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Shooting Marty

A couple of weeks ago I worked with Marty again. Marty was one of the guys in my Tribe series painted in white clay who I photographed with Greg, also recently featured on the blog. Marty is a very talented swimmer who has just landed a swimwear sponsorship with XWear. So we decided to do a shoot so he had some images to send to the owner of the brand who seems to be happy with how Marty looks in his gear. Marty is a cheeky young guy with, as you can see, a great body and a very perky bum. Thankfully he’s more than willing to show it off from time to time.

We did the shoot on a cliff where I’ve done a couple of other shoots over the past couple of years and the morning we did the shoot, it had been raining so the cloud cover diffused the morning light beautifully. For the time being I’m limited to outdoor or natural light shoots as I no longer have a studio to work in but that’s fine. I’m having fun pushing myself to take good photos with little or no control.

No luck this time

I submitted the photos of Greg to DNA on the weekend and sadly they didn’t feel that he was the right fit for the magazine. It’s a shame as I thought we had a real shot. Greg is gorgeous. I feel bad because I feel like I got Greg’s hopes up and have let him down. He was aware that there were no guarantees when we did the shoot.

It’s got me thinking, after my post the other night about doing more retouching than I normally do because it was a shot at a commercial publication, just how beautiful does someone have to be? They certainly didn’t say Greg wasn’t hot enough. He just didn’t have the right look for them. So now my hunt continues for someone to shoot and hopefully land the cover. The editor of DNA did say that my photography was good. The he was happy with composition and lighting etc and I just need to get the right model that suits them.

If anyone out there is in or near Sydney or is planning on visiting then get in touch. If anyone knows any stunning guys that would be up for it, send them my way. I’m off to trawl my friends list on facebook, and their friends lists.

Is it really necessary?

A while ago I mentioned that I had done a photo shoot with a guy I know in an attempt to get him on the cover of DNA. This guy is gorgeous and I’ve just been doing the editing and retouching on the shots to submit to the magazine. A lot of retouching is just minor adjustments to issues with the photography like lighting, contrast etc but when you are submitting to a magazine there is a whole other world of retouching that happens. Generally with my photography I don’t like to do a lot of photography. People look the way they look and the slight flaws make people human. Obviously I shoot beautiful guys so it’s easy but this morning I’ve found myself removing scars and moles, shading in abs and doing a lot more vanity retouching than I usually would.

While I know I am helping to perpetuate the problem by doing this, I am also struggling with it. It’s no wonder that teenage boys are obsessively going to the gym, using steroids in larger number than ever before and ending up with a completely warped body image. Social media and the mainstream media have built up a perception of what it takes to be “beautiful.” If I’d had my way while retouching these shots I would have left the scars and the moles. The scars tell a story of a medical history that very few people know about and moles are just a part of life.

Let’s see what DNA says. Fingers crossed.

The images above are all shots I’ve taken of beautiful guys and done almost no retouching on apart from colour/lighting etc.

I’ve made sales!

In a fantastic first week of the Tribe images being out in the world officially, I’ve already made a few sales. Seven prints have been ordered from here in Sydney, from California, the UK and up north in Queensland. After the fairly lacklustre response to my Freedom exhibition in terms of sales, it’s been great to have such a positive start to TRIBE. With no overheads for the exhibition because it was online, I am not struggling to break even.

The most popular image so far in the series has been “Joshua 1″ which is the central image above. I’ve sold one large and two smaller prints of that already. “Joe 1″ on the right above has been popular too with an order for a large print and an order for a small. It’s always interesting to see which of the images people respond to. I love it.

Tribe is live!

This morning, after a restless night dreaming that I’d missed the start of the exhibition and nerves keeping me awake, I spent a really fun two hours sending the Tribe images out into the world via twitter.

A friend insisted that to have a proper exhibition launch I needed champagne. So he and his boyfriend had a champagne breakfast twitter exhibition party for me. There were four of us sitting around laughing and chatting as I uploaded the images one by one to twitter. They would retweet or favourite the images and comment on them. A couple of them needed a quick lesson in how to use twitter but it was a really lovely way to do it. If it hadn’t been for them I’d have been sitting at my computer at 7am this morning alone tweeting with much less merriment.

It was a really interesting way to launch a photographic series and I had some fantastic support from people in Brazil, Germany and France as well as lots of friends here giving me some twitter love.

My website is now updated with the images on there. I’m looking into the best options for an online store addition to my website but for now any purchase requests will have to be via email. The images are available in two sizes. The larger size is 30cm x 45cm (11.8″ x 17.7″) and each image is limited to 5 prints, all signed and hand numbered printed on beautiful Canson 310gsm Baryta Photographique Paper for $300. For the first time I’m also offering a smaller size of 21cm x 30cm (8.3″ x 11.8″) with each image limited to 10 prints, signed and numbered on the same Canson paper for $95.¬† The smaller option offers people to purchase all three images of a model.

For those of you that joined in the twitter conversation this morning, thank you very much for your support. It’s greatly appreciated. If you haven’t seen all the images yet, visit brentonparry.com

Brenton Parry Tribe is this weekend!

