My Man Crush Monday!

Last week I was watching a photography challenge on Canon’s Youtube page and the guest judges were travel photography gurus and brothers, the Jauncey brothers. They have amassed a following of millions on their instagram page @beautifuldestinations and individually have hundreds of thousands of followers for their own accounts. One of the brothers in particular, Jeremy made me feel a tingle in my special places. This is a fine example.. Read More

Laughs and crafts

Yesterday morning I hauled my butt out of bed at 5.30 for a photo shoot with two guys that I’d been chatting to on model mayhem about collaborating. David, the less shy one of the two in the photos, is an artist working on his Masters in Art who is originally from Perth. He does a lot of beautiful photography himself (@davidcharlescollins on Instagram) and he decided he wanted to.. Read More

Another day, another shoot

Tomorrow morning getting up at a stupid hour of the morning for a photo shoot. It’s another shoot with some paper/cardboard props. This time I’m shooting two young beautiful guys with cardboard swords and possibly paper hats almost like they are two young kids that are playing pirates near the water. I’ve somehow managed to get a friend to get up at a that ridiculous hour to come and film.. Read More

He’s on my list

Tom Woodson… that is the name you might want to go and google. Be careful though there are a couple of people with that name and this guy is the only one you want to see so you might want to adjust that google search by adding the word nude. Tom is a 43 year old model from Cologne in Germany. He’s modelled for pretty much all the good male.. Read More

It’s time to get WET!

Dylan Rosser is at the top of the heap when it comes to male figure photographers. It’s a tough business and to be able to make a living from it is a huge achievement. Following on from the success of his Naked Ibiza book, he’s creating another book simply titled WET. It’s already been successfully funded on Kickstarter but you can still order your book by contributing to the project… Read More

#Foodporn is coming

As I mentioned the other day, Joel Devereux has announced the dates and venue for his #Foodporn series. This was a series that I was going to be photographed for but, kinda thankfully, it didn’t happen. I would have really enjoyed being a part of the series but I don’t think my body would have stood up next to the bodies of the other guys that I’ve seen. Starting on.. Read More

I wonder

Friend and fellow photographer Joel Devereux has just announced the dates and venue for his glorious #FOODPORN exhibition. At one stage I was going to be photographed for it but in the end that photo shoot didn’t happen, probably for the benefit of the ultimate exhibition. The announcement of his exhibition got me thinking about if and when I will have another gallery exhibition. Given that I had a gallery.. Read More

Shooting Philippe!

Several weeks ago I was put in touch with a Ukrainian model who was in town and looking to do some shoots while he was in town. That was all accelerated last week when he decided that while he sorts out a more suitable visa for Australia, that he’ll be leaving town for several months. He chased me up and asked if we could squeeze in a shoot before he.. Read More

Inside The Box

Now that just about every person effectively has a camera in their hand or their pocket every waking moment of their lives in the form of their phone, the world is being flooded with imagery all the time. Some of it stunning, lots of it not. A little while ago I read a statement that said, since the invention of the iphone there are now more photographs taken every day.. Read More

So immensely proud

A couple of months ago I annoyed the hell out of you all by constantly posting about the #barenakedtruth project but I’ve given you a bit of a rest so it’s time. The response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though having a nude photo of a friend they’ve not seen in that light popping up on Facebook has been a bit of a surprise people have been.. Read More

But… WHY?

Today a fellow photographer posted a warning on Facebook about someone who is very routinely stealing other photographer’s photos and using them on image sites as his own. Unfortunately he’s not very smart about it even taking a photo from a Facebook group for Melbourne Photographers and then posting it in the same group asking for comments and feedback. Obviously when you are that level of stupid, you get caught… Read More

Shooting David

This weekend, after unwisely cancelling a photo shoot due to weather on Saturday, I had another shoot on Sunday morning. This time with a young guy I’d met online through another model of mine. David is a guy in his mid twenties who has a real Hollywood leading man, classic look about him. Not only does he have a great face but the body is absolutely beautiful. Those of you.. Read More

The wrong decision

This morning I was supposed to do a photo shoot in the National Park about 45 minutes south of where I live. A guy I’ve met through Instagram is a fellow nudie and I think he’s very good looking so we were going to go and have a bit of a nude hike that he’s done before and do a photo shoot with him in the waterhole/waterfall there. At 6.20.. Read More

Andrew’s Paper Kites

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew again. Not all the aspects of the photo shoot went to plan and while I’m happy with some of the photos it’s not my favourite photo shoot of late. The paper kites that I made for the shoot didn’t fly the way I expected so poor Andrew was trying to model while wrestling with the erratic flying of my craftsmanship.. Read More

It’s over to you

Nearly a month ago I posted that as part of learning to accept the aging process and grow more content with my body, I was going to do a creative self portrait photo once a month for a while. Well, four weeks later and I haven’t made a start. I haven’t changed my mind at all but there has been a snag. I’m completely devoid of ideas. Life has been.. Read More