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Postponed again

A mate and I were supposed to go camping this weekend at River Island, the nude camping place we try and get to a few times a summer. We seem to be having some bad luck with weather and that was the case again this weekend. It’s such a beautiful spot to go and unwind, switch off technology and just relax.

Today instead we decided we’d go for a bushwalk in the Royal National Park south of Sydney and walk down to the nude beach there even though the weather was predicted to be grey and overcast. The track down to the nude beach, once you go past a certain point, only goes to the nude beach and we decided we would walk down nude. That was probably a good idea since it was raining much more than we’d expected and it didn’t actually let up. So there was a 25 minute walk down, then we hung out down at the beach under a tree hoping for a break in the weather for 20 minutes before we gave up and walked back up in weather that was actually getting worse. Oh well, it was a good nude adventure.

We are going to aim to get to River Island again in a few weeks time but we’ll have to see how we go. This is a video I put together of one of my visits to River Island four years ago. I was a bit lighter then. If my friends are reading this, you’ll see more than you want to in this video. Turn around now.

River Island naturist reserve by Zebrileon

And the best man won!

I’ve just sat through about a million hours of the X Factor Australia Grand Finale. It was the outcome I wanted and that was probably expected. A 19 year old guy called Cyrus from my home town of Wollongong won after a stellar performance week after week. He was by far the most commercial of the contestants in the finale and a very deserving winner.

When he was announced as the winner and finally broke free from celebrating family and contestants, he firstly thanked God which put me on edge a little which was unfair. It seems so trite when musicians thank God but then I reminded myself that I have religious friends and this was a kid who has just won his dream chance at life so he was probably just being grateful. He seems like a great, humble and articulate guy and he’s cute as hell. Fingers crossed he does well because I think he deserves it.

After that marathon finale show I think I need a lie down.

Some good inspiration

Last night at circus class I was quite distracted. There was a guy who I had not seen before training in Aerial Straps which is an apparatus I wish I’d discovered as a younger man. Why as a younger man? The straps are an apparatus that are very tough on your shoulders and I don’t think my 42 year old shoulders would cope without a lot of training that I don’t really have the time to devote. It’s a beautiful apparatus to see performed.

The guy that was training last night was, to me, really good and he did some really tough moves and made them look effortless. He was also really hot which was the other distraction. I asked one of the guys at the school who he was and they informed me that he was a straight guy who drops in from time to time. It figures. I only seem to find guys attractive if they are unavailable. This guy is straight, at least 12-15 years younger and rocking hot so that makes him very appealing to me. If I can’t have him, I’ll just watch him train and perform. By the end of my class, he was just in a pair of tights and his t-shirt had come off. It was all a lovely sight.

With my new training program at the gym I’m feeling stronger at class and that translates to being able to do things that I have been struggling with before which then makes me feel more confident as well. This morning I was photographing a model at work and he said “It looks like your new training program is working” which of course made my day. When a model/personal trainer who looks like a Viking tells you you are looking good, that is a great way to start the day.

PS the video below is sadly, not the guy in question but another seriously strong straps artist.

Instalicious – Saulo Sarmiento!

If there is a trifecta of dream husband attributes a killer smile, naked tendencies and aerialist skills would be right up there. Of course they aren’t necessary in a husband, although the first two are pretty important, the third is just an awesome, flexible cherry on top. Saulo Sarmiento has all of those attributes and a rocking body to go with it.

Saulo came to my attention when I searched for some nudity related tag on Instagram and I saw one of the two nude photos above. What I wouldn’t give to see some hottie doing amazing acrobatics nude on the beach one day. When someone this talented and sexy pops up in your instagram you start to stalk follow them, obviously. Which is exactly what I did. Then Saulo popped up again yesterday in my instagram feed and I went a-googling and I realised that he is indeed a Cirque-Du-Soleil aerialist performer. He does a stunning act on the Aerial Pole which has now become my obsession and objective to learn. I wonder if he gives private classes? That routine is featured below. Enjoy.

If anyone knows Saulo, tell him I’m here waiting with my camera and/or a wedding proposal.


Confidence is sexy

How do some people have so much confidence and others of us have so little? I’m sure that for a lot of guys there is a certain amount of “fake it til you make it” going on but others are blessed with a natural self assuredness. Is it because they haven’t had someone treat them like shit and tell them they are worthless? Or is it that when people have treated them badly they haven’t let it get under their skin? I’ve taken things way too hard in the past and it’s affected my confidence and I’m still working on changing that but, even if it’s slow progress it’s better than letting it get worse.

