It’s in his kiss

Kissing. It’s a very personal thing and it seems very susceptible to chemistry. I’ve had people that I could kiss for hours without going any further and I will be turned on and as satisfied as it’s possible to be. Other guys I might be able to have some hot sex but the kissing is just not there. Usually if the kissing is off then the rest is off but.. Read More

Is it just a compatibility thing?

A couple of weeks ago I had a hookup that was pretty average over all. In the lead up he asked if I was into kissing. The answer to that would be a resounding yes. Personally there are times when I could happy lie around with someone special and just kiss for hours without even thinking about sex. It should be a sport and I would compete well. This guy.. Read More

The sweetest thing

This video has popped up on my facebook feed this evening but unfortunately it has no information about the project or why it happened to go with it. Twenty strangers were paired up and asked to kiss. They do so with gusto. I don’t know if it’s just the editing but the gay male couple are the most timid and nervous about their kiss after a sweet compliment about each.. Read More

Is a kiss just a kiss?

Not too long ago I had a bit of fun with a guy and it was a lot of fun but something was missing. The kissing. There was kissing but to me it wasn’t right. I know there are different techniques to kissing and pretty much no one likes those guys that are tongue right down your throat and moth wide open like an anaconda trying to swallow an antelope.. Read More

It shouldn’t be allowed

Sex & The City devotees will remember an episode where Charlotte goes on a date with a guy who is lovely but gets the chop because when he kisses, he basically licks her face. Last night I caught up with a guy and we had dinner and a drink then had a little fun at his place. He may not have licked my face but his lead attack into the.. Read More

This would fix my day

A good long session of kissing someone lovely would make my day so much better. I don’t know if it’s the Valentine’s effect or just that I’m out of whack in general but I’m in the mood to slap someone silly. A friend wants to go couple slapping (only partly seriously) and find couples being romantic and go slap them.