My third solo exhibition is this coming weekend and everyone, around the world who wants to be a part of it, can be. This exhibition isn’t going to be in a physical gallery. Tribe will be held on Twitter. On Sunday morning at 7am Sydney time log in to twitter and follow the #brentonparrytribe conversation. There are 33 images from 11 shoots featuring 12 different beautiful men who were kind enough to share their time and bodies for my photography. They put up with being painted and posed for my art.

One of the models who is featured in this Tribe series is the late Fabien Ardoin, a 23 year old French model and engineering student who tragically passed away in an accident in June 2014. I only met Fabien on the day that we worked together on the shoot but he was a lovely guy, very generous and enthusiastic. The shots are some of my favourites for the series. Fabien is the model on the right, painted red.

With this Tribe series I didn’t want to directly reference any specific tribes or cultures but use them as an inspiration to explore the different “tribes” within society and specifically the gay community. With subcultures always appearing and evolving it felt natural to explore that.

If you want to know what time to log in to the conversation, use The World Clock. It will tell you what time it is currently and let you know the different times around the world at that time as well. If I can raise money and find a venue, this exhibition might become a physical exhibition one day.

So much shooting

I’ve just spent a very nice relaxed naked day in the sunshine down in the National Park at the nude beach down there with a friend doing a photo shoot. It’s the first time I’ve been nude for an entire shoot. There have been other shoots that I’ve ended up stripping off to get in the water for a swim or to do part of the shoot but today we were nude the whole time. It was a friend that I’ve been nude around before so there was no awkwardness at all.

Today’s shoot makes four photo shoots that I need to do the editing on. One was a commissioned photo shoot, one is the wedding which is a very daunting but fun task. Last weekends shoot which is the hopeful shoot for DNA and now today’s. At least today’s was just for fun and I have no specific goal for it or deadline.

The wedding shoot has just under 1,000 images to sort and edit. There is also the task of double checking the images for the Tribe exhibition which is happening on twitter in two weeks time. I’m going to be a busy boy at work and after hours it would seem. That’s good. It keeps me entertained and let’s face it, the guys are ridiculously hot.

Tribe is coming!

After starting photographing this series in July 2013 and doing the last shoot in October last year, Tribe is ready to happen. As I’ve said previously, the option of printing and framing and doing a traditional gallery exhibition just wasn’t available to me this time around. It’s just too expensive. This forced me to get creative and in just over a month, #brentonparrytribe will be launched as a live twitter conversation over the space of a couple of hours.

Lots of artists and photographers show their work online and some traditional galleries now sell more of their work online than they do in their physical gallery. So why not have a twitter conversation and release Tribe to the world? The logistics of being on the other side of the world to the majority of the world and the people that read this blog means that timing had to be carefully thought out.

At 7am Sydney time on Sunday 12th April, it will be 11pm Saturday in Berlin, 9pm Saturday in London, 5pm Saturday on the U.S. East Coast and 2pm Saturday on the U.S. West Coast. That’s a whole lot of different time zones encompassed and I realise that 7am on a Sunday isn’t ideal for those people in Sydney but it’s the best I could do. I’m looking forward to sharing the final images with everyone.

Stunningly preserved

Blake Little is a photographer that has caused me to get lots of comments and messages online of late. We’ve never been in touch but because he seems to have a tendency to cover his models in honey, at least for this series called Preservation, everyone thought I should enjoy his work. The name came from the look that the models take on when covered in gallons of honey, like they’ve been encased or preserved in Amber. Blake has photographed a wide variety of models drenched in honey, 900 bottles I believe. The models included a 1 year old and a dog. They are beautiful photos, enjoy.

Chatting to the right people

In the past month or so I’ve decided that I really should be trying to make more of my photography. There have already been a couple of paid photo shoots in the past few weeks but I didn’t charge enough for those so the rate will be going up a bit to factor in all the time that needs to be spent after the shoot, downloading, adjusting and retouching.

Yesterday I was at the Ross Watson exhibition opening enjoying his beautiful artworks when I spotted Andrew Creagh, the editor of DNA Magazine. I’ve met Andrew a few times before and he’s lovely. He runs a tight ship over at DNA and I wanted to get a word with him beyond just social chit chat. Having my photography on the cover of DNA has been on my list for a while now and I wanted to get his advice. We discussed how far in advance he likes to book in photographers/shoots for the cover, what he needs from a cover and what kind of guys sell covers. Of course Andrew made no promises but he was very helpful and was keen to see if we could find a suitable model for me to work with and see what we come up with.

I like it when people who are in a position of power take their time to give advice to people that need it. With a magazine like DNA it makes sense to nurture new faces and names to get some fresh ideas into the magazine, so he benefits as well. Let’s see what happens.

Picking up the camera

It’s been nearly three months since I have done a photo shoot and that’s a bit slack on my part. The last shoot was with Johnnie above shot at a location called Gordon’s Bay in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

This coming Saturday I’ll be picking up the camera again for a paid job. I’m not sure I’ll be able to share any of the shots as it’s for a client and it isn’t for me to share them. The client is ridiculously hot though so if there is a way for me to share them I will.