The guy in this video, model Simon Adde clearly has confidence. In the image obsessed world we live in it’s no wonder he seems confidence. Look at him. But this video shows his cockiness. Cocky is very different to arrogance and when done right, it can be damn charming in it’s own right. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and google mister Adde.

SIMON ADDE from Bashkam Filmz on Vimeo.

A bit of inspiration

Work today was a bit of a drag. There isn’t a lot of activity happening at the moment and there were a few people missing from the office for a variety of reasons. So today I spent quite a bit of time watching youtube videos on photography getting tips and tricks.

My personal photography has been a bit slow of late and I’m not sure of the direction I want to go but I do know I want to push myself. For some unknown reason I’ve had it in my head to work on one series from start to finish and haven’t given myself the freedom to play with a few different ideas at a time but that’s going to stop. I’ve got vague ideas for a few different things that I think will be fun and being personal work, I don’t have to put a timeline on any of them.

One of the videos I watched today was a behind the scenes video with Annie Leibovitz shooting for Moncler. Annie is a master at her craft and watching her work is inspiring. The budget on this campaign must have been enormous as I heard many years ago (about 12 years ago) that she commands $50,000 per day, has close to ten assistants and truckloads of equipment “just in case”. Take all that to Iceland for a shoot and this would have cost a fortune. Oh to have that kind of budget. Unfortunately though, having a client to please often means a lack of freedom.

So sweet

Who knows if I will ever meet someone to marry. I don’t say that out of a “woe is me” feeling, more of a “who can ever know” meaning. What I do know is that Australia is a lagging behind a lot of the developed world now. Next year we have a federal election and for the first time we will have a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader who both support marriage equality. The PM has stuck by his predecessor’s promise to have a national vote on the topic shortly after the election and if he manages the whole thing properly, it should get through.

The U.S. has had nationwide marriage equality for a several months now and this video hit the internet last week celebrating 50 couples in 50 states being married. We only have 6 states and 2 territories, so our video will be smaller if this ever happen.

This should help

I’ve had a bit of a blah week at work. Nothing wildly bad just not a great week and for some reason today, even though it’s the weekend I’ve been in a flat mood. I have no idea why but I do know I don’t enjoy it. So, I’ve just cranked up some fun music and actually started cleaning this house. My housemate isn’t great at cleaning and neither am I but I have hit my threshold and I thought a clean floor would help.

Any time Kylie releases new music, that puts a smile on my face too. This song has been out for a while now but the video only dropped this week. Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears are really good friends and obviously have a good time hanging out together. Add them to a Nervo track and it’s guaranteed fun. Nervo are a couple of Aussie DJ twin sisters and producers and this song is from their album Collateral.

Jake Shears looks like he’d be great fun to have at a party and my life would be complete if I got to hang out with Kylie, we all know that.

Thankfully, a mate is coming over to hang out in a couple of hours, so I’m going to get some beer and work out what we’ll do for dinner and hopefully have a good, relaxed but cheerful evening.

Never appropriate

There is a photographer that I’ve come across recently, who has been posting behind the scenes style videos on vimeo. In the videos he puts a GoPro camera on his head so that as the viewer, you are seeing his point of view. Sounds like a good idea and it could be, but as a photographer you are constantly turning your head to the side and moving around, looking up and looking down which makes for a very wobbly and seasick inducing video. That’s not my problem with what I’ve seen.

As a gay photographer you have to earn and keep the trust of the model. My last model had never done a photo shoot before and is a young straight guy, so if I’d been in any way inappropriate, he would have ended the photo shoot immediately, if not punched me in the face. Both would have been suitable options. I’ve heard lots of stories of photographers inappropriately touching models, or trying to with no regard to the model’s wishes or even sexuality.

In one of the videos the photographer has done some (terrible) bodypainting on the model and the video is obviously after the actual photo shoot. The model is in the shower getting the paint off but for some unknown reason the photographer, GoPro on his head filming, is washing the model… on the front. He even runs his hand blatantly over the genitals of the model. In another video he’s putting some kind of lotion on the model. That in itself isn’t unusual. Models are often oiled up or something for a bit of sheen but the photographer only puts it on the model’s butt, blatantly caressing his arse and nothing else. He even runs his hand very intimately up into the model’s butt crack.

Now I don’t know the actual reputation of this photographer or what any of these models thought of what was going on. Some models wouldn’t have the confidence to say no to something like that. Some may welcome it but I know that from watching his videos I would probably warn models about collaborating with him.

