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Shooting Clinton

Just over a week ago I photographed Clinton, who an old family friend had suggested I shoot when he moved to Sydney. We’ve met a couple of times since he moved to town recently and we got the shoot done fairly quickly. I have to admit that I didn’t really have a solid plan going into the shoot. The one idea I did have fell through as I couldn’t organise the props that I wanted in time. There are a few images that I’m happy with from the shoot but the majority of the shoot was for Clinton rather than for me and I believe he’s happy with the results.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that every shoot is good practice. In the editing process I’m constantly learning and trying new techniques that hopefully work well and end up with a result that I’m happy with.

Self absorbed?

On Friday I took a day’s leave from work and went to a photography workshop run by three young photographers. There were some great technical tricks in the workshop but what I wanted to get out of it was tips on how to improve my creativity and make better use of inspiration and challenge myself to take my images further.

One of the things that I got from all three photographers, David Talley, Rob Woodcox and Kiara Rose, as well as a few other photographers is that they’ve all done quite a lot of work in the realm of self portraits. I’ve spoken about doing some self portraits before but never got around to it. So yesterday with some spare time on my hands, out came the tripod and the camera. I was starting simple, using natural light in my house and a photoshop technique to replicate the old wet plate printing techniques of photography pioneers.

While I still find it confronting to look at photos of myself too much, it was an interesting exercise in trying to create good images rather than worrying about whether I look good or not. Taking selfies at the beach, and photos of my bare butt at the beach for instagram is very different to taking a real self portrait. Now that I’ve started simply, let’s see where I can go with it.

Ibiza is all kinds of naked

Dylan Rosser is one of the most successful photographers of the male body around and he’s just launched a kickstarter program to fund his new book. There are a few levels of donation and each one guarantees you a copy of the book Naked Ibiza, filled with stunning men from around the world wearing not a stitch of clothing and with no inhibitions. Looking at the teaser video it seems safe to assume that Ibiza is some kind of magical land that is stunning at every turn and exclusively populated with amazing men with the promise of mighty penises.

Dylan has already surpassed his kickstarter goal of £14,000 in just a matter of of days. The book will be available through Amazon and bookshops at a later date but if you want one sooner rather than later you’d better go along to this page and support the project!

NAKED IBIZA from Dylan Rosser on Vimeo.

The reluctant Prince

A couple of months ago I posted the photos of Mitch, the sexy beefy straight ginger boy that I photographed as a bit of a reluctant Prince. I always had the intention of recolouring the fabric that Mitch is draped in and yesterday I finally got around to doing that. The tone and colouring of the rest of the image was also tweaked to better suit the mood and I am really happy with the outcome. It was the first time Mitch had done a photo shoot and the poor thing was so nervous. Hopefully it won’t be his last as he’s got a gorgeous face and he’s a lovely guy with a great body. There will be definite pressure to pose for me again.

The frustration continues

Last weekend I submitted some photos to Dylan Rosser’s website Themaleform. I’ve had one model featured on there before but now, after they turned down the photos of this latest model I’ve photographed three guys for the site with only one successfully making the cut. They didn’t think his look was right for the site which I understand.

My frustration is not with the site at all but rather trying to find guys willing to shoot frontal. I understand people’s reluctance to do it because of the possibility of it hindering work opportunities etc but I’m quite stunned at how few Sydney guys are willing. Surely 99% of guys in this town, full of hot gym obsessed guys, aren’t aspiring to political careers or overwhelmingly shy?

I’m putting the call out. If anyone knows any guys in Sydney or nearby who have a great body and a great look and would be willing to shoot frontal, put them in touch. They don’t have to be gay guys but they have to be ok with being featured nude on a site aimed at gay men.

A bit of inspiration

Work today was a bit of a drag. There isn’t a lot of activity happening at the moment and there were a few people missing from the office for a variety of reasons. So today I spent quite a bit of time watching youtube videos on photography getting tips and tricks.

My personal photography has been a bit slow of late and I’m not sure of the direction I want to go but I do know I want to push myself. For some unknown reason I’ve had it in my head to work on one series from start to finish and haven’t given myself the freedom to play with a few different ideas at a time but that’s going to stop. I’ve got vague ideas for a few different things that I think will be fun and being personal work, I don’t have to put a timeline on any of them.

