How do you measure masculinity?

This year has been a really rough year for celebrities dying and rubbish political decisions. With George Michael’s passing on Christmas Day it added another tragic layer to all the losses of greats this year. I found this image on tumblr with a comment about these men teaching the world that you can do masculinity any damn way you want. The gay world is still full to overflowing with discrimination.. Read More

What’s the problem?

A few days ago British divers Chris Mears and Jack Laugher took out the Gold medal in the synchronised 10m diving competition in Rio. That made them the first non-Chinese gold medalists in diving at the games so far. They weren’t expecting to win and understandably the boys were very excited and showed it in their celebrations on the side of the pool with Jack jumping up to hug Chris… Read More

Sparkly big man

I’ve literally just come across a video that someone on Facebook shared. The gorgeous British Rugby player James Haskell, who has stripped off for the Dieux Du Stade calendar a few years back, was being filmed for something when they asked him to take his shoes off for a shot. That’s when his “Dark Secret” came out. James gets the occasional pedicure and to help stop his toenails coming off.. Read More

There’s a new label in town

Just when you think you are getting your head around all the labels in our “community” those crazy kids come up with a new one to join twink, fag, dyke, straight acting, intersex and the multitudes of others. While credit is given for cleverness, does Bromosexual carry good or bad connotations? This article explores cases of bromosexuality really well and I think generally speaking it’s a good term. Essentially a.. Read More