A Vlog review!

A little while ago an email popped into my inbox from a guy who runs Sextoys247 asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their product. It sounded like a laugh so of course I said yes. They sent me a couple of products and I gave them a whirl. I decided a video blog (vlog) was the best way to go. So check out my review of the.. Read More

This looks great

With Burning Man having only recently finished again for another year, when I read all the stories and see all the photos and videos I think back to my two visits to the festival. One of the mottos of Burning Man is “Radical Self Expression” and everyone talks about how there are no rules and it’s so free. There are a few rules of course. That sort of thing keeps.. Read More


I’ve just got home from seeing a performance by a bunch of my friends from the circus school that is on this week as part of the Fringe Festival. The show wasn’t exactly Cirque Du Soleil but it was a bloody good performance especially for a bunch of people who hold down regular jobs and have run themselves into the ground to get it together. There have been a couple.. Read More

Better check yourselves

After last night’s post about cancer and a friend losing one of his balls to testicular cancer, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video of the doctors from Embarrassing Bodies instructing a football team through a self examination on tv. I’m not sure I would be that fussed on checking my balls for lumps on national tv but it is a great instructional tool. Let’s face it,.. Read More

Behind the scenes

Yesterday afternoon I put together the behind the scenes footage from my shoot with David last weekend. Each time I do a video I’m learning something which is good. What did I learn this time? The GoPro I had set up ran out of space on the memory card so I learned that I need to be more aware of how much footage can fit on different memory cards. David.. Read More

It won’t be good.

Today a date was announced for a non-binding Plebiscite on Marriage Equality. Our Prime Minister before he took power said he was against the idea when his predecessor put the plan in place but he has stupidly stuck to all the policies of the man he ousted for being incompetent. The wording of the question has also been announced which will go to the polls on February 11th next year… Read More

Too much effort

It’s no secret that Cirque Du Soleil is something I enjoy seeing a lot. The company started near Quebec City in the early 80’s as a troupe of street performers. Shortly after, one of those performers Guy Laliberté took the group on tour and essentially created what is now a world wide phenomenon. Last night a few of us from my circus school went to see Kooza, the show currently.. Read More

Something different?

For the last few weeks I’ve watched a lot of videos from Youtube Vloggers. There are a couple that are fairly well known. I started with JacksGap who was doing lots of videos along with his twin brother but seems to have gone off the radar about 12 months ago. He has lots of content to go through and was developing a real social conscience with his content. Through his.. Read More

Getting better…

Last week I posted a very rough video I’d cobbled together from my time in Croatia. Last night I put together this video of the last day of my slacklining class. Clearly I still have a lot to learn both about slacklining and video making but I’m gradually working my way through the software and trying to figure out how to do things I want to do. It’s a really.. Read More

Lots to learn

I’m the kind of person, it would seem, that needs to keep setting new challenges for myself. At work there isn’t a lot of work to be done at the moment so I’ve set myself a new challenge and given myself a new skill to learn. Video editing is something that I’ve wanted to learn for a long time bit it’s always seemed a bit daunting. This weekend though I.. Read More

It’s classic Bruce

Bruce Weber is an iconic photographer and one of the stylemakers of a generation. He has a very distinct style and brands with money go to him when they want something distinctly Bruce. He is the man who essentially created the look for Abercrombie and Fitch and photographed all the models for their infamous quarterly “catalogue” that didn’t have a lot of clothing in them. What is Bruce’s style? Think.. Read More

I might have bought one!

After two classes in slacklining, today I ordered my own slackline kit. It feels quite impulsive but from the first class it felt inevitable. It’s been a while since I’ve found a new challenge physically and this is one that with a little equipment and two sturdy trees, I can practice almost anywhere. According to our teachers you are allowed to set up the slackline in public parks on any.. Read More

Making plans

Anyone that reads this blog will know I have an exceptional talent for over analysing things. Especially when it comes to the world of dating and romance I can take a simple text message and over think it until my eyeballs are hanging out of my head. My confidence in the bedroom has been on a steady decline ever since the American I got involved with a decade ago pretty.. Read More

A beautiful tribute

In a beautiful tribute to the victims of Orlando, a month on these two gay circus performers created this video. It’s a duo Cyr Wheel routine which is an apparatus usually performed solo. As circus performers they have been told on many occasions that two men showing intimacy in an act would be too much for the audience but that was the whole point of this video. To stand strong.. Read More

What a weekend

This weekend I began shooting for the #barenakedtruth project. Prior to this I had photographed exactly one nude woman several years ago. There were a couple of other pregnant women that went topless but nude, the tally was one. In the space of one weekend I have now taken that tally up by several. I’ve also added a few members of the trans community to that list as well and.. Read More