One of the videos I watched today was a behind the scenes video with Annie Leibovitz shooting for Moncler. Annie is a master at her craft and watching her work is inspiring. The budget on this campaign must have been enormous as I heard many years ago (about 12 years ago) that she commands $50,000 per day, has close to ten assistants and truckloads of equipment “just in case”. Take all that to Iceland for a shoot and this would have cost a fortune. Oh to have that kind of budget. Unfortunately though, having a client to please often means a lack of freedom.

Shameless self promotion

Last week I started a second Instagram account. My original account @aussiebrenton is doing nicely with nearly 3,500 followers but that is full of my own personal randomness and my arse at the beach. So I decided to start one specifically dedicated to my photography, @brentonparryphotography with the thought that it would provide a more professional impression and maybe lead to some commercial work and some sales of prints. At the moment I’m paying a monthly subscription to Shopify to sell prints but haven’t had any sales.

I haven’t mastered the art of timing all the posts to get maximum exposure yet but it’s nice seeing all the old work mixed up with the newer stuff. Feel free to go to the new instagram and click that follow button.

Never appropriate

There is a photographer that I’ve come across recently, who has been posting behind the scenes style videos on vimeo. In the videos he puts a GoPro camera on his head so that as the viewer, you are seeing his point of view. Sounds like a good idea and it could be, but as a photographer you are constantly turning your head to the side and moving around, looking up and looking down which makes for a very wobbly and seasick inducing video. That’s not my problem with what I’ve seen.

As a gay photographer you have to earn and keep the trust of the model. My last model had never done a photo shoot before and is a young straight guy, so if I’d been in any way inappropriate, he would have ended the photo shoot immediately, if not punched me in the face. Both would have been suitable options. I’ve heard lots of stories of photographers inappropriately touching models, or trying to with no regard to the model’s wishes or even sexuality.

In one of the videos the photographer has done some (terrible) bodypainting on the model and the video is obviously after the actual photo shoot. The model is in the shower getting the paint off but for some unknown reason the photographer, GoPro on his head filming, is washing the model… on the front. He even runs his hand blatantly over the genitals of the model. In another video he’s putting some kind of lotion on the model. That in itself isn’t unusual. Models are often oiled up or something for a bit of sheen but the photographer only puts it on the model’s butt, blatantly caressing his arse and nothing else. He even runs his hand very intimately up into the model’s butt crack.

Now I don’t know the actual reputation of this photographer or what any of these models thought of what was going on. Some models wouldn’t have the confidence to say no to something like that. Some may welcome it but I know that from watching his videos I would probably warn models about collaborating with him.

Aussielicious TV – Episode 3 from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Beau Book – Luke Austin

Luke Austin is a very talented photographer who used to be based in Sydney. He was photographing men, very beautifully here, having exhibitions and gaining quite a following of about 10,000 followers on Instagram. That’s a very good following. Deciding to capitalise on that, in 2013 Luke packed his bags and set off to travel the world photographing guys he’d met on Instagram. He was going “behind the filter” in his own words.

In an unusual twist, Luke stayed with all of the guys he was photographing, not paying for accommodation anywhere on his trip. Little did he know that on the very first stop on his tour, L.A. with the very first model, that his world was about to change. Marcus was the first guy Luke stayed with and to say they hit it off would be an understatement. They are now married and living in L.A. Luke did go on and photograph all the other guys and travel the world, just a little later than expected.

Sydney’s loss it seems, was the U.S’s gain. It could be argued that there is a much bigger pool of stunning men to choose from over there with a population so much bigger than Australia, but it would be a shame to lose him to the States forever. Maybe he’ll come back and photograph some more Aussie’s soon.

Beau Book is available now through Luke Austin Photo.

365 Smiles

Last year on my birthday I embarked on a challenge to Instagram a photo every day of something that makes me smile because I’d been going through a period where I was feeling grumpy and frustrated. The idea was to focus myself and force myself to find something that makes me smile in the everyday. When you’ve spent a very normal or frustrating day at work and nothing much has happened it’s not always easy.

