It’s true!

I’m now in the third and final phase of my holiday. Greece. Late yesterday afternoon, after two delayed flights I landed in Mykonos. Within two hours I was eating a delicious meal overlooking the old port and enjoying a beer. Today I caught the bus to Elia beach which is one of the few remaining beaches with a nude section. In years gone by Super Paradise beach used to be.. Read More


On the mornings that I go to the gym I set my alarm for 5.35am. It goes off, I swear at it then turn it off. From there I stumble to the kitchen and make my pre-workout drink because I’m not training without something to wake me up. Then it’s in to the bathroom to have a pee then clean my teeth. Then I get dressed and head out the.. Read More

Just don’t

Today I saw something that shocked me. Not in a “where is the justice in the world” level of atrocity but more of a “wow, sit down and shut up buddy” kind of thing. A photographer that I’ve not long been following on Instagram posted a screen shot of an exchange he’d had with a model. The model was essentially asking the photographer to cover at least half of a.. Read More

Sweaty goodness?

At the end of an ideal sexual encounter, I’ve always thought that whoever is involved should be covered in a few things. Sweat, cum and saliva. Now I’m not talking about spitting on each other, that’s not really my thing, but since mouths are sucking on body parts, licking and kissing others there is going to be saliva. The cum is a bit of a given and the byproduct and.. Read More

A little favour…

I’m going to ask a little favour. As you all know if you come by this little part of the web on a semi-regular basis, I’ve started a YouTube channel. I started it around four months ago properly and I’ve managed to get over 100 subscribers already. Now I know everyone that follows this blog watches the videos when I post them here on the blog and that’s fantastic but.. Read More

Rub me the right way…

When I haven’t had any sex in a long time, which isn’t that unusual for me and I haven’t been dating or having any cuddles of any kind which has been AGES, I start to crave physical touch. I’ve blogged about that in the past. This is when I typically find myself looking for a massage. First up, I just plain old love a good massage. They help get rid.. Read More

All the comfort of home

This blog, as is clearly evident, is skewed towards nudism. With that in mind I’m curious about how many of you are actually nudists? I currently share a house with a non-nudist who wouldn’t be comfortable with me walking around nude. Nor would I be comfortable being nude around him. That statement seems strange for a nudist I know but there are just some people I don’t want to be.. Read More

Not in my eyes

When my Art Director at work found out I’d done a couple of photo shoots over the weekend he asked what I was shooting and said “Was it more of your sexual stuff?” He thinks that the image above and all of my other photography is quite sexual. Really? I would have to disagree. His reasoning is that because a nude figure, whether male or female is the focus and.. Read More

A fun surprise

Out of the blue in the last week or so a bunch of guys in a male strip troupe have individually started following my photography instagram account. Their collective account has followed me as well. Unfortunately they are all based in Melbourne. Hot muscular straight men who are happy taking off their clothes seems like something I would love to be photographing more of. I’m not actually sure of why.. Read More

Conflicting emotions

Yesterday was my first chance to go to the beach and get my gear off for a few weeks. On the rare weekend days that we’ve had good weather I’ve had other plans so when I realised the weather was going to be good I hit the road early and was naked in the sunshine by 9.30. Typically the beach I go to is mostly nude in the morning but.. Read More

Such a good day

This weekend we finally had some great weather and despite not being able to make it to the beach yesterday, I certainly made it today. I spent a few hours down at La Perouse nude beach in blazing sunshine. I ran into a mate from the gym down there. He doesn’t go nude but he’s seen me nude in the locker room enough times that I didn’t feel at all.. Read More

So Beiber is a nudist?

The photos are grainy but they are pretty clearly Beiber and he’s wandering around completely un-selfconscious. The Beibs is/was in Bora Bora and wandered out of his private accommodation to his private pool. Posting these photos does break my rules about posting photos of people that don’t know they are being taken but then again, it’s unlikely that Beiber didn’t at least suspect paparazzi would be there. He’s clearly not.. Read More

Just beautiful

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve grown up in and around water but there is something very beautiful to me about a man in water. Even better if there is more than one and if they are nude. This is a short video of two men moving beautifully through a pool at night. It is a very simple video but the way the guys move and interact is gorgeous… Read More

It’s back again

every year about this time we are tantalised with images from the upcoming Dieux Du Stade calendar and the teaser video for 2016 has been released. The question I’m asking now is whether or not there will be a DVD of the ‘Making of’ that they’ve released in the past. There didn’t seem to be a DVDs for the 2015 calendar but I’m hoping it makes a sexy comeback for.. Read More

I don’t get it

A couple of weeks ago I’d been chatting to a local guy on Scruff whose profile says he likes giving massages. Perfect! Who doesn’t like getting massages? He was very much on the same page as me about what he liked. Both of us nude, not about a happy ending but a nice regular massage but with the sensual energy that builds when both of you are nude. So I.. Read More