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Time flies

This weekend 70,000+ people will descend on the Nevada desert to create Black Rock City for Burning Man. There is a lot of talk about how it’s evolving and changing with the purists being unhappy about it. When an event becomes that popular and attracts that many people, it’s never going to be the same and the people crying about it changing from when they first went 10 years ago would probably be surprised at what it was like 30 years ago.

A friend from my first Burning Man sent me a message the other day saying he’d come across my bucking duck video on a tumblr blog which I loved. That moment was one of the most free I’d felt in ages. Even shortly after that happened I got self conscious again while still on the nude bike ride. At that moment however, I was having an absolute blast. On that bike ride, half our group had been nervous about doing a nude pub crawl bike ride through the desert. They kept making nervous jokes about keeping our eyes up. I promptly said “fuck that” and looked straight at everyone’s cocks. The more nervous ones couldn’t believe I was going to get on the duck but all I could think was “How often do you get the chance to ride a bucking duck nude in the desert?” There was no way I was going to miss it and I made sure it was recorded.

I’m trying to be more willing to say “why not” than “Why” but sometimes it’s not as easy as that moment in the desert.

The Bucking Duck ride from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

They’re at it again!

The gorgeous men of Warwick Rowers are back launching their 2016 Crowdfunding campain but they’ve stepped it up a notch. Not only have they done photo shoots in Spain and the U.S. as well as their home turf in the U.K. This time they are releasing a coffee table book full of their naked goodness as well.

Remember the profits made after the costs are covered go towards not only the rowing club but more importantly Sports Allies, the organisation setup to fight homophobia in sport. Such a great cause and obviously it’s helping. More and more sportsmen at professional levels are coming out and being accepted which along with Sport Allies sends a really great message to all those kids out there that want to try sport but have thought it might not be for them because they are gay.

Warwick Rowers 2016 Crowdfunder from Low Fat Media on Vimeo.

The places you turn up

The very beautiful Nathan that I have posted about recently is over in Europe at the moment and just this morning he has posted an image on my Facebook timeline that he took in Berlin. While he was at Comet Club in Berlin they must project images on the wall, three stories high as he tells me and lo and behold this image popped up. I haven’t been able to ascertain whether they played the video for the Aussielicious Men book or they’ve taken a still from it but apparently Aussielicious was credited which is great. It’s great to see that people like my work enough to project it in a club on the other side of the world!

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Impressive but crazy?

David Fusté is a rock climber aiming for the most pure form of climbing. Allegedly that is a very common philosophy amongst climbers, to keep it simple and pure but David seems to be taking that thought very literally. In this video you see the lean, athletic climber doing his thing, way up high with no ropes, no harness and completely nude. Sure, it doesn’t look like the most technically difficult climb but my god that’s a long way up. Good on him for doing it but he might just be a little nuts.

Awesome prank

Now I get that this may offend some people but if I was the “victim” of this prank I’d be doing what this woman did and laugh a lot.

It would appear that Rémi Gaillard is a serial prankster with his own youtube channel. Clearly there is some good money behind these pranks and especially this one. Setting up fake elevators is not cheap. If anyone can enlighten me on any more details about this guy or the setup (is it for a tv show?) I’d appreciate it.

Can you imagine walking in and the elevator opening and having a completely nude guy there taking a shower? Hilarious. I love it, but then I love seeing naked men just about anywhere, especially when it’s not in the normal context of a locker room or a beach.

I have a sudden interest in Athletics

Sven Knipphals is a name I haven’t seen before but now Sven is firmly etched in my memory. He’s tall and broad shouldered and has those beautiful chiselled features I so enjoy. He also puts on an impressive display when he’s sprinting down the athletic track, in more ways than one. Sure there is his speed and form but even the camera man seemed to have something else on his mind as Sven ran, no bounded, down the track. Enjoy, it may hypnotise you.

Il corridore e il pacco rimbalzante. from River Blog on Vimeo.

