Colour me stunned!

Last night I submitted photos of Laria (above) to Themaleform, a website I’ve had a model on before and struggled to find willing models for. It would seem that not only do I have to find models willing to pose frontal and erect, I have to make sure they are the right colour too. This post is in NO WAY criticising Dylan who runs the site. He’s just making decisions.. Read More

A nice change

On Sunday last weekend I photographed the lovely Laria again. This time we got more bold shooting some nude, erect frontals for It’s a very different photo shoot asking someone to get hard for a camera. There are new levels of diplomacy to be used compared to even a regular nude (non-frontal) shoot. You have someone who is very vulnerable, no matter how confident they are, and they pretty.. Read More

Let’s see how we go

A few weeks ago I photographed Laria and this weekend I’m photographing him again. This time I’m shooting him to submit to themaleform. I’ve posted a few times in the past few years about the struggle to find guys willing to pose full frontal here in Sydney. Posing for themaleform is another step up requiring frontal and erect. Thankfully Laria is not shy at all and wants to push it.. Read More

Instalicious – Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson is a model and photographer and I believe actor as well. He’s based in New York and is prone to wandering around looking sexy as hell. He also seems to be quite comfortable nude. Bless. If you do a search on tumblr for Daniel Robinson you’ll also see that he’s bordering on unrecognisable without his beard. A lot of Daniel’s images are self portraits. He’s a talented boy… Read More

Another fun shoot

A few weeks ago a guy got in touch on Instagram and offered to model for me. Laria is former U.S. Military and now living with his wife here in Sydney. He’s done a bit of modelling from time to time and loves the process. Of course, looking like he does I jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. He is in amazing shape and is very comfortable in.. Read More

Shooting Stephane & Ben

Two weeks ago, the day after I photographed Tim, I got up at 6am on a Sunday morning to go and do another shoot. Stephane and I had met up to talk about doing a shoot several months earlier but I had procrastinated on finding a location. Eventually I just said let’s do it and I know of a spot that will work. So I picked up Stephane and his.. Read More

Could I dare to try?

Last week on Facebook I shared a link to a set of photos of a hot Viking looking model. We all know that after going to Copenhagen last year I’m a little obsessed with Scandinavian Viking men. Tim that I photographed last week and Mikael whom I photographed in Copenhagen both commented that I should go back over and shoot the two of them as Vikings. Then I made a.. Read More

Creative juices…

After doing two photo shoots on the weekend that I feel very pleased with, I can feel my creative juices stirring again. I’ve reached out to a couple of guys that I want to photograph and one or two others have reached out to me. That always feels nice when someone sees my work and wants to work together. The timing isn’t great as summer has all of a sudden.. Read More

Not in my eyes

When my Art Director at work found out I’d done a couple of photo shoots over the weekend he asked what I was shooting and said “Was it more of your sexual stuff?” He thinks that the image above and all of my other photography is quite sexual. Really? I would have to disagree. His reasoning is that because a nude figure, whether male or female is the focus and.. Read More

16,000km for a collaboration

Tim is an Aussie guy who lives in Malmo, Sweden. A few years ago he started offering to pose for photographers just as a creative outlet. He doesn’t paint, sing, draw, photograph or dance so he thought why not? Why not indeed? It’s a great approach to have. Tim and I have been chatting on Instagram for a year or more and last year when I visited Copenhagen, Denmark he.. Read More

Dancing in the Dark

Jordan Matter is a photographer who has a long history of dance photography. Some time about a year ago, Jordan took to the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn photographing nude dancers, gymnasts and acrobats in the middle of the street, hanging off the side of buildings and all over the place. This video shows the night he photographed three different guys with different skills and the fun they had doing it… Read More

A fun surprise

Out of the blue in the last week or so a bunch of guys in a male strip troupe have individually started following my photography instagram account. Their collective account has followed me as well. Unfortunately they are all based in Melbourne. Hot muscular straight men who are happy taking off their clothes seems like something I would love to be photographing more of. I’m not actually sure of why.. Read More

So bitter, so jaded.

That headline isn’t about me, just to clarify. The other night I was having a conversation on scruff with potential shag. He found out I do a bit of photography so he went to look at my photos and came back saying he knew of most of my models. That’s fairly logical. Most of them are Sydney guys and Sydney isn’t that big of a gay scene. It’s what happened.. Read More

Les Farfadais by David Vance

Stephane Haffner is an aerialist that has appeared on the pages of Aussielicious before. Last year Stephane and his performance company Les Farfadais performed on Italy’s Got Talent and after their performance Stephane got on bended knee and proposed to his partner Kyle Kier. Kyle and Stephane have posed a couple of times for the very talented David Vance and this series is just as beautiful as the others. Lots.. Read More

I need to sit down

A friend posted this photo of a beautiful, if battered old armchair on his Instagram a few weeks ago. It was a bit of an “ah-ha” moment as Oprah would say. There has been an idea for an ongoing series of photographs germinating in my head that I needed a chair for and this chair is perfect. Sadly, this chair is not entirely real. My friend took a photo of.. Read More