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Hiram’s self portrait

There haven’t been many self portrait’s come in yet. I hope we get some more or the voting won’t take long at all with this only being the sixth submission to come in. Hiram has sent in many photos to the blog over the years including the winning self portrait in the very first photography challenge. This is a very different shot for Hiram. Most of the images he sends in are nudes and this is a really cool departure. It feels a bit menacing with the covered face and the “rebel” on the scarf. Keep the entries coming guys!

A cheeky self portrait

Another self portrait has come in from Leo, a long time reader of Aussielicious and long time nudie. Leo must have had a lot of luck or patience to use the timer and get this shot. It’s a great shot with his beautiful deep tan against the bright blue of the water.

If anyone is thinking of entering the challenge but hasn’t decided yet, I say do it. Take a chance and send in your self portrait. The more artistic and creative the better.

Two more self portraits.

Regular contributor to challenges and regular nudie David has submitted this hotel room self portrait for this challenge. Nudes aren’t a requirement but there is certainly no issue with them.

Scott sent in this self portrait which he’s taken all the colour from as he feels it represents the loss of his husband of 23 years. Sorry for your loss Scott.

A successful shoot!

Today was almost certainly the last shoot for the tribal series. Greg and Marty came along with open minds and a sense of adventure. Neither of the guys had met me before, as with lots of the guys I shoot. They know each other but had never seen each other nude before. When Greg arrived, Marty was already nude and covered almost head to toe in clay. The awkwardness didn’t last long at all and the guys were a genuine pleasure to work with.

This shoot has been in my head for months and it’s a real relief to have it turn out well, to remember all the poses I wanted to try and to get what I think are very successful shots. It’s also great when you work with models that you are keen to work with again and they are just as keen. Greg has a really chiseled and imposing presence. He’s tall, ripped and a genuinely nice guy. Marty is shorter, with a bubble butt that seems to defy gravity and a cheeky grin.

I’ve mentioned a potential stand alone piece for the exhibition which I’m now thinking could be related in theme and imagery but will be a self portrait of sorts. Doing that would go well with my journey to rediscover my self confidence and mojo.

Here are the first self portraits!

The self portrait challenge is off to a good start with the first two submissions arriving in my email overnight. I’ve posted about Curtis Speer’s photography before on Aussielicious and he’s submitted images in the past for challenges and just because. His work is varied, beautiful and moody. Beautiful and moody apply to this self portrait sent in by Curtis for this challenge as well. It sums up his work beautifully.

Kelly has submitted in the past for challenges before and he’s back with this simple nude on his bed.

Just a reminder for those submitting images, it is one entry per person. I don’t really want to take responsibility for someone not being happy with my choice.

Time for another Self Portrait challenge

It’s time for another photography challenge here at Aussielicious. Inspired by the things I have on the horizon and the introspection that goes along with making changes in life, I think it’s time we revisit the theme of self portraits.

The photos above are by the amazingly talented Alex Stoddard. Alex grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and began taking self portraits at the age of 16 which he’s evolved to creating beautiful works of art. As you can see from his website he’s expanded his view to include other people but I find the self portraits the most enlightening. How people choose to portray themselves in an image, whether it be accurately or not, is fascinating. I always feel that the people who are the most creative and unrestrained are the ones that are probably the most troubled or vulnerable and in touch with their emotions as well.

When you are creating your self portraits, try and think beyond just taking a photo of yourself. Share with us something more about you using the image. As usual the aim of the challenge is that your image will be won by the winner of the next challenge so you need to create images that people who don’t know you will find interesting and beautiful enough to put on their wall.

You have until the 9th of November, one whole month to get your submissions in via email at brenton.parry@gmail.com and please, nothing sexual. Nudes are ok but no erections or sexual activity. Keep in mind you need to be able to supply a decent sized print, say 8″x10″ if you win, so good quality resolution. Be creative gang!

Could it be?

This Sunday I’m shooting two guys at once for my tribal series. This will be the thirteenth shoot that I’ve done for this series over all. Two of the shoots won’t be included in the exhibition though. One because it didn’t really end up fitting with the tribal theme which was my fault as I hadn’t prepared for that shoot and fleshed out a concept properly. The other because it wasn’t a strong enough shoot and the model won’t let me use nudes online which is where all my marketing happens.

