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Beautiful nude dancer.

I don’t seem to have much to say tonight here on Aussielicious I’m afraid. So I’m presenting this short video from Bertil Nilsson called Another Me. It’s a brief piece of dance on a windswept beach, performed by a gorgeous young dancer called Miguel Esteves. The beach is in Portugal according to the vimeo information. Watching someone in complete control of their body is always fantastic and if they happen to be beautiful and nude then it can only add to the experience right?

Another Me from Bertil Nilsson on Vimeo.

That’s all we need to see.

There was much written about Lindsay Lohan’s most recent movie role in The Canyons. It was supposed to be her big comeback in the low budget but edgy film. Sadly more of the press was about her complete unprofessional behaviour on set. One of the people that came out of the film with a good reputation was straight porn actor James Deen. It’s not hard to find very horny footage of James in action all over the internet using his massive beautiful cock to pound away at female co-stars.

For me though one of the sexiest sights is a nude man just walking around. Maybe it’s because we’ve all become so desensitised to porn and hardcore action all over the net and we never see guys in the locker room or elsewhere just being comfortable nude, but to me that comfort is very sexy. I’d seen a photo from this clip online but now I’ve seen the footage and it is exactly what I mean. Sure, the three characters are walking nude up the stairs to meet up with Lindsay who is waiting prudishly in the dark on the bed for a foursome to happen. I’m grateful though that we didn’t have to see her walking around nude. She makes my skin crawl. Sadly you don’t really see the other guy in the clip.

James Deen Full Frontal in The Canyons (2013) by Kaspervon

Rub me the right way.

I just came across this video about male genital massage which I’m sure is supposed to be sensual and educational. It has some elements of both but for me was mostly comedy. For starters, in this kind of video why do the people doing the voice over always insist on trying to do sexy talk? It doesn’t work. Sure, you don’t want the whole thing to be clinical and dull but speaking like a phone sex worker just doesn’t seem to work either.

The techniques they show look like they’d actually be a lot of fun to try with someone and maybe I’ll try and find someone to give them a go with but I don’t know that I’ll play this video to them as it might just kill the mood. Sensual mutual touch can be an incredibly erotic experience and it’s something I really enjoy but I’ve never quite felt the need to bang a drum and pound my fists into a massage table at the end of it all. Watch the video here.

Nudity in advertising

It’s always a surprise but a pleasant one when a company gets a bit bold and uses nudity in its advertising. Obviously a lot of it won’t be shown on television apart from in Europe but the fact that companies make these ads, usually with a sense of humour, makes me smile. A reader sent me to this first video last week and I had seen it on vimeo but never watched it. It is billed as a short film but given the only piece of clothing in the film is a pair of jeans and you do get to see the label, then I’m assuming it’s an ad for the jeans. Next up is a cosmetics company, Elave who clearly have nothing to hide. Last but not least is a cheeky Nike “Free Running” commercial with athlete Nick Symmonds getting his gear off to go for a run. Love it.

This post is full of video nudity to make up for last night’s boxing nude guy video being removed. Sorry about that.

Studies on Hysteria from Felix Ruple on Vimeo.

Anunci: “Nothing to hide” (res a amagar) from NUCAT: nudisme a Catalunya on Vimeo.

Nike Bear Butte Running Camp – Nick Symmonds from Manny Bernardez on Vimeo.

More vintage sexiness

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the very very sexy Rick Wolfmier from the heyday of Colt Studios. Tonight I’m bringing you another one of their models. John Pruitt only ever did soft core stuff for Colt, never getting it on with anyone else on camera sadly. Thankfully though he does run around looking absolutely stunning, taking off his clothes to show us a stunning body.

Before joining the legendary Colt Studios, he went by the name Jim Yount in a series of bodybuilding videos called “Building the Body Beautiful”. He was a competitive swimmer in his younger days as well. All of this working out seems to have worked wonders. John’s body is absolutely beautiful. It would be a shame to cover it up.

Legendary Bodies 2 featuring John Pruitt from Leather Archives & Museum on Vimeo.

I love this city

There are times when Sydney drives me crazy. It’s expensive. It’s rushed and at times it’s done my confidence right in with all the attitude. Thankfully those times aren’t very often. Most of the time Sydney is a great place to live. It’s a beautiful city all nestled around one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. The coastline is wrapped in beautiful beaches full of gorgeous people to look at.

This video popped up on my facebook newsfeed today and it’s a really cool look at the most beautiful part of Sydney, the harbour. Enjoy.

Tiny Sydney from Filippo Rivetti on Vimeo.

Exposed, raw and rugby!

AussieBum have posted a couple of sexy promo videos recently and while the actual products aren’t related, they seem to go well together in my opinion. For those of you that like your rugby shorts there is the Rugby Heritage range of shorts. Now I don’t have a particular fetish for rugby shorts like some guys do but I will certainly admire the right guy wearing them well. Yum.

Then there is the WJ Raw Exposed jockstrap in hipster or brief style. This video features a very bouncy package from Matt jumping around and flashing his lovely arse. This style of jockstrap looks really comfy as well as bloody sexy.

RUGBY HERITAGE from aussieBum on Vimeo.

PROMO – WJ RAW EXPOSED from aussieBum on Vimeo.

FULL consent.

Only in the past 6-12 months have I had my first experience of someone crossing boundaries about what I wanted them to do sexually and not listening when I said stop. Thankfully I was strong enough to physically stop the guy that was doing it and it didn’t go beyond anything I could handle. It was also in a group sex situation and the other people there were looking out for me. Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t so lucky. Sexual assault and rape are far more common than I ever realised and way more common than they should be.

