It’s not a monopoly

A few years back I heard of a photographer asking a model not to work with any other photographers. Now I might be wrong but isn’t that how modelling works? You work with a bunch of different photographers over an extended period of time for a bunch of different projects and call it a modelling career. Back in the day a model used to be contracted to one fashion house.. Read More

What a ride!

On Saturday, as I posted about before, I did a shoot with Tate Ryder who has now retired from studio porn work. He is however still doing an Onlyfans page. So we did a shoot for me for the next issue of QAMA Magazine that I’m dying to show you but I need to hold off until the magazine comes out. Trust me it’s hot. We also did a bunch.. Read More

On the Rocks

Keeping up with a download a week may not be a sustainable thing but for now it’s working and I have enough shoots lined up for a while. The latest download to be released is On The Rocks, featuring the gorgeous Lucas. Sometimes there is no discussion before a shoot about whether they are going to go frontal or not, sometimes there is. When I asked Lucas if he was.. Read More

Upside down and turned around

It seems that one of the things that I do on a large number of shoots is develop a crush on my model. It’s happened several times in the past few years and I’m going to be bold and say I think it’s a good thing. It doesn’t happen on all shoots and I don’t actually have genuine romantic expectations from any of them. For me it’s like when you.. Read More

Go to BED

When you get to witness something that you don’t usually get to see, it’s a pretty cool experience. When that something is an amazing sexual connection between a real life couple, it’s more than cool. It’s beautiful and sexy as hell. Paz and Tony are a real couple and they approached me on Instagram. We threw some ideas around and I saw a playful photo one of them posted on.. Read More


There’s no real revelation when I suggest that as gay men we do love cock. As I’ve mentioned before, every time I post a hot guy on Instagram someone asks if there are cock shots. So I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I logged into the back end system of my website to check on sales of downloads. If there were any pdf’s that I thought might have.. Read More

Riding a Wild Pony

Photographing someone like Maxx is always fun. You know there are basically no limits. It’s almost more challenging in to rein him in to stay still for a shot. But then Maxx is also not concerned with being butch or putting on a persona. He is a big personality that is also not afraid to be vulnerable. Now it’s time to let you all appreciate the many different angles of.. Read More

Something has changed

For a long time after taking up male nude photography, it was very rare for me to be able to find models willing to pose full frontal. Largely that was fine by me as I hadn’t got my head around shooting full frontal in a way that people wouldn’t be distracted and focused on the cock. Then as I got more confident with my photography and the ideas I wanted.. Read More

Poolside – out now!

Some guys are just beautiful. Phoenix is one of those guys. He came to my attention on the Instagram of another Sydney based photographer. It was a bit of a lucky find to be honest as the shoot I saw was the only shoot he’d done with a professional photographer. Phoenix and I caught up for a coffee to chat about doing a shoot and he was keen. His one.. Read More

Night swim

Swimming naked at night is one of those things that on paper doesn’t sound that special but it can be absolutely beautiful. A warm night, a quiet spot with just enough light, preferably with a friend or two or even better, someone special and it can feel magical. Nine years ago I photographed a much younger Kieran than the man that appeared in my Red series just last week. He.. Read More

Creative Block!

I have the model. I have ideas. They just don’t seem to be going together. Matt is a Sydney guy who I came across a couple of years ago I think through the photography of Luke Austin. I only recently worked up the balls to ask him to model for me. I pitched one idea but I’m not sure that idea will work any more. It’s one of the origami.. Read More

Get RED now!

After shooting the series all the way back in November, now that QAMA is out I can release the full set of uncensored, uncrossed images and that’s exactly what I’ve done. In the 14th download to be released in my store, RED is full of sexy images of MrRevell and Peaks & Cheeks. There are some very obviously perks to doing a shoot like this, having two beautiful, hung men.. Read More

QAMA – Roja is out now!

Issue #4 is out now of QAMA Magazine. It’s an online magazine that is free although you might need a free registration to see it because of possible adult content. This is the third issue of the magazine that I’ve been a contributor and it’s possibly my most challenging work yet. QAMA Roja isn’t a large volume but it’s all about the colour RED. My series, called “RED” is all.. Read More

Dancing at Dawn

The photos I took on the morning of Mardi Gras, of Timothy and Josh were very popular on Instagram. The shoot was good fun. Working with performers has so far been really good for me even though I had kind of expected all performers to be a bit difficult. These two boys are nothing but fantastic and bathing them in golden morning sunlight was perfect. So of course, I’ve put.. Read More

Bohemian Rhapsody!

I make no secret of the fact I develop a crush on some of my models. Some I lust after, some I laugh with and the (thankfully) rare one I barely tolerate. Today was a crush kind of day. Leonardo is a 23 year old Italian traveller enjoying exploring life here in Australia. He’s a tattoo enthusiast and aspiring tattoo artist. He’s also a surfer and a bit of a.. Read More