Find yourself with Teamm8

The continuing collaboration between Teamm8 and photographer James Demitri is a beautiful one. Take an extraordinary looking young model, put him in a great location wearing not more than a pair of teamm8 undies or swimwear and you’ll have some pretty hot images to look at. The new Find Yourself campaign does exactly that. The model is only 19 years old. How the hell do people look so great at.. Read More

Dream Love Live – Part 1

Teamm8 has just released these new images and video by the very talented James Demitri starring the very very sexy Jesse, 25 year old fitness expert and all round sexy guy. Apparently this part 1 of Dream Love Live, whilst sexy, isn’t as sexy as part 2 will be. Really? Since Jesse has gone from fully clothed to completely naked in a few quick photos I can’t wait to see.. Read More

Teamm8 gets athletic.

The gang at Teamm8 certainly know how to pick a hot guy. Firstly they teased us with young Tommy (above) in the photos and the first video for their new athletic range. He’s young, blond and hot. Now they bring us a video of their models at the showcase of their range. These guys are a touch older but a whole lot beefier. Oodles of hotness. But are they teamm8’s.. Read More

Are you ready to sweat?

Teamm8 have just launched their sportswear range full of sexy shorts, track pants, chinos, hoodies and tees for those of you inclined to sweat. It’s a big and smart step for the brand that started with underwear and swimwear. Check out the sexy video to go with the range here.

Private Teamm8

You don’t like to have to walk around a shop when you go shopping? Then head to Teamm8 in Darlinghurst for one of their private showings. It’s like an old-school Tupperware party but with hot models walking around in undies and swimwear. If you get 15 friends together you get to go along to the store and have the Star Players model their products for you. The organiser of your.. Read More

New Teamm8 site!

Teamm8 have just launched their new look site with their new campaign. The boys are hot, the colours are bright and tasty enough to lick! Head on over and take a look.

Teamm8 brings season 5 with edge!

Michal from Teamm8 emailed me the link to this video a couple of days ago and said it was a bit of fun. I disagree. It’s great! I love it when a brand finds their look and does really well with it. This video is so simple but so cool in it’s style and feel. And the boys are damned hot!! I agree with the girl, I’d be tearing at.. Read More

Who is your champ?

It’s time once more to head on over to Teamm8 and vote for your every day champ. I have to argue a point that not a single one of these guys is “everyday” to me. The ones all pictured here anyway have beautiful bodies! I’m voting for Sandor or Robin, I haven’t decided yet.

Are you the Star Player?

Do you reckon you could be Teamm8‘s star player and win $10,000? Well now is the time to find out. They’ve had star players in the past but now they are asking for the cream of the crop. Get your cameras out, get your undies out and start snapping away! A nationwide call is made and 12 finalists will be chosen by an elite celebrity judging panel including Alicia Malone,.. Read More

Great Team – Best M8’s

Teamm8 have just launched a new direction in their advertising. It’s a really cool and simple play on their name really running with the mates theme in a very playful and cheeky way.  Can we just pause for a moment and check the thighs on the guy spraying the champagne on his mate on the far left? Yummy.

Teamm8 season 4.

Gratuitous guys wandering around in not very much, including the increasingly tattooed Jason Beem.

Voting time again – Season 4!

Teamm8 have lined up a really hot bunch of guys to go up against constant winner Jason this time around in their Everyday Champion competition. I love the hot simplicity of these shots too. Yum. These guys make me feel like hitting the gym. I have one question… just how big is Jason’s tattoo going to get?

James Demitri’s Boy Wonder

James Demitri has just shot this hot spread for Culture magazine using the incredibly striking Michael Whitaker from DNA Models. James has photographed me a couple of times and while very talented is also a very nice guy. We like seeing nice guys do well so I’m more than happy to feature James’ work here. This model is so striking and the fashions are great, including the Aussiebum and Teamm8.. Read More

It’s season three for Teamm8

Season three is here for the regular Teamm8 team. Head on over and vote for your favourite. Will it be another win for Jason (far right) or has has his run of luck ended with the HUGE new tattoo on his back? This season sees the launch of their new swim styles, so I’m guessing that’s why they are all standing in water. I wonder if they helped dry each.. Read More

Time to vote again!

  It’s time to head on over to Teamm8 and vote for your favourite of the current guys vying for the role of Teamm8 Team Captain. These are just a sample of the latest entrants. Personally I think Peter is my favourite but Piers looks like the hot cheeky guy next door that gets into trouble but gets away with it because of the grin, and I have to say.. Read More