I for one really enjoy sex when the person I’m having sex wants to be doing what we are doing as much as I do. There has never been any appeal in a one sided sexual encounter for me. Sure, there are times when you want the other person to do all the work or you end up making more effort than your sex partner but for me, if they aren’t interested nor am I. It scares me how many guys don’t seem to care if their partner is enjoying themselves or not.

This guy is a video blogger and clearly, from his accent, he’s British. This is a really simple and effective message about consent.

Mining the Clouds Monday, always.

There are two things that I’m mining clouds about today. The first is a very personal thing for a dear friend of mine. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a couple of years now and they’d been told that it was very unlikely to happen for a couple of reasons. Nearly 6 weeks ago, she and I were at dinner and something was said that made me prick up my ears and I just gave her a quizzical look and she just said “It’s too early” so we just carried on and pretended like nothing had been said. He has just told me in the past few days that she’s pregnant. Not hard to find the silver lining there is it? The struggles and trouble they’ve had conceiving can only make it just that little bit more special. Having a baby is pretty magical anyway so it’s hard to beat it I imagine.

The second thing is just for me. We started back at the second term of aerial silks tonight and the teacher is showing me some tough love. I injured myself slightly several years ago (not the big arm injury two years ago) doing a certain trick and I’ve been more than reluctant to do it ever since. She’s making me build up to doing it over the term. It’s far from a difficult trick but it’s scary and there is potential for pain. We are doing everything we can to minimise the pain and I trust her so it’s going to happen. The other part to this mining the clouds section is that I’ve found a new piece of music to work up a routine to. At the end of last term I did a routine to a song that I’d had in mind for a while but it didn’t rock my world once I actually did it. Instead I’ve found this amazing mashup of Dr Dre and Kylie by Alt J. A friend has used his musical magic and extended it for me to a length suitable for a routine. Bring it on.

Another challenge!

I recently shared a video of the fantastic Mark Winmill performing on the Cloudswing. Today I had an email from my circus school saying they were doing a three week short term in static cloudswing! So I very very quickly signed up for the classes. Who knows, it may turn out to be not my cup of tea at all but I’m very very much looking forward to it.

Back when I started doing circus classes I did a couple of terms of static trapeze which was ok but not ultimately my cup of tea. Cloudswing looks like a great mixture of trapeze and aerial silks which I have now been doing for nearly 7 years. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!

It’s time to Sexercize!

Kylie has just released the video for a song from her new album Kiss Me Once called Sexercize. The song was written by Sia who must absolutely be raking in millions of dollars in royalties from all the songs she’s written for stars lately. This is probably the most deliberately raunchy video from Kylie and it even has a warning on youtube about explicit content. There’s gyrating, sweat, a pommel horse and Kylie in heels, always in heels. The two videos from this album so far have been a visual departure for Ms Minogue and I’m loving it.

The sweetest thing

This video has popped up on my facebook feed this evening but unfortunately it has no information about the project or why it happened to go with it. Twenty strangers were paired up and asked to kiss. They do so with gusto. I don’t know if it’s just the editing but the gay male couple are the most timid and nervous about their kiss after a sweet compliment about each other’s eyes.

For me, kissing is crucial. Sometimes you get the kissing chemistry right and everything else follows. Other times the kissing is good but it doesn’t have the magic, the tenderness, the fire or the tingles that it should. There was a guy I was seeing for a week or two and one afternoon we just lay on the lounge kissing for hours. Bliss. I’d be interested to see a follow up to this video where they talk to the participants and see what they thought or felt while it was happening because a couple of them look like they had plenty of chemistry. It was sweet to see a couple of them stop kissing but still hold hands. I miss that.

Random naked guy dancing.

This is yet another example of how different European attitudes to nudity are compared to places like Australia and the U.S. This is a music video for “Fiks” by Ensh. Now maybe this video didn’t actually get played in Europe but it was made and there was one willing model who was prepared to dance nude in a music video in a very non-sexual way. Most nudity that we see here in Australia or America is sexualised or is a joke or dare situation for a laugh. This is a guy dancing who happens to be nude.

After watching the video it’s very clear that the model/dancer Milan Panet-Gigon certainly knows how to move his body and moving it the way he does goes a long way to keeping it in the shape it’s in. He’s a hot tight-bodied guy with apparently boundless energy. Very cool to watch.

Ensh – Fiks (Official Video) from Milenko Vujosevic on Vimeo.

Mining the clouds Monday, again.

Tonight at circus class I caused myself some pretty significant discomfort. Temporary pain even. I’m not injured but my dignity and more specifically my testicles suffered a bit of trauma tonight. I was doing a trick I’ve done several times and quite enjoy but I was just a little bit off tonight and while gripping the silks in both hands, upside down in a straddle, all my weight landed on my hands at my groin. Not fun. The silver lining? Well I’m a fan of slapstick comedy and people falling over etc so once everyone realised I wasn’t actually injured, everyone got a pretty good giggle out of it. I don’t think we ever grow out of smack-in-the-balls humour.

In honour of another circus related Mining the Clouds Monday, the video below is another from the fantastic Mark “Captain” Winmill. This time he’s doing a routine I saw in the great show “Briefs” on the cloudswing which I would LOVE to learn.

Nudism with a sense of adventure

This is a bit of a gratuitous nudity post for those with a lust for adventure. I can’t work out if this is all the one guy or not but South West Europe is the location for all these adventure travel clips with nudity in extreme locations. Some people are more inclined to nudity on the beach but this guy likes canyoning, abseiling, scaling across very treacherous mountains while nude. Good on him.

best extreme nudism compilation from Dolpho Mounts on Vimeo.