Supporting artists

A friend of mine yesterday told me about a website called Patreon where artists like myself in various fields create a profile and people can pledge to back you with a certain dollar amount per month or per creation. Looking further into it I decided to create a profile to see if anyone was willing to back me and my work. I’ve never asked for money from readers of this.. Read More

I’m dreaming

The other day I popped in to have a look, out of curiosity, at a house that’s for sale down the road from me. At this stage in my life, I can’t afford to even think about owning my own home but it’s something I seriously want to work towards. The house I looked at is absolutely beautiful and I would love to live in it. It’s a very nude.. Read More

Staying afloat

  I haven’t had much work the last few weeks and regular calls to my agency that gets me work are starting to drive them mad I’m sure. They are great people and have always seen me through but things are getting tight at the moment. If anyone is feeling generous, please feel free to click the donate button on the right to help keep Aussielicious afloat!