Aussielicious TV – Episode 3 from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

So much random

The internet is a strange and terrifying place at times. Other times it makes you lose your shit laughing. This was one of those times for me. There is no description to go with this video nor is there an explanation as to why. Then again I have tried to adopt the “why not” approach instead of the “why?” It would appear that Shayne here just decided to partly put on a chicken suit with his young, smooth, athletic body and junk on display and do a little dance. Of course he did. The folly of youth is a good thing sometimes.

After a long busy day at work and an exhausting but seriously fun circus class tonight, this was perfect lighthearted entertainment.

Chicken Suit Jock from Shayne Coyle on Vimeo.

So much fun

These guys are gymnasts and parkour fiends. Clearly they have a better bond with the movement of their bodies than most but this video just looks like so much fun. There is a certain youthful exuberance and fearlessness with guys of this age bracket (20’s-early 30’s) that tends to diminish as you get older and joints start to hurt more.

This video popped up on facebook yesterday and captured my attention, as well as the attention of some of my friends. Not only because there are some pretty darned fine bodies on display but for the sheer crazy fun they are having. The guy that is hosing himself down at the start in slow motion, when he’s doing flips etc always seems to land when he crashes, with his legs over his head and wide apart. Now it’s probably just me projecting wishful thinking but it seems to be his natural reflex, and that should be encouraged.

The main question is, where is the nude version?

365 Smiles

Last year on my birthday I embarked on a challenge to Instagram a photo every day of something that makes me smile because I’d been going through a period where I was feeling grumpy and frustrated. The idea was to focus myself and force myself to find something that makes me smile in the everyday. When you’ve spent a very normal or frustrating day at work and nothing much has happened it’s not always easy.

Ironically last night I didn’t end up posting because I was getting cranky trying to put the video of the 365 images together. Finally I got it sorted and here it is. A lot of photos seem to be of glasses of wine, beer or inside pubs. Oops. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s because I was catching up with people who make me smile. Not entirely true but it sounds good. There are also lots of photos of my arse on the beach which as we know is where I’m happiest.

365 Smiles from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

What are the odds?

I’ve just returned from down the south coast to go to the wedding of a family friend. It was quite a lavish wedding and there were over 180 people there. Out of that number there were precisely three confirmed and one suspected gay man and one vaguely possible lesbian (another family friend). The happy couple are in their early thirties and live in Sydney. They are worldly people who have travelled a lot yet somehow don’t have many gay friends. One of the other confirmed gay men is also a family friend and the brother of the bride.

Statistically speaking, even allowing for the fact that social groups tend to be made up of similar people, there should have been a couple more of “the gays” there surely?

What was really good to see was the Groom and his mates, all around 30 years old, nearly all with girlfriends, being affectionate with each other. Yes there were lots of drunken bro-hugs etc but they were also sitting on each others laps, putting their arms around each other affectionately and when all the dancing started they even grabbed each other by the hand and went up and danced together. There was no confusion of sexuality but no hangups about masculinity or boundaries either. Very refreshing.

Nick+Kirk Wedding in Ibiza from Wallaby Way on Vimeo.


Today is my birthday. I’ve now had 42 of them. So let’s call it the second coming of my 21st. It was sadly just another day at work made a bit (read very) uncomfortable by the fact that my lower back has gone into spasm and I’m in pain but tonight I’ve had a lovely dinner with my parents and my housemate near my house. I adore my parents. They aren’t great with open displays of emotion but I bloody love them. We get on and have a good laugh together all the time and it’s actually the third time I’ve seen them in a week which is very rare but very much appreciated.

When they gave me my birthday present I was very excited. They’ve given me a gift voucher for a skydive which has been on my list of things to do for a very long time. Ask me to go hang-gliding and I’ll tell you to bugger off but for some reason jumping out of a plane makes perfect sense to me and I can’t wait. I have until April next year to do it so I’ll be looking for volunteers to join me. Sadly it won’t be nude.

Nude Skydiving #3 from Naked Skydiving on Vimeo.

Just beautiful

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve grown up in and around water but there is something very beautiful to me about a man in water. Even better if there is more than one and if they are nude. This is a short video of two men moving beautifully through a pool at night. It is a very simple video but the way the guys move and interact is gorgeous. The lighting means there is some mystery and there is the tease of not having any frontal in the video.

A gentle night time skinny dip is one of life’s great pleasures. This video makes me very happy.

Midnight Swim by Ricky Cohete from Ricky Cohete on Vimeo.