All of the Vikings

Being on holiday you aren’t distracted by the day to day frustrations that you are in your real life and that gives you the space to fill your eyeballs with the local sights. ie. hot men.

The Croatian men for my personal tastes were a little hit and miss. When they were good they were really good. They had a bit of a cockiness to them and seemed a pretty good mix between the Mediterranean guys and the Eastern European guys of say, the Czech Republic but with more of a tan from better weather. When they were nude on the beaches I certainly was appreciative.

When I got to Spain I remembered how sexy they are. It’s a very blatant sexiness with the Spanish. It’s all smouldering brooding bedroom eyes, thick dark eyelashes and full lips. Their gorgeous tanned skin is very sexy, especially when it’s not covered by anything as they wander around nude in the sun with their lovely meaty appendages swinging in the sun.

For me though it was Copenhagen and the delicious Scandinavian men who really best fit my “type”. My type is broad and not confined to skin colour or race but those damned Vikings had me nearly walking under traffic and into the harbour. Their cheekbones were blocking the sun. They rock a blonde man bun better than anyone I’ve ever seen and there is a casual elegance to their sexiness. It’s not preened or as strived for as other places. The Danes are just a relaxed, stylish sexy. If I could find myself a Viking husband I’d be back there in a flash.

Men Of Scandinavia – Winter from Men OF Scandinavia on Vimeo.

The video is a bit of the photographer's Franz Fleissner winter work diary. Showing Swedish male fitness models in "The great outdoors"
I have always been fascinated by natural surroundings, light settings and the different seasons of the year. That’s why I am especially fond of location shoots in the outdoors and, like many classical artists, uses this to get more exciting and dramatic reactions. Especially with the Swedish climate, which can be icy cold and windy, forcing both model and photographer to concentrate under extreme conditions. The best Franz

Coming out, being heard

Lachlan Beaton has caused more of a stir than I think he intended with his recent video telling of his struggles to accept his sexuality. Lachlan used to play Aussie Rules Football at Melbourne University and in this touching video details the pain and suffering he felt, that lots of us feel, when we realise we are gay and expect to be cast aside by friends and family should they find out.

The video has been shared on many sites and Lachlan has become a bit of a poster boy for the fight for Marriage Equality here after he followed up with a beautifully written Open Letter to our Prime Minister, The Dishonourable Backward-thinking Tony Abbott.

The video is worth the watch and the open letter is definitely worth reading. Lachlan isn’t specifically focused on being able to get married, but rather sending a message to people struggling that they are equal, loved and ok.

Simple and beautiful

This is just a short video that I found online last week and thought I’d share. It’s just two beautiful surfers, one male one female, running down the sand to the surf and going for a surf, nude. Black and white works beautifully with this video and the music is right.

For me there is something really beautiful about surfers bodies. They are usually toned and athletic without looking like they just lift heavy things up and down. They move gracefully and have a litheness that really appeals. To be fair, I think a lot of bodies look great when they are wet so this guy, Jay Button is never going to be anything but hot for me.

If We Die Tomorrow 0.1 from Lagoon on Vimeo.

Modelicious Michael

Paul Reitz is a photographer that I’ve admired for a few years now. His guys are hot, his lighting is great and the shots aren’t so typical of the hot men genre. I was watching the Bruce Weber video below the other day and there was a male model in it was wandering around in a bunny outfit, sadly way too covered for my taste but he grabbed my attention anyway.

After a little research I found out his name was Michael Heverly and the photos above are Michael captured by the talented Paul Reitz. Generally speaking I’m not into long hair on guys but every now and then there’s a guy that knows how to wear it really well. Michael seems to be very much one of those guys. It’s the blonde surfer boy hair and lean athletic body that I really like. It takes me back to the surfers I used to watch at the beach and not know why I was watching them so intently.

I hope we get to see a bit more (or a lot more) of Michael.

