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Ridiculous but it works

The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely crazy over the last week on the internet with some huge name celebrities getting doused in ice water like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and even legendary ice queen Anna Wintour. Originally the idea was to get doused in ice water OR pay a donation to raise money for the charity to help end ALS, also known here in Australia as Motor Neurone Disease. I’m hoping that all these people doing the challenge are wearing the icy water AND donating because otherwise it’s not doing the job as well as it could have. The publicity the cause is getting is fantastic and over $15M has been raised already.

A happy by-product of the challenge is that we are seeing lots of hot men being doused in water either shirtless or in white tee-shirts which is always fun. Emblem Three are a boyband that I’ve never heard of but they took it even further, as have a few other hardy souls, and did the challenge nude. There’s not junk on display but that’s understandable when cold water is involved.

Hurts so good…?

I’ve not long arrived home after treating myself to a much needed massage. For the past week or so I’ve felt very sore and knotted up, especially after class last night. So I booked myself in for a massage. After googling massage Sydney and ending up with lots of brothels, I refined the search to gay massage Sydney and found a guy that seemed legit on Craigslist. That sounds like a contradiction I know but he sounded genuine.

My god was he legit. There was nothing sexual or sensual about it and he knew how to fix the knots I had. It felt like he removed my muscles and stomped all over them before reattaching them. There were a couple of points where I was in a lot of pain but it already feels like the knots have been untied. Fingers crossed they keep improving.

Tantra Gay Massage from naked masseur – massage in Sofia video from TantraMassage on Vimeo.

The right inspiration

Back when I was studying graphic design all those many years ago, my illustration teacher told us that if you are going to use reference material then you need to choose the RIGHT reference material and she was dead right. So many people in the performance or artistic world are being “inspired” by the wrong material. Just because someone else has done it doesn’t mean it’s good. Sure you may be able to use it to build something magical but maybe not. Conversely choosing great reference material doesn’t always guarantee success. How many times have we seen up and coming celebrities being made up like Marylin or Audrey Hepburn for a photo shoot and looking like a cheap Halloween knock off.

Thankfully Bell Soto have done a stellar job with this video. I’m not sure if it was actually for a fashion label or as a bit of an editorial promotion like a video version of a magazine spread. The two male models look incredible in this not just relying on the pouty androgyny that is so common these days. They look like old school performers getting ready for the theatre backstage. When I saw this I immediately thought of the image above of Vladimir by the legendary photographer Herb Ritts who died 11 years ago. I would even guess that Ritts was inspired by performers like Nureyev.

Wherever the inspiration has come from using classic theatrical makeup references and using male models who are masculine but comfortable in that slightly feminine realm has really worked to create a beautiful video.

PERFORMANCE from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

May as well do it nude!

This video caught my eye yesterday. The guy has the perfect lean wiry build for rock climbing and clearly has the strength and the talent for it too. I’ve seen other images of people rock climbing nude but bouldering like this guy is doing makes more sense because you don’t need the uncomfortable harness. It’s still going to be awkward if he loses his grip and falls. Cool little video. He’s a sexy guy too.

Keeping me organised

Thank goodness I have organised friends. I’m one of those terrible people that gets a message from someone saying “Are we still on for diner tomorrow night” and I’ve completely forgotten about our plans. Thankfully my friends have learnt this and now remind me well in advance.

Tonight some friends and I are off to see Tom At the Farm which doesn’t exactly look like a delightful romp through a farm romance. No, it looks much like a twisted nightmare when Tom goes out to a farm for his partner’s funeral only to find out that his family know nothing of who Tom is or what he was to their son/brother. Awkward. Here’s hoping it’s better than the last movie we went to see together called Praia Do Futuro which was the most disjointed movie with no explanation for massive jumps in the story that I’ve seen in years.

Update: Here’s my thoughts on the movie. Once I stopped being distracted by the lead character’s hideous hair including extensions, I was truly unnerved by the movie. I kept thinking “WTF am I watching?” the whole way through. As a friend on facebook who loved it has pointed out, it obviously got me thinking and I guess to an extent I was invested in the movie. I wanted certain outcomes to happen but by the end I figured none of the characters were likeable and the only thing I really wanted to happen was to see the psycho brother character nude. As I said to my friend, it may have got me thinking but I very much doubt I’d watch it again.

Art or exhibitionism?

