Can’t beat the classics

It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly about AussieBum. It’s been nothing to do with them but I just have lost interest in the saturated market of underwear and swimwear with all these other brands producing revolting designs that only their porn star models can fill out. I’m not one of those people that is “into” swimwear and underwear so I’m definitely not their target market. My underwear needs.. Read More

Is that all it takes?

Given how paranoid most guys are in gym locker rooms about anyone seeing their junk you’d be forgiven for thinking that they go to the beach in neck-to-knee swimwear from an era long gone. You’d be wrong. Apparently all it takes for guys to feel comfortable is a tiny little piece of fabric covering their genitals. Australian’s all around the country are fans of speedo style swimwear. Sure there are.. Read More

For the world

This week’s news has been scary and sad with the world feeling very uncertain with Trump at the helm of the U.S. I’m not going to discuss the very slim chance of the Electoral Colleges blocking his rise to President, nor Michael Moore’s plan to impeach him. I’m not informed enough to discuss it all. He terrifies me and while I would never encourage or endorse an assassination, I genuinely.. Read More

Shooting Marty

A couple of weeks ago I worked with Marty again. Marty was one of the guys in my Tribe series painted in white clay who I photographed with Greg, also recently featured on the blog. Marty is a very talented swimmer who has just landed a swimwear sponsorship with XWear. So we decided to do a shoot so he had some images to send to the owner of the brand.. Read More

Let’s play Truth or Dare

The AussieBum team are constantly releasing new products it seems and they are great. I sometimes wish I wore swimwear more often because these Truth or Dare swimmers are really cool. They’ve also released these cool BeeBee boardshorts for when you need to be a little more covered up and the sexy Whisky range of undies. Could that model be any more smooth and lickable? I can’t decide which I.. Read More

Introducing the WrestleMe Hipster!

A while ago aussieBum introduced the very sexy WrestleMe singlet swimwear which was a hit. Now they have introduced it’s simpler cousin the WrestleMe Hipster long swimwear. Of course these days just one model in the garment just doesn’t quite cut it so aussieBum┬áhave obligingly provided for our visual pleasure, four rather spectacular gentlemen. YES! aussieBum – Behind the Scenes: WAVE Photoshoot, from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Riding that Wave

It’s been a while since I posted anything about AussieBum and I’m sorry. Their releases slowed down a little bit but now they are back with the new “Wave” collection of swimwear. Doesn’t this look like it was a fun shoot? What I want to know is where are the shots of the guys pulling each other’s swimwear? Surely with all this wrestling and goofing around that had to have.. Read More

Go Retro!

AussieBum are releasing some great new stuff at the moment. They’ve added some colours to the Low Rider range and now they’ve just released 3 different designs in the Retro Range. Who could argue with Toby wearing anything? These are a lot of fun. Go on, you know you want to go Retro!

A bunch of new stuff from AussieBum!

Those talented folks at aussieBum have been slaving away creating new product to make sure all of you in the Northern Hemisphere aren’t short of new goodies to wear this northern Summer to show off your assets to their fullest. First up is a new range of underwear called Roger. It’s available in 5 different colours and is a new take on the “classic” undie from aB. For those of.. Read More

Get into your League!

Some things roll around every year, reliable as ever. The seasons come and go, birthdays go up in number and everything changes. One thing you can rely on is that aussieBum will release a new range of their League swimwear and Andreas will fill them out like very few men on the planet can. The 2013 League range video has been released and I could watch Andreas adjust his swimwear.. Read More

You wanna WrestleMe?

AussieBum have sent me this early look at their new WrestleMe range! Now I’m not one for lycra and fetishy things but I know the wrestling singlet is a big thing out there and people find them very very sexy. Not me, until now. These are designed as a kind of swimwear. Granted, it could be the model and his divine body, and it could be the way they have.. Read More

Carefree sexiness.

This video shot by James Demitri for Teamm8 is so sexy. It has a Bruce Weber vibe about it with a beautiful model just relaxing and chilling out, running around in the sun and the water not wearing much, if anything, looking fabulous. Adding a sexy Chris Isaak song for the sound track doesn’t hurt in the slightest.

VARSITY – New from Aussiebum

Those folks at aussieBum keep rolling out the new ranges for us all to enjoy. For those of us down under we would have to wait a few months to get enjoyment out of them as it’s still winter but they are wisely catering to the Northern markets currently enjoying summer. Thankfully I’m heading to the U.S. in 6 weeks to get some warmth!

Get inspired

I’m loving these new designs for the “Inspire” swimwear range from aussieBum. And this model has some thighs! Yummo.

Aussiebum double post

aussieBum have just released a new singlet called “Superfit” which are made from Egyptian cotton which look like the hug every curve and very comfortable. Maybe that’s just Matt filling it out well. The Superfit singlet is available in Ice, Black and Indigo. They’ve also just released three new colours (Matisse Blue, Pink and Orange) in their 2.5″ Wonderjock range. So if you aren’t getting the lift you need.. Read More