It’s over to you

Nearly a month ago I posted that as part of learning to accept the aging process and grow more content with my body, I was going to do a creative self portrait photo once a month for a while. Well, four weeks later and I haven’t made a start. I haven’t changed my mind at all but there has been a snag. I’m completely devoid of ideas. Life has been.. Read More

Paper whimsy

This weekend I’m doing a second photoshoot with Andrew. Last time I photographed Andrew was in the studio and we did two different setups, with silvery fabric and another with red powder. This time we are heading outside and continuing a vague theme I’ve been playing with, paper and whimsy. Sometimes I think it’s sad that adults get caught up in the tedious day to day and forget how to.. Read More

A bit sad

One of the sub-groups that I really wanted to photograph for the #barenakedtruth project was gay families. One guy I know expressed an interest in joining in the project but ultimately he did not but when he said maybe I thought he and his husband would be great. We did photograph several couples and they were some of the most rewarding for me. Seeing that genuine affection and connection was.. Read More

Selfie therapy

The #barenakedtruth project was a fantastic exercise in body image and accepting yourself. Sadly it would seem I didn’t get the memo. The 99 other people dived into the project with an open mind even though some of them have been completely at odds with their own bodies since birth and others wear their scars or stretch marks with pride. On Saturday morning before the first of the volunteer models.. Read More

And that’s a wrap

After five long days of shooting, the #barenakedtruth project is finished the photography stage. Yesterday was a day that threw some curve balls at us. Josh that is the instigator and driving force behind the project was feeling ill yesterday and that developed into some very concerning chest pains so he spent the vast majority of the day in hospital being checked up. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anything.. Read More

Hands off

As a photographer, when I deliver the final product to the client or, for my own creative work it is the final product. During a shoot of an hour or so I will take about 300 images. Then I will select the ones that I think are the best and begin the editing process. Sometimes that means lots and lots of work, adjusting colours, bringing out more details, reducing others.. Read More

What a weekend

This weekend I began shooting for the #barenakedtruth project. Prior to this I had photographed exactly one nude woman several years ago. There were a couple of other pregnant women that went topless but nude, the tally was one. In the space of one weekend I have now taken that tally up by several. I’ve also added a few members of the trans community to that list as well and.. Read More

More of Andrew

Last weekend’s shoot with Andrew was a photo shoot in two parts. The first part with the billowing shiny fabric I posted earlier in the week. The second half was a bit like a more boldly coloured throwback to my Tribe series or even the Shrouded series. I ordered some coloured powder online which turned out to be a hell of a lot more bold in colour than anticipated. It.. Read More

A realisation

Today I was watching a youtube tutorial on photography and as one does in youtube land, I followed link after link. After a while I was watching a video by a photographer talking about 8 things to know when you are ready to make money from photography. One thing he said was to just have confidence. Now confidence has been my achilles heel for some time now but listening to.. Read More

Shooting Andrew

As I posted last week, today was the day to shoot Andrew (Aquabluemodel on Instagram). We had a really relaxed and fun shoot and I think collaborated really well together. The first setup is this one that I’m showing you today. I had bought some silver fabric that when it was just hanging there looked super camp but when I had the industrial fan behind it and the lovely Andrew.. Read More

Inspirational talent.

We have all spent time looking for how to do something on youtube. These days you can find instructions for whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Along with that comes a lot of people who think they can teach but probably shouldn’t. I’ve given up on many tutorials because the person presenting is just awful and boring to listen to. Lately I’ve been watching lots and lots and.. Read More

Instalicious – Aquabluemodel

A month or two ago, a friend who lives interstate put me in touch with a friend of his on Instagram. Andrew, aka Aquabluemodel also lives interstate but travels for work quite a bit. My friend thought that we should collaborate on a photo shoot so last time he was up we caught up for a drink to meet, get a vibe of each other and discuss ideas. Andrew has.. Read More

Beautiful self portraits

When I find an image I like somewhere I try and figure out who the model and the photographer is. Sometimes they are the same person. This week I came across the image above on Tumblr and very thoughtfully whoever had posted it had posted a caption telling me that it was a self portrait by Nick Turner. That image in particular was attractive because it’s a hot body, nude.. Read More

What’s your Bare Naked Truth?

You can’t hate someone when you know your story. That’s the premise behind #Barenakedtruth, a photography project I have agreed to be a part of. Over four days in July I will be photographing up to 100 nude portraits of members of the LGBTIQ+ community and we are hoping that we will get a very diverse group of people who identify somewhere along that rainbow spectrum. After the tragedy in.. Read More

A big step

Something I’ve been considering for a while now is taking up some wedding photography. After the privilege of shooting the wedding of my dear friends last year and how well the photos were received it’s been a growing idea in my head of late. With a car that needs replacing and a European adventure to save for it makes financial sense as well as the magic of being part of.. Read More