This month has been the hardest month for motivation at the gym that I’ve had in a LONG time. With work being so busy everything has slipped. Diet, training, motivation and energy. With only 57 days left until I fly out of the country to explore Europe wearing as little as possible, that needs to change. Not purely for vanity reasons but also for energy, confidence and plain old health.. Read More

Gratuitous adorable sexiness

I know these guys are porn stars for Sean Cody but I always love seeing sexy men showering together and comfortable in themselves. Especially if they are cleaning each other like this in that adorable, cheeky kind of way. So sweet. God knows I wouldn’t mind helping out. They are beautiful guys.

Hot men in the shower

We don’t have anything like this in Sydney which I think is a terrible shame. Leave it to those clever New Yorkers. Skylight Disco 06-05-07Uploaded by grotesque_ita

Group shower with Jake

To go with the last post, I found this video grab from Jarhead with a very brief glimpse of Jake Gyllenhall’s tasty butt. Jarhead ShowerUploaded by ant_marcelo

Do you?

A couple of my mates are working out together occasionally and one of them is quite comfortable, as one would expect in my opinion, stripping off and changing in the locker room after the work out. The other one goes on about not wanting to see his friends junk and calls the other one an exhibitionist. I don’t get what the fuss is about. Most of my male friends have.. Read More

Oh hell yeah

I know Robert Buckley is a bandwagon that a lot of gay bloggers would kill to jump on, repeatedly, but I’m more than willing to count myself one of that crowd because he’s just too smoking hot not to. There isn’t nearly enough of him in this video for my taste and I know I wouldn’t be resisting him like she is. I LOVE a shower with someone special. Oh.. Read More

Naked shower on stage at SPFW

The genius designer at Rosa Cha sent the first model down the runway and when he hits the other end of the stage he rips off his swimwear and has a quick shower to open the show! Love it. the following show was filled with gorgeous guys in not very much, but a shower on stage takes the cake for me!

I want to soak

I’ve woken up this morning with a bit of a cold that I thought I’d fought off, but after a rubbish night’s sleep it’s here. It’s not too bad and hopefully won’t hang around very long as I’ve got to do my routine for the rest of the class tonight at silks. A friend is coming to video it for me, so hopefully I’ll have something for you to see.. Read More

A question to those in the know

A reader sent me the link to an article by someone that was made to swim nude for class at school many years ago. I’ve read bits and pieces about nude swimming at the YMCA and in school classes for the boys in the 50’s and 60’s and there are contradictory stories. Some guys hated being made to be nude and others revelled in it. I’d love to hear from.. Read More

How sexy

I don’t have a lot to say today I’m afraid. I’m in a bit of a flat mood. Nothing bad, just quiet and contemplative. So I thought I’d share this video that I found. It’s from Big Brother Norway/Sweden from two years ago. I love how casual these guys are with their nudity together, even quite openly looking at each other, in a completely non-sexual way. I may be totally.. Read More

What naked context?

  Another approaching nude dinner & drinks has thrown up a question for me. I invited a new friend who I know is comfortable nude and likes to be that way on the beach and around the house, with or without company. Yet he declined the invitation because a dinner and drinks in someone’s home was too intimate a setting for him. Is there a “correct” setting to be naked.. Read More

Shoot me in the shower

  When I see photos like these ones, my second response, after finding them hot, is to wonder how I would react if someone walked into the showers that I was in with a camera. While I’ve posed for photographers nude several times now and also had friends snap photos at the beach, shots like these are always going to spread around the world these days very quickly. Would you.. Read More

Do you like to watch?

  It’s a sad thing that gang showers seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs these days. There is something so sexy about a bunch of men standing around together all wet and soapy, even when nothing sexual is going on. There are hundreds of “hidden camera” shots out there of guys in public showers being photographed without their knowledge which is really dodgy but there is obviously.. Read More

Train together, shower together

I’m not sure who these guys are training nude on the beach, and I don’t know who is making them do it, but I think it’s a sterling idea. As someone who has spent many many hours on the beach, being nude, no matter what you are doing, is the best option. You won’t get blisters on your feet from sand in your shoes, nor anywhere else! Of course the.. Read More