Getting Itchy Feet

Given that I have not long started a new job and won’t really be able to plan any decent holidays this year I’m now looking towards next year. In the past I’ve spoken about my plan to do an international trip every two years with a domestic in between. So far the domestic plan hasn’t worked out with one “domestic” year being hijacked for a trip to Bali for a.. Read More

It’s happening

Finally, something I’ve been looking to make happen, is going to happen. Today I told my housemate that I’ve found somewhere else to live. If it all goes to plan I’ll be moving all of 100 metres so getting to stay in the area that I love. Even better news is the fact that the guy I’ll be sharing an apartment with is also a bit of a nudie. He.. Read More

What a day!

I have to admit that I’m a creature of habit and sometimes take some pushing to get myself out of my comfort zone. It’s a talent of mine to say no to invitations to parties where I won’t know anyone. Going on the hike a few weeks ago with the Get Naked Australia group was pushing myself but I do love meeting new nudie mates so it was an easy.. Read More

A new adventure!

In all the years I’ve been going to nude beaches I’d say 95% of my nude buddies have been gay men. There have been some occasional exceptions to the rule. The one that comes to mind is Andy who I met on the nude beach and went on to photograph a few times over the years. This weekend I’m going on a hike with a bunch of people from a.. Read More

Wolf Fest 2017

Just before New Year’s, I packed my camping gear into my car and set off to meet up with the guys from the Naked Werewolves and a few other guys who follow their page for a couple of nights of naked camping, laughs, card games and more laughs. I’d never met up with the guys but I’d chatted to the guys that run the page and they are all seriously.. Read More

Happy first birthday Wolves!

One year ago today an Instagram account was born. In that short year the Naked Werewolves have amassed very very nearly 5,000 followers by sharing submitted photos of like minded followers. Like minded how? We all enjoy being nude and enjoying life without the restriction of pants. Their page is genuinely a celebration of social nudity, solo nudity and just plain old nudity. There are no restrictions placed on the.. Read More

A time for change

It’s no secret here in the land of Aussielicious that I go through extensive periods of gym apathy. The branch of Fitness First that is near my house is being managed really badly. There is no one allocated to make sure weights get put back in the right spot and there is a culture that has developed where the clients don’t put them in the right spot or even close.. Read More

A little bit off

Everyone in this world is different and approach life differently. Sometimes that fascinates me and sometimes it just makes me think “What on earth are you thinking?” At the Naked Werewolves camping trip Wolf Fest 2017, a guy turned up late in the afternoon on day 2 that knew of one of the organisers. He was a guy in his 50’s I’d guess and seemed nice enough but then proceeded.. Read More

That moment when…

Over the years that I’ve been exploring social nudity the conversation about running into someone you know has come up many times. If you’ve been a nudie long enough it’s bound to have happened and for the most part, it’s rarely a big deal. After all the person you know is at the same place and probably nude too right? I have only been genuinely uncomfortable once at the nude.. Read More

Naked adventures

Tomorrow morning, I’m off on my naked adventure with the Naked Werewolves. It’s going to be great fun hanging out at River Island by the river with a bunch of nude guys. At this stage I only know a couple of the guys who are going. Another close friend and one of my good nude mates is coming along on the second day. I’m going to have an attempt at.. Read More

Going to be amazing

For a long time, I’ve been following an Instagram account called The Naked Werewolves. It’s run by a bunch of guys all around the country and indeed the world and it showcases all of us normal guys who love getting naked either alone or in company, indoors or out in nature. A few months ago they had the idea of trying to organise what has now been named “Wolf-fest”, a.. Read More

Not impressed

There are certain aspects of sharing a house with the person that owns the house that I would put into the “cons” list, rather than the “pros”. Understandably there are things that feel like “It’s my house, so I’ll do what I like” and at the moment we are kinda in the middle of a big one. My housemate/landlord’s mum arrived a week ago to stay with us for 5.. Read More

Giving it another go

Several years ago I went to a party held by the Sydney Gay Nudist group called Sunboys. It was known by another name at the time. It was at a large private home and I didn’t know the guys well that I went with. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the experience. The party was skewed to a much older crowd and it felt like a large portion of them were just.. Read More

A great way to spend the day

Today I spent the day with some of my nudie mates. Five of us jumped in the car and went to a National Park to a trail that we know about. Once we were a few hundred metres into the trail we stripped off and hiked nude to a beautiful waterhole that we have been to before. We spent a couple of hours just chilling out on the rocks at.. Read More

Too much change!

There are times when life just feels like it’s trying to test you. Losing my job and being told a dating situation was over on the same day wasn’t great. Now as well as trying to find a new job and make the most of all the opportunities I have in front of me, it looks like my living situation is becoming unworkable. It’s nothing my housemate is doing or.. Read More