A couple of weeks later I’ll be doing another paid job. That one is another private job. The client is someone I met a couple of months ago doing a photography favour for a friend and he saw my work and liked it and is commissioning me to do some artistic portraits of him before his 50th birthday. He said he’d been wanting something a bit different to standard professional portraits that you might get at one of those studios that charge a fortune and aren’t very creative. I hope I come up with some great shots but I believe we are both on the same page in regards to what we are trying to achieve.

Well that’s disappointing.

On the weekend I hear a story about a fairly well known photographer of naked men and how a model had a bad experience with him. Sadly it’s not the first story of it’s kind that I’ve heard about a gay photographer here in Sydney, nor the first about this particular photographer. The stories differ from photographer to photographer and model to model. Sometimes you hear of a photographer touching a model inappropriately or getting sexual or in the case that I heard about on the weekend, making the model feel really uncomfortable.

All photographers develop a way of getting the most out of a model. When I’m trying to make someone smile naturally I try and crack a joke and if I want a cheeky/naughty smile I might make a dirty joke or ask them to think of something a bit naughty. Being a model is partly like being an actor. To be convincing you need to be thinking of something to get the right emotion on your face. In the past I’ve heard of photographers getting quite aggressive verbally with their model to try and get an angry look but pissing a model off is never going to produce good results.

It’s also important to have a model’s trust. There have been a few instances in the past year where models have withdrawn permission for photos to be released or asked for some edits to be done. I now have a clause on my release forms that implicitly s either allows or denies permission to use frontal imagery. I don’t want angry models coming after me if I use a shot that shows more than they are comfortable with. Sadly I’ve heard of several photographers not respecting that wish. It is as much for my own benefit as theirs for me to respect their boundaries. Not many models are going to want to shoot with me if I get on the bad side of everyone I shoot.

The definition of insanity

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.

When you see people doing the same thing over and over again and not succeeding it can be equal parts frustrating and amusing. On model mayhem, a networking site for models, photographer and makeup artists they have a Photo of the Day competition. There is the general one, the adult only women category and the adult only men category which features nudes. The contributors quite often consist of the same photographers and models fairly regularly.

The competitions are voted by members of the site and I guess a win is a vote of confidence from your peers but as I’ve posted before, people are blinded by a big cock and often don’t vote for the most creative, beautiful or skilful photo. There are also a number of the contributors that have submitted the same photos over and over again for the past couple of years but they never do very well.

If your photos don’t do well in the competition wouldn’t you try different photos? If they are neither beautiful nor horny maybe aim for one of those? Surely it would benefit your photography to see that people aren’t responding to what you are doing and change it up a bit?
Clearly I’ve selected examples of GOOD male nude photography for this post.

Now showing!

Last night in Melbourne the group exhibition Company of Men opened to large crowds and for at least one of the 21 artists, lots of sales. Sadly that wasn’t me. There are a very diverse range of artists with painting, prints, photography and some 3D artwork on display all featuring male flesh and sexuality as their theme. The lovely and raunchy Rogan Richards did another wild performance in “The Pit” at the gallery.

Unfortunately I am in Sydney so couldn’t be there but my works are up on the walls featuring the lovely Greg and Kane who let me throw a sheet and water all over them. When you present work for viewing you have to tell people what your inspiration was and what you are trying to say. Quite often I have no idea. With my Shrouded exhibition I didn’t really realise that I was exploring my insecurities with hiding behind things until I was about half way through the series. When it came to working out what I was trying to say with this series of six images once again it wasn’t immediately obvious.

The statement that I sent with these images was this. “A lot of my previous work has explored the face that we present to the rest of the world and how we hide our own insecurities or flaws behind a kind of mask to go through life. With this series I wanted to flip that and explore the perceptions from the outside of a relationship and the assumptions we make about people’s relationships and how they live within them. By hiding a couple underneath a wet sheet we get a distorted view of what’s happening in the sheets without really knowing. Unless both people (or all the people) in a relationship tell you how their sex life is run, then are only working on assumptions or your perception of it from the outside.

Company of Men runs at Brightspace Gallery, St Kilda until February 7.

Soaking in beauty

Instagram has become quite a playground for discovering talent for me lately both the eye candy and the photography variety. There is a model I started following a while back who poses for painters and photographers and following one of his links I stumbled across a photographer called Tate Tullier. He is working on an ongoing series called Tub Time With Tate and anyone is eligible to model for the series. If you are going to cross paths with Tate and you are willing to get nude and wet and sign over the rights to the image, you are in.

The series has a beautiful array of gorgeous people in various bathtubs in a few different cities in the U.S. and they are absolutely beautiful and intimate. For me, being in water whether it’s the ocean, a shower or a bathtub is a relaxing experience and even though there are some familiar faces on the website, they are unlike any other photos of that person. Maybe it’s the relaxing familiarity of bathing that inspires everyone to let down their guard. None of the photos are full frontal but they show a vulnerability in their subject.

If I was anywhere near Tate I would put my hand up in a flash.