back with more on offer

Those lovely chaps from the Warwick Rowers are back with what could be 2015’s sexiest calendar. I haven’t bought the calendar myself but I have bought the full hour long movie download of the making-of. If you like Laurence and tbe boys last year, then they are going to make you even happier this year. I think every single one of the 24 or so guys goes full frontal in this year’s movie and Laurence has some competition for the title of hottest in the club. There is a new German guy who has no qualms about nudity. In fact in a couple of the shots the guys all have another naked guy on their shoulders. So yes, every one of these boys, promoting acceptance of LGBT people in sport are doing their bit by having a mate’s cock on their neck. Works for me.

Warwick Rowers from Gaydio on Vimeo.

One of the best

GIACOMO from François Rousseau on Vimeo.

With the developments in technology and the world going digital, cameras getting smaller and better, it seems like the whole world is making videos and taking photos. For every one talented image maker, there are dozens and dozens of people trying.

Francois Rousseau came to my notice when he did the first really popular Dieux Du Stade calender for 2004. He got the balance of masculinity and homoerotica just right and the calendar went crazy.  In recent years he’s worked more and more in video to go along with his still imagery. Yesterday I was poking around the internet as I do and came across a few of his recent videos. They really are just gorgeous. Plain and simple. Francois really knows how to photograph people and make them look beautiful while also being very creative. The music that he chooses fits beautifully and sometimes it’s more of a minimalist soundscape rather than a musical soundtrack.