Art is a very personal experience. There are millions of people that look at modern art and think “WTF is that?” There are just as many people that look at classical landscapes and think they are boring. Wherever you are on the art appreciation spectrum it’s probably different to whatever the artist is thinking as they create it. Brent Ray Fraser is an artist that from where I’m standing seems to be more about the publicity and shock value than creating art. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all. Andy Warhol made a huge name for himself by deliberately courting the mass appeal.

Brent’s work usually involves himself and himself not wearing anything. I first came across his teaser videos on vimeo and ended up on his website but didn’t want to pay for the subscription to see videos. There are now some videos around showing all the goods. He does public performance pieces where he paints while nude using his rather impressive cock to make the “art”. Some of it ends up looking cool, other pieces are just cock prints all over a canvas. Each to their own.

This video below is a new piece and it’s apparently a tribute but comes across as a fairly self indulgent video where he gets to flex his exhibitionist muscle. Good on him. He looks great nude and certainly gets the attention. The footage is actually quite beautiful but that could be me flexing my voyeuristic muscle. I’m a sucker for a beautiful nude body walking around nude.

“Modern Man” – An artistic nude retrospect by Brent Ray Fraser from Brent Fraser on Vimeo.

Gratuitous nude acrobatics

This is a bit of a lazy blog post I’m sorry. The lazy junior at work finished a few weeks ago and this week a big job has come in that I’m managing so my days are leaving me a little frazzled by the time I get home. Thankfully this is easily turned into a Mining-the-clouds situation. With junior gone the scope of my job has increased and that will be the case even when my boss gets around to replacing him. For the time being it involves me doing all the product photography which he used to do. It also involves me managing the freelancer that is in for a few days helping out. So I think I’m doing a good job of keeping the job on track and also showing that I can handle more responsibility to my boss.

Unfortunately tonight I just don’t have the brain power write anything wildly entertaining for you. Instead I’m sharing a video of a gratuitiously nude hand balancer. Why not do acrobatics nude? Hand balancing takes a lot of strength and even more control. It is something I’d like to try but I have a feeling it would take more time than I can devote to it. He looks good doing it though.

acrobata desnudo from sergio ariell arias on Vimeo.

A needed smile

Last night as I went to bed, I was tired and grumpy after circus class and a long day at work. Nothing in particular had annoyed me but for some reason I was in a bad mood. Then I watched this video. Sure, it’s contrived and a set up. If it was just a feel good thing that these people did for no reason then they wouldn’t have filmed it from a few different angles, but they did. Then they edited it and posted it online. Who knows if they are after an ego boost or what their motivation was but ultimately they gave a homeless guy some cash and entertained a crowd. It made me smile as I turned off my light to go to bed.

The Warwick Rowers are back!

In what is becoming a bigger online media event than the Dieux Du Stade calendar, the Warwick Rowers have just launched their 2015 Calendar campain and crowdfunding program with a heap of different rewards for different levels of donation. Once again the boys are lead by the stunning Lawrence and the boys all seem to be going frontal yet again. How they convince them to do that I don’t know but I’m certainly not complaining. It’s absolutely amazing and fantastic that a bunch of young men are so willing tog et their gear off and raise money to fight homophobia and intolerance in sport and in general.

This 2015 calendar is the second year in a row the guys are raising money for Sport Allies who are aligned with the Warwick Rowers philosophy of promoting acceptance and reducing homophobia and transphobia while using sport as their platform for inclusion. Each year the photos get more polished and more beautiful while still capturing the youthful exuberance and probably nervousness of running around nude with the entire team.

Warwick Rowers 2015 Crowdfunder from Sport Media Productions on Vimeo.

So many hits!

Fourteen months ago I uploaded a video trailer for my photography book Aussielicious Men to vimeo. I can’t believe that it’s had over 94,000 hits! That’s so awesome. It still averages over 100 hits per day. The book hasn’t sold many copies at all on blurb but that’s ok. It was a book that I felt that I needed to put together for myself as much as anything. It was never a money making venture that’s for sure. If I’d been planning on getting rich from it I’d be sorely disappointed by now. I wonder if we can get it up to 100,000 views? Feel free to share it.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Australia’s X-Factor 2014 guys.

Last night on tv they had a marathon repeat of the new series so far of Australia’s X-Factor. The auditions have just started and a few guys really stood out for me. A favourite was the return of Tee who auditioned and got a fair way through the process last year. He was struggling with confidence as his mother wasn’t speaking with him because of his sexuality. Things have clearly improved on both fronts and he absolutely BELTS out Somebody to love by Queen. His voice is great and the smile and personality is killer.

