It’s a celebration!

Over the past couple of years I’ve become good friends with a couple that I met at the gym. They are great, low attitude high fun kinda people who are just good to be with. A couple of months ago another mate of mine became a wedding celebrant and I happened to be with Ms A having a drink at the pub when I found out that he’d qualified. Ms.. Read More

Cynical ever after…

After watching too many episodes of Sex and the City yesterday in my lethargic state a thought occurred to me. People always play that game, which one of the four characters are you? Friends have said I’m like Carrie because of this blog and the fun stuff it’s given me the chance to do, but I’m also as cynical as all hell which is a much more Miranda trait. I.. Read More

What would you do?

The wedding I went to yesterday was one of the nicest and most simple I’ve been to in a long time. There were about 50 guests maximum, the bride looked relaxed and happy, the groom, my old school mate, was having a great time and it’s so nice to see two people who really do seem to compliment each other beautifully. One of the girls from school was saying that.. Read More

VD is here again

Like that itch that just won’t go away, Valentine’s has flared up again in a rash of commercial sentimentality across Sydney. The symptoms are everywhere, blotches of red roses, cards and shiny wrapped chocolates everywhere, men are looking stressed and women anxious. What says I love you without her expecting a diamond? Will he send me anything or is it another year on the shelf? This year my immunity is.. Read More