Aussielicious Interview – John Bortolin, Photographer

It’s time to bring you another interview. This time it’s photographer John Bortolin who is the man behind the boo, Manscapes which I’ve posted about here and here. I’m always curious about the techniques of other photographers and how they source their models etc so I thought I’d ask. How and when did you first get into photography? I was 16 years old. I was influenced by my grandfather as.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Alex Greenwich

It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview here on Aussielicious but one person that’s been on my list for a while has agreed to answer some questions for us all. With the Marriage Equality debate firing up all over the world I thought I’d ask some questions of the National Convener of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich. When did you first decide to take the fight for equality.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – A gay cowboy

Several years ago I met a guy out and we spent a few weeks catching up. He’d just moved back to Sydney after working as a Jackeroo (farm hand) out in the Australian bush at some of the enormous farming properties out there. Not long after he decided that the city wasn’t for him and moved back out to the bush. My impression was that he was struggling with his.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Joel Hicks

A little while ago I posted a video of a man doing a nude fun run for a charity. I went and had a look at his website and thought Joel would make an interesting interview subject as he seems to have dipped his toe into a very varied collection of jobs and past times. What inspired you to start doing these events for charity? I first went to the.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Gay nudist dad.

Damon is the father of Tom (names have been changed for privacy reasons) whom I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. Tom was shown this blog by a nudist mate when I posted a video that raised concerns about nudity and legal age a few months ago. He then showed his father the blog and the video and they have been in regular contact since. You are bringing your boys.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – 19 year old nudist.

This interview came about after I had to delete a video that featured some young guys in it several weeks ago. “Tom” contacted me saying he’d seen the video and saw nothing wrong with it. Tom is a 19 year old college student who has been raised by his gay father, along with two younger brothers. They are all very enthusiastic nudists living a relatively unconventional lifestyle. I’ve changed names.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Scott Herman

You are one of the most motivated and energetic people I’ve ever come across. What drives you and have you always had this boundless energy? I have always had a drive to be successful and help people. What drives me is knowing that I can always “better” myself. Even at the gym I can ALWAYS ascend to a new level. The idea of ALWAYS being able to accomplish/learn more on.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Ryan Clifford

Ryan Clifford is the man behind Naked Power Yoga, whose DVD and Calendar I’ve been plugging. For those of you questioning the teasers and their yoga content, look at it the same way you look at the Dieux Du Stade calendar and DVD. Do they have actual rugby in them? No. But we still drool. The Naked Power Yoga will have lots of yoga in it and I for one,.. Read More

Aussielicious interview – Trans guy

This interview has been a long time coming, being a topic that they gay world, and the world in general, is very slowly getting exposed to but still very ingnorant of. When the opportunity arose to do an interview with a female to male transexual it was not going to be passed up. As an introduction (try and keep up here) Brosh Matthews was born a girl, and was a.. Read More

Aussielicious interview – Reese Rideout

Two interviews in two days is more than I would normally post, but these answers landed in my inbox today, months after initially contacting Reese and I thought it best not to wait. Combine a body sculpted in the gym with cheeky boy next door looks, a cock built for fun and an arse to die for/in with a blatant sense of exhibitionism and you get Reese, breakout gay-for-pay super.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Raw Tantra’s Loren

Recently a DVD landed in my letterbox after a brief email conversation with a man called Loren Johnson. Loren runs Raw Tantra, a tantric yoga site devoted to helping men achieve more awareness of their own sexual power and energy. Sexual Kung Fu is the DVD and after a brief viewing, I’m keen to give it a try. What is it about tantra that fascinates you? Sexual energy is one.. Read More

Interviewing Aussielicious – the answers

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this interview of myself. There are some great questions in there. So let’s dive in and get them answered. How do you set up a shot when you photographing a model? Do you consider light and angles and all that? OR do you just wing it… how do you frame a shot? When I meet some people, I have a flash of inspiration.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Escort Jeremy

Jeremy is a former escort, starting in the business at the age of 19 and working for 10 years. He was kind enough to take the time to answer some reader questions and some of mine. I hope you find it informative. What exactly did escorts do to get/keep an erection before Viagra? You have to be someone who can *find* the horny in a situation.  90% of my appointments.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – Levi Poulter

A while ago, while I was running the now-defunct Pornolicious, I came across a video of DNA coverboy Levi Poulter jacking off and shooting his load. Not long after I posted it, an email from some lawyers arrived and I thought it prudent to take it down. Since then Levi has been popping up all over the gay blogosphere in beautiful photos, usually not wearing a lot. A few months.. Read More

Aussielicious Interview – bisexual married man.

Mr S is a bisexual married man who’s been a reader of Aussielicious for a couple of years now. He was kind enough to take part in this interview for you all to hear about being bisexual and married. Bisexuality is a hot topic among gay people, often doubting it’s true existence. Here’s a man who is adamant it exists. How old are you? I am 27 years old. Have.. Read More