Creativity meets skill

A friend shared this video a couple of days ago on Facebook and it just made me smile. Being a (very) amateur aerialist as well as a graphic designer and photographer means I have some possibly too high standards when it comes to circus inspired videos. Most of the time there isn’t a lot of creativity in the way they are filmed or the soundtrack that goes with them. Of.. Read More

Please, no more legends

I may not have been a die-hard fan, but there is no denying that Prince was a force to be reckoned with. His Diamonds & Pearls album was in my collection in my early days of buying music, with it’s sexy lyrics and addictive beats. Prince may have toned down his blatant sexuality once he discovered Jehovas Witness later in his career but the man was still very edgy, sensual.. Read More

It’s just hypnotising

I’m really quite a big fan of big balls. Big balls that hang low and bounce around as someone walks along the nude beach are always fun to watch. There’s a guy that I used to see at the nude beach I go to who was hung and had massive low hanging balls. When he walked up and down the beach, which he did a lot, it was lie watching.. Read More

A nice change

On Sunday last weekend I photographed the lovely Laria again. This time we got more bold shooting some nude, erect frontals for It’s a very different photo shoot asking someone to get hard for a camera. There are new levels of diplomacy to be used compared to even a regular nude (non-frontal) shoot. You have someone who is very vulnerable, no matter how confident they are, and they pretty.. Read More

Bares On Demand

Broadway Bares is one of those shows that is on my bucket list to see sometime. It’s the annual burlesque, circus flesh baring extravaganza in New York City that raises millions for HIV care and research. The show is massive in it’s spectacle and sexiness with men and women showing nearly all they have while entertaining the enthusiastic crowd. This year’s theme is “On Demand” and it promises to be.. Read More

The naked ninja warrior

The Ninja Warrior is one of those athletic obstacle course shows where very fit people race the course against the clock and try and beat each other’s times. The U.S. version has lots of rah-rah hype and yelling OMG kind of stuff. The various versions around the world are similar in format but maybe with less rah-rah hype. Those crazy Europeans have done it again. I’m not sure if this.. Read More

It’s all in the planning

With at least 15 months until I go to Europe next year I haven’t booked anything and am a long way off booking anything. Half of the fun of a big adventure is planning it and having it to look forward to. Having a big holiday in Europe to look forward to means that when I’m on my lunch break at work I’ve started doing research about what to do.. Read More

Those crazy Germans…

Those German’s have done it again. This is an ad for what I presume is a fitness app called FitMit. I can’t be sure as when I google it all I get is links to Fitbit activity trackers. Anyway, back to my main focus of the ad. There’s a cute guy working out nude in the gym. He looks good nude and should stay that way but as he works.. Read More

Getting reacquainted

Today I drove home after a really nice weekend away with family and family friends that I’ve known for basically my entire life. The younger generation are all growing up into great kids. My nephew is in his second year of high school and it’s doing him well. Watching the kids get more freedom and responsibility every year we go away on this trip is really satisfying. Sitting around catching.. Read More

Not sure that’s a great idea

A few weeks ago I posted about a very sexy guy doing a very sexy aerial straps routine in a show. Just the other day a guy in my circus class and I were talking about sexy routines etc and I suggested that the performer we’d seen should have done a nude routine. We discussed the pros and cons of the idea, keeping in mind that it might not actually.. Read More

Creative juices…

After doing two photo shoots on the weekend that I feel very pleased with, I can feel my creative juices stirring again. I’ve reached out to a couple of guys that I want to photograph and one or two others have reached out to me. That always feels nice when someone sees my work and wants to work together. The timing isn’t great as summer has all of a sudden.. Read More

Dancing in the Dark

Jordan Matter is a photographer who has a long history of dance photography. Some time about a year ago, Jordan took to the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn photographing nude dancers, gymnasts and acrobats in the middle of the street, hanging off the side of buildings and all over the place. This video shows the night he photographed three different guys with different skills and the fun they had doing it… Read More

It must be a classic?

A few people have sent me the following video saying I’d enjoy it and that it might be good for the blog. So here it is. Honestly I’m not sure what I think of it. It seems to be a bunch of guys waving their junk around and being nude on stage and that’s about it. It’s not a strip show or go-go dancers but it doesn’t feel any more.. Read More

History for the Canadian Navy

We’ve all seen dozens of photos over the years of a first kiss between a returning member of the Navy and his wife or girlfriend. It’s a long standing tradition with the lucky guy being drawn in a raffle to get the honour of being the first. This week the Canadian Navy had a historical moment with that first kiss being a same sex couple. Master Seaman Francis Legare had.. Read More

Everything old…

There is an old saying which Hollywood seems to be living by of late. “Everything old is new again” and that seems to be a shame. Today I saw online that Mrs Doubtfire is being remade with Seth Rogan in the lead role. Surely not? Someone I know thinks the article was being sarcastic but reading it I couldn’t see any sarcasm. Another movie that is being remade and probably.. Read More