That leaves me with eleven usable shoots that I’m happy with, if Sunday’s shoot goes well. It will be the only shoot involving more than one model but it’s an idea that I’ve had in my head for a while now. As I don’t have a deadline to finish shooting this exhibition or actually stage it, there is room to shoot more images but once I’ve moved out of this apartment I lose access to the shooting space unfortunately.

I do have an idea for an image in the series that would be a stand alone piece and much larger but that needs more planning and thinking about. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens but it would be lovely if it did. It feels weird to have pretty much finished shooting for an exhibition without having one planned. Money is the issue at this stage but there are ways and means to get around that.

A few sales!

Over the past month I’ve actually sold a few prints. Two of the large prints from the Melbourne exhibition Company of Men have been sold, one to a buyer in Texas and another in Melbourne which is very exciting. The Melbourne buyer bought the image of Matteo from behind standing covered in talcum powder and said he’s hanging it next to a print he has by Michelangelo. That’s quite esteemed company to be next to. It’s fantastic that people are enjoying my work.

The other day a mate enquired about buying a print of Kieran in the pool, above after I shared it on Instagram. So I’ve now sold him a small print of that as well which is great. I’m pretty sure I’ve sold a print of that before to someone else but for the life of me I can’t remember who that was. Isn’t that terrible? If it was someone that reads the blog, send me an email or comment on this post and remind me. I don’t like I’ve forgotten who was nice enough to buy a print.

It’s been some time

Guy James Whitworth is an artist that I’ve posted about before on the pages of Aussielicious. His artworks are full of life and colour, even when tinged with a darker subject matter. We have talked about me posing for him in the past but it’s never happened for one reason or another. Yesterday Guy messaged me asking if I was still up for it. He’s working on a series called “What makes a man” and painting all sorts of regular guys, straight and gay. He’s looking for a wide range of guys so if any readers are interested and live in Sydney, get in touch.

I have posed for a few different photographers back in my younger and prettier days and feeling a bit older and out of shape as I am it’s a bit challenging to agree to it but I’m trying to live by the “Why not?” philosophy these days. Just do it and if I regret it it’s better than regretting something I said no to and won’t get the opportunity to do again. The crucial part about this process is that I trust Guy completely. His work has covered transgender performers, his boyfriend, men, women and every kind of person so I’m going to be in capable hands.

The real twist is that there is a documentary maker who is going to film the process and do interviews with the subject. The film will be relatively PG and filmed modestly but I’ll still be nude. That’s not a problem though, we all know that.

The photos above are from a shoot I did with a photographer called Stan many years ago on Obelisk nude beach here in Sydney. If only I’d appreciated the body I had when I had it.

Hanging on too long

With the decision to move having been made, today is the day the culling process starts. Sitting next to my desk is a collection of art and photography magazines that I collected before I moved to London in 2001. Not Only Black + White Magazine was pretty cutting edge in it’s time, featuring profiles of artists and photographers along with interviews and art nude editorials on Australian celebrities of the time. Sports stars, musicians, actors and other personalities all made their way onto the pages of N.O.B+W magazine.

It was where I discovered the work of my favourite photographer in the world, James Houston as well as the talented Paul Freeman. Both guys got their break in the pages of this publication and followed up in the pages of it’s gay equivalent that came along a few years later Not Only Blue. Both magazines were physically large publications and expensive by magazine standards at the time. I’ve hung on to these editions for years and I don’t want to get rid of them as there are some beautiful photographs as well as great memories in their pages but if I’m honest with myself, I never look at them. There are some special editions like The Sydney Dream full of Olympians and The Album full of musicians that I will hang on to but it’s time to cull.

Still for sale

Now that the decision to move has been made, it’s time to take stock of what has been accumulated in five years of living here and start to cull all the excess. Several years ago looking down the barrel of moving for the third time in just over 12 months, someone said “You can clean out all the junk.” At the time, there wasn’t anything left to clean out. That is certainly not the case now.

