Night swim

Swimming naked at night is one of those things that on paper doesn’t sound that special but it can be absolutely beautiful. A warm night, a quiet spot with just enough light, preferably with a friend or two or even better, someone special and it can feel magical. Nine years ago I photographed a much younger Kieran than the man that appeared in my Red series just last week. He.. Read More

The trip so far…

After a MARATHON journey that I have no desire to repeat, I hit Iceland on Saturday afternoon and within a short time of getting off the plane I was in my hostel. My mate arrived two hours later and from there we spent a couple of days in Reykjavik drinking over priced beers, walking for miles exploring and taking photos and eating over priced food. Iceland is damned expensive but.. Read More

It’s going to be hot.

Tomorrow in Sydney is going to be close to one of the hottest day’s on record. Six years ago when I was still doing life saving patrols at the beach we had a New Year’s day that was 44.2 degrees celsius (111.5 F) and that was the second hottest day on record. Tomorrow is predicted to be 43 (109) and I’m almost glad I went back to work today so.. Read More

Cool advertisement for underwear

Stonemen is a relatively new aussie underwear company. Now we all know where my underwear loyalties lie but I saw this video and really liked it. A bunch of friends, guys and girls, wander down to a beach as the sun is setting and go for a skinnydip. To me this is a perfect example of how friends should be comfortable getting nude in front of each other. Who doesn’t.. Read More

Dipping your toe in

Summer feels like it has finally hit here in Sydney after a wildly unpredictable Spring. Parts of Queensland are flooding badly but here in Sydney it’s been blazing sunshine. Oprah is in town and I didn’t quite realise just how much influence she has to be able to turn on 30 degree (celsius) days without a cloud in the sky. So I’m thinking it might be time for the first.. Read More

Nice night for a dip

What comes to mind after a long hot day in the office and a gruelling aerial silks class when you can tell summer isn’t far off being over? Getting a bunch of friends together and having a skinnydip in one of Sydney’s beautiful harbour locations of course. The Skinnydipping Sydney facebook group is starting to gain a bit of momentum and last night, thanks to the balmy weather, we had.. Read More

The first dip is the hardest…

Friday night saw the inaugural dip for the “Skinnydipping Sydney” facebook group. Sadly the weather that had been holding off all day really hit in the hour before the dip was scheduled. So there were only 4 of us at the dip at 1am. All three others I had been to beaches and skinnydipped with before so we didn’t get to make any new skinnydipping friends. Two other straight couples.. Read More

Summer is over

  Sydney has just finished it’s wettest summer in years. We haven’t had a lot of beach weather and I’m sure there are a few tourists here for Mardi Gras a little annoyed. Forecasts for next summer predict a long hot dry summer next year, fingers crossed. I want to do much more nude swimming next summer than I’ve managed this one.