Well that’s hot!

Domenico Vaccaro has recently won Belgium’s Got Talent with this beautiful pole dance routine. This routine may not be the most technical pole dance routine I’ve seen but even though it may be relatively simple the moves that he does require a ridiculous amount of control and strength and it’s very effective. A hot, beautifully built 22 year old doing amazing things with his body while wearing only some tighty.. Read More

Amazing pole dance routine

A friend of mine put me on to this amazing routine today, by a pole dancer called Evgeny Greshilov. His strength and flexibility are amazing and it’s just a cool sexy routine.

I might get one

This little piece from Rufskin caught my eye. Now I’m not normally one for fetish wear like harnesses but I think this would compliment my pole routine outfit really well. What do we think? I’m not sure what size I’d be so I’ll have to do some research for it. There’s also an idea I had for a headpiece kinda thing that I really want to get made as it.. Read More

The aftermath

I don’t have any photos from the pole dance routine last night but I have to say I had a blast. The routine went down far from flawlessly but it was also a long way from a disaster. The other times I’ve done statues and bits at El Circo the audience has ranged from REALLY quiet to quite fun and loud but last night they took the cake. It was.. Read More

Finally, the full pole routine

It’s been talked about and promised for a very long time but tomorrow night, I’m finally doing my first solo pole routine at El Circo at Slide. Today was the last rehearsal and I got R to video it on my phone for me to put it up here. I am fully aware it’s a little rough around the edges but I’d just come from a rehearsal for the aerialize.. Read More

MUCH better thanks.

Today has been a much more pleasant day. The sun has been out, even if it still isn’t hot yet, and it’s been a day in stark contrast to the debacle that was yesterday or last night actually. This afternoon I FINALLY started working with my teacher to choreograph my solo pole dancing routine. It’s only a bit over two minutes but they are an action packed two minutes. My.. Read More

Spinning frustration

Let me first say these shots are not of me. They are my teacher James and another guy Paul who does the shows with James. Today’s class was going along pretty well today and I was doing ok but every now and then lately I seem to be getting frustrated with myself, which of course means the tricks get worse and worse, which makes the frustration worse. I don’t know.. Read More

Spinning in pink

A few weeks ago a friend who is an enthusiastic amateur photographer asked if I’d model for him. He wanted to get some shots of me pole dancing. Borne from his equipment he’s developed his own style which captures the movement in a really cool way. We did the shots at Slide where I do my classes. What do we think?

I hope my cock didn’t spoil your dinner!

Tonight I had to kinda perform at Slide bar as part of their El Circo cabaret dinner. My pole teacher, James normally does a double pole dance routine with Paul but James was away, so Paul did a solo pole routine. Then we were both doing the “statues”. Now we come out and make our way slowly through the crowd, all lovely people having a 9 course dinner, wrapped in.. Read More

Single leg hang

If, a year ago, someone had said the term “single leg hang” to me, I would have looked at them quizzically and thought they were going nuts. A year on, I now know how to do a version that applies to pole dancing, silks and trapeze. Guess what. They all hurt in some way, but they all look pretty cool. Especially this one!

Some new tricks for this old dog

This is a new combo of tricks with a new one at the end that we’ve been working on for the last two classes at pole dancing. SO scary the first couple of times you do it, but quite ok now. Just need to make it all a bit smoother and prettier now.

Pole performance

Last night, we Aussie Pole Boys did a small performance at a Russian Themed dinner at Slide, the nightclub where we do the classes. It was only about 2 minutes and there were 6 of us involved ranging from James, our teacher, down to one of the boys that’s only done about 3 classes. Our sponsor is aussieBum, so we were all wearing our white “league” swimmers which look pretty.. Read More