I wanna go out, Dancing!

Well, a week or two ago Kylie finally released a lead single, “Dancing” off her upcoming album “Golden”. I’ve preordered the album and wait with baited breath. Today the video for “Dancing” dropped and it may not be as incredible as some of her videos from the past but it certainly contains a lot of elements we have come to expect from Kylie. There are sequins, dancers, a number of.. Read More


There was one thing that was making me worry about 2016. There have been many events this year that have made me worry, Trump in general, climate change, the loss of many entertainment legends and a bunch of other things but my one concern was that we weren’t going to get any decent new Kylie music this year. Sure. It’s very much a first world problem but it’s a real.. Read More

Better get moving!

Tonight when I turned up at circus class, one of the girls there reminded me that I committed to doing a routine at the next performance night. I’d completely forgotten about that promise but now I have four weeks to get my sorry arse ready for a performance and put together a routine. I’ve been trying for ages to find a piece of music that resonates for me and works.. Read More

Congratulations Kylie!

My always-favourite pop princess Kylie Minogue confirmed that she is indeed engaged to her gorgeous man of about 6 months Joshua Sasse. Rumours had been swirling since she’d been seen wearing a big rock on her ring finger and it was announced over the weekend in a traditional engagement notice in the paper. The two met on the set of Joshua’s show Galavant, which looks to be a little bit.. Read More

This should help

I’ve had a bit of a blah week at work. Nothing wildly bad just not a great week and for some reason today, even though it’s the weekend I’ve been in a flat mood. I have no idea why but I do know I don’t enjoy it. So, I’ve just cranked up some fun music and actually started cleaning this house. My housemate isn’t great at cleaning and neither am.. Read More

Happy birthday Kylie!

Today is Kylie Minogue’s 47th birthday and while she hasn’t had the chart success here that she might have had a few years back I don’t think she’s going to give up any time soon. She’s not to everyone’s taste, I know that so please refrain from slagging her off in the comments. In honour of her birthday I’m sharing her video from 3 years ago for Timebomb. It is.. Read More

She was fabulous!

On Friday night, Kylie’s Kiss Me Once tour made it’s second last stop in Australia. Unfortunately Kylie hasn’t sold out the shows here in Australia and I only got to see the show once. In tours past I’ve seen them twice because, like the Pope, she doesn’t tour all that often. I had expected a larger scale production than it turned out to be but apparently tour budgets are directly.. Read More

It’s time to Sexercize!

Kylie has just released the video for a song from her new album Kiss Me Once called Sexercize. The song was written by Sia who must absolutely be raking in millions of dollars in royalties from all the songs she’s written for stars lately. This is probably the most deliberately raunchy video from Kylie and it even has a warning on youtube about explicit content. There’s gyrating, sweat, a pommel.. Read More

What an odd and awesome night!

Two days ago I was sent a message by a friend who has neighbours in the entertainment industry. A couple of DJ’s. He was letting me know that he had it on good authority (the neighbours) that Kylie was doing a surprise show in Sydney last night. I was sceptical as I didn’t know she was in town. Then yesterday morning Ms Minogue instagrammed a photo saying “Morning Sydney”. So.. Read More

Into the Blue is here!

As one rather sarcastic commenter pointed out when I speculated about Kylie’s release strategy, not everyone cares about Kylie. But I do. As I guessed, the single was released immediately instead of in 6 weeks time as reported. Today the video dropped as well and I like it. For me it seems like Kylie’s anthem to independence and all the people saying that she’s unlucky in love. As the lyrics.. Read More

Not a good strategy!

When Kylie released the first single off her Aphrodite album in 2010, All the Lovers, her record label did it the old school way. Release it for radio and weeks later make it available for purchase. Not surprisingly it didn’t work. She could possibly have had a number one with that single in the UK and Australia but no, by the time it was available the momentum was gone. Such.. Read More

A beautiful rendition

If you were auditioning for a talent show as a singer and you knew a certain singer was one of the judges, would you do one of their songs as your audition? Not sure that I would. It could go spectacularly well or it could be seen as a disastrous attempt to butter up the judges. Lee Glasson took that chance when he auditioned for the UK’s version of the.. Read More

Happy birthday Kylie!

Today, May 28, is the 45th birthday of Kylie Minogue. Kylie has provided the predominant soundtrack for my life since I was about 13 and in those 26 years I’ve enjoyed nearly everything she’s produced. There are only a few songs that I don’t like from my Aphrodite. Happy birthday to Kylie. In celebration I’m posting one of her biggest every hits “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. Love.. Read More

Sometimes you have to just Jump!

On Sunday night I had a mate over for dinner and we were having a good catch up. This friend is a very VERY practical man. He’s lovely but usually errs on the side of caution and sensibility. Don’t get me wrong, he’s taken some risks in his career but they are very calculated risks. On Sunday night I told him about an idea that I’d had for quite a.. Read More

Slight panicked moment.

This afternoon a mate sent me a text saying “My condolences. How are you holding up?” I thought he had sent it to the wrong person and asked “What for?” It turns out a few newspapers have grabbed half of a story and twisted it and run with it, as they usually do, announcing that Kylie was retiring from music to concentrate on acting. They said part of the reason.. Read More