We meet again…

Every year without fail we run into each other when the rest of the year we are strangers. I know who you are but I’m not sure you know I exist. To be honest I don’t think I like you but in one of those quirks of human nature, I want you to like me. There has only been one of our annual catch-ups that I’ve actually enjoyed but that.. Read More

This would fix my day

A good long session of kissing someone lovely would make my day so much better. I don’t know if it’s the Valentine’s effect or just that I’m out of whack in general but I’m in the mood to slap someone silly. A friend wants to go couple slapping (only partly seriously) and find couples being romantic and go slap them.

VD is here again

Like that itch that just won’t go away, Valentine’s has flared up again in a rash of commercial sentimentality across Sydney. The symptoms are everywhere, blotches of red roses, cards and shiny wrapped chocolates everywhere, men are looking stressed and women anxious. What says I love you without her expecting a diamond? Will he send me anything or is it another year on the shelf? This year my immunity is.. Read More