Getting Itchy Feet

Given that I have not long started a new job and won’t really be able to plan any decent holidays this year I’m now looking towards next year. In the past I’ve spoken about my plan to do an international trip every two years with a domestic in between. So far the domestic plan hasn’t worked out with one “domestic” year being hijacked for a trip to Bali for a.. Read More

The Germany vlog!

After finally getting the Iceland vlog done last week, this week I’m keeping the momentum going and I’ve just uploaded the German vlog! This one is a shorter video at just over 5 minutes. I genuinely believe I could live in Germany. At least for the warmer half of the year perhaps. They do have those beautiful saunas where everyone is just relaxing and cooking themselves nude without a care.. Read More

About time…

Today is my first real day of being unemployed. I’m effectively on “gardening leave” while my notice period is running out for another 8 days or so but there is no point me being in the office with nothing to do. Today I finally began the task of going through and editing my photos from Iceland. I just hadn’t had time to do it any justice so I hadn’t done.. Read More

And then, it was done.

After a month away, 11 flights, 3 ferry rides, one camper van and one quad bike, I’m home. What an amazing adventure. I’m not sure I could have picked three more different countries to visit unless I’d thrown in Africa or something but it was well worth the variation in cultures and climates. I’ll get back to blogging properly as soon as I can but I’ve come home to a.. Read More

So bloody close!

In four days time I will be on a plane winging my way to Europe. Sure there will be 36 hours and 40 minutes spent in an airplane seat trying to sleep and sitting around in airports to get there but that’s all part of the adventure. It feels like this holiday is getting very real all of a sudden. When I booked it back in September (who does that??).. Read More

Counting down.

Last week my last two flights were booked for my trip around Europe. A short jump from Cologne to Berlin and from Berlin to Mykonos. Now all I have to book are the ferry trips between Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos and then back to Athens. It’s getting exciting now. I’m sure I will drive the readers of this blog a little crazy with talk of the holiday but I’ll try.. Read More

Looking ahead

In just over 5 months I will be taking off on my adventure to Europe. A lot of my energy recently in planning this trip has been spent on Greece, trying to find accommodation. Now that part is all sorted I’m thinking about all the fun I can have in places like Berlin. My time in Cologne will be spent meeting up with a long time reader of this blog.. Read More

Merry Christmas

In a few hours I’ll head off to my sister’s place for some quality family time. We have a low key Christmas Eve and then do the traditional Christmas Day over there and even then, it’s still only 8 of us in total and pretty laid back. I’ve been tasked with some nibbles tomorrow so I have been cooking up a storm and have a little bit more to do… Read More

I’m needing advice

Today I was poking around online and trying to do some research on where to stay for my time in Greece. I am pretty confident I’m going to stay at the Geranium Hotel in Mykonos as it’s central and it has a beautiful clothing optional pool terrace. For my time in Santorini and Naxos though, I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that the islands are quite large and.. Read More

Seems logical to me

It would seem that booking accommodation nine months in advance, to some, is considered overly eager and/or very organised. On Monday I booked my accommodation for the four nights in Berlin. Looking through Mister B&B listings I saw one that seemed suitable so I went ahead and sent a booking request. Travelling alone I quite like the idea of booking a room in someone’s house so that there is someone with local.. Read More

Trying to decide

With my decision to abandon the idea of sailing nude through Greece and focus on Mykonos and Santorini, at this stage I’ll be in Greece by myself. It’s not unusual for me to travel alone, having done that last year and several other times before. I’m doing Iceland with a friend and quite happily doing Germany alone. Germany will be fun to do alone I think, making the acquaintance of.. Read More

Iceland is booked!

A couple of weeks ago I booked the flights to Europe and back. Two days ago my friend and I booked the camper van that we will squeeze ourselves into to drive around Iceland for 8 nights. The mate that is coming with me is someone I’ve known for several years, but we don’t see a lot of each other. Being crammed into a camper van on the road for.. Read More

It’s ON!

Today I put in my leave request for the big European adventure next June/July and my boss approved it straight away! I thought there might be some hesitance given I’ve asked for a full month off but nope. APPROVED! I do have over five weeks of leave accrued already and by the time that trip comes around I’ll have earned nearly another four. Now I just need to organise some.. Read More

Lots to learn

I’m the kind of person, it would seem, that needs to keep setting new challenges for myself. At work there isn’t a lot of work to be done at the moment so I’ve set myself a new challenge and given myself a new skill to learn. Video editing is something that I’ve wanted to learn for a long time bit it’s always seemed a bit daunting. This weekend though I.. Read More

And that was Bali

This morning the cold reality that my holiday was over as I landed in Sydney and the captain announced the temperature. It was about 9 degrees celsius at 6.15 this morning. After a week of 30+ it was a really rude shock. Bali was not what I expected. Sure the beers and good food and laughs with friends were exactly what I wanted and thought but the chaotic streets were.. Read More