It’s been quite a year

2011 has been a very big year in news and global events. This video recaps the big news stories of the year. It’s impossible to truly express what it is like to live in the midst of these culture changing events but for those of us outside it, at least we can be reminded of what happened.

Would you buy in Dildo Boulevarde?

This article made me laugh the other day. Apparently a family has woken up to 30 sex toys in their front yard. It’s quite refreshing to note that there’s no sense of moral outrage in the article, just the fun which I’m assuming the prank was intended.

Gay lifesavers featured in Brasil

This year I’ve taken over doing the blog for the gay lifesavers and a bit of PR and media for them too. Last week I did an interview over the phone with a freelance journalist for BBC Brasil and the article is now up on their site. It’s pretty cool that we are getting our message out around the world! If you are a lifesaver and you want to be.. Read More

Taunted into suicide

This UK teenager, 17 year old Shaun Dykes was close to being talked out of committing suicide by jumping to his death when cruel, horrible onlookers taunted him from below with comments like “Stop wasting our time” until he jumped to his death. The teen died instantly from horrific injuries and the disgusting onlookers took out cameras and took photos of his body. What kind of society are we living.. Read More

Gay news wrap #2

Austria tries to break the taboo of gay professional footballers with a poster competition. San Francisco has decided it needs to advertise it’s gay friendliness to tourists. California is debating whether or not marriage is still only between a man and a woman

Gay news wrap

Gay NSW Police officer taunted and called poofter boy by his colleagues. Church leaders march in Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to say sorry. Lance Bass thought Justin Timberlake was gay. Mutilated remains are possibly King Edwards gay lover.