But… why?

This afternoon I was having a lunch up at the local pub with Andrew after the photo shoot this morning. We walked in and the pub was packed with people and very quickly we realised there was some kind of pay-per-view hyper-masculine sporting event on because there were extra tv’s set up in the pub. It turns out it was an MMA fight featuring Conor McGregor (pictures from this year’s.. Read More

An old crush

Back in the early days of this blog I discovered the photography of Jon Andresen. That discovery was mainly thanks to seeing an image of this stunning man, Jarl Espen Ygranes. I blogged about him way back then and I recently stumbled across his images again. Jarl was a professional Ice Hockey player for the Norwegian national team and it clearly did wonders for his legs and butt. He also.. Read More

Sparkly big man

I’ve literally just come across a video that someone on Facebook shared. The gorgeous British Rugby player James Haskell, who has stripped off for the Dieux Du Stade calendar a few years back, was being filmed for something when they asked him to take his shoes off for a shot. That’s when his “Dark Secret” came out. James gets the occasional pedicure and to help stop his toenails coming off.. Read More

Congratulations Gus!

The sporting world got another gay role model this week. Gus Kenworthy first made headlines with his success at the Sochi Winter Olympics and with his attempts to rescue stray dogs in the area at the time. Gus this week came out publicly about his sexuality but has said that he didn’t do it at the time of the Winter Olympics because his family didn’t know and he didn’t want.. Read More

They’re at it again!

The gorgeous men of Warwick Rowers are back launching their 2016 Crowdfunding campain but they’ve stepped it up a notch. Not only have they done photo shoots in Spain and the U.S. as well as their home turf in the U.K. This time they are releasing a coffee table book full of their naked goodness as well. Remember the profits made after the costs are covered go towards not only.. Read More

Impressive but crazy?

David Fusté is a rock climber aiming for the most pure form of climbing. Allegedly that is a very common philosophy amongst climbers, to keep it simple and pure but David seems to be taking that thought very literally. In this video you see the lean, athletic climber doing his thing, way up high with no ropes, no harness and completely nude. Sure, it doesn’t look like the most technically.. Read More

What’s up with SUP?

When I first saw the term SUP written I had no idea what it was but when I learnt that it was an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding it made sense that it’s been shortened. That’s quite the moutful. Cody and Ryan are a gay couple with a strong sense of travel and adventure who came up with the idea for Nomadic SUP tours in New York State about 5.. Read More

Those Naked Rowers are back with more on offer

Those lovely chaps from the Warwick Rowers are back with what could be 2015’s sexiest calendar. I haven’t bought the calendar myself but I have bought the full hour long movie download of the making-of. If you like Laurence and tbe boys last year, then they are going to make you even happier this year. I think every single one of the 24 or so guys goes full frontal in.. Read More

So free!

I found this video today and I know I’ve posted over and over each year about THIS being the year that I finally go surfing nude, but this really made me want to go out there and do it. This guy just looks so free which is the feeling I got the first time I saw someone surfing nude. Surfers are always talking about how alive and free they feel.. Read More

National Day of hotness?

In Australia there are four main codes of football played on a regular basis. European football, ie soccer, Rugby Union a la Dieux Du Stade, Rugby League and Aussie Rules or AFL. AFL is hugely popular in the southern states of Australia and today is the season Grand Final. Sydney’s team is in the game today hoping for another premiership win. To be honest I don’t understand the game at.. Read More

May as well do it nude!

This video caught my eye yesterday. The guy has the perfect lean wiry build for rock climbing and clearly has the strength and the talent for it too. I’ve seen other images of people rock climbing nude but bouldering like this guy is doing makes more sense because you don’t need the uncomfortable harness. It’s still going to be awkward if he loses his grip and falls. Cool little video… Read More

Allies in unexpected places

When you hear of the UFC, gay friendly and tolerant aren’t the things that first come to mind. The things that come to mind for me are guys beating the crap out of each other in a cage. I’m not a violent person and while I can admit these guys are incredible athletes I don’t understand the appeal at all. So it was a very pleasant surprise to see this.. Read More

The Warwick Rowers are back!

In what is becoming a bigger online media event than the Dieux Du Stade calendar, the Warwick Rowers have just launched their 2015 Calendar campain and crowdfunding program with a heap of different rewards for different levels of donation. Once again the boys are lead by the stunning Lawrence and the boys all seem to be going frontal yet again. How they convince them to do that I don’t know.. Read More

Gymspiration – Khan Porter

A couple of years ago there was a young guy doing some modelling around Sydney. He was young, fit and good looking. That’s him on the far left. He was probably about 20 or 21. That young man has since found Crossfit. When I posted about my curiosity for Crossfit a little while ago he was the guy on the right with no pants on. His name is Khan Porter.. Read More

Support, not ridicule!

In an interview with Sir Michael Parkinson that is due to air tonight, it is being reported that Ian Thorpe has admitted that he is gay after many years of speculation. This is being met with ridicule on social media as everyone collectively says “finally”. Yes, we all thought he was for a long time and hoped that he would come out eventually we need to remember that coming out.. Read More