Refreshing and surprising

Yesterday I had a quiet day around the house. I turned on Netflix from the comfort of my lounge and stumbled across a movie called “4th Man Out”. Now I’ve blogged before about my cynicism with gay films. They are usually filled with 2 dimensional caricatures of gay cliches. For every “Brokeback Mountain” there are a million horrendous “Eating Out” style films. Occasionally a film comes along that shakes that.. Read More


Last night was the world premiere of the movie Drown. This movie was based on a stage play that was first performed in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is beautiful but not very progressive in it’s thinking and the play had a lot of walkouts. After seeing the film last night, I can see why. Len is the 5 time “Lifesaver of the Year” at the local surf lifesaving club and is.. Read More

Keeping me organised

Thank goodness I have organised friends. I’m one of those terrible people that gets a message from someone saying “Are we still on for diner tomorrow night” and I’ve completely forgotten about our plans. Thankfully my friends have learnt this and now remind me well in advance. Tonight some friends and I are off to see Tom At the Farm which doesn’t exactly look like a delightful romp through a.. Read More

Sci-Fi gets a gay representation!

Today thanks to Towleroad I came across a trailer for a new sci-fi film called “Credence”. It’s not complete yet and they are running an Indigogo program to raise money to fund it. They’ve already reached their modest £6,000 target but I donated anyway because the story and the trailer look so good. The film is challenging the way LGBT people are represented in Sci-fi films with two fathers having.. Read More

It’s giveaway time!

It’s time for another giveaway here at Aussielicious thanks to the lovely people at Hopscotch Films who have given me two double passes to give away to see Bachelorette! It’s a new film starring two Aussie ladies, Rebel Wilson who is the bachelorette of the title, and Isla Fisher who keeps popping up in some great films. The passes are valid at participating Australian cinemas, so you’ll have to make.. Read More

An amazing film

I’ve just got home from seeing an amazing documentary called Bully. The new organisation here in Australia called Community Brave which is trying to eradicate bullying and youth suicide put on a special advanced screening tonight and I have to say it was one of the most shocking things I’ve seen. Bullying is most common in schools and school age children, I know. Most gay men won’t have children so.. Read More

A beautiful story

On Saturday night I got around to watching “Weekend”. It’s one of those movies that I’d heard people raving about as a must see gay movie. Personally I absolutely loved it. It’s not a fast movie, nothing explodes and it’s honest and real. Two guys explore a romance that develops out of a one-night stand. It was interesting to see a “gay” movie that explored the real world of being.. Read More

Beautifully simple

Saturday afternoon saw me drive over to the other side of Sydney Harbour to my sister’s house. My nephew was going with some friends to see the new Pixar movie “Brave” for a friend’s birthday. My sister and I decided we’d go to the cinema as well to take my niece to see it as well. I have to say “Brave” is one of the best Pixar movies that I’ve.. Read More

Good versus evil…

Two new movies are soon to be released telling their own versions of the classic Good versus Evil tale of Snow White. Who would have known the battle of the two movies would also become a battle of good versus evil, or more accurately, good versus rubbish. Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth looks like an amazing dark and new take on the.. Read More

Aussielicious review…

Today I’m having a day off sick from work and I thought I’d watch some DVD’s when I wasn’t napping so I got a hold of Eating Out 3 and Redwoods. First up was Eating Out Three starring Chris Salvatore (left and middle above) and Michael R Walker who both get their junk out, as you can see. Now if you see Eating Out 1 & 2 you’ll know that.. Read More

Sunday review time.

I thought it was time for another Sunday review. First up comes Memphis Blues from Cyndi Lauper. It’s quite a departure from the Cyndi that I know, with Cyndi exploring the Blues style with great success. Granted I don’t know a bunch about Blues but it sounds good to me. It’s the kind of album you put on for a cool bunch of friends and a great dinner party. Friday.. Read More

Aussielicious Sunday reviews

It’s Sunday morning here in Sydney, I’ve had my coffee and I’m putting off doing more packing for the move and I thought it a very appropriate time to review a couple of movies and a CD. DVD – CIAO. Why is gay cinema SO consistently rubbish? There are thousands of great gay stories bogged down in terrible scripts and bad acting, tripping over cliches and awkwardness along the way… Read More

Are you a film maker?

Sadly this is only open to Australian residents but I think it will be great. You need to make a 3 minute film sharing a safe sex message. Click here for all the details. I know there are amateur film makers out there. Safe sex is something that I’m passionate about and would love to know that the message is getting to the right people. Guys in their 20’s just.. Read More

Holy hot werewolf

I know he’s only young, but after stacking on 30lb of muscle for this movie, I feel it would be remiss of me NOT to drool over Taylor Lautner. Check out the body on this guy! I watched Twighlight a few months back and while I liked it, I don’t really get the freaky obsession, but with New Moon featuring hot buff werewolves walking around with their shirts off, I.. Read More

Two excellent surprises

Last night, I had no plans to go out and felt like a quiet night in so off I went to the DVD store to see what was out. I picked up two movies that were completely spur of the moment choices, neither of which I’d heard anything about. Firstly I watched “The Nines” with Ryan Reynolds. Not at all what I was expecting which was a challenge since I.. Read More