Sweaty goodness?

At the end of an ideal sexual encounter, I’ve always thought that whoever is involved should be covered in a few things. Sweat, cum and saliva. Now I’m not talking about spitting on each other, that’s not really my thing, but since mouths are sucking on body parts, licking and kissing others there is going to be saliva. The cum is a bit of a given and the byproduct and.. Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here in Australia, it’s already that very conflicting day, Valentine’s Day. Where single people are a little bit glum, new couples are smug and over the top and couples that have been together for a while are over it and don’t care. This Valentine’s is a weird one for me this year. For the first time in my adult life I’m single and perfectly happy with it, but I also.. Read More

Counting down.

Last week my last two flights were booked for my trip around Europe. A short jump from Cologne to Berlin and from Berlin to Mykonos. Now all I have to book are the ferry trips between Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos and then back to Athens. It’s getting exciting now. I’m sure I will drive the readers of this blog a little crazy with talk of the holiday but I’ll try.. Read More

Hold Tight

One of Australia’s banks, the ANZ has been a long supporter of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and LGBT rights in general. Yesterday they released a new campaign in the lead up to Mardi Gras called Hold Tight. It highlights just how far we have to go to feel equal. We still don’t have marriage equality in Australia and people are still not always safe holding hands in.. Read More

So moving

If you have 20 minutes spare, I ask you to watch this video. It’s not flashy and it’s not sexy so it breaks from the norm for this blog. It’s difficult at times to watch but it is necessary. It tells the story to Tom and Thordis, and their road to closure after a teenage romance turned to rape. The world needs more of this kind of thing. More women.. Read More

A little Argentinian beauty

You might all remember my recent shoot with Jorge the sexy Argentinian. Yesterday he shared this video on Facebook and I really liked it so I thought I’d post it here as part of my ongoing quest to share beautiful things and provide a little distraction from the world’s disastrous political state and just all the other crap going on in the world. Jorge said to me yesterday that he’d.. Read More

Same same but different…

My time in Denmark in 2015 taught me a few things. The Danes are the most beautiful race of people I’ve ever come across, or perhaps it’s a Scandinavia wide blessing. They have life pretty sorted. The  city of Copenhagen works well, people escape to the countryside and the simple pleasure of riding a bike around is incredibly popular. The men all seem to have three legs. Obviously that is.. Read More

Still? Really?

This morning, perusing my Facebook feed I happened upon a post by a guy I know having a bit of a rant, naming and shaming another guy that I’ve known vaguely in an online context for a while. The subject of the rant had (evidenced by a screen shot of a now deleted post) been on a moral high horse about the “sanctity of marriage” and judging up a storm.. Read More

Every Day…

After the gloomy post last night I thought it was time for a bit of simply lovely. This is a little video by my youtube crush MarkE Miller (and his lovely boyfriend Ethan Hethcote) and it’s a very simple video reminding us all to enjoy the little things. Sometimes it’s just those simple things that bring the biggest smiles to our faces.

I just can’t

In just over a week of being President, Donald Trump has done more to ruin the reputation and credibility of The United States than Reality TV could ever dream of. He is completely devoid of intellect, compassion, class and eloquence, all attributes overflowing in his predecessor. Trump has already removed health care from millions and now his ban on entering the states from very carefully selected countries shows the true.. Read More

I want one!

Watching lots of youtube videos as I have been, by the likes of Ben Brown and Lost LeBlanc I have seen some very beautiful drone footage. These guys always take drones on their adventures to capture a different perspective of their locations. My boss has bought himself one and I’m sure I will get a chance to learn how to use it at some stage but after seeing all the.. Read More

So talented

Back in College my class was taught how to do calligraphy and I loved it. I can’t claim to have been good at it, nor did I practice very much at all. It did leave me with a huge appreciation of the creativity, talent and patience that it takes to do a beautiful piece of calligraphy. Rajiv Surendra is an actor, writer and calligrapher. Apparently he was in Mean Girls.. Read More

Sensual loving

Through a conversation recently with someone, I came across Hegre-Art, an erotica/porn company created by photographer Petter Hegre. It’s straight erotica and very much focuses on the woman, aimed at women. That seems like a strange thing for me to have found, I get it. Personally I’m quite happy watching straight porn, bi porn, gay porn and all sorts of porn so as long as it’s done well, I’m fine… Read More

A little favour…

I’m going to ask a little favour. As you all know if you come by this little part of the web on a semi-regular basis, I’ve started a YouTube channel. I started it around four months ago properly and I’ve managed to get over 100 subscribers already. Now I know everyone that follows this blog watches the videos when I post them here on the blog and that’s fantastic but.. Read More

A little bit of beauty

After the heavy tone of the previous post I thought I’d share something that I saw yesterday that I found really beautiful. This is a video about surfing but it is so entirely different to all the other surfing videos that I’ve seen over the years. Instead of the pretty intense rock music or dubstep noise, this one uses Puccini classical Opera instead. The style of photography is different to.. Read More