"Hush Lil' Baby, Don't You Cry" feat. Kate Upton from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

Trying to take it back

Today I had one of those moments when I tried to reach through the computer and grab a message and drag it, kicking and screaming back to safety. To no avail.

I was in a text conversation with a mate of mine. We’d been planning on going to have a soak at the asian baths on the weekend but then changed our mind and had planned to go to the gay sauna. Basically the goal was the same, relax naked in a hot tub and steam room but with the added bonus of being able to hook up if someone took our fancy or have a wank to some porn. Then my friend got sick so we cancelled. Today’s conversation was about possibly rescheduling. My friend has been chatting to someone on Scruff who is also a nudie and there was a conversation about which venue to go to.

I hit send on a message that said “Maybe we should go to the non-sexual one if you aren’t well and your mate from Scruff wants to join us.” As that message disappeared into the internet I realised I had accidentally replied to a message from my sister asking “which one suits you?” in regard to a dinner this weekend or next. I scrabbled around trying to find out if there was a way to stop it going through. Nope. It was too late. I sent her a message saying “So sorry that was a very wrong message for the very very wrong person.”

After confirming which weekend I wanted to come for dinner she replied “Now I’m going to delete this message thread.”

You could say I’m a little mortified.

Happy birthday Kylie!

Today is Kylie Minogue’s 47th birthday and while she hasn’t had the chart success here that she might have had a few years back I don’t think she’s going to give up any time soon. She’s not to everyone’s taste, I know that so please refrain from slagging her off in the comments.

In honour of her birthday I’m sharing her video from 3 years ago for Timebomb. It is one of my favourite Kylie tracks and it gets me singing along and dancing without fail. Enjoy. Happy birthday Kylie.

Do they really want tea?

Recently I read a post from a blogger called Dinosaur Rockstar Pirate Princess who came up with a brilliant way to describe consent. Someone has taken that post and animated it into a video featuring tea and stick figures. I’m constantly amazed at how many men treat sex like it’s something that is theirs for the taking regardless of whether the other person is willing. Personally I’ve always really enjoyed sex when someone is clearly enjoying having it with me. Sure, we’ve all had sex when we weren’t entirely in the mood but on the chance that starting the process doesn’t get you in the mood, you are allowed to say no.

Tea and Consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.

This week’s gymspiration

As much as I’m struggling with motivation for the gym etc at the moment, I also really struggle with the body culture at the moment that is such an obsession with guys in the teens to thirties at the moment. If you haven’t instagrammed a workout or meal prep then you may as well be obese. Granted there are health benefits to eating “clean” and doing regular exercise but the level of importance that people are placing on it is too much. Being able to sit through a longer than average movie without setting an alarm to eat is a good thing, right?

In typical Libran form though, I admire their dedication, no matter how disfunctional it is. Who wouldn’t love to look like some of these guys? I know I would, but I’m never going to and I don’t mind. There are too many delicious hot chips and ribs meals served with a beer to be enjoyed. When people say everything in moderation, that includes gym obsessions.

All that aside, as well as feeling and looking good for Europe, my gym is to stay healthy and keep strong and fit so I can do things I love like circus classes. To aid in getting my sorry arse out of bed in the morning, here is a compilation of beautiful men who never eat anything fried, or let body hair grow.

UMBRELLA ft AAG – DB from Diversidad Brutal on Vimeo.


There are lots of videos of dancers online and there are lots of videos of performance art pieces as well. Lots of them include nudity but very few of them make sense or are visually beautiful. Maybe it’s me but a lot of performance art makes me think “what is this shit?”

Francois Rousseau first came to my attention when he did the very famous Dieux Du Stade calendar several years ago. He’s done it a few more times since and each time has been stunning. He seems to be doing more and more video work and this is a dance piece that uses low lighting to emphasise the muscularity and beautiful movement of the dancer, intercut with some gorgeous footage of powerful looking horses. This is how to do a dance video.

ETUDE III: BATURO, THE DANCED FIGURE from François Rousseau on Vimeo.