A little favour…

I’m going to ask a little favour. As you all know if you come by this little part of the web on a semi-regular basis, I’ve started a YouTube channel. I started it around four months ago properly and I’ve managed to get over 100 subscribers already. Now I know everyone that follows this blog watches the videos when I post them here on the blog and that’s fantastic but.. Read More

A little bit of beauty

After the heavy tone of the previous post I thought I’d share something that I saw yesterday that I found really beautiful. This is a video about surfing but it is so entirely different to all the other surfing videos that I’ve seen over the years. Instead of the pretty intense rock music or dubstep noise, this one uses Puccini classical Opera instead. The style of photography is different to.. Read More

Get your Briefs on!

About 4-5 years ago I saw a small drag/boylesque/circus show called Briefs. It was a low budget but lots of fun show. In the past couple of years they’ve reworked the show quite a lot, adding a few cast members while keeping the same vibe and sense of dirty, irreverent, camp, sexy fun entertainment. Last night I was lucky enough to get a free ticket through a friend to go.. Read More

Behind Timothy’s scenes!

My recent collaboration with Timothy in the studio, trying my hand at dance based photography for the first time was very popular and has resulted in a few sales of “Ascension” the hero image from the shoot. Timothy was great fun to work with and with his performing background in ballet is very comfortable in front of the camera. As usual (lately anyway) I did some filming on the day.. Read More

Behind the scenes with Chris.

I’m slowly catching up on video editing from my photo shoots over the past few weeks and yesterday I edited together the footage from my photo shoot with Chris. I’m curious to hear what you all enjoy about these behind the scenes videos and what you don’t. To avoid trouble with YouTube and because Christopher wants to preserve his modesty, as do most of the models, they probably won’t feature.. Read More

The New Year’s Eve vlog

I hadn’t done a vlog since my birthday vlog so I thought I’d have another go and New Year’s Eve on the harbour seemed like a great place to start. Unfortunately the day was a bit windy which makes audio on my iPhone a bit rubbish so I’m sorry about the low level of my voice in the video. The day was so nice, with patches of cloud but generally.. Read More

A Greek Odyssey?

Sometimes when you are having a rough day or you’re a little bored, something will come along and perk you right up. This video did that for me the other day. It is the end of the year and I’m ready for some time off and this week has been dragging on and on until we finish up and close the office on Friday for three weeks. So, with my.. Read More

Snow bunnies and snow angels

Tonight is predicted to be the hottest December night since 1972. At the moment outside (at 1.30pm) it is 37 degrees celsius. Climate change sceptics must really have to work hard to justify constant record breaking weather. So tonight a bunch of guys, including myself are meeting for a cheeky skinny dip to escape the heat. So while it’s heating up down under, it’s also cooling right down up there in the Northern Hemisphere… Read More

So beautiful

There has always been movement in my life. Growing up my sister and I swam every day, lap after lap. We had tennis lessons. I surfed. I did gymnastics and later on I did a lot of rowing. I’ll always be grateful for that kind of activity as I credit it for my relative good health and decent shape now that I’m in my forties. One thing I’ve never done.. Read More

Cheeky peek!

Fellow photographer and friend Ali Choudry was invited behind the scenes on a fashion shoot recently, for designer and stylist Daniel Moore. The models, photographer and designer are all based in Brisbane so naturally they had great weather. Of course shooting fashion the boys were actually wearing the fashion but from time to time on a fashion shoot, there is a need to get changed. Ali has captured the fun.. Read More

Laughs and crafts

Yesterday morning I hauled my butt out of bed at 5.30 for a photo shoot with two guys that I’d been chatting to on model mayhem about collaborating. David, the less shy one of the two in the photos, is an artist working on his Masters in Art who is originally from Perth. He does a lot of beautiful photography himself (@davidcharlescollins on Instagram) and he decided he wanted to.. Read More

Another day, another shoot

Tomorrow morning getting up at a stupid hour of the morning for a photo shoot. It’s another shoot with some paper/cardboard props. This time I’m shooting two young beautiful guys with cardboard swords and possibly paper hats almost like they are two young kids that are playing pirates near the water. I’ve somehow managed to get a friend to get up at a that ridiculous hour to come and film.. Read More

For the world

This week’s news has been scary and sad with the world feeling very uncertain with Trump at the helm of the U.S. I’m not going to discuss the very slim chance of the Electoral Colleges blocking his rise to President, nor Michael Moore’s plan to impeach him. I’m not informed enough to discuss it all. He terrifies me and while I would never encourage or endorse an assassination, I genuinely.. Read More

It’s time to get WET!

Dylan Rosser is at the top of the heap when it comes to male figure photographers. It’s a tough business and to be able to make a living from it is a huge achievement. Following on from the success of his Naked Ibiza book, he’s creating another book simply titled WET. It’s already been successfully funded on Kickstarter but you can still order your book by contributing to the project… Read More

Just chilling with mates

Last night’s nude night was a very low key affair. A few guys couldn’t make it in the end so there were only 5 of us but it was great to just sit around and catch up. The conversation was lively and fun and it was the perfect way to wrap up the week. It certainly wasn’t as lively and rowdy as a few of the other nude nights we’ve.. Read More