A time of drought

There have been many times over my adult life where I have gone a long time without sex. I’m currently in the middle of one of those dry spells. For me I need to be feeling good to have casual sex and at the moment I don’t. I feel old and tired and out of shape. That needs to change because it’s just not healthy and I need to feel.. Read More

Angry at myself

Don’t you hate it when you make a promise to yourself to do something or never do something again and then the one opportunity you get to fulfil that promise, you break it instead? About four years ago there was a guy working out at my gym. We’d sort of nod hi and that was it. Then he disappeared. About six months later he turned up in the supermarket near.. Read More

Equal parts

Sometimes you just need a friend to do recommend something you’ve always been curious about to give it a go yourself. No, I’m not talking about anything sexual. About a month ago some friends of mine went to a psychic. They both had some absolutely spot on information come from the psychic without him having any way at all of knowing the details that he mentioned. In my typical Libran.. Read More

Struggling a bit

Do you ever feel like life just isn’t giving you a break? Maybe I’m just not learning lessons and life is just trying to teach me. At the moment I’m going through one of my lonely phases. Really lonely. As usual it seems to coincide with a long drought of sexual action. It also coincides with doing some gay weddings as a celebrant. So far at all the weddings I’ve.. Read More

Once again.

Each year there is a battle in society that wages. It may not look like it but it’s a fierce battle between those that love Valentine’s Day and those that see it as commercial bullshit. Mostly couples that have been together for at least couple of years are the ones fighting the system and trying to claim that romance can happen any day of the year. They’d be right but.. Read More

Uncomfortable conversations

There are uncomfortable conversations going on all over the world at the moment. The #TimesUP movement and the treatment of women in general, the incompetency of Mr Trump and a lot of other ones. They tend to stir up fiery passions. It feels like these days it’s no longer possibly to have different points of view and have a conversation. You have to condemn and argue with the other person.. Read More

Under my skin

Why is it that some people affect you more than others? Over the years I’ve been on plenty of dates with guys and the vast majority have ended up nothing more than an entertaining dinner party story. About 4 months ago I went on a handful of dates with a guy and it went really well. I have blogged about it in the past. In the end it didn’t go.. Read More

Out of practice

Last night I wasn’t the only person in my bed. A guy I met recently came over for dinner and some other activities as we gay men are inclined to do. He also stayed the night. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my bed over night and I have to say, I barely slept. Clearly I’m well and truly out of practice. Every time I rolled over I.. Read More

That’s equality

In the 18 years since I came out to my family, every now and then I’ve been a little put out that my mother never asks if I’m seeing someone or how things are going. Then I realise, she doesn’t do that with anyone. My mum is pretty old school. She has very strong opinions about things but she keeps them to herself. She’s not one to make waves nor.. Read More

It seems to be a rule

As the world gets more and more prudish in some ways, the disappearance of open showers at gyms for instance, it would seem that tv shows are trying their hardest to go the other way. Dating shows in particular. If you watch any of the versions of Dating Naked, or Adam Seeks Eve, around the world and especially in Europe you’d be forgiven for thinking they have a rule about.. Read More

Can it happen?

When my most recent dating situation was called off, the guy said that he wanted to catch up as friends. So far that hasn’t happened and I’m not sure it will. I hope it does. He’s a genuinely nice guy. One of my friends in particular has lectured me on not becoming his emotional punching bag. She thinks it’s a terrible idea to catch up. The whole situation has me.. Read More

I wonder why

With the events of the past week I’ve spent a lot of time in my own head which is not always a good thing. Something I’ve wondered a lot over the years is why those of us that are single always feel like we are the only ones that can’t find someone special? Over my many years of being single I have wondered why I can’t find someone when it.. Read More

Once again…

This is the second time I have written this post. The first attempt was yesterday and it was very angry and ranty. I’ve now calmed down and am going to write it again in a more rational tone. Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a few dates with a guy that I met on Scruff. We got on really well and there was a real ease and comfort.. Read More

I made a terrible mistake

Anyone who reads this blog must know that I’m essentially solar powered. I’d rather be in baking heat than cold weather any day. If the weather has to be cold the dear lord don’t let it be cold and wet. As a result, this brutal onset of winter always puts me in a slump. We had a really mild Autumn here in Sydney and every year jokes go around about.. Read More

Dodged a bullet

Yesterday I was perusing Scruff looking for a little bit of fun, as you do. I started chatting to a guy and he seemed keen so I asked where he was. He just kept coming back with more dirty talk, never giving an address. This went on for too long and I just ended up saying “Sorry, but if you were really keen you’d have given me an address.” Then.. Read More