A little scary

It was an unusual night for me last night but on a Thursday night I went out to see some live music and had a ball. It was great fun. At first I was thinking I was going to be one of the older people in the crowd and yes, I would definitely have been in the top 20% but was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in the crowd. One.. Read More

A time of drought

There have been many times over my adult life where I have gone a long time without sex. I’m currently in the middle of one of those dry spells. For me I need to be feeling good to have casual sex and at the moment I don’t. I feel old and tired and out of shape. That needs to change because it’s just not healthy and I need to feel.. Read More

Go to BED

When you get to witness something that you don’t usually get to see, it’s a pretty cool experience. When that something is an amazing sexual connection between a real life couple, it’s more than cool. It’s beautiful and sexy as hell. Paz and Tony are a real couple and they approached me on Instagram. We threw some ideas around and I saw a playful photo one of them posted on.. Read More

What is it?

After a bit of an anonymous encounter in the bushes next to the nude beach last weekend, I have a question. The man in question, and others I’ve played with in the past, kept trying to face fuck me. Now I’m quite partial to some oral sex but I hate it when people try and fuck the back of my head out. What is it about someone that they like.. Read More

Is it nerves?

In three hours from now I’m supposed to be going to an orgy. There is a group that organises them every few months and a couple of friends have been and said they are fun. Right now I’m not sure I’m going. My friend that was going to go with me and has been before has just pulled out (pun intended) because he’s sick. So now, not only am I.. Read More

I beg your pardon?

Not too long ago an acquaintance sent me a text message saying “I’ve just been watching porn and saw you. When did you do that?” Um, I beg your pardon? My mind started racing. Like a lot of people I’ve filmed some home made bits and pieces and I’m probably not as judicious as I should be when it comes to sharing some of the images I’ve taken. Had someone.. Read More

Where’s the middle ground?

In the past I’ve contemplated in running classes on how to take a good photo of your dick. After seeing many many photos from really unflattering angles and even where it’s pointing straight at the camera (hint: it looks like a fleshy coin with a tiny hole) I was wondering how at all these people thought it was their best angle.Some of these guys had much nicer than anticipated members.. Read More

Misplaced my modesty

When the nearly-celibate version of Brenton went on holiday, I was hoping he might not come back and it would seem that at least for the time being he is still missing. Slutty Brenton is still having some fun and enjoying the change of pace. With my housemate currently out of the country for work the opportunities for sluttiness have increased a little. Not that he’d ever stop me hooking up.. Read More

I don’t think so…

This week I’ve been chatting to a bi married guy on Grindr. The banter has been fun but along side the fact that he is cheating on his wife having unsafe sex with guys, his ego was making me very uncomfortable. Throughout all the chat he kept wanting me to tell him how much I wanted his cock and that he wanted my “faggot mouth” to blow him etc. I’m.. Read More

Keep on pushing

About two months ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a workshop thing that he had signed up for. Unfortunately I couldn’t go on the day that it was on but he assured me the guy running it was planning to do more. In a couple of weeks, I will be going to the next one. The workshop is called “The Forest” and it is a.. Read More

A nice change

Before I left on my holiday I had been joking with friends that if I can’t get laid in Berlin then I was going to come back to Sydney and put myself down. Berlin is a fantastic city with a certain reputation for it’s sexual availability. Lots of gay bars have back rooms and it just seems like if you want sex, it’s really simple to find it. On this.. Read More

An hour of your time, Sir?

Every now and then I realise that I get opportunities that a lot of people don’t get from time to time. Saturday afternoon saw me filming Chris, whom I recently photographed in an erotic shoot, for a promo video for his escorting work. Now I admit, I didn’t do a lot of research for the requirements of a promo video for an escort, nor did I really realise that a.. Read More

Dodged a bullet

Yesterday I was perusing Scruff looking for a little bit of fun, as you do. I started chatting to a guy and he seemed keen so I asked where he was. He just kept coming back with more dirty talk, never giving an address. This went on for too long and I just ended up saying “Sorry, but if you were really keen you’d have given me an address.” Then.. Read More

Simple fun

One of the many reasons I don’t hook up a lot through apps like Grindr or Scruff is that so many guys are on drugs and after a long wired session of intense sex and for me that’s a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong. I like anal as much as the next guy but sometimes a nice simple hookup with a wank and a bit of oral is.. Read More

Your double standards are slipping.

There is a guy here in Sydney who has earned himself a reputation as a bit of a crazy troll. He and I were friends on Facebook for a while but I deleted him after getting a whiff of his crazy. There are some people who are high functioning crazies and there are others, like this guy, who reek of it like cheap aftershave. He’s been posting very nasty, barely.. Read More