I just can’t

In just over a week of being President, Donald Trump has done more to ruin the reputation and credibility of The United States than Reality TV could ever dream of. He is completely devoid of intellect, compassion, class and eloquence, all attributes overflowing in his predecessor. Trump has already removed health care from millions and now his ban on entering the states from very carefully selected countries shows the true.. Read More

Today is the day

Once again, Australia is at the voting booths today. Will we have our 6th Prime Minister in 6 years or will Malcolm Turnbull be re-elected? If he is returned to power let’s hope he finally starts showing some backbone and making changes. If not, why on earth did he wrestle power from his incompetent predecessor? I have voted for the opposition. Essentially most of their policies are vague and similar.. Read More

Fingers crossed

Any minute now here in Australia there is a formal vote happening to wrest the leadership of our nation from the most incompetent man who has ever been in charge. Malcolm Turnbull has announced a challenge to take over leadership and while he is far from perfect (we don’t seem to have any good contenders on either side) he will be a great change from Tony. Tony has done so.. Read More

This gives me hope

Australia’s politicians have been embarrassing themselves with debate over security policy in our National Parliament in the past week or so, even suggesting that women wearing Burkas or head coverings should sit behind a glass divide even though they have gone through security checks to get into the building. Our own Prime Minister the ever embarrassing Tony Abbott has said he finds the Burka confronting. Thankfully the team behind this.. Read More

Congratulations to the A.C.T.

Today was a big day in Australia. The territory that holds our National Capital, The Australian Capital Territory just passed a Same Sex Marriage Bill through Parliament. As of today, Australia has one region where gay marriage is legal. The terrible part of this is that our ridiculously conservative new Prime Minister has said, before the bill was even presented, that he will try to over turn it in the.. Read More

Choosing the lesser of two evils.

This country has a blessedly short election campaign. It will all be over in a matter of weeks and I will be out of the country for the last two weeks of the campaigning. Kevin Rudd (above left) was booted out of the Prime Ministership the first time around for a number of reasons, arrogance and petulance being a couple of them. Several more reasons were policy related. Now he.. Read More

Please, Tony

A minor political party here in Australia has just announced that they are presenting a bill to Parliament to change the definition of marriage to allow marriage equality. The bill will be voted on June 6th. The same political party has presented a bill previously which was voted down because our opposition Leader, Tony Abbott will not allow his party to vote with their own free will, forcing them to.. Read More

Congratulations Obama!

I know there are a lot of people in the U.S. that think Romney would have been better for the U.S. financially but I think the rest of the world is very glad that the U.S. saw reason today. Obama is a vote for rational thinking over bigotry and stupidity. Congratulations Mr President. You lead the way. Hopefully our own Julia Gillard will see that you can support marriage equality.. Read More

KONY 2012

This video has exploded world wide in the past 48-60 hours to the point where it was aired in it’s entirety on Australian television last night without advertisements. Joseph Kony is number one on the international most wanted list for his horrendous war crimes over the past 20 years. Yes, 20 years. He’s been stealing children in Uganda and now across other parts of Africa and forcing the girls into.. Read More

Our PM Ignores a man’s dying wish

Reading this article this morning on StarObserver just made me so mad. I know the Government isn’t going to change their policy to make a dying man happy but waiting 6 months to get a response which wasn’t even from the Prime Minister. Patrick and Mitchell wrote to over 200 politicians asking to be allowed to marry before Patrick dies and every single one replied, apart from the Prime Minister.. Read More

Well said

Now, I don’t know who Bill Maher is but I gather that in the past he’s been less than popular and sensible. Regardless, on the strength of this video alone, judged without influence of his history, I have to agree with a lot of what he said in this video. I can’t work out if it’s sad that we are more influenced by scripted popular culture or if it’s good.. Read More

Congratulations America!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is guaranteed to be repealed now with a vote in the American Parliament successful in passing the legislation. It’s a great thing that the government has seen sense (the majority of the senate anyway) and can see that allowing the LGBT community to openly serve in their armed forces will not weaken the strength of the Nation or it’s defences. Congratulations. Now, please move on with.. Read More

Scott Herman is pretty and articulate.

Enlightened straight guys, especially really pretty ones are a rare breed. After being on MTV’s the Real World, Scott Herman could have just relied on his looks and body to get a bit of fame but it turns out he’s got some brains and a big hear too. Blatantly stolen from Favorite Hunks, this is what Scott had to say on the overturning of Proposition 8. Congratulations California! I just.. Read More

Still a long way to go.

There has been outrage on gay blogs and facebook profiles of gay men all over Australia today after our new Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that the Government’s stance on Gay Marriage won’t be changing with her in power. Gay papers and lobbyists are tut-tutting as if she’d condemned us all to hell. She hasn’t. Julia Gillard has said she is all for reforms to eliminate any discrimination against the.. Read More

Walking for equality.

The world needs more people like Walker Burtschell. Living up to his name, Walker has undertaken a massive challenge of walking to Washington from Norfolk, Virginia to raise awareness for his campaign to have the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy repealed. Walker was discharged under the policy from the Marines after just a year of service. After initial reactions of surprise and bewilderment, everyone Walker has come across on his.. Read More