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Would it work?

A lot of friends have started asking about when my next exhibition is going to be. To be honest I have no idea. The last exhibition “Freedom” didn’t sell very well and putting on an exhibition is a costly exercise. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have AussieBum sponsor both Shrouded and Freedom exhibitions which helped enormously with covering costs but an exhibition is an expensive endeavour to put on. The total cost of putting on that last one was about $4,000 including printing, framing, gallery hire and the costs associated with having an opening night.

One way I had thought of doing it was to start a kickstarter or similar crowd sourced project with varying levels of support garnering different benefits. This time around I’m toying with the idea of having one large image (60cm x 90cm) and 2 or 3 smaller images (20cm x 30cm) from each of the shoots and each image would be available in a limited number in either size. If someone paid $500 (for example) they would receive a large signed, limited print of their choice from the exhibition or if they paid $100 they would get a signed, limted print at the smaller size of their choice.

The draw back would be that the people donating the money, or effectively buying a print, wouldn’t receive their piece until some time after donating. I’m just not sure I can afford to outlay all the money to hold an exhibition again and not cover my expenses.

So many hits!

Fourteen months ago I uploaded a video trailer for my photography book Aussielicious Men to vimeo. I can’t believe that it’s had over 94,000 hits! That’s so awesome. It still averages over 100 hits per day. The book hasn’t sold many copies at all on blurb but that’s ok. It was a book that I felt that I needed to put together for myself as much as anything. It was never a money making venture that’s for sure. If I’d been planning on getting rich from it I’d be sorely disappointed by now. I wonder if we can get it up to 100,000 views? Feel free to share it.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

More nude Olympians

Every year ESPN releases a Body Issue full of nude athletes and this year is no exception. Any time you get a talented photographer taking photos of celebrities you are usually set for an interesting result. When those celebrities are nude athletes in prime physical condition then the results will be something that should be on a gallery wall. Michael Phelps joins the ranks this year and boy does he have a tanline. Also featured is Aussie sailor Jimmy Spithill on the far left. I can’t find who the photographer was on this edition. I assumed at first that it was Annie Leibovitz but watching a couple of the behind the scenes videos on the ESPN site, it’s a guy that I don’t know.

I don’t know who a lot of the athletes are but Giancarlo Stanton, who apparently plays baseball for the Miami Marlins looks so sculpted on the cover. I swear, you can’t go wrong with adding water to a beautiful body. Shiny goodness. The basketball player in the middle looks fantastic. Firstly he’s a beautiful guy with an absolutely rocking body but his image is saturated in beautiful delicious colours and lighting that is perfection.

Congratulations Peter!

After the initial round of voting and now a tie-breaker round of voting we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Peter who sent in this adorable photo of himself smooching his boyfriend on for the Portrait photography challenge. Peter will receive a print of Allan’s winning movement challenge photo from the last challenge as his prize. There were some stunning shots in this challenge so thank you to everyone who took part. Give me a couple of months to come up with another theme and we’ll have another challenge.

Time for a Tiebreaker!

Well the voting has closed on the Portrait Challenge and we have a tie! So now we need to vote again but this time just between the two portraits that both received 31 votes (13%). The two portraits are the images featured above. On the left is Peter’s Portrait of a Kiss and on the right is Ali’s portrait of Paul. Voting closes on Friday Sydney time to resolve this deadlock. Congratulations to the two entries and to everyone that entered. Let’s see who is the favourite!

Which Portrait should win?

  • Peter's portrait of a kiss (65%, 188 Votes)
  • Ali's portrait of Paul (35%, 100 Votes)

Total Voters: 288

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Climbed the Ranks

Brisbane based photographer Ali Choudry is working on a photographic series that is all about physical success. He’s photographing elite athletes and performers and capturing their physicality and beauty. Photographed above is Jake Eve, a skipper of all things and it looks like he’s a lot better at it than me, Travis Scott the talented and popular male pole dancer and Olympic Medallist Diver Matthew Helm. If you are an elite athlete or performer in or around Brisbane email me and I can forward details on to Ali. I never get tired of photos of people who are so attuned to their physicality.


Anthony McGovern is a fellow Sydney photographer that I have met several times through friends. He’s a very talented guy who specialises in beautiful landscape photography. He recently decided to really challenge himself by doing a series of nude self portraits that he’s calling his Fractured series. Some of the images are being featured in the current issue of DNA magazine which is fantastic for a first effort at self portraits.

They are beautifully dark and moody images of Anthony. He’s also photographed another model in the same style but those aren’t released. If I get my butt into gear I’m going to use Anthony as inspiration and do some self portraits. I’ve spoken about it before but I’m not in the shape I want to be yet.

Anyone who takes a lot of photos will want to check out Anthony’s iPad app, Picster too.

The last portrait is in!

Peter scraped in today with the last submission for the Portrait challenge. This photo is a beautiful romantic kiss that Peter planted on his boyfriend. Very sweet. Now that the entries are all in it’s time for me to get organised and get the voting ready to happen. I’ll have that ready to go in the next couple of days.

The last of the Portraits?

