Paul is the winner!

After two rounds of voting, the winner has been decided. Congratulations to Paul for being selected as the most popular Self Portrait. This was one of my favourites as it had so many layers to it with Paul’s contemplative reflection, the view of the harbour with the stormy looking clouds being broken by the sunset. Paul now wins a print of Peter’s “Kiss” portrait from the previous challenge. Thanks to.. Read More

Another tie breaker is needed!

The voting on the Self Portrait Challenge has closed and we have a tie! With 43 votes each you all seemed to really like Mikael’s modest nude self portrait and Paul’s very layered contemplative self portrait. So we go to the polls again. I’m only giving you 5 days to vote on this one to decide the winner. I’d be happy to see either of these images win. Which ever.. Read More

Pick your favourite Self Portrait

The entries are in and it’s time to get your vote happening. Just to clarify, the four images I posted last night are NOT part of the competition. They are just really nice self portraits that I have found online. As usual, when you are voting for your favourite entry, keep in mind the idea behind the challenge. Whoever wins the challenge will donate a print of their winning image.. Read More

Entries are now closed

The deadline for the self portrait challenge has come and gone and tomorrow evening I’ll be starting the voting process to determine the winner. There have been some stunning entries in this challenge as always. It’s fascinating to see how people choose to present themselves in a self portrait and I often wonder, if I don’t know them, how accurate it is. To go with this post I’ve chosen a.. Read More

Two nude self portraits

It looks like we’ve got a flurry of activity right at the last minute for the self portrait challenge with two beautiful nude self portraits coming in in the last 24 hours. First up is Matt who lives in Tennessee but was living in Florida when he took this photograph of himself after seeing the light pouring into his bathroom one morning filtered by the shower curtain. Sometimes taking a.. Read More

Self portraits are still coming in!

There have been a couple more self portraits sent in for the challenge. Rob has sent in this quirky image of himself wearing a fake mustache giving some good character face. Dennis has sent in a shirtcocking shot at a beach somewhere in the world. Cheeky!

Two more self portrait challengers

There have been a couple more self portraits submitted in the last two days. With only a handful of days left to get your photos in these could be the last ones. McGregory sent in this rather candid self portrait with a rather intriguing look on his face and his trousers open. Why not? Artists throughout the ages have portrayed themselves wearing less. Capturing his days living in Sydney a.. Read More

Less than a week to go.

This self portrait challenge has had a fairly small number of entries which is a little disappointing but it’s understandable. Taking photos for these challenges requires making extra effort and we all lead very busy lives but I do really enjoy seeing what people do for them. There is only 5 days or so to get your entries in for the challenge so as a little bit of inspiration I’m.. Read More

Spooky self portrait.

Kent has sent in this very eerie self portrait for the challenge today. It’s rather appropriate that I’m posting it tonight as it’s Halloween already here and this is rather spooky. Keep the entries coming in. There is a week tomorrow to get your photos in before the deadline!

Two more self portraits

With only just over a week to go to get your self portraits in for the challenge, this is looking like the smallest bunch of challengers yet. Andreas has taken part in fitness challenges here on Aussielicious but this is the first of the photography challenges that he’s taken part in. This self portrait really appeals to me with it’s quirky bonkers aesthetic. Not a lot of people would pose.. Read More

Dave’s self portrait

The entries have been very slow in coming in for this Self Portrait Challenge. Maybe the challenges will have to take a break or find an easier theme for the next one. Dave has sent this very interesting self portrait in. It’s a very moody portrait but with such a bold colour which for me is happy. Dave says the portrait is a bit of a contemplation on aging but.. Read More

Bart’s looking at you!

In only our seventh submission for the Self Portrait Challenge, Bart has sent in this image that he took of himself in extreme close up. Bart said he is always fascinated by eyes and I have to agree. If someone’s eyes sparkle and smile when their mouth smiles then I’m going to respond so much more than if they don’t. If you want to get a self portrait in to.. Read More

Hiram’s self portrait

There haven’t been many self portrait’s come in yet. I hope we get some more or the voting won’t take long at all with this only being the sixth submission to come in. Hiram has sent in many photos to the blog over the years including the winning self portrait in the very first photography challenge. This is a very different shot for Hiram. Most of the images he sends.. Read More

A cheeky self portrait

Another self portrait has come in from Leo, a long time reader of Aussielicious and long time nudie. Leo must have had a lot of luck or patience to use the timer and get this shot. It’s a great shot with his beautiful deep tan against the bright blue of the water. If anyone is thinking of entering the challenge but hasn’t decided yet, I say do it. Take a.. Read More

Two more self portraits.

Regular contributor to challenges and regular nudie David has submitted this hotel room self portrait for this challenge. Nudes aren’t a requirement but there is certainly no issue with them. Scott sent in this self portrait which he’s taken all the colour from as he feels it represents the loss of his husband of 23 years. Sorry for your loss Scott.