Ironically last night I didn’t end up posting because I was getting cranky trying to put the video of the 365 images together. Finally I got it sorted and here it is. A lot of photos seem to be of glasses of wine, beer or inside pubs. Oops. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s because I was catching up with people who make me smile. Not entirely true but it sounds good. There are also lots of photos of my arse on the beach which as we know is where I’m happiest.

365 Smiles from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Nearly a decade…

In just over a month, Aussielicious turns 10 years old. That’s right, I’ve been writing all my nonsense for a decade. There have been many lessons learnt in that decade. Don’t respond to trolls, just block them. Don’t blog angry. Don’t blog about friends. Listen fully to people’s opinions, especially when they are different to your own, that’s when you’ll learn more.

There have been a bajillion penises on this blog, lots of them sent in by the peen owners themselves and I’m very grateful for that. Recently my own made an appearance and it hasn’t cause any problems other than one good mate saying he’s now a little timid to drop by and have a read. Every now and then I’ve contemplated putting an end to my blogging career and it will happen one day but there are no immediate plans. Blogging costs me nothing and has given me so many good memories and fantastic interactions over the years.

In honour of the decade I want to run a competition but not sure what I will do. So this post is all about taking your suggestions on what can be done. What I do know is what I will be giving away as the prize and it’s good. Worth $500, I have a large print of the above image of Matteo which is 60cm wide x 90cm high (2’x3′) and is beautifully printed on archival paper. So leave your suggestions in the comments on what kind of competition I could run. It has to be easy to do and fairly fast as there is only about 34 days before the tenth anniversary of Aussielicious hitting the internet.

The reluctant prince

This morning’s photo shoot was in danger of not happening. The weather here in Sydney has been wet the last few days and last night it was very wet so we set our alarms with the prospect of going back to bed if it was still raining. Thankfully the weather held off and we managed to get some good shots.

Mitch had never done a photo shoot before, let alone nude being photographed by a stranger. Thankfully his nerves weren’t so bad that he called it all off, instead doing everything I asked him to do and not freaking out. He was absolutely fantastic to work with. His girlfriend came along and helped ease his nerves but she was pushing to do some frontal which I had no intention of doing. The poor guy was nervous enough as it was without doing that. Besides, we’d had to wade through water to get to the location and it was a chilly morning and I doubt he would have agreed to it even if he wasn’t nervous. No one looks their most impressive after a dunking in cold water.

I’m toying with the idea of turning the cape/blanket thing into a deep rich red but I’m not sure if that will add to, or detract from the image. Who knows. There is no deadline for any of this and it’s for my own entertainment. The theme behind this shoot was that Mitch was supposed to be a reluctant prince. He had run off into the woods to escape his royal responsibilities and avoiding growing up. I’m toying with the sadness of having to grow up being the theme behind the next series… just toying with it.

Picking up the camera

It’s been a while since I’ve done a photoshoot of my own. At work I do quite a lot of photography but that’s mostly product photography and not wildly interesting. I haven’t done a proper photo shoot since I photographed the lovely Mikael in Copenhagen back in July. It’s hard to believe that was two months ago now.

Tomorrow I’m photographing a lovely straight guy early in the morning for what may or may not become a new series. The poor guy is quite nervous as he’s never done anything like this before but he puts a ridiculous amount of time into his body so he will look amazing. His biceps are about the size of my head. To keep him calm his girlfriend is coming along and she has a firecracker of a sense of humour which will be great on the shoot.

I’ve also told him that I’m hoping to get some footage of the shoot so I can put together a video to go with the photographs. That is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and I tried getting footage on the shoot with Nathan last summer but the footage was not good enough. Let’s hope I can do better tomorrow.

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Almost perfect

Anyone who does anything creative, whether it be fashion, photography, painting or even hair and makeup will know that you are influenced by people that have come before. It may be a vague inspiration or very obvious. One of my earliest influences with photography, or someone I admired a lot, was Herb Ritts. Herb has taken some iconic images that are being ripped off or replicated over and over. His approach to photographing the form was clean, simple and striking.

