Full disclosure

A friend of mine recently met someone and they were hanging out and enjoying a dating-lite scenario. They are keen on each other but not putting any labels on it, instead just seeing where things go. Hanging out before their first “sleep over” the new guy made full disclosure about his HIV status. My friend and I share the same opinion on HIV+ partners in that it’s just not an.. Read More

Always relieved

On the weekend I thought it was high time that I went and got myself tested for all the various “boy germs”. It had been way too long since the recommended time frame is 6 months. Sure, I may not get a lot of action but there has been some here and there and you never know what your gentlemen callers might be bringing along with them. Obviously precautions are.. Read More

A long way to go

Yesterday was World AIDS Day and while we’ve made some amazing progress, we still have a long way to go. Treatments mean that people with HIV are living perfectly healthy long lives and PrEP along with educated safe sex means that we have the opportunity to almost eradicate transmissions. Sadly there is a long way to go with stigma still meaning that there are lots of stories of rejection and.. Read More

A year closer to a cure?

Today is World AIDS Day once again and while huge progress has been made over the years in HIV treatment we are still without a cure. It’s so important that we don’t forget AIDS still exists and yes, people still die from it. Last week I was lucky enough to have the conversation with the sexual health clinic that gave me great news. All clear. Sadly infections are on the.. Read More

But first let me take a #nakedshowerselfie

Jack Mackenroth is a hella big spunk. He’s also an HIV campaigner and openly HIV+ himself. The former Project Runway contestant is a regular on the gay blogosphere and usually not wearing much, for which we are eternally grateful Mr Mackenroth. In what he’s hoping will become a new version of the Ice Bucket Challenge or Cock in a Sock challenges that have done the rounds this year he’s promoting.. Read More

Looking for participants!

Film maker, photographer and all round great guy, Mikey Trotter is working on a project aimed at reducing the stigma faced by those living with HIV. The screen shot above is not something I’ve had to deal with but is a very common situation for someone with HIV. A close friend who was diagnosed last year told me that the rejection is the part of being diagnosed that he struggles.. Read More

There are no words

Clicking around the internet you end up in some strange places. I just found myself somewhere reading something that has genuinely upset me. I know I keep talking about HIV and bareback porn and the careless disregard amongst a lot of the gay community towards HIV Prevention. I found myself on a bareback porn profile of a performer. It said “taking as many strains of the death juice to help.. Read More

People are still dying!

There are so many guys out there who aren’t worried about being infected with HIV these days and so many porn studios pushing their models to have bareback sex that infection rates are on the rise. It seems to be a vicious cycle that the bareback porn glamourises bareback sex and fans of bareback sex are driving the demand for bareback porn. Yesterday I had a “woof” on Scruff from.. Read More

Is supply driving demand?

There is an issue that’s been bugging me for some time now and it’s around bareback porn. Now this post is probably going to sound judgemental but I’m going to do my best not to judge, but I’ll admit from the outset that it’s going to be tough. First up let me put my hand up and say I enjoy watching bareback porn and I have purchased it so I.. Read More

Helping break the stigma?

After seeing Anderson Cooper come out and say that being visible and standing up is a valuable and important thing, former Aussie Olympic Trampolinist and Gold Medal Winner at the Sydney Olympics, Ji Wallace has come out publicly as being HIV+. Another huge inspiration for Ji was reading about Greg Louganis’ battle with HIV and being public about being positive. I don’t know much about Ji but I do remember.. Read More

Broadway Cares about your Happy Endings

Broadway Cares has unveiled this very sexy imagery to go along with the theme for this year’s Broadway Bares performances. This year the name is Happy Endings, a cheeky play on the theme of Fairy Tales. I’m sure there will be lots of tails on display too, perky tanned ones. Held every year for one night only, Broadway Bares is run by Broadway Cares one of the U.S.’s leading HIV/AIDS.. Read More

Broadway Cares

Every year there is an even in New York that I would love to see. It’s called Broadway Bares and it’s put on by Broadway Cares, to raise money for HIV and AIDS. There are two shows on the same night every year and I hear that the midnight show is a little more revealing than the 9.30pm version. This year’s event is on June 17 and is called Happy.. Read More

How many and how far?

Some of the internet based porn companies like Corbin Fisher etc seem to be dipping their toe in the bareback pool these days. I saw a comment about a hot porn model where the commenter said “XXXXXXXXX┬áis hot, but seeing as he is working with Corbin Fisher, I think he will probably bareback, which sucks…” Now I’ve seen this porn model on another modelling networking site and he says he.. Read More

Cautiously optimistic

News broke this week of a man in Berlin who has been cured of HIV. He was suffering from Leukaemia and had a very intensive treatment of chemotherapy, total body irradiation and bone marrow transplant which, by chance, also cured his HIV. Doctors are quite surprised by the result but are very reluctant to offer up a miracle saying that this treatment is too dangerous to be offered widely to.. Read More

Bono paints Sydney Red for World AIDS Day.

On the eve of World AIDS Day here in Sydney, Bono turned on the lights to flood our Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in Red to commemorate the day which is a sad day and a hopeful day. Sad because we pause to remember all the people we’ve lost to AIDS and the millions living with it. A recent article here in Australian news suggests we might have a.. Read More