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Edgy and brave

Shaun Ross is a model that has been making waves in the modelling world for a couple of years now. He’s renowned as the first professional Albino model and he has a very distinct look that I’m sure polarises people. Shaun, who turns 25 this year, strikes me as one of those people that is just cool without even trying. Living in New York Shaun also is a talented dancer who Vogues in the underground scene.

Shaun has been all over the internet this week. Three different people have sent me the link to the music video for “Dust” by the group called Braves. It’s a single shot video, in black and white. At first it’s just a wave breaking on the shore that goes forwards and backwards for a little while before you see Shaun’s character emerge from the foam of the breaking waves. As the video progresses, it becomes obvious that Shaun is nude and in the last moments of the video you’ll be left gobsmacked. The appendage that is bouncing around goes more than half way to his knee.

TMZ has reported however that the impressive appendage is indeed a prosthetic used for the video. I’m not sure how much of a following the Braves have, but this is certainly one way to get attention to a new song.

Irrationally grumpy

Why is it that some days we are just out of sorts? I’ve had a lovely morning at the nude beach despite some patchy clouds threatening to ruin it. I’ve come home and am enjoying a really relaxing day before going to celebrate a friend’s birthday this afternoon/evening. So why am I in a grumpy mood?

I had a good night’s sleep and nothing has happened to make me grumpy, but I am. I think it’s just going to be one of those days where I suck it up. Once I’m out at my friend’s birthday this evening all will be fine. We’ll be by Sydney Harbour which is always good for lifting spirits.

Oddly enough, with the new role at work and a fairly busy day and week ahead, I’m actually looking forward to work. The mood has changed considerably there this year and it’s a fun place to go now. My boss has made comments that suggest he is happy with how I’m stepping up to the new role and he said very positive things to a colleague who told me as well.

Something is out of whack when a morning nude in the sun leaves me grumpy but thinking about work makes me smile.

SPACE from gnarly bay on Vimeo.

Happy Australia Day?

Every year in Australia we celebrate Australia Day on January 26. Today as we celebrate again, as proud as I am of being an Australian, we need to fix some things.

Every year at this time there is a push to ditch the Monarchy and become a republic. For me there is no real point. It won’t achieve anything politically as it’s not enough of an issue with enough people to spend that kind of absurd money to change something that isn’t crucial. There is usually calls to change the flag so that even if we don’t ditch the monarchy we don’t have the British flag in the corner of our flag which I do agree with. The third topic that comes up is our treatment of our Indigenous, traditional land owners.

Australian indigenous people are expected to live ten years less than white Australians. They are more likely to end up in jail than finish school and fourteen times as likely to end up in jail than white Australians. White Australians often say “they should just get jobs instead of expecting a handout.” Really? There is a pretty good percentage of white Aussies on welfare too lazy to get a job. When the white settlers came to Australia we stole the indigenous children, raped and killed the women and forced anyone not dead into serving the white people. This is not something to be proud of.

The speech below is by a journalist, Stan Grant and it was filmed a few months ago but it has just gone online and been heralded as Australia’s version of Martin Luther King’s speech. I knew we had not been good to the traditional land owners but it’s speeches like this one that open my eyes and make me want to do more to help, instead of sitting back and judging.

So when you celebrate Australia Day today, which is always great, take the time to reflect on the past as well as celebrate the now and look ahead.

Well that’s hot!

Domenico Vaccaro has recently won Belgium’s Got Talent with this beautiful pole dance routine. This routine may not be the most technical pole dance routine I’ve seen but even though it may be relatively simple the moves that he does require a ridiculous amount of control and strength and it’s very effective.

A hot, beautifully built 22 year old doing amazing things with his body while wearing only some tighty whities is a recipe for internet success and this video has been very popular. I might have to go back and watch his other routines in the competition. Maybe he was wearing even less? I can dream.

Just say no!

There is a video going around today about yet another flash mob gay marriage proposal. I thought gay men were supposed to be leaders in all things cool, stylish and socially relevant? Flash mobs were cool and some of them really clever but that stopped being the case about 4-5 years ago yet we are still seeing people being flash-mob-proposed-to in the early part of 2016. When did we lose our stylish-gay way? This video (below) along with a bunch of others confirms my thoughts that Bruno Mars has a lot to answer to for his song “Marry You” because it has been DONE TO DEATH.

I’m a bit concerned that all these people are more interested in having a viral video than a special romantic moment between them and their partner. I realise that beggars can’t be choosers and if I’m ever lucky enough to have someone proposing to me then I should say yes. I’m not sure that’s going to happen. If I am ever out in public and a bunch of strangers start dancing at me, especially if I hear that damned Bruno Mars song, then my partner will get a sharp slap and a firm no. I’m a sucker for romance but a firm believer in the proposal reflecting both parties involved and being a private affair. So if someone flash-mob-proposes then they don’t know me very well.

