What a ride!

On Saturday, as I posted about before, I did a shoot with Tate Ryder who has now retired from studio porn work. He is however still doing an Onlyfans page. So we did a shoot for me for the next issue of QAMA Magazine that I’m dying to show you but I need to hold off until the magazine comes out. Trust me it’s hot. We also did a bunch.. Read More

Upside down and turned around

It seems that one of the things that I do on a large number of shoots is develop a crush on my model. It’s happened several times in the past few years and I’m going to be bold and say I think it’s a good thing. It doesn’t happen on all shoots and I don’t actually have genuine romantic expectations from any of them. For me it’s like when you.. Read More

Looking blackwards

Since starting to compile digital downloads for sale, it’s caused me to go back through my catalogue to find shoots that are suitable. This one of Miguel from the shoots for my first ever gallery exhibition, Shrouded, was one of the ones that I noticed. It’s not suitable for a download, but it was nice to check out the shoot. Coincidentally, while I hadn’t seen Miguel for a few years,.. Read More


These photos have been around for a while. I have a feeling I’ve seen them a few years ago but I couldn’t go past sharing them here this time. With all the bodypainted nudes I’ve done in the past and have been doing recently it obviously holds an appeal to have a stunning model bodypainted so beautifully. The model in this series is Oliver Lewis and it was a shoot.. Read More

The challenge is on

I recently posted that I had been given the opportunity to challenge myself and push my boundaries with an upcoming photo shoot with David, a model I photographed a few months back. David is not a shy guy, having done some porn in the past. As you can see he has a stunning body and gorgeous face. I have also been asked to submit some photos to a new art.. Read More

Coffee with a dash of insecurity

This morning I went and met up with a guy that is going to model for me in a part of Sydney that could easily be described as the Gay Ghetto. It’s a lovely leafy harbourside suburb filled with cafes and boutiques. I could never live there because it’s way too overpopulated with “the gays”. I love my suburb full of all sorts of people, the good, the bad and.. Read More

Classic sexiness

After our first shoot months ago with Jorge nude on the beach covered in sand, he and I discussed doing another shoot at some stage. Jorge was keen for a studio shoot and he may have made the mistake of saying something along the lines of “the messier the better.” More fool him. This morning after getting a coffee, Jorge and I, along with a friend Tim who came along.. Read More

Circus sexy

Catching up on my photo editing last weekend I finally got to work on these images of Scott. Scott is an aerial straps performer who I met at my circus school. To do aerial straps you need strength and flexibility and when it’s done well it is beautiful and very impressive to watch. What was also impressive to watch was how at ease Scott was naked in front of the.. Read More

Just don’t

Today I saw something that shocked me. Not in a “where is the justice in the world” level of atrocity but more of a “wow, sit down and shut up buddy” kind of thing. A photographer that I’ve not long been following on Instagram posted a screen shot of an exchange he’d had with a model. The model was essentially asking the photographer to cover at least half of a.. Read More

Consistently not…

Any good personal trainer or nutrition expert will tell you that consistency is the key. Consistency in diet and training will help you make progress. Sadly that is where I fall in a heap unless you are talking about consistently not being consistent. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m the guy that buys a bunch of vegetables etc for healthy eating then gets invited to a pub meal one night,.. Read More

Looking good

A long time ago when I was first beginning my nudist explorations of the internet, one of the people I kept seeing on various sites was this guy. His name is Aaron and he used to be a nude reporter for Clothes Free International, visiting all the various nudist clubs and beaches etc around the U.S. I’m not sure whether he ventured further abroad but he always looked good when.. Read More

Jorge and Andrew

The response to the photos of Jorge and his behind the scenes video has been fantastic. It’s no real surprise. We gays do love our sexy muscle boys. It also didn’t hurt that Jorge is cheeky and a really genuinely nice guy as well. Last Monday I photographed him again, alongside the photographer that put us in touch. I was doing a shoot of Andrew and Jorge had some time.. Read More

Argentinian Beef

You know you are in for a fun shoot when in the lead up to it, you ask the model how to pronounce his name. I’d only seen Jorge written and I don’t like to offend anyone. When I asked, he replied “almost like you’re saying hello to a prostitute, “whore hey”. I laughed a lot when I got that message. Sadly this time around I didn’t get a chance.. Read More

Cheeky peek!

Fellow photographer and friend Ali Choudry was invited behind the scenes on a fashion shoot recently, for designer and stylist Daniel Moore. The models, photographer and designer are all based in Brisbane so naturally they had great weather. Of course shooting fashion the boys were actually wearing the fashion but from time to time on a fashion shoot, there is a need to get changed. Ali has captured the fun.. Read More

For the world

This week’s news has been scary and sad with the world feeling very uncertain with Trump at the helm of the U.S. I’m not going to discuss the very slim chance of the Electoral Colleges blocking his rise to President, nor Michael Moore’s plan to impeach him. I’m not informed enough to discuss it all. He terrifies me and while I would never encourage or endorse an assassination, I genuinely.. Read More