Just don’t bullshit me

Over the years my photography portfolio has increased and in recent years that has happened at a faster rate than ever. As a result I’m constantly approaching guys to model for me. Some guys get nervous about the nudity of my work and others don’t. There are guys that turn me down for that reason and others who don’t  want to just give me weird excuses. I have no problem.. Read More

Whoa Mr Kelley

Some time ago I found the middle image above on Tumblr. It turns out, unlike a lot of Tumblr that the model posted the image himself. Greg Kelley is that model and judging by the image of him naked in a bathroom with another very hot man and the content of his own Tumblr, that he is indeed on our side of the fence. Mr Kelley’s instagram isn’t a very.. Read More

A whole lot of beautiful, and bootiful

Perusing blogs full of photography, art, travel and general “stuff” as I do, the photos above by the fantastic Rick Day caught my eye, as you would expect them to. Dmytro Paladii is a ballroom dancer now breaking into the modelling world and doing it very, very nicely. Now based in New York, Dmytro is of Ukrainian and Greek origins and I have to say that I find that mix.. Read More

So bitter, so jaded.

That headline isn’t about me, just to clarify. The other night I was having a conversation on scruff with potential shag. He found out I do a bit of photography so he went to look at my photos and came back saying he knew of most of my models. That’s fairly logical. Most of them are Sydney guys and Sydney isn’t that big of a gay scene. It’s what happened.. Read More

So that is 2014 done.

This year has been a bit up and down for a lot of people. I for one am not upset to see it over even though it hasn’t been a horrible year for me. It’s been exhausting. With my work keeping me very busy, a little stressed but paying the bills and keeping me fed it wasn’t too bad but 2015 feels like it’s going to fit a bit better.. Read More

Steve is looking Grand

With the success of his single “All American Boy” and it’s popularity on gay blogs and youtube, it was never going to take long for Steve Grand’s modelling photos to appear. Steve has modeled under the name Steve Chatham and oddly, Finn Diesel. As we already knew from the music video, Steve has a rocking body, big smoochy kissable lips and big brown eyes. It appears, looking at his DNA.. Read More

Have the beards worn me down?

For a long time, I’ve looked at guys with big bushy beards and thought to myself “why would they kill their hotness like that?”. There is a stunning guy we nicknamed Jesus at the gym because he was all funky haircut and amazing body and then he grew a big bushy beard and it really didn’t add to his beauty. Like my stance against skinny-leg jeans which was very much.. Read More

Making me feel old.

This beautiful man in the photos above is the total embodiment of my repressed gay fantasies in my closeted years. His name is Nathan James and he’s been modelling in Australia for years. For me he’s one of those guys that I had a crush on before I realised (read: admitted) that I was gay. At the time I probably justified that I looked at him by telling myself it.. Read More

You seem to have forgotten your pants

Todd Sanfield is a model that has been very popular with the gay blogs since he first appeared on the cover of DNA a few years ago. I was certainly impressed. So impressed that I bought the same speedos he was wearing on the cover. These days Todd is still very popular and it seems wearing even less. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of him wearing anything.. Read More

Modelicious or not?

In a stark contrast to each other I know two guys that are getting into modelling, but for very different reasons. I have shot one of the guys twice now and his mission is to get on the cover of DNA magazine. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy but if I’m perfectly blunt, he’s never going to be on the cover. He’s not an ugly guy by.. Read More

Joseph Sayers by Hudson Wright

Joseph Sayers would have to be one of the most beautiful guys I’ve ever come across. He’s been on the modelling scene for a couple of years now and caused a stir when he posed full frontal. This shoot by Hudson Wright is beautiful. Joseph clearly looks after his body very very well. Beautiful, yet very masculine, it’s a great combination.

Chad never gets boring

I’ve seen photos of Chad White taken by a bunch of different photographers like Karl Largerfeld, Francois Rousseau and many others, mostly not wearing much at all and it just never gets boring. These shots are by a guy called Daniel Dottavio. And still, not boring. A good mate of mine was at a film premiere a couple of months ago and was texting me excitedly saying Chad was there.. Read More

Kaiser Karl’s muses

Karl Largerfeld is an icon in the fashion industry creating stunning women’s clothes for Chanel, but he’s also quite an avid photographer. His favourite subject, pretty young things. Those pretty young things (PYT’s) seem to also get to hang around with Karl quite a lot and enjoy his lifestyle for a while until the next PYT comes along. Karl’s current muse is Baptiste Giabiconi, a stunning dark haired creature who.. Read More

If you doubt yourself…

Do you think you could possibly the next face and package of AussieBum? They’ve just announced on their facebook fanpage that they are keeping an eye out, and taking submissions from guys interested in fronting the brand. To join Andreas, Toby and Tim would be an amazing opportunity and incredible exposure. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes (and Andreas’ package is quite something to measure up against).. Read More

The face of fashion

It’s a strange world we live in where the guys we all ogle and lust after on blogs like this are usually the beefier muscle boys who would never score a high fashion modelling gig in a million years but underwear and swimwear, they are the first call. A guy I’ve met recently and hung out with a bit is a model but for the fashion end of the spectrum.. Read More