Public service announcement

This morning I had a treatment for my back and the guy giving the treatment and I were chatting about all sorts of things when he started telling me about his gay uncle who lives somewhere internationally that isn’t renowned for gay friendliness. He certainly didn’t mean it to be offensive but he said “He’s gay but if you saw him in the street, you’d never know it.” We’ve all.. Read More

Eye opening experience

Yesterday it was reported on the news that a man had collected his luggage at an airport baggage claim after a flight only to find “I AM GAY” written on the luggage (above) in stickers. It could only really have been done by baggage handlers or someone behind the scenes in the airports that the luggage traveled through. The airline has offered a written apology and is investigating the incident… Read More

To my year 7 self

There is a new initiative here in Australia called To My Year 7 Self, focusing on straight people fighting homophobia and transphobia. The website has several stories from straight people telling their year 7 (7th grade) selves to be mindful of what they say just to fit in as joining in the bullying to protect themselves isn’t anywhere near as brave as standing up for the person being bullied. It’s.. Read More

Stand up for your friends

A good friend of mine pointed me towards this fantastic video from Ireland aimed to stamp out homophobic bullying. It’s such a simple but beautifully done concept. Fingers crossed it is effective.

School program tackles homophobic bullying!

The NSW Education Minister has announced a $250,000 program to tackle homophobic bullying in schools. In a recent survey it should come as no surprise that many “sexually questioning” youths have been verbally and physically abused because of their sexuality. Fingers crossed this training, for students and teachers, will help the situation. Read the full article here.

Paddy’s Bar in Albury – Not Good Enough!

Thanks to the world of facebook I’ve just stumbled across this video put together by a gay person who was, along with several others, thrown out of Paddy’s Bar in Albury, southern New South Wales. Officially the bouncer said it was because they were intoxicated. The only problem is that none of them were. The bouncer said it wasn’t his decision and he knew they weren’t drunk but it came.. Read More

This man is an idiot.

Meet Jason Akermanis. Professional Australian Football League player and newspaper columnist. Jason has chosen this week, Anti Homophobia Week, to write a newspaper column telling all gay players that they should stay in the closet because he doesn’t think AFL is ready to deal with a gay player. He thinks the pressure on the first player to do so would “Tear the fabric” of the club. He also went on.. Read More

Barrels of homophobia.

When Gregory and Jonathan entered Crate and Barrel’s ultimate wedding competition they were just after a bit of help towards achieving their perfect wedding, which for them consists of friends, family and fun. The competition is voted by the public (go and vote to show support) through the website for the competition. The guys are not the only same sex couple in the running and the competition was always open.. Read More

Muslim Football team disqualified!

A largely Muslim football team has been kicked out of a Paris football league because they made discriminatory remarks about and refused to play a gay team, citing “Our convictions are stronger than a game of football.” Read the full article here.

We need more of this

htt When gay actors and politicians and other public figures come out and vocally stand up for equality and rights it’s a great thing, and we certainly need more of it to raise our profile and prove that we really are your “everyman” and not just the street parades, drugs, parties and leather pants missing the arse out of them. But what we really need are more people like Brendon.. Read More

Kid with a future

This kid is an inspiration. A 9 year old is organising a rally for marriage equality in the U.S. after hearing that some gay people in his neighbourhood couldn’t marry and hearing anti-gay slurs in the school yard. The world needs more people like this kid.

This is brilliant.

I’m not Lilly Allen’s biggest fan, but after hearing this song and seeing this collaborative amateur video, she’s just gone up in my estimation.

So good to see

In these times where Christian fundamentalism and religious bigotry are leaving their mark, I think it’s very important that shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters are showing regular guys, being gay and god forbid even kissing. I think the conservative parts of America and Australia and other countries around the world need to see stuff like this to prove that gay men are everywhere, and in every walk.. Read More

This made me mad

I’d heard about this from reading blogs but just watched this report in full. It’s so sad that people still use the word “sissy” and trot out that old line, it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. The fact that the woman called the Emergency Services hotline because two guys were kissing shows remarkable ignorance and bigotry but I guess on a positive note it shows that Baltimore was.. Read More