It’s the last day of June here in and even in the time zones furthest behind you don’t have a long time left to get any submissions in for the challenge. Tonight I have three more portraits which may or may not be the last ones.

Gary has sent in this portrait but unfortunately that’s all I know about it. Gary hasn’t provided any details on who it is or where it was taken but it is one of those portraits that makes you curious about what they subject is thinking or looking at.

Dave has also sent in an unnamed portrait but I do know that it is a friend of his and that it was taken in Brazil, near Rio.

Last but not least is Ali from Brisbane. This is Paul who is a friend of Ali’s and they were playing with the intrinsic duality within most people and in particular masculine/feminine aspects of identity.

Two more portraits! Not long now!

I’ve got two more portraits to share with you today in the Portrait Challenge. There are only 5 days or so (depending where you are) to get your photo in for the challenge. There are some great entries already in so get moving!

Bruce took this friend of his, Mike, in 1981. Sadly Mike passed away at the age of 27 but this portrait will endure. It’s very much a portrait of it’s time and almost harks back to the early days of Falcon Studios with the blonde surfer hair and high waisted jeans.

The other entry today is from Sue from Fairview (very NSFW). Sue is a wonderful lady who even though she is straight probably watches more gay porn than most of us gay men. This is a portrait of a sausage vendor in Budapest, Hungary. Now if the term Sausage Vendor from Budapest doesn’t conjure up dirty thoughts about Bel Ami porn stars then I don’t know what will. It’s a beautiful portrait of a gorgeous man.

Thank you Chris.

Sometimes I go into a photo shoot feeling well prepared and sometimes I feel less prepared. My recent shoot with Andrew was one of those well prepared shoots. On Sunday I did a shoot with a mate of mine Chris and it was somewhere between the well prepared and completely unprepared shoots. I’d known in my head that I wanted feathers knotted into string to drape and wrap around him but I made up the facepaint and bodypaint on the fly and afterwards I really wasn’t sure that I’d done the right thing. Now after a couple of days after the shoot I can say I’m happy with the results.

Chris is one of the few guys that doesn’t mind frontal shots being released. The frontal shot above is comfortable for me as it’s there but the rest of the shot is strong enough that his cock isn’t the focus or distracting. A girl I know didn’t actually even notice at first because she was looking at the feathers and the rest of the photo which to me, is how it should be. Chris isn’t a professional model and is as insecure as the rest of us at times about his body which is absolutely beautiful to the rest of us.

Four more portraits!

There are some really beautiful portraits being submitted for this challenge and I’m loving it. Today I’ve got four more to share with you including this first one by our most recent winner, Allan whose shot of his friend jumping in the sand dunes won the movement challenge.

Next up is a shot from Jeric who shot this performer in Mexico on a day trip while he was doing a cruise.

Frank is the beautiful subject of this portrait from Melbourne photographer Drew. Drew tells me that we’ve shot some of the same models but as yet I don’t know who those models are.

Lastly for today is a very striking but simple portrait of Daz by Rich from England.


TMF #12 is here.

A lot of you know Dylan Rosser’s beautiful website full of stunning nude men The Male Form but are you all as aware of the digital magazine he puts out a couple of times per year? It’s called TMF and number 12 has just been released featuring the delicious Jonathan Best on the cover and inside in a beautiful shoot by Dylan from a month or two ago in Ibiza. Johnathan is a total sweetheart with a cheeky grin and a twinkle in his eyes. He was a delight to shoot for my last exhibition and he looks gorgeous in this spread by Dylan. Also in this issue, along with pages and pages of goodness, is a Q&A that I was asked to do with model DW Chase, also featured in the photos above. Head on over to the TMF site and get your copy, along with the other issues that are still available to download.

Hopefully one day I’ll manage to get a spread in the magazine.

A bunch more portraits

Keep those portraits coming in for the challenge. You only have less than two weeks now to get them in. Email your creative and beautiful portraits to brenton.parry@gmail.com

Jim has sent in this very moody portrait of a passenger on the Blue Line. I’m not sure where that is but the guy looks like he’s not someone to be messed with.

Next up David decided we needed some nudity in the challenge so he sent in this photo of a stripper. I’m not sure that technically it classifies as a portrait since there’s no face in it but who knows if that is a real rule? It’s not here so it’s in.

Mark sent in a photo of his dog that looks very cute.

David (a different David) has sent in this rather unusual portrait of a friend in Brazil.

Portraits portraits portraits

I’ve got a few more beautiful submissions for you to enjoy this evening that have been sent in for the Portrait Challenge. Remember, if you want to join in you need to email your submission in by the end of the month to brenton.parry@gmail.com

First up is Ben with a beautiful but anonymous portrait of a surfer relaxing and catching his breath after a good surf.


Next is Peter with a beautiful portrait of an elderly Mexican lady who when he showed her the portrait commented on how old she had gotten.


Scott, a regular contributer to Aussielicious challenges has sent in this photo of two guys who started pashing at a party Scott was at. This is as raunchy as the show got though, sorry boys.


Lastly for tonight’s group of entries is this shot from Simon of his friend Tami who comes from the Eastern Cape of South Africa.