These images of Logan Swiecki Taylor for Rufskin seem heavily influenced in a great way by the late Herb Ritts. I’m not sure who the photographer is but they know what they are doing. The lighting is beautiful and Logan looks amazing. Of course, this joins the ranks of beautiful imagery created to promote a fashion label that actually features none of the fashion but I’m completely on board with that.

There are actually a couple of little details that have been missed in editing the photos which I would have been shredded for if I’d done them at work, even if a lot of people wouldn’t even notice them. For me it doesn’t affect the outcome. The images and the model look amazing.

Aussielicious Interview – John Bortolin, Photographer

It’s time to bring you another interview. This time it’s photographer John Bortolin who is the man behind the boo, Manscapes which I’ve posted about here and here. I’m always curious about the techniques of other photographers and how they source their models etc so I thought I’d ask.

How and when did you first get into photography?
I was 16 years old. I was influenced by my grandfather as he loved photography. I choose it as a subject in yr 11 and 12 during high school. 
After finishing year 12 I studied at QLD College of Art in Brisbane and did an Associate Diploma in Photography.

When did you shoot your first male nude?

My first nude shoot was back at art college when I was 18. One of our assignments was to shoot a nude. I chose and athletic guy that was a couple of years ahead of me at school.
We shot is in a forest at Rotary Park in Lismore. I shot him in from of a big Fig Tree trunk. I’d like to go back to revisit that location and do another shoot.

How did you work up the courage to ask all these gorgeous straight men to model for you?
It was hard at first. I approached one of my friends whom I used to practice fashion photography with. I finally worked up the courage
to ask him and he agreed. I used those pictures to show other guys what I was looking for and they saw the results and wanted similar style pictures of themselves. 
I then did some facebook posts looking for models for my Manscape project and it snowballed from there.

What is their reaction like when you approach them to do a nude shoot?

They are a little sceptical at first. Sometimes I ease them into it by asking to do a shoot and work my way around to the nudity question. As my folio grew I got more confidence
 and I was more direct asking if they would do nude straight up. Showing them my work made it easier. In the end they will get some great pictures of themselves and they are very happy with the results. 
I also was very determined to get my quota of models for my book so whenever I was afraid to ask someone I just kept thinking of my goal and that gave me the confidence to ask. I had a lot of rejections as 
nudity isn’t for everyone and I respected their choice.

You’ve said you are planning more books in the Manscapes series. Will they be similar or will the be some kind of evolution?
I plan to do a series of Manscape Books. The first book giving me the platform to continue and evolve my manscape series. With my next book I’d like to travel around to the beautiful urban and landscape scenes of Australia  
and shoot local men naked amongst their local landscape area. eg: Ayers Rock, Jenolan caves in the Blue Mountains, Great Ocean Rd in Victoria, Sydney Harbour Bridge and so on resulting in Manscapes Australia. I’d also like to Manscape 
myself around the world spending time in different countries and create a Manscape book photographed in each country eg. Manscapes London, Manscapes New York.

Did you approach publishers for Manscapes or was the intention always to self  publish?
I had a friend whom had published several cook books. She was originally going to publish and help promote it for me. Although that didn’t eventuate she guided me and I ended up self funding and publishing the book by myself.

What’s the ultimate goal for your photography?

My ultimate goal with my photography is to Manscape myself around the world producing a series of books from each country. I would also love to photograph same sex weddings around Australia and in different countries as well. 
I’ve already photographed same sex ceremonies here in the Byron Bay region but unfortunately its not legalised yet. I’ve photographed a lot of heterosexual weddings but its always so refreshing to photograph a same sex couple. 
It puts a big smile on my face to see one of my own kind expressing their love for each other in public.

Where do we get to see the behind the scenes videos?
At this stage there are no behind the scenes videos but I do have a plan to make a book trailer to advertise Manscapes featuring the images from the shoots. I may even put together a teaser video of the behind the scene images 
of the entire shoot. It’s something I’ve been playing with for a while. I’ve had a few attempts at it on my own but I don’t have much knowledge on the video editing.