Exhausting but (almost) fun.

I’m two weeks in to my eight week bodyweight transformation workout. While most gay men at the gym seem to be wanting to bulk up, I’m aiming to go the other way a little. Losing muscle is not on my agenda but after nearly hitting 90kg in the first half of last year I felt sluggish and lethargic. It also made it harder at circus classes. Functional movement, flexibility and.. Read More

A time for change

It’s no secret here in the land of Aussielicious that I go through extensive periods of gym apathy. The branch of Fitness First that is near my house is being managed really badly. There is no one allocated to make sure weights get put back in the right spot and there is a culture that has developed where the clients don’t put them in the right spot or even close.. Read More

I swear it was an accident

Last night I needed to catch up on some sleep and sensibly set my alarm ready to get up and go to the gym. This morning I woke up before my alarm and was really ready for a good workout and to try and get my training back on track. it’s been pretty mediocre ever since my holiday in Europe but I’ve been back for 3 months now and that’s.. Read More

It’s a struggle

I was so motivated for training before I went to Europe then obviously I didn’t do any training while I was away instead walking for miles every day. Since I’ve been back my motivation for the gym has been as low as it’s ever been. Why does this happen? I’m still going but my workouts are lacklustre and uninspired. It doesn’t help that my gym just doesn’t seem to give.. Read More


The other day I posted about my new training regime and the sessions I’m doing with my friend the Personal Trainer. I think I’ve finally found a style of training that really works for me. The workouts he’s giving me are high intensity circuit style of exercises that use the entire body. He focuses very much on functional movement and engaging the core and using all the muscles possible. He.. Read More


On the mornings that I go to the gym I set my alarm for 5.35am. It goes off, I swear at it then turn it off. From there I stumble to the kitchen and make my pre-workout drink because I’m not training without something to wake me up. Then it’s in to the bathroom to have a pee then clean my teeth. Then I get dressed and head out the.. Read More

Consistently not…

Any good personal trainer or nutrition expert will tell you that consistency is the key. Consistency in diet and training will help you make progress. Sadly that is where I fall in a heap unless you are talking about consistently not being consistent. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m the guy that buys a bunch of vegetables etc for healthy eating then gets invited to a pub meal one night,.. Read More

Fittest on earth?

Last night I watched the documentary on Netflix “Fittest on Earth” about the 2015 Reebok World Crossfit Games. Now I’ve toyed with the idea of Crossfit but a couple of things have put me off. Horror stories about form going out the window just to lift more, the cost and the bandwagon factor. There is a joke that says “If someone does Crossfit and they are Vegan, which one do.. Read More

Got my hopes up!

A few days ago I saw this link but didn’t read the article or watch the video. When I saw the headline that a nude gym had opened up somewhere in the world I smiled at the thought that maybe it would spread across the world. It’s no secret that I love the idea of a nude gym. Then I watched the video and it’s just a piss take, funny.. Read More

Those crazy Germans…

Those German’s have done it again. This is an ad for what I presume is a fitness app called FitMit. I can’t be sure as when I google it all I get is links to Fitbit activity trackers. Anyway, back to my main focus of the ad. There’s a cute guy working out nude in the gym. He looks good nude and should stay that way but as he works.. Read More

Spot on!

Someone has created this fantastic video that, in the mood of a David Attenborough video, describes the slightly surreal world of the modern Gym. It’s so accurate and entertaining. There is one thing missing though. They forgot to include the gay men perving at the hot men, both gay and straight. Worth a watch just for a giggle. If you go to the gym I think you’ll agree that it’s.. Read More

Have sixpack, must inspire?

It seems to me that, if Instagram and Facebook are to be believed that all it takes to qualify as a life coach is to have a six pack. Sure someone who has a six pack probably has some good dietary and exercise discipline but it seems once you reach the holy grail of those abdominal bumps then you are also blessed with some wicked Instagram filters and all the.. Read More

A touch more subtlety?

As gay men, we have a reputation for being very sexual beings which isn’t a reputation that is entirely undeserved. Next to most of the nude beaches I’ve ever been to in my life, there is an area where men hook up. Men are more designed for quick sexual encounters than women and we over time have taken advantage of that. Years ago when I worked out at a different.. Read More

Actually missing it…

This week I’ve been house and dog sitting at my sister’s place. That means I haven’t been to the gym this week as there aren’t any gyms close to their place, I’m not overly familiar with the area and the dogs also need to be fed etc in the mornings. All that adds up to just too hard. What is interesting is that I’ve noticed I’m missing the gym. With.. Read More


Several weeks ago I took some photos for a Personal Trainer that I know as a favour for him. As payment he has written me a new training program for the gym. He initially said some free training sessions which would have been great but he doesn’t train near where I live and visa versa so I said just write me a program which I sorely needed as my training,.. Read More