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Sportilicious – I present Jaeger O’Meara

It’s a strange day when Buzzfeed has become my source for perve material but that is exactly what happened this afternoon. Strangely enough it coincided precisely with the moment I felt quite old. This guy is Jaeger O’Meara who plays Australian Rules Football, by far the most athletic of football codes played here, for the Gold Coast Suns. He was named the NAB AFL Rising Star for 2013 after last year’s season and I think it may have been for his cheekbones alone, possibly aided by his jawline.

Jaeger is a young guy, he turned 20 earlier this year. His birthday is in February according to Wikipedia. I could also tell he was young by his gorgeous skin, ridiculous body and his name. Only guys with fairly young parents have names like Jaeger. Seriously though, how does a 20 year old have guns like his? AFL players run on average 14km (9 miles) per match and while I don’t understand the rules of the game the players make it very appealing to the eye.

Sportilicious Stephane.

This delicious looking creature is Stephane Debaere. He is a stunning specimen of Tahiti but swims for the French national swim team. I think I’d be quite happy to follow Stephane up and down the pool. It turns out that Stephane is a 50m Freestyler which means he’s more buff and ripped than your average distance swimmer. Hence his beautiful body. If only he didn’t have those tan lines. Surely training in France there is plenty of nude friendliness? I think they would rival the French Rugby Calendar if they made one.

Sportilicious bendy German hottie!

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I’ve now become acquainted with the very hot German Gymnastic Team and in particular the luscious Philipp David Boy featured here. Oh my. I love a fit buff guy as you all know, but a really bendy one on top of that is amazing. Then to see THAT smile and THOSE eyes as he’s doing his bendy thing around the bedroom gymnasium is just more than I’d dare to ask for. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that is him doing the ridiculously strong handstand (below) but in my mind it is. Look at those legs for goodness sake. Let’s face it, they are all a bit hot so who am I to be choosy?

This is the first of what will no doubt be very sporadic and male-centric Olympics inspired posting here on Aussielicious but I’m sure you don’t mind as long as I keep them pretty.

Gratuitous sportilicious beef.

James Magnussen is one of Australia’s big hopefuls in this year’s Olympics. He’s a bloody good chance for gold as the current world champion in the 100m Freestyle. He’s also clocked the third fastest ever time in that same event. James typifies everything that if I’m pressed to list attributes of my “type”, I’ll be listing. He’s tall, 6’5″ tall… yummy tall. He’s ripped, got broad shoulders and long limbs. He’s sculpted without being massively bulky. Best of all, he’s got a killer smile and sparkly blue eyes I can look at for ages.

Looking up facts for this post, it’s been a bit depressing to realise that James is off to the Olympics and he’s not even that young for an elite swimmer, yet he was born in the year I finished High School. Oh dear.

I’ve seen a few interviews with Mr Magnussen and he’s cocky, some might say a touch arrogant but an elite athlete gunning for Olympic gold has to have an edge of confidence and even self absorbtion. Who else would sacrifice everything else to achieve their goals? Now, let’s start a campaign to get swimmers out of those ugly long suits and into old school speedos again. Little ones.

Sportilicious – Gratuitous David Williams

He’s featured on here a few times in the past but who’s going to complain about David Williams naked? Certainly not me!

Aussie takes out King of Hardwood title

Every year Outsports.com runs a competition for readers to vote for their hottest jock in the world. This year, our very own David Williams, who plays rugby league for the Manly Sea Eagles took out the title, beating 63 other nominated sportsmen.

David was kind enough to give them an interview after hearing about his win and seems to be a pretty chilled guy. But then, if you saw the photo I posted of him last year kissing another guy, that’s no surprise. He’s not gay but he doesn’t mind us looking. “Yeah, I got a couple of mates who are gay, but their sexuality makes no difference to me. They’re cool guys, and that’s all that matters.”

Head on over to Outsports to read the full interview. While you are at it, for those of you in North America, the Gods Of Football calendar and dvd are both out now. I’ve got the DVD and there are some very hot boys in there.

Matthew’s sponsorship problem – the truth.

When I posted about Matthew Mitcham’s lack of sponsorship I was vaguely aware of a situation but wasn’t sure what was public in formation and what wasn’t. Now, with this article on samesame it’s out.

AussieBum did offer Matt sponsorship months ago, which was effectively ignored by his management. You have to ask yourself why? The offer from AussieBum was a six figure deal and effectively secure employment as the face of the global company and a perfect fit for Matt. So why is his management turning down offers like this? Holding out for something better? Clearly that isn’t rushing to happen.

I hope something changes for Matt soon. He’s training 30+ hours per week and somehow eeking out a living as well.

It’s a disgrace

We are now six months past the Olympic Games in Beijing and athletes like Michael Phelps are in no danger of losing any sponsorship even though he’s been photographed in an illegal act (granted, not one I have any problem with). Australia’s Stephanie Rice has been photographed out, drunk, partying hard and still is the darling of the media here in Australia and earning a fortune in endorsements.

