24 carat support

AussieBum have long been at the forefront of technology and innovation for their underwear. Now they have just launched a promotion that is leading the way in innovation but with age old references. Golden fabrics were the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful centuries ago. Now you can have some 24 Carat support for your “boys” in the form of a very very limited edition, custom made pair of.. Read More

Just don’t get it

With so many underwear and swimwear labels out there, mostly catering for gay men it would seem, they are going to some pretty wild places with their designs. Some of them must rely almost solely on the fetish market because the underwear doesn’t support anything. Brands like Andrew Christian have such absurd pouches at the front that only the porn stars that model them can hope to fill them impressively… Read More

Lightning strikes at AussieBum!

I’ve always really liked aussieBum and we all know that. I’ve posted about them plenty of times over the years. They’ve just released their “Lightning” range of underwear featuring some cool checked patterns in different colours. It comes in briefs, hipster briefs and LONG JOHNS!!!! I’ve always known that¬†aussieBum would do long johns well when they did them and they haven’t disappointed. There are other companies doing long johns and.. Read More

It would cause a riot

How on earth did I miss this? I haven’t been as good at checking out the products from AussieBum lately. I have quite a bit of underwear and if I look at their site I just buy stuff which I don’t need. Seeing Andreas bouncing around in this very sexy Riot jock strap with his massive package and gorgeous butt hanging out in a locker room is just about perfection… Read More

Are you a Stoneman?

There is a relatively new Aussie underwear brand on the scene called Stonemen. It’s for guys and girls and they are looking for new faces/packages to be in their promotional material. I posted this video a while ago when I first saw it but it’s such a cool video. You all know my feelings about friends being comfortable nude together and a bunch of friends skinnydipping being used to advertise.. Read More

As if you wouldn’t!

Anyone that has seen the movie Wolf Creek (even though it’s fiction) knows that the Australian Outback is a dangerous place and most of the time I’d be very wary of picking up a hitch hiker out in the middle of nowhere but let’s face it, if they looked like this guy and they were wearing just a pair of AussieBums and not much else, you wouldn’t really hesitate would.. Read More

What the hell is going on?

A few months ago some photos went around of a couple of the guys from the UK’s The Only Way is Essex, on vacation in Spain (or filming their “reality” show) in the one sided man thong. The world went nuts over the images, thankfully mostly in shock. Over the past few years with so many underwear brands fighting for their slice of the financial pie they are resorting to.. Read More

Let’s play Truth or Dare

The AussieBum team are constantly releasing new products it seems and they are great. I sometimes wish I wore swimwear more often because these Truth or Dare swimmers are really cool. They’ve also released these cool BeeBee boardshorts for when you need to be a little more covered up and the sexy Whisky range of undies. Could that model be any more smooth and lickable? I can’t decide which I.. Read More

Going to cause a Riot!

I seem to have gotten a bit behind in the new releases from aussieBum but I’ve just seen the promo for their (relatively) new underwear, the Riot range. It’s available in briefs and in a jock strap version which favourite¬†aussieBum model Andreas models to perfection. I love that they’ve even given us glimpses of slo motion footage of Andreas’ hefty bulge bouncing up and down. Even if you didn’t like.. Read More

Naked is normal

The new campaign from AussieBum has me intrigued. As well as their regular tagline of “If you doubt yourself, wear something else.” they’ve got a new line to promote their brand. “I never thought being naked was normal, until I saw another man staring at my body.” Without doubt it’s their most homo-erotic campaign ever. At first I thought it was a shift directly towards their gay fanbase but then.. Read More

Are you an expert?

For the past two years The Underwear Expert blog has been dishing up all the information, hot pics and¬† underwear that you can possibly need. So what else would you want? What about a weekly Google Hangout “The Underwear Expert Live” with underwear designers, the hot models that you love to see in them and the man behind The Underwear Expert, Michael Kleinmann? The first of the hangouts will be.. Read More

Aussiebum brings you the CUP!

Yesterday was the annual running of the Melbourne Cup. It’s a horse race. I don’t get it but Australia treats as a reason to take the afternoon off and drink and eat. Sadly our office didn’t have time this year. AussieBum has just released their own Cup. It’s nothing like a horse race other than the fact that their model Andreas, or whoever is modelling the cup, is hung like.. Read More

Find yourself with Teamm8

The continuing collaboration between Teamm8 and photographer James Demitri is a beautiful one. Take an extraordinary looking young model, put him in a great location wearing not more than a pair of teamm8 undies or swimwear and you’ll have some pretty hot images to look at. The new Find Yourself campaign does exactly that. The model is only 19 years old. How the hell do people look so great at.. Read More

A bunch of new stuff from AussieBum!

Those talented folks at aussieBum have been slaving away creating new product to make sure all of you in the Northern Hemisphere aren’t short of new goodies to wear this northern Summer to show off your assets to their fullest. First up is a new range of underwear called Roger. It’s available in 5 different colours and is a new take on the “classic” undie from aB. For those of.. Read More

Hitting Rock Bottom?

Alex Minsky is causing quite a stir around the blogs with his sexy good looks, beautiful body and ridiculous amount of tattoos. He lost his leg in Afghanistan and was keeping the rest of his body looking hot in an L.A. gym when Tom Cullis noticed him and scouted him for a Rufskin campaign. Now Alex appears in this behind the scenes video for a Rock Bottom Underwear commercial shot.. Read More