Beach rat

It can sometimes feel really difficult to find a good quality gay movie to watch. There are so many rubbish gay movies out there that make you wonder how on earth they got funding to get made. Beach Rats is not one of those movies. It’s a beautiful if sad movie about a 19 year old from Brooklyn who is trying to deal with the death of his father, fitting.. Read More

Still can’t believe it

On Thursday afternoon, shortly before 6pm, Australia legalised Same Sex Marriage. Once the public vote results came in on 15th November it feels like it’s all happened very quickly. There were only four members of Parliament who voted against the bill and a few more than that who abstained. One of those abstainers was our gutless former Prime Minister who instigated the idea of the public vote, Tony Abbott. His.. Read More

Trying something new

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in front of the camera of another photographer. In my younger and fitter days I did several shoots with other photographers and I really enjoy being a part of the creative process. Today I’m doing it again. I don’t think I’m in the right shape for it, nor do I feel confident about it but I still enjoy the process and seeing.. Read More

I beg your pardon?

Not too long ago an acquaintance sent me a text message saying “I’ve just been watching porn and saw you. When did you do that?” Um, I beg your pardon? My mind started racing. Like a lot of people I’ve filmed some home made bits and pieces and I’m probably not as judicious as I should be when it comes to sharing some of the images I’ve taken. Had someone.. Read More

Has he changed?

The marriage equality postal vote that is wasting $122 Million dollars here in Australia has brought up a lot of emotion in a lot of people, me being one of them. There’s been a lot of discussion about #theygetavote in reference to everyone that’s ever bullied, beaten or abused the LGBT community being able to have a say in my status in society which doesn’t seem fair. The last week.. Read More

Never thought I’d see it.

I may not have come out til I was 25 but it was obvious to everyone that I wasn’t your usual butch boy. I definitely wasn’t a football loving kinda kid. Being around a big group of straight men still intimidates me. Growing up there were a few things I never thought I’d see in my life but one by one they’ve happened. Apartheid was still in force in South.. Read More

The signs were there.

Every now and then the internet throws something at you that gives you a flashback. LONG before I was ready to admit to myself that I was gay, at the age of about 11 or 12 I was at a school mate’s place and we were watching a movie called Paradise with Willie Aames and Phoebe Cates. If you think of a poor man’s version of Blue Lagoon you’re about.. Read More

A touch more touch

As I mentioned recently, this morning I went to a “Touch Space Workshop”. There were 18 guys and a huge variety of bodies and ages. I’m the first to admit that I looked around and was worried that there weren’t many guys at all that I was physically attracted to. Then I thought about why I was there and what it was about. It’s not about getting off with someone.. Read More

I don’t think so…

This week I’ve been chatting to a bi married guy on Grindr. The banter has been fun but along side the fact that he is cheating on his wife having unsafe sex with guys, his ego was making me very uncomfortable. Throughout all the chat he kept wanting me to tell him how much I wanted his cock and that he wanted my “faggot mouth” to blow him etc. I’m.. Read More

Keep on pushing

About two months ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a workshop thing that he had signed up for. Unfortunately I couldn’t go on the day that it was on but he assured me the guy running it was planning to do more. In a couple of weeks, I will be going to the next one. The workshop is called “The Forest” and it is a.. Read More

(Don’t) Look

A while ago I told you all about the erotic shoot I did with the Escort, Chris. The publication that it was for, QAMA, isn’t out as yet but it’s not long now. “QAMA is a double edged short sort originating in Persia. qama seeks to disseminate the duality of human constructs and paradigms.” The theme for the first issue of QAMA is Blaq and the definition given was “Black.. Read More

Exhausted but romantic

David Alviar, along with Mike Matson and Brian Krauskopf decided for some strange reason to try and row across the Atlantic Ocean. They rowed 3,000 miles from the Canary Islands near Africa, to Antigua in the Carribean. When they got to the end of the row after more than 40 days they had become the first trio to row the Atlantic, therefore permanently entering their names in the history books… Read More

Simple but powerful

In the early hours of Sunday morning, two young gay men were brutally attacked in the Dutch city of Arnhem. Five teenage boys and one 21 year old have been arrested in connection with the attack which left the two men with multiple injuries. In response to the attack two members of the Dutch Parliament (above, centre image) decided as they arrived at the Hague, to enter holding hands as.. Read More

Just don’t understand

On the weekend I was looking for a little fun to be had on Grindr or Scruff and started chatting to a hot guy that lives around the area somewhere nearby. It was very quickly made clear that he likes to be dominated. He’s got a boyfriend who isn’t really into the dominating thing so he gets that elsewhere with the knowledge of his boyfriend. He sent me a few.. Read More

Still? Really?

This morning, perusing my Facebook feed I happened upon a post by a guy I know having a bit of a rant, naming and shaming another guy that I’ve known vaguely in an online context for a while. The subject of the rant had (evidenced by a screen shot of a now deleted post) been on a moral high horse about the “sanctity of marriage” and judging up a storm.. Read More