Next up is Dean. Dean scares me a little bit. There’s no denying that he’s very talented and has the charismatic rock star thing going on. He has a bit of a dangerous eccentricity vibe going on for me though. One of the judges likens him to Michael Hutchence. He apparently left home at 15 to earn the right to be a man by the age of 18. WTF? He strikes me as one of those people that enjoys being moody and confronting. Great performer though.

Next up is the adorable Jaymie. He’s only young but his version of Wonderwall is fantastic. As much as everyone tries to say that image isn’t important and it should all be about talent, that’s bullshit as we all know. It doesn’t hurt that Jaymie is cute and has beautiful eyes to go with his talent. Can we also talk about his beautiful brother who is backstage with the family? I haven’t really gotten into this season of the Voice despite Kylie being on the panel. X-Factor just seems to be more interesting for me.

Sci-Fi gets a gay representation!

Today thanks to Towleroad I came across a trailer for a new sci-fi film called “Credence”. It’s not complete yet and they are running an Indigogo program to raise money to fund it. They’ve already reached their modest £6,000 target but I donated anyway because the story and the trailer look so good. The film is challenging the way LGBT people are represented in Sci-fi films with two fathers having to make the horrendous decision to send their daughter to safety on another planet when earth is being destroyed. If you watch the powerful trailer, that will all make sense. I can’t wait to see it. For my £25 donation I will get a copy of the soundtrack and a digital download of the film when it’s released!

Now the Americans are trying Naked Dating.

A while ago I brought you some images from a Dutch TV Show called Adam seeks Eve where contestants were stranded on an island nude and had to meet someone and date them. Now the Americans are doing their version called Naked Dating on VH1. They’ve started releasing promos for the show and in this first one 4 different couples are shown dancing in the street nude. Sadly everything is blurred out and I don’t know that for the sake of modesty and legality they weren’t wearing g-strings or modesty patches but it certainly looks like they were dancing nude.

The part I love the most about this video, other than the nudity and the happy vibes the promo gives, is the diversity of the couples. The first couple is an interracial straight couple both with absolutely rocking bodies, then a gay couple with rocking bodies. Then we get to an overweight couple who aren’t the cliched reality tv pretty and last up is a senior couple.

Part of me hates that I used the term interracial couple but since there has been such a backlash to a couple of advertisements in the U.S. featuring mixed race couples apparently it’s still an issue. To me they were just a couple, a smoking hot couple that I would love to see dancing around nude in the street.

It can’t hurt too much… can it?

A mate of mine saw my post last night about feeling overweight and sluggish and he’s feeling like he’s in the same boat. So he’s gone and challenged me, and himself to do the Tough Mudder in November. We have signed up for the one in the Southern Highlands, South West of Sydney. For anyone that doesn’t know what the Tough Mudder race is, it’s lunacy disguised as a 20 kilometre run. Yes, nearly half a marathon. But it’s not as simple as just running that far. They throw walls in front of you and make you climb them along with net walls, mud slides and make you climb through pipes half submerged in muddy water. The crowning glory of this 20 kilometre insanity? Electrified cables that brush you and zap you with a few thousand volts while you are trying not to die. I guess if you have a heart attack then the electric shock might kick start you again?

Now anyone knows that radical changes in lifestyle are hardest to maintain so I’m not going to start going for 20 kilometre runs straight away. I’d be blogging from hospital if I did. No, I’ve downloaded an app that takes you from not running to running up to 5 km over a matter of weeks. Then I’ll start to build on that to be able to even contemplate 20km. Tonight the eating started the overhaul process too. Some salmon fillet and SIX different kinds of veggies steamed and eaten with some lemon juice and a hint of chilli. Yummy.

This is a video from a Tough Mudder here in Australia a couple of years ago to give you an idea.

Let’s play Truth or Dare

The AussieBum team are constantly releasing new products it seems and they are great. I sometimes wish I wore swimwear more often because these Truth or Dare swimmers are really cool. They’ve also released these cool BeeBee boardshorts for when you need to be a little more covered up and the sexy Whisky range of undies. Could that model be any more smooth and lickable? I can’t decide which I find sexier. Smooth Whisky guy or the BeeBee boardies guy!

aussieBum – TRUTH OR DARE – Promo from aussieBum on Vimeo.

aussieBum – BEEBEE from aussieBum on Vimeo.

aussieBum – WHISKY – Promo from aussieBum on Vimeo.