Spot on!

Someone has created this fantastic video that, in the mood of a David Attenborough video, describes the slightly surreal world of the modern Gym. It’s so accurate and entertaining. There is one thing missing though. They forgot to include the gay men perving at the hot men, both gay and straight. Worth a watch just for a giggle. If you go to the gym I think you’ll agree that it’s spot on.

My soundtrack to 2015

Every year for the past 5 years I’ve created a playlist at the start of the year inĀ  iTunes. As the year goes on, whenever a song really grabs me I add it to that playlist and at the end of the year it is almost like a soundtrack to that year. This year I added more songs than ever to that list but a few of them didn’t survive the full year and were culled. Sometimes they just don’t make the grade. Now that we’ve hit 2016 and there won’t be any more songs added to the list, it’s time to share the list with you. The songs are in the order that they were added as the year went on. For the first time ever artists features more than once. Of course one of those is Kylie. She’s a featured artist on two of the tracks for 2015. There was nearly a third, her camp disco Christmas duet with Dannii nearly made the cut too. Ellie Goulding actually features twice too!

1. Right Here Right Now – Giorgio Moroder (feat.Kylie Minogue)

2. Living for Love – Madonna

3. Crazy in Love (50 Shades of Grey Mix) – Beyonce

4. FourFiveSeconds – Kanye West, Rihanna, Paul McCartney

5. Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne

6. Overload – Life of Dillon

7. Aerial Love – Daniel Johns

8. Powerful – Major Lazer (feat Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)

9. Ghost Town – Adam Lambert

10. Wings – Delta Goodrem

11. The Other Boys – Nervo (feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rogers)

12. Omen – Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith)

13. Easy Love – Sigala

14. This Aint Love – Jessica Mauboy

15. Alive – Sia

16. Runnin’ (Lose it All) – Naughty Boy (feat. Beyonce & Arrow Benjamin)

17. On My Mind – Ellie Goulding

18. Adventures of a Lifetime – Coldplay

19. Turn The Music Louder (Rumble) – KDA (feat. Tinie Tempah & Katy B)

20. Black & Blue – Guy Sebastian

21. Stone – Cyrus

Gently adventurous

This Christmas was a really good example of how my family are pretty adventurous, in a gentle way. My mother will never pack up her belongings and go camping around the country or anything like that but my parents still have a good sense of adventure.

My sister and I gave my parents gift vouchers for a Crazy Treetop Zipline Rollercoaster just north of Sydney and I plan on joining them for the ride. There is a 330m and a 1km zipline thing that does loops around trees and looks like a hell of a lot of fun. My parents are in their late 60’s and between them have had three knees replaced but they instilled a love of roller coasters in my sister and I that hasn’t faded. My niece and nephew aren’t quite as brave and my brother in law is extremely unenthusiastic about them.

So he was looking a little reluctant when my mother handed over gift vouchers to us all for a jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour. She’d also made sure it was with the only company that goes right out through the heads of the harbour into the open ocean. It’s going to be so much fun! Half the fun will be looking at my brother in law gripping very tightly.

I also got another gift voucher to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb which has been around for years but for some reason I’ve never been and done it.

Add all those to the voucher I received from my parents for my birthday to go skydiving and I’m up for a busy adventurous year! I can’t wait.

Nude Skydiving #47 from Naked Skydiving on Vimeo.

Where’s my summer?

Sydney seems to be having a very erratic summer so far. Now that I’m not at work I was kinda hoping to be naked in sunshine a lot but yesterday and today are quite cool and definitely not nude weather at all. Christmas Day was beautiful weather and I had a really nice day with my family but now that I have time to myself I’m sitting here in jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. this is not what I requested!

I still have two more weeks before I have to go back to work and in that time there will hopefully be some nude camping, lots of nude beach time and some adventures with mates.

This video is some blogging buddies of mine that I haven’t posted in a long time. The Scenicboys stopped posting videos for a while but this one popped up 6 months ago with a bunch of the lads exploring some canyons, some of it nude. These guys are all such sweet guys. One day I hope to go on one of these adventures with them.

Dusty's Video Journal: Glamyoneering from scenicboys on Vimeo.