On the other hand we have Matthew Mitcham. He’s articulate, more naturally articulate and poised in front of a camera than a lot of the other athletes. He’s gorgeous, ripped and buff, hot as hell and a marketing dream, or so you would think. He’s appeared in press all over the world, soon to feature in the U.S. in Advocate looking fantastic upside down and right side up, on television everywhere

Stephanie is making a lot of money on the back of her 3 gold medals, yet Matthew admittedly with one gold, but the highest scored dive in Olympic history, EVER, is still to land a corporate sponsor. People say homophobia is disappearing. Well, surely this is overwhelming evidence that it’s not. I’m sure Matthew would be happy with even less than a third of Stephanie’s earnings, if we go on gold medal tally.

I know the world’s economy is in trouble, but come on, this is a disgrace.

More congratulations to Matt

Matthew Mitcham continues to rake in the accolades and awards after his stunning win in Beijing. Sadly that hasn’t been followed with sponsorship deals. Diving has never been a glory kinda sport but surely there’s a big company out there who wants someone articulate, down-to-earth, hot and talented to represent them?

“Readers of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald voted that Mitcham’s upset win over his favoured Chinese opponents, sealed with a final dive that received a perfect 10 from four of the seven diving judges, was the year’s best sporting achievement.”

Read the full article here.

The evolution of footballers?

End of season drunken holidays and victory celebration parties are the stuff of legend among football teams the world over, as are initiations and hazing. One thing that those rowdy straight boys all seem to do is dress up in drag and/or get nude at random places and times.

The Manly Sea Eagles won the NRL Grand Final here in Sydney last weekend and they have been partying hard in celebration. One of their players, David Williams seems to be hinting that maybe footy players aren’t all homophobic thugs after all. Nicknamed “Wolfman” (for reasons that are obvious looking at the tattoo and the pic of him furthest to the left) David, just a year ago was struggling to break through into the big leagues of the game. Hiding behind the beard on Sunday he scored one of the tries in the game and cemented his place in first grade football. During the celebrations David was photographed freshly shaved and looking at the pic on the right, shows he has firmly bonded with his team mates, well at least Anthony Watmough anyway.

Straight blokey footballers giving each other a kiss? Surely that would spark outrage with team mates? Apparently not looking at the reactions around them. Love it, and personally I think he’s damned sexy with the beard shaved off!

Matt awarded again

Our golden boy Matthew Mitcham was last night named joint winner of the “Don Award” Australia’s sporting hall of fame award. Pole vaulter Steve Hooker was the other recipient of the award. It’s a huge thing for a blokey sporting country like Australia to award a gay sportsman like this but at the same time it does go along with the attitude that as long as you are good at sport in this country, you are ok.

Congratulations to Matt and Steve! Check out the full story over at Towleroad

Now you can lick Matthew!

Matthew Mitcham, along with all of Australia’s Olympic Gold Medallists, is being commemorated on a limited release postage stamp.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the major corporate sponsors are lining up to sponsor our golden boy but whispers are being heard that there is some interest. It does make sense that the big bucks are being thrown at triple gold medal winner Stephanie Rice, but surely a good looking articulate champion underdog is appealing to a company with lots of cash?

Read the full article here.

Local boy earns apology!

Matthew Mitcham has caused quite a stir without even realising it. Firstly he comes out with a harmless comment about his boyfriend in an interview a few months ago and now the head of NBC has apologised to Matthew. Matthew was about the only gold medallist who wasn’t covered in their coverage of the olympics.

They have said it was an accidental omission but it does stink of homophobic editing. Read the full article here.

In related news, it turns out that our Golden Boy lives literally around the corner from where I work. Like 75 metres from my office. The cafe there has balloons and posters etc up around congratulating Matt the “local boy”. So I asked if he lived in the area. She pointed up and said in the apartments upstairs! How cool would it be to be able to congratulate him personally. I’d love to interview him too.

The whole country loves him

Out of all the success stories from the Olympics, I think Matthew Mitcham has captured the imagination of the country. He’s one of our unexpected Golds. He was gunning for a medal but with the Chinese aiming for a clean sweep, his chances of taking Gold weren’t as good as perhaps we hoped.
He’s so down to earth and just damned adorable. This is a video of an interview he did with aussieBum.

The start of a great thing?

Matthew Mitchum, 20, has become the first ever Australian to represent his country at the Olympics as an openly gay athlete! There was no carefully orchestrated PR release. Nor was it a response to threatened blackmail from a spurned lover or bitter rival. No, Matthew just casually slipped the information into the conversation while talking to a reporter about the upcoming games, probably unaware of the milestone he was setting. Check out a full report in the UK press here.

Congratulations Matthew. Aussielicious sends you all the support in the world.