She’s coming!

It’s no secret that I’ve questioned Madonna’s relevance in the past few years. In the good old days she’d create the bandwagon and then abandon it when the try-hards tried to jump on it. In recent times though she’s seemed to be chasing it down the street, in danger of losing credibility faster than Tom Cruise jumping on a couch. I think the Super Bowl performance and the hype that.. Read More

C’mon Glee!

Gleeks everywhere must be salivating for this episode to be hitting screens soon. Glee has been let loose on the vaults of Madonna’s works. I’ve never gotten into Glee but I have liked what I’ve seen. Sue Sylvester is the enemy of the Glee Club, the athletics coach and is played by Jane Lynch, openly gay, recently engaged and wickedly funny. She’s done a fantastic job on this version of.. Read More

She does it again!

Madonna has gone and done it to us again. According to DNA Magazine, when asked if she would include Australia on the Sticky and Sweet tour Her Madgesty replied “It’s the least I can do.” Apparently it’s not the least she could do. The least she could do is not bother once more to show her appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of Aussies that have supported her ego through.. Read More

4 minutes to jump on the bandwagon

So I’ve just watched the new video for “4 minutes” and I have to say I really like it. This is what happens when you put two of the best dancers in the Pop industry together, who also happen to be two of the blackest white folk around. No matter how much work she has/hasn’t had done on her face, that bod is pretty killer for someone who’s knocking 50.. Read More