Not sure how that went

Well after yesterday’s model cancelling on me for the photo shoot, I put a call out on Facebook for another model. The Reluctant Prince nominated his mate to do the shoot and he said yes. So this morning I did the shoot I had planned for yesterday. The only problem is that I have a total crush on the guy that I photographed. He came to my place months ago when I first spoke to Reluctant Prince about his shoot and I was a smitten fool that day. Today I had him wandering around naked in front of me for a shoot that I didn’t feel prepared for. The lighting was quite tricky and the origami boats that I’d made for the shoot didn’t really work as intended. When the youtube tutorial that I used to learn how to make them, told me that they float I guess they weren’t technically lying. They do float but they float on their side. If you ever book a boating trip and the boat looks like origami, don’t get on board.

I’ve blogged in the past about how I get when I’m infatuated or crushing on someone. I go from an intelligent guy who can hold a good conversation to a dribbling fool. So take that unattainable crush (straight, 15 years younger and in a relationship) and then get them nude in front of my camera. Not a recipe for awesomeness on my behalf but I’ll download the photos later and see if we got anything I put together.

After realising the origami boats weren’t going to be a wild success in the water, once I’d finished shooting Mr Hot Crush, I then shot the boats out of the water at all sorts of different angles to try and photo shop them in later. Fingers crossed.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Our most complained about ad

It was revealed earlier this week that a Lynx hair product commercial from earlier this year was Australia’s most complained about commercial. In the ad, below, a guy is imagining all the opportunities in his life and part of the ad says to kiss the hottest girl, or the hottest boy followed by a very brief actual gay kiss. The kiss was about one second long and presented with humour and no fuss. As a result the Australian body that regulates and investigates complaints like this said that none of the results were valid and the ad was free to run as scheduled.

I wonder what those people who complained would think of the new condom ad where two guys are using glow in the dark condoms as lightsabers?

I wish I could

Keeping weight off is the curse of getting older. I used to always thing that people who got heavier as they got older were just using their age as an excuse. Now I understand. As gay men we may have more pressure to look a certain way but we are also more free to keep ourselves in shape. Far less gay men have kids than straight men in relationships so we have more time to spend on ourselves.

Everyone says cardio and in particular, running keeps weight off. It’s just such a shame that I am not built at all for running. I hate it with a passion. Even a light jog for a few minutes makes me feel like my heart is going to explode out of my chest and kill me. So it would appear that running is not my ticket to keeping weight off. Thankfully I don’t hate working out at the gym and I love doing the aerial circus so thankfully that helps keep me in the shape a little closer to what I would like.

Córrer 2 (Running 2) from Eloi Biosca on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes

When I was putting together the book of images from my TRIBE series over the weekend I remembered that I’d put together a couple of timelapse videos of the shoot. I hadn’t posted them anywhere because they contain full frontal nudity but over the weekend I went back and checked my model release forms and a couple of the guys had ticked that they were ok with frontal. If you order the book you’ll notice that there are a couple of spreads of images from these timelapse videos.

I also decided to upload one of the videos to my vimeo account and without even posting it anywhere it’s had over 250 views in 24 hours. I’d hardly call it viral but I’m happy with it. So I thought I’d share it with you here. Remember all of my photography is available to order as limited edition prints as well, just visit my website www.brentonparry.com. If you don’t find the image you want there, email me to discuss an order.

Note: This video doesn’t have any soundtrack

Shane Timelapse from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

A long way to go

Yesterday was World AIDS Day and while we’ve made some amazing progress, we still have a long way to go. Treatments mean that people with HIV are living perfectly healthy long lives and PrEP along with educated safe sex means that we have the opportunity to almost eradicate transmissions. Sadly there is a long way to go with stigma still meaning that there are lots of stories of rejection and discrimination to be told.

A guy that I know has become a dedicated HIV education campaigner. Yesterday he was in Northern Queensland and gave an emotional speech telling his story. Theo is a former meth addict and survivor of child abuse. He’s been living with HIV for four years after a sex partner lied about his status. When Theo confronted him and told him of his diagnosis the guy didn’t want to hear it, didn’t get tested and kept telling partners he was negative. It’s a terrible story that is sadly too common.

Yesterday it was announced that Australia’s PrEP trials are going to be expanded by thousands to encompass a much larger number of more gay men. I’m not sure I’m in the risk category that would need to be put on PrEP but I have certainly considered it if and when it becomes more readily available in Australia. Combining PrEP with condom use means you can sleep much more soundly at night. We have to give thanks to people like Theo who are working so hard to educate people and fighting for better treatment both medically and from society.

A colleague of mine who is too young to have seen any of the initial AIDS epidemic or see anything other than people living with HIV happy and healthy, didn’t even realise that HIV and AIDS weren’t the same thing. It proves just how far we have to go. Below is Theo’s speech.