In amongst all the junk there are lots of pieces of my photography. There are a couple of framed prints left over from my first exhibition “Shrouded” and several from the second exhibition “Freedom“. There are also the four large (unframed) prints from the group exhibition earlier this year “Company of Men”  that I was a part of in Melbourne and Sydney (pictured above). Prices can be negotiated for those interested in purchasing any of the work. It should be seen on a wall rather than hidden away in storage as it is now.

Photography is just a hobby for me at the moment and putting together the exhibitions gives me a lot of joy but it’s a tough gig to try and sell art. I don’t have the name or reputation that generates wild sales so it’s a costly business to exhibit without a guarantee of even breaking even. I still wouldn’t give it up.

Not sure why.

For those of you who were quick enough last night to see the original images that went with my post about the weekend’s photo shoot, you’ll notice now that there is only one image with the post. Shortly after I posted it, the model told me he wasn’t comfortable with any images showing that he was nude going online. Keep in mind this is a guy that had seen my work and liked it knowing full well clearly, that I shoot mostly male nudes. The model had been chasing me to do the shoot for weeks so it’s rather frustrating to then have him change his mind and say the nudes can’t go online.

He was happy for me to use the images in the exhibition and if I put another book together but as anyone knows, marketing an exhibition or book is going to be done largely online through social media. The rest of his shoot wasn’t successful enough for me to have enough images to use without using any of the nudes and too many portraits of the same person will be overkill.

It’s not unusual for me to use non-professional models. I can’t afford to pay models as photography is still a hobby for me and both exhibitions have barely done any better than breaking even on costs. Having said that I quite like using people I know and non-professionals as they don’t have any bad modelling habits that they get into doing typical “model” poses. I guess I just have to keep trying my luck. There are a couple more shoots I have lined up for this series before it’s done and I’m really happy with where it’s all going. I need to lock in one or two more models and I’m set.

Another shoot done.

On Saturday, I photographed Haris who had come up from Wollongong to do the shoot after weeks of delays and setbacks with lighting. It wasn’t my best shoot. The concept hadn’t been fully fleshed out in my head and I’m suffering from a cold/flu thing at the moment so my energy levels were low. Going through the photos this morning my fears were partly confirmed and I wasn’t loving the results but there are a few images I’m happy with. Whether or not they make the cut for the Tribal exhibition will remain to be seen but I’m getting better at letting go of shoots that aren’t as successful these days. I do love the richness in the colour that has come out in these shots. They also capture Haris’ soulful eyes I think.

A few years ago I was watching a documentary on Annie Liebovitz and she was given some advice that I have kept in mind ever since and I think a lot more photographers could do well to remember. Editing is crucial. I don’t mean the retouching part of the editing process but rather the culling process. Weed out more. Having a large number of shots in a portfolio doesn’t mean it’s been a good shoot. Often you see a photographer or a model with a dozen images from the same shoot or setup and it gets repetitive. When it comes time to put on this exhibition I will be showing at most, three images per shoot.

TMF #13 is here!

The new TMF Magazine by Dylan Rosser is out now containing a short Q&A I did with photographer Bryan Nevin. As usual TMF is full of gorgeous photos of beautiful men and interviews with models and photographers. Dylan Rosser is always showcasing great talent in the magazine and it’s a very affordable read.

Bryan Nevin works with a lot of gorgeous porn stars and fitness models. The guy with all the tattoos above is packing some serious meat so go along and buy your copy now!

I’ve been updated!

As a graphic designer there are many different avenues you can go down with your career. Sadly Web design has largely passed me by as it’s a very different mindset to print design which is my background. The idea, however, of getting someone else to do my website when I am a designer, is something that I’ve struggled with so I usually leave my website to languish unattended for way too long. Thankfully Adobe have come along with some great software that is very similar in it’s use to a print layout piece of software but which you can add web functionality to it and publish it to the web. So after way too long being neglected, my website is all fresh and new with a revamped layout and new content. The design is still similar to the old site and by no means will this win any awards but it’s all up and running, so go and have a look at brentonparry.com.