<VIDEO BELOW>My World AIDS Day speech. "Hello, my name is Theodore Timothy Tsipiras. I am 25 years old. I am survivor of child abuse, a recovering crystal methamphetamine addict and have been living with HIV for 4 years. I was in a serodiscordant relationship back when I contracted HIVI contracted HIV not from my partner of 3 years at the time but through unprotected sex with an individual in our open relationship that disclosed himself as negative. When I had made contact to notify the man that he gave me HIV, he stopped me, as he would rather not know and continue to disclose to others as "negative". It was then I realised that there is surely something I could do to stop this from happening again to someone else, and while I could not warn future sexual partners of this man, there was something I could do for my community. Which brings me here today.I am PROUD and HONOURED that men and women before me fought for the medication I take daily and the support I receive. You went through the trauma of losing loved ones. You had no idea what was going on around you, living in fear yet staying resilient. It would be rude of me to forget to mention how lucky I am to not have gone through that what seemed like a WAR. You also had to deal with governments and media that did not do enough. Through that inaction you stood up united to a cause to pave the way for activists to come and I thank you for it, so much.I have to keep reminding myself that I am surrounded by those whom I love and continue to support me but there is no other way that I know to express my feelings about what I will be talking about as I am desperate, and I apologise.I stand before you ANGRY. I am angry that while antiretroviral therapies are becoming more widespread and accessible in places like here, the UK and America, our brothers and sisters living with HIV in the Third World not only have to struggle for food but DO NOT have easily accessible medication, information or support.Almost 37 million people live with HIV around the world. 26 million of those are in sub-saharan Africa. I am angry that while I can stand here comfortable about disclosing my status, my sisters in Australia still have trouble telling their friends they are living with HIV and are healthy but would love to be treated equally and respectably within their community and most importantly, their group of close friends and family. Women in Australia make up for 10% of the total people living with HIV and while they are a minority they are equally as important and deserve representation.I am the angry that STIGMA still hits so close to home for all of us, some comments just as brutal as back in the 80's . Even popular media gets it wrong. When someone has HIV, they DO NOT have AIDS, yes, theres a difference.I was outed on social media that I was HIV+, I still don't know who it was but it doesn't matter, the damage is done, it resulted in my family finding out about my status. Prior to that, I was with a date one night and from another room I had someone scream in a busy establishment "He's poz you know". Thankfully, my date already knew about my status but I still didn't know what to do with the situation. Feeling publicly shamed, I left. This actually occurred while I was working in Melbourne at the AIDS conference last year.One in five people believe HIV can be transmitted through saliva. One in ten believe they can catch HIV from a toilet seat. I am not a victim of HIV. I do not wish it upon anyone, but I have a mission. I stand before you DETERMINED I am determined to stand on the shoulders of those who have fallen or been disadvantaged from HIV/AIDS to help talk about HIV in those times where it needs to be brought up to educate and reduce stigma. I am determined to continue to do my best to talk openly about my status and my past, even in those situations where it may be uncomfortable because I will not allow someone else to take disclosing away from me again. I am determined to stay hopeful that I can change the world, one person at a time whether it be face to face, on social media or on location-based dating apps by refusing to let stigma take control of a conversation. I am not here to tell you what to think. I am here to let you think on what to do. Stand with me here today to not only remember, but to stand in unity again to make a difference, as I believe we have a bright future ahead of us. But we must fight for it, rekindle that flame to burn brighter.We live in a world that doesn't follow the rules of moral fibre. Rather than submit to hating it for what it is, celebrate that you can do everything to change it. One struggle, one fight."

Posted by Theodore Timothy Tsipiras on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Postponed again

A mate and I were supposed to go camping this weekend at River Island, the nude camping place we try and get to a few times a summer. We seem to be having some bad luck with weather and that was the case again this weekend. It’s such a beautiful spot to go and unwind, switch off technology and just relax.

Today instead we decided we’d go for a bushwalk in the Royal National Park south of Sydney and walk down to the nude beach there even though the weather was predicted to be grey and overcast. The track down to the nude beach, once you go past a certain point, only goes to the nude beach and we decided we would walk down nude. That was probably a good idea since it was raining much more than we’d expected and it didn’t actually let up. So there was a 25 minute walk down, then we hung out down at the beach under a tree hoping for a break in the weather for 20 minutes before we gave up and walked back up in weather that was actually getting worse. Oh well, it was a good nude adventure.

We are going to aim to get to River Island again in a few weeks time but we’ll have to see how we go. This is a video I put together of one of my visits to River Island four years ago. I was a bit lighter then. If my friends are reading this, you’ll see more than you want to in this video. Turn around now.

